My husband can’t satisfy me ..part3

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My husband can’t satisfy me ..part3
After the dogging experience things between me and Jonathan cooled down for a while …my husband was working from home and it was hard to meet up …

Then came the long awaited holiday ..a week away in the south of France which was great we had a lovely time …good food ,good wine …and plenty of sun ..
But all the time I had Jonathan in the back of my mind especially as he sent me filthy texts and pictures all the time I was away .

When we returned to England my husband returned to his busy work schedule and I returned to my boring housewife duties ..the extension was complete so the builders including Jonathan had left .

After the excitement of the last couple of months my life seemed more boring than ever ..I spent most of the time trying to contact Jonathan but he didn’t return my texts or answer my calls .

After about a week I was sitting with my husband and the k**s were home from university when I received a text ..(meet me at 21 Clarke’s rd at 1am XX) it read .

It was from Jonathan the anger I had from him ignoring me disappeared and was replaced by the exciting butterfly’s in the stomach …he had a strange power over me .

I sat there for most of the night thinking of how I was to get out …my husband wouldn’t be a problem he took sleeping pills to help him sleep so he would be dead to the world …but the girls would be a problem …after a while I persuaded them they should meet up with there friends as they didn’t have long at home and gave them money to go to a night club …I went up stairs and found a little black dress ..some sexy lace underwear , stockings and suspenders and some sexy black heels …I put them into a bag and placed it under the bed .

The girls left and we went to bed I waited for Glenn to take his pill and lay there for an hour until 12 o clock came around ..I learnt over and gave Glenn a shove then another a little harder ..he was sound asleep ..I reached under the bed grabbed the bag and went downstairs ..I left the house got in the car and drove slowly out of the driveway …I drove down the road and pulled over ..still in my night wear I undressed and put on my sexy outfit ..

I typed the address into my satnav and followed it …i tried ringing Jonathan on the way but there was no answer ..I drove through a town then arrived at some train bridge arches was all dark except numbers on the arches I got out of the car and walked along it was dark and unnerving ..I reached 21 had a little neon sign underneath the 21 that read SATINS… O tried calling Jonathan again still there was no answer ..I rang the door bell and waited ..the door opened and to my suprise it was a woman dressed in a cat suit …”I’m here to meet Jonathan ” I said as she ushered me into the door “ok honey ..just sign here and take this locker key ” she replied.
I signed the book and took the key ..I stood there looking for my next instruction …she bahis siteleri looked up from the desk ” through the door honey ” she said pointing to a black door ..I pushed the door open and was created by rows of lockers I went up to the number I was given 36 and opened it was empty but on the inside door it had a list it read

No cameras
No mobile phones
No recording equipment of any kind
Is to be used in these premises

I placed my phone and car keys in the locker and closed it …the next door was pink and had SATIN in big letters above it ..I walked through was a dark corridor I could hear music coming from the next door I opened it music and light hit my senses was a club ..the fist thing I noticed was that people were not wearing a lot of clothes ..I looked for Jonathan but couldn’t see him I walked to the bar glasses of wine covered the bar I took one and turned to face the dance floor ..this was like no other club I had been in was small ..surrounded by soft seating and there were women and men dancing in cages and on poles …as my senses adjusted to the scene I noticed the more I looked the more debauchery I saw ..on the dance floor a.woman was having her naked breasts groped by 2 men , a woman was sucking a man’s penis at the seating all around people were in some stage of sexual contact ..

I saw another door maybe he would be through there I quickly finished my wine and went to head for the door when someone grabbed my arm I turned thinking it was Jonathan wasn’t it was a tall handsome black man ” hey where are you off too ” he asked releasing my arm ” oh I’m er with a friend ” I stuttered ” it looks like your a bit lost too me …maybe I could show you around ” he replied ” oh no thanks I’m ok I’m sure I will find him ” I said walking away ..” ok I’ll be here if you need me ” he shouted as I walked off ….I got to the next door and pushed it was another corridor this time it was groaning that filled my ears and a smell of sex ..the corridor had about 5 doors either side and one at the end it was dark ..some of the doors had windows some didn’t…the fist door had a cue of men outside it I presumed it was the toilet the second door I walked up too the had a window I looked through there was a man about 60 sitting on a seat and a young woman who I presume now was his trophy wife on her knees there was a penis poking through a hole in the wall and she was pleasuring it with her mouth as her husband watched her face and chest was coated with cum I looked back at the cue of men all made sense now I walked through the corridor each window or open door greater me with a sexual scene .. from couples swapping to groups of men waiting to take turns on a women …then I got to the last window and there he was Jonathan…he was naked standing and a young blonde was on her knees sucking his dick … jealousy engulfed me as I watched this slim young bahis şirketleri woman with long blonde hair sucking my man’s cock …she was stunning tall thin with small pert breasts just what a middle age woman didn’t want to see..

