My Girl The Pornstar Ch. 01

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My girl was so innocent, I thought. This is what I liked about her. An angelic blonde, with blue eyes, and a great smile. She was a petite thing reaching only 5′ and weighing 100lbs. A cute pair of perky B-cup breasts.

I loved small girls like this. I am over 6′ and was a solid 200lbs at the time. I dwarfed her. In my mind at the time there were two huge advantages to dating small girls like her. First they were almost guaranteed to be ridiculously tight, and second the sex was always fantastic. I could easily toss them around and contort them into whatever position I desired. It did not hurt that against their small features my cock looked way bigger too!

Anyways, this girl was doubly awesome. Not only a petite thing I could throw around, but a super innocent gal I could corrupt. It was uncharted territory, I played the role of brave explorer. This one was crazy hot though, exploring her did not take much bravery!

Somehow she managed to hold her virginity till she was eight-teen, and made me the lucky one to take it. Her abstinence was thanks in large part to an overprotective father. She really didn’t attend many parties in high school, and was expected to bring high grades home.

Needless to say, I had more sexual experience than her. I did not have a tonne, being only eight-teen at the time as well, but the most important thing was she believed I had done it all.

Really I’d only done the standard one-on-one stuff with previous girlfriends. I enjoyed them, so I allowed her exaggerations. In her opinion I was this Casanova!

I knew from my personal experiences, but also from watching porn growing up. Being super innocent, she claimed to have never viewed internet porn on purpose. She had never even touched herself apparently!

This was great! I had a blank canvas in front of me, I could paint it however I wanted.

A by-product of being eight-teen, I was super horn. She thought it was a girlfriend’s duty to submit to her man’s urges, so we fucked whenever I wanted.

I still did watch porn when I was alone though. This girl was very good about letting me try whatever, but porn is hot and I could not imagine living without it no matter how great my sex life was.

After we had been dating for a year or so everything was going great, so I asked her to move in with me. I was newly nine-teen at the time, she was still eight-teen, we both had crummy part-time jobs, and so the apartment we shared was very tiny.

As I said before, I could not imagine a life without porn. Even with a willing pussy around most of the day, I still packed my laptop’s hard-drive for when she was at work. The only problem with this, sometimes I was at work and she was home alone with my computer.

I came home one day after a long shift, I heard strange noises coming from inside the apartment.

“Why do you need this? Am I not good enough for you?” She asked pointing to my computer screen.

She was watching a video of mine that I had hidden on my lap top. A small blonde girl being roughly used by a tremendously well endowed man.

I would have been super turned on that my innocent girlfriend was watching this, but she was clearly upset.

“No babe, you are wonderful, I would not have moved in with you if you weren’t everything I wanted and more.” I said. “This is just something that I do, I mean, I have watched these videos since I was a young boy, it would feel weird to stop.”

“You find this girl more attractive than me?” She asked.

“No of course not, I mean she is pretty, but you are beautiful.” I explained. “If she was here right now, I’d kick her out.”

Apparently she bought this, we hugged. We also made love after dinner that night, everything was normal, she was back to being delighted that she was my girl.

A few days later though, I came home from work to the same sounds, what the heck?

I opened the door on a similar scene as last time. Running on my laptop was a new clip I had. Some other stud was having his way with a different starlet. The big difference from the other day was my girl did not look unhappy this time.

Being new to this, she was fully clothed, just sitting there taking in the visuals.

“I thought this was old news.” I broke the silence.

“Sorry, I tried to forget, but I just could not get the images out of my head.” She looked up from the screen. “That man I saw the other day was just so well-endowed it doesn’t make sense.”

“A lot of it is camera angles.” I explained. “In reality he is probably only slightly bigger than me.”

“That must be a magic camera.” She said. “No offence, but he looked to be over a foot long! I’ve seen other men in these videos, they are all pretty huge.”

My ego was slightly bruised by her comments, but I liked sharing a hobby of mine with her. Also, hearing these filthy words escort ataşehir come out of her was freaking hot!

