My Hot Mother

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My Hot Mother
She just lay there as I massaged her naked b**sts, squeezing her woman flesh, and tugging on her hard nipples. I was sitting on her stomach at the time, her hands were holding onto my headboard, and she was giving out tiny screams of pleasure with each orgasm. Then she begged me to fuck her.

That was where I always woke up…

I had been having that same sexual dream every night for the past two weeks…ever since I walked in on my mother in her bathroom.

Now my mother is beautiful and I do mean beautiful. She was a model up until just before I was born, then she quit her job to raise me. She has a whole scrapbook of beauty pageants, photo shoots, and magazines that she had appeared in. However, since I was almost f******n years old and could be trusted alone for a while she recently had gone back into the business.

Anyway when I opened the door to the bathroom there was my nude mother standing on one leg with her other leg up on the toilet seat shaving her pussy. I just stared at her naked body, I had never seen her pussy before and having it freshly shaved, totally bald, and staring me right in the face, surprised me. I don’t know if seconds or minutes had gone by, but she never said a word until I had had my fill of her nudity and started to turn away.

Mom said, “Don’t go I need your help. I have a bikini shoot this afternoon and I need you to shave me. I might cut myself and I am sure this photographer wants some extreme close-ups of my crotch in the skimpiest bikini he can find for me to wear.”

So it was then that I got to shave my mother’s pussy a second time just to assure that all of the hair had been removed. That included shaving around her asshole, pulling on her pussy lips, and rubbing my hand all over her shaved pussy to feel for any stubble. When I told Mom that my tongue was more sensitive than my hand was she smiled and said, “Okay then you had better lick me all over twice just to make sure that you didn’t miss any hairs.”

I came in my underwear as I licked my mother’s pussy and tasted her fluids as they leaked out of her hole. She had a sweet taste, almost like honey, I decided that it was the nectar of the Gods.

Mom said, “I’ve wanted for you to do that for a long time. I’m glad that you walked in on me. I might need more from you when I get back from my shoot. If that guy thinks that he can fuck me afterwards, he is greatly mistaken. I’d rather let you fuck me. However, I have to finish getting ready. You can watch if you want too.”

I followed Mom into her bedroom. She fixed her hair, she applied her makeup, and she put on a bulky dress with no underwear. Mom explained that the photographers did not like marks on her body from tight bras and panties or even tight clothing. She further explained that she would make sure that her dress was smooth under her as she sat in the car.

I asked if I could go with her and she said, “Some other time. This photographer isn’t interested in my k**s.”

I asked, “What is he interested in?”

Mom smiled and said, “I’ll show you when I get home. I’ll let you do everything that he wants to do to me.”

Then Mom kissed me and left.

Three hours later Mom came home and she was mad as hell. She said, “That fucking bastard screwed me out of half my money because I wouldn’t let him fuck me.”

I asked. “Isn’t that wrong?”

She replied, “You bet it is but who would I complain too? It’s his word against mine. Maybe I should have taken you with me after all.”

Mom said, “Just let me take a nice long bath first and then I’ll I let you do all of the things that he wanted to do to me.”

I watched as she took off her shoes and that big baggy dress and walked into the bathroom. She didn’t even bother to close the door. We had reached a new point in our lives and I liked it.

I also had an hour to kill before Mom would be out of the bathtub. I got on my bicycle and headed to the address of the studio that I found on the counter. It was a small doorway that led up a long flight of stairs. I opened his door and walked in. No one was there but I heard a commotion in the back somewhere. I snuck around until I could see what was making the noise.

He had a nude girl tied and gagged and he was taking pictures of her. She was struggling but it was hard to tell if she was acting or really güvenilir bahis siteleri trying to get away. Then I recognized her. It was Cathy a girl from my school. I was pretty sure that she wasn’t eighteen years old, and that made her a minor.

When he sat his camera down to make an adjustment to Cathy’s bindings I took his camera and ran. It took him a moment to realize what I had done and to chase after me but I was too quick for him. I made it down the long flight of stairs and onto my bike. I was out of there before he even got to the door.

I hadn’t been gone for an hour so I copied his memory card into my computer. I found my mother’s pictures on there too along with a whole bunch of Cathy.

When Mom came out of the bathroom I told her what I had done and then I showed her my computer. She couldn’t believe that I had gotten all of her pictures back. However, she could believe that he had taken pictures of a minor.

Mom smiled and then dialed his number. When he answered she said, “Look you son of a bitch, I have my pictures, and I have enough evidence to put you away for life. Cathy is only sixteen years old.”

