My Hot Realtor

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Bachelorette Party

For the past year my wife and I have been looking at purchasing a rental home. The market seems right and we had some extra money so we thought we would give it a shot. After trying on our own to find a house we decided to use a realtor. A friend of ours referred a realtor to us and we set up a meeting at our house.

I spoke to the realtor on the phone and was pleasantly surprised to hear an alluring voice with a southern accent. She was witty and kind and the accent was so incredibly sexy. I tried not conjure up images in my head but could not avoid the temptation to paint a picture of her, knowing full well that there was no way she would meet the expectations I established. We set up a meeting at our house for the next week.

The day of the meeting came along and she showed up a little late. The door bell rang and I walked to the door. I was well aware of the expectations I had set and we planning on having those crushed. I opened the door and was amazed to find that my expectations were not shattered but rather too low. She was a beautiful blonde woman with an incredible body. I guessed her age at late 30s and was blown away at her body. She was about 5’8″ with a large pair of tits on a slim frame. Her top showed a nice amount of cleavage and her arms were toned. She had a flat stomach and long legs. As I lifted my lower jaw off the floor she extended her hand to me and said hello. It was great to hear the voice coming from her body.

That was a year ago and despite the horrible experience of trying to buy a house the good side of it has been seeing Debbie every time we go to look at houses. It actually makes the whole experience quite good. Over the past year we have become closer and often talk about her dating experiences, family and other personal issues. On a physical level it has always been about the same. She gives me a hug every time now and I would like to think she holds the hug a little longer than normal, but that is just wishful thinking on my part. She touches me often by placing a hard on my arm or pendik escort brushing my leg.

Two days ago we set up a meeting to go and look at two vacant houses in the area. I arrived on time and she was late as usual. I parked across the street from the house and about 5 minutes later I saw her BMW driving up the road. She parked across the street and I walked toward her. She opened the door and stepped out with her black leather boot and tight black pants leading the way. She got out of the car and walked towards me. Not only did she have tight black pants and black boots but also a long grey sweater that was form fitting. The sweater covered her ass and was scoop at the chest so that just a little bit of cleavage was visible. She approached me and opened her arms for a hug. Again, a normal hug for her but it sure seems like she lingers to me. I stepped back and told her she looked really nice. She said thanks and led the way to the house. I walked behind her and checked her out in detail. Such a great look, so hot and so sexy.

We walked around the house and neither of us was very impressed. The carpet was clean but there was a lot of work that needed to be done. It was not a project that I wanted to take on. Debbie suggested we head upstairs so I followed her up. When we got upstairs she asked what I liked. I told her the carpet and layout was nice. She giggled and said that was not what she meant.

“You said I looked really nice; what did you mean specifically.”

She had a sparkle in her eye and I sensed a different attitude, a little more sparky, a little more confident.

“Where should I start?”


“Alright. I will start at your feet and work my way up.”

I took a step closer and got on my knees in front of her and touched her left foot. I told her how sexy the short black boots with the zipper and high heels were. I rubbed my hand up the back of her lower leg and told her the tight black pants were sexy and clearly showed her toned muscles. I stop at her knee and maltepe escort stood up telling her how nice her thighs looked as well. I stepped closer to her, now within a couple inches of her body. My left hand went up her right side and I told her the tight sweater showed her flat stomach and the scoop neck was a perfect vision of her cleavage. I used my left index finger to trace the scoop of the sweater.

“That is what I mean specifically.”

“That is good to know. Anything you do not like about it?”

“I am not a big fan of the fact that your ass is still covered by your sweater. I would like to see how your ass looks in those tight pants.”

Without saying a word she turned around and lifted up her sweater so I could see her ass.

“Nice. As I expected. Bend over for me.”

I was pleasantly surprised when she did just that. Her ass was amazing and even better than I expected. There were no panty lines and I complimented her on wearing a thong.

“Who said I was wearing underwear?”

She stood up and pulled the sweater over her head. I pulled her closer to me so that her ass was up against my cock and I ran my hands up her stomach to her tits kissing her neck. Her tits were large with stiff nipples. I kept kissing her neck and pulled her tits out of her bra. My left hand went down to her pants and slipped in the front waist band. She did not have panties on and I quickly got to her moist shaved pussy. She started tweaking a nipple and moved her other hand behind her to rub my cock. It felt so good to finally feel and see her tits. They too were better than I had expected.

I turned her around and kissed her lips. We kissed for a long time, tongues going hot and heavy. She pulled my shirt over my head and I felt those amazing tits on my chest. We kept kissing for a time as she worked by belt loose and undid the button on my pants. She pulled the zipper down. As the zipper went down, so did she. She kissed down my chest but clearly she had a specific goal. Debbie pulled my kartal escort cock out and licked the length of it, playing with my balls in her hand. Her other hand gently stroking my cock as she kept licking. She kept playing with my balls when she took the cock in her mouth. Debbie sucked very well and used her tongue. Every now and then she would look at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

After a couple minutes I pulled her up to and sucked my way down to her pussy. I love her tits and sucked those hard nipples into my mouth. Sucking and biting a little bit along the way. I kissed down her flat stomach and pulled her pants down to her ankles. Her boots were still on and with the pants around her ankles she had a hard time keeping her balance. I moved her back towards the railing so that she had some balance and then tasted her sweet pussy. I love any pussy but hers was so good. It was wet and tasted great. She was responsive and groaned repeatedly giving me encouragement with soft words as well.

“Enough, fuck me now.”

I stood up and kissed her on the mouth and turned her around. She put her arms on the railing and took a step back, bending over at the waist. I grabbed her waist and guided my cock into her wet pussy. It was so hot to slowly enter her pussy. As I entered her I looked at her sweet firm ass, puckered asshole and nice back with blonde hair falling off either side of her back. As I slowly fucked her I reached around and played with her tits. She was very responsive and fucked back into me as I pushed into her. As I was fucking her and playing with her tits I noticed that she was playing with her pussy. It was all so hot and sexy. I told her I was cumming and she said she wanted it inside of her.

I gave it to her and kept going in and out until she came as well. I held her tight for a minute and then pulled out. She turned around, got on her knees and cleaned my cock. Her pussy was leaking on the carpet. She used her finger to get some cum out of her pussy and then licked it off.

After the cleaning, Debbie swallowed everything and started getting dressed. It was a shame to have her all dressed again, but now I knew what she looked like with no clothes on and I knew she was an amazing lover.

We never did make it to the other house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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