She turned the video off soon after and we went to eat dinner.

As per usual we made love that night, but my usually quiet girlfriend was very vocal. She always came for me lots but what would be a moaning situation for her became an all out scream fit. After that night the sex was almost always like this.

Being naive, I figured I was just hitting her in a new spot. Sex had previously changed a lot between us. There was a period of her getting used to my size, where honestly I didn’t think she enjoyed it at all. At the time I just thought her new behaviour was due to something like this.

Accompanying her new decibel level was a much increased sex drive. Come to think of it, this was pretty much the main reason I didn’t question her. I was getting laid so much, I didn’t have time to ponder why this was the case.

Things carried on like this for quite some time. I would barely be in the door and she would have already started removing my pants.

This previously innocent little girl decided to go dick crazy with me? Some of the greatest sex of my life. She wasn’t very talented in bed at the time, but the amount, and the energy she brought each time made it amazing.

In the beginning we were pretty standard. She would let me bang her doggy sometimes, but mainly it was just missionary, or she also liked to ride.

She went insane sexually now in every way. If I wanted to mould her into some crazy position she was more than willing to let me.

Her blow job skills vastly improved to! Before they were very lame, I’d get extra enjoyment from looking down to see my dick in her mouth, but really it was not much more than a glorified hand job.

I could see the progression, at first she wanted me to hold my hands on the back of her head. I would force her down, and she would choke on me.

After awhile though, she did not need my help and would make her mouth go further and further down my pole on her own.

Eventually she taught herself to take it all, and shortly after was giving me some of the best blow jobs I had received, to this day even.

The sex was increasing in quantity and quality and I did not care why. After we broke up though, I did find time to wonder.

I checked the internet history on my laptop to find an increased amount of porn websites visited. Far more visits then I remembered making myself, and they were almost all at weird times of the day. I wasn’t positive but they seemed to fall mainly when I had work?

The subject matter was different than what I would view too. I appreciate the female form, but I watch porn to see it stuffed with its male counter part. The odd site visits in my history were to watch lesbian and soft-core titles. It’s not like I’d never go to watch these kinds of movies, but certainly I’d remember viewing them at this frequency, for sure this wasn’t me.

Since my girlfriend was the only other person who had access to my computer, I figured it had to be her viewing them, it just seemed so out of character. I shrugged it off at the time.

I stayed friends with my ex after we broke up. I was her first, and we had spent so much time together. Us being friends was very important to her, and I’m not going to turn down a friend as hot as her!

Throughout our friendship we both dated other people. I perused my usual: short, blonde girls. She didn’t seem to have nearly as many dates as I did, which was awesome! Like any ex, I don’t mind knowing my old girl isn’t taking much strange cock.

Another weird thing though, the entire time we were friends I could only remember meeting a handful of male acquaintances of hers. Business was slow, even by her standards. She was a hot girl wasting the prime of her life, I thought.

“I just don’t find myself attracted to many men.” She would tell me.

Fair enough, I didn’t want to become that loser ex who examined my old girl’s dating patterns. I really didn’t ask many more questions, even though my curiosity was far from satisfied.

After awhile we lost contact. She was a ‘friend’ of mine on a popular networking website, and I had her old cell number in my phone, but as far as face-to-face meeting, we did not interact much anymore.

Around my mid-twenties I had yet to outgrow my love of porn and found myself surfing some adult websites. They sites I liked would always start with a home page with links to videos they wanted you to watch. Normally I just bypassed this and went straight to movies I knew were hot, but something caught my eye.

I clicked on a new thumbnail of a very good looking blonde with a dick in her mouth. My preferences in porn did not usually lean to those blow job only scenes, but sometimes if I found the kadıköy escort girl cute they were hot. Unfortunately this was one, and did not even feature the girl naked, just her kneeling there sucking a dick.

This video was lame for the most part, but I found myself unable to turn away, the girl was just so pretty. Way too good looking to have some random guy using her mouth!

I jerked away as I watched the video. This girl was crazy, she was a really great actress, she was very convincing when displaying her love