Mom was quiet for a while as the man talked then she said, “I want the rest of my money and then I want to see you in jail.” There was a slight pause then Mom said, “Fine, have it your way.”

Mom hung up the phone and called the police. Then she told me to make several copies of his pictures and hide them around the house, the garage, and even in her flower garden. Then she took the camera and went to get dressed.

After I had hidden the DVD copies I sat in the living room with Mom until the police arrived. Mom gave her statement and then I gave mine. We handed over the camera and they left.

Mom then took me into her bedroom to finish what the photographer had started.

She asked me get undressed and to lick her pussy like I had earlier. She was really clean and had a clean taste to her but after a short while Mom had an orgasm and her juices started to flow and her taste improved. She had that sweet honey taste again.

Mom pulled me up so that she cold kiss me, then she slipped my cock into her pussy, and told me to be a little rough with her. I fucked her like I had in my dreams. It was better than my dreams too. When I cum in her, Mom thanked me and asked me to start sleeping with her at night. She told me that I would never have to jerk off again.

The next day in school Cathy sought me out. She wanted to explain about the previous day and to thank me for stopping him. Then she said that the police had questioned her with her parents in the room. She was grounded for life but at least no one other than the police would see her pictures. I had also interrupted him fucking her and saved her virginity. Then she offered it to me for being her knight in shinning armor. I reminded her that she was grounded. Cathy said, “Not from school silly. We can do it in the band room during lunch if you want too. Of course I wanted too, she was pretty and popular. I couldn’t believe that she was still a virgin. So we made a date.

My classes that morning really dragged. When lunch rolled around I headed straight to the band room. Cathy was there and so were two other girls. Cathy told me that they were there to stand guard and cover any noise with there playing. The two girls held up their clarinets. Cathy took me into the back room where some instruments were stored and closed the door. We heard the girls playing their instruments. It sounded nice but watching Cathy undress was even nicer. I joined her in undressing. When she was just as naked as I had seen her the day before she asked me to tie her up and **** her. Hell no.

She begged me and I still refused. I told her that I would make love to her but that I wasn’t going to **** her. She told me that she had never been more excited as when the photographer had tied her up and threatened to **** her. She was dripping wet when I barged in and stole his camera.

I had another idea. I said, “If you don’t cooperate and make gentle passionate love to me I’ll send your pictures to everyone in this school.”

Cathy thought for a moment, smiled sweetly, and said, “Blackmail works for me too.”

Then she gave me a really nice kiss and asked me to make love to her for the tipobet giriş very first time. She asked me to be gentle with her. I returned her kiss, cupped a breast, and fingered her pussy. She was as wet as I was hard. I laid her on a couple of band uniforms on the floor and entered her. There was no resistance and she hugged me tightly thanking me for taking her cherry. She made sure to have me cum inside her then she called the other girls in. Cathy proved too them that my cum was inside her.

The girls congratulated Cathy and invited her into their club. I had been used. I was just her initiation assignment for membership. I had blown her photo session so I was her next assignment. However, because I had taken her virginity I was also a member of their club. It met every Friday at any house they could get. There were currently seven couples that were members and any guy could fuck any girl. With Cathy being grounded for a month I could not attend without her. Okay.

During the week I was introduced to the other four girls in the club. I was also introduced to the other six guys as well. Two of the guys told me that at their meeting they fucked as many girls as they could and that all of the guys were looking forward to fucking Cathy when she came to a meeting. She was going to get gang banged all night long. They assured me that the other six girls would take very good care of me.

At home I told Mom about the sex club and she just smiled. She had been a member of a club like that with my father. She told me to enjoy all of the girls just as often as I could.

To get me ready for my first meeting Mom and I had sex as often as I could get hard. With her help I got hard pretty often.

When Cathy was finally released from her grounding I was her first date. I picked her up on Friday with the understanding that we would go to dinner with my mother and then to a movie. Mom would actually go to the movie and give us details when she took us home before midnight.

Cathy and I had about five hours at the meeting. Mom had me trained to satisfy the other six girls in that five hours and I wasn’t going to disappoint her.

Cathy knew that she was to be the center of attention and that the six other guys were planning on fucking her as often as they could. She had been looking forward to her gangbang. I was looking forward to fucking the other six girls and then finishing Cathy off in the car on the way to her house.

Mom dropped us off and waited until we were inside before she drove off. Cathy got undressed immediately and asked who was going to be first. I looked at all of the naked girls and asked, who was going to be first.