I don’t know what kept me from walking away but I watched her sliding her mouth down his long length sucking him deep …he lifted her up and put her against the wall ..she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist ..I watched his cock disappear into her …he looked at the door and see me and gave a reaction I didn’t expect he beckoned me in ..I just stood there blank faced my hand reached for the door handle and slowly opened it ..the little bitches groans filled my ears ..I released the door and walked off I was so angry so jealous …I walked back into the club as I stormed past the bar the black guy jumped Infront of me “hey you’ve come back ” he said “ready for some fun” ..I pushed past him and headed back to the locker room I was so angry I couldn’t get the key in the hole ..I threw the key across the room ..

I slumped onto the floor ..broken..then I stood up straightened myself up and walked back into the bar headed straight for the black guy “let’s dance” I said pulling him to the dance floor .. Jonathan wasn’t the only one who could have fun ..we danced I was always looking out for Jonathan …” I’m Andre ” he said in my ear as we danced ..I didn’t care what his name was he was just a tool to make Jonathan jealous ..I see Jonathan walk into the bar so I ramped up the dancing I started grinding my bum against his groin …Jonathan sat at the bar and it wasn’t long before he saw me on the dance floor ..he watched as I grinded up against Andre I could feel his cock getting hard and his hands where now all over me …Jonathan got up off his seat and walked towards us “excuse me mate she is with me ” Jonathan said “no I’m not ” I replied ..Andre stopped dancing ” look I don’t want to step on any toes “Andre said ..I turned around to face him so my back was to Johnathan “your not ” I said before kissing him long and hard ..I looked at Johnathan ..his reaction again was not what I was looking for “ok” he said with a smile and returned to his seat .
We danced some more then Andre took my hand and lead me off the dance floor and towards the door with to the sex rooms I looked back at Jonathan hoping he would crack and stop me going but he still had his silly smile ..we walked through and into an empty room .

He locked the door ..the door had a window but he said ” we don’t want people joining in ” I was panicking now far will I have to take this .. he approached me and kissed me pushing me up against the wall his lips kissing my neck and shoulders ..I was just about to make my excuses when I noticed Jonathan looking through the window ..Andre pulled his cock out of his trousers I took it in my hand feeling it harden in my grasp I pushed him to a seat canlı bahis and he sat down his back towards the window …his cock was longer but thinner.than Jonathon’s ..I watched Jonathan’s face for a .reaction as I lowered my lips onto his long black shaft ..Jonathan just watched I pleasured him for a few minutes it was time to up the anti ….I stood up and undone my dress it fell to the floor revealing my black lace knickers and bra sustockings and suspenders ..I stared at Jonathan as I straddled Andres lap and slowly lowered myself into his pulsating cock… Jonathan’s face was now more serious I faked enjoyment of riding Andres cock after a few minutes Jonathan walked away ..I jumped up off Andre ” sorry I have to go ” I said while quickly stepping into my dress
‘ what the fuck ” Andre said in disbelief ..I opened the door and quickly walked after Jonathan ..I caught up with him in the locker room he didn’t speak to me just collected his stuff and walked out ..I caught up with him outside .” I wanted you to feel what I felt ” I said trying to keep up with him..we stopped at my car it was 3am in a dark carpark in a shit part of town it was no place for an argument….” Get in the car let’s chat ” I begged ..his reply was not what I expected ..”did you enjoy that ” he piped up ..he walked towards men backing me up to the car ” you liked that black cock in you didn’t you ” he asked again. He grabbed my still half zipped dress ripping it down to the ground ..his body pressed up against mine..his hand pulling my bra down exposing my breasts ” did it feel good having that black dick in your mouth ” ..he was getting turned on by the thought …he spun me round and ripped my knickers off my body ..I was standing against my car in public in just stocking and suspenders was so exciting to have him want me again I played along ” I wanted his black cum in me ” I said ..he lifted my hips and thistle his cock inside me ..I let out a small scream as it filled me…he thrust frantically into me ..I cum hard my legs giving way ..he walked me to the hood of the car with his cock still in me he bent me over I felt his finger enter my ass I let out a deep sigh as he inserted his finger then another still thrusting his cock in my now soaking pussy ….”you’ve been may today ” he said pulling.his cock out of my pussy juices run down my thighs …then I felt his helmet up against my ass hole he struggled pushing up against it until it opened allowing him in …my breath was taken away like when someone pours cold water on you …”oh fuck ” he let out as he went deeper in me I. I pushed my hands onto his thighs stopping him from going deeper …my hand then went to my pussy …he fucked my tight ass asking him to tell him I love black cock ….he forced his whole cock into my ass and and I let out a scream as he shot cum into my ass he pulled his cock out of my gaping ass …” I’ll phone you he said Cooley putting his cock away and walking off …I put my bra on and dress …and the car ..I was sore my pussy and especially my ass …when I got home I showered and got in bed next husband who was none.the wiser ……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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