We were separated and the girls took me down to the family room where they already had a makeshift bed on the floor. The girl that had raised her hand to go first was one of the band girls that had guarded us that first day. Jessie was pretty and popular but she was a little hefty and had big tits. I knew from experience that I needed her on top for a while so that I could enjoy her big tits. When she climbed on I reached up and took two big handfuls of her right breast. I trapped her nipple between both of my thumbs. She liked it and she liked it even more when I played with her clit as I fucked up into her. After a while I rolled her over and fucked her until I cum.

When I shoved my cock into the face of the next girl she sucked it willingly and got me hard. She had small tits and I did her doggy style. The third girl sucked me hard and laid on her back, placing her ankles on my shoulders when I entered her. I really beat my cock into her and even managed hit her cervix twice causing her to get extra excited.

After three girls I asked if I could take a break and then I kissed them all and sucked on their nipples. When I rubbed their clits they were excited that I really wanted to give them pleasure. The other guys in the club just wanted to fuck them, and up until me they had thought that that was all that guys wanted from girls. I really excited them when I sucked on their clits too. Photos

After they all had their orgasms I started in on the forth girl. She was very tall and I was able to suck her nipples as I fucked her pussy. The double pleasure seemed to excite her even tipobet güvenilir mi more and she had an orgasm long before I did. She had two more before I filled her pussy and went on the fifth girl. When I was licking all of their clits earlier I had also tried to probe their assholes. This girl was the most responsive one to a little anal assault. When I suggested anal sex she smiled and rolled over onto her knees for me. I roller her back over onto her back and got between her legs. Mom had shown me how to anally please her that way. All of the guys had fucked her ass but I was the only one to do it right. She thanked me and said that I had given her more pleasure in just a few minutes than any of them had. Before I cum in her she orgasmed for the first time from anal sex.

The sixth girl wanted anal too but I wanted her pussy instead. Her pussy was special. Her lips were very puffy, very dark, and her clit was large too. I really wanted to put my cock in her. She was not about to say, no. In fact that was a club rule, no club girl could say no to a club boy during a club meeting. I smiled knowing that rule.

When I slipped my cock into her I had put her feet close together. Then I had her cross her ankles to tighten her pussy to an unbelievable level. The sensation was fantastic. I had never had my cock in anything tighter. It took a lot of effort on both our parts to make me cum before our time ran out but we succeeded.

Mom was waiting outside when I helped Cathy out to the car. Those six guys managed to fuck her fifteen times and her pussy was quite sore since they didn’t really care about her comfort. However, she knew perfectly well that I would be fucking her in the backseat on the way home. She didn’t say a thing as I lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties, and opened her legs up wide. I took a tube of ointment that Mom had put in the backseat for me. We had know about Cathy’s gangbang and prepared for it. I coated her pussy with the ointment and used my cock to slip it inside further. That was the extent of our sex for the night. Within a few minutes my cock and her pussy were numb. At least it allowed Cathy to walk into her house as if she were normal.

Mom and I had just a couple of minutes before midnight so Mom let me slip my cock into her pussy just to say that I had. Mom made eight different girls that my cock had been in, in the last six hours. I was a hero in my own mind.

Sunday Cathy came over to visit. She thanked Mom for the rides, the information on the movie, and for covering for her to go to the club meeting. She thanked me for the numbing healing cream in her pussy. She felt much better already.

Mom asked Cathy why she wanted to be a member of a club where the boys could fuck the hell out of the girls but give them no pleasure in return. Cathy had no answer. Mom called the other girls and had a meeting at our house. Then she explained to the girls how nice it was to have a sexual partner that was concerned about her pleasure. Surprisingly, Mom told them that I was her sexual partner and the best one that she had ever had.

That afternoon Mom and the girls decided to revise the club. The new club consisted of the seven girls and Mom as their adviser. I was the only male member of the club but I had to orally satisfy all eight girls in front of one another. I had to give them two orgasms using anything but my cock. In exchange the girls could jerk me off or suck me off but only if they really wanted too please me.

The other six guys would have to pass the oral exam too if they wished to remain members. The girls already knew that four of them would not pass the test. I had to laugh because I knew the four that they were talking about before they even mentioned names.

Mom told them not to be in a hurry and to pick out a guy based on his kindness and intelligence rather than on his physical appearance.

Over the next month the girls tried out twenty guys from school and decided to invite just two to join their club. They found the thrill of new boys ready to please them much better than what they had had in the past. They had the pussies and we three guys were the pussy pleasers. Mom only allowed us winners to please her pussy.

The rest of high school was great. The girls and us boys had a great social life, a great sex life, and our grades were great too.

Thanks to my mother three of the girls had modeling careers like her. The rest of us entered into colleges.

Every one of us agreed that my mother the model was not only pretty but a great roll model as well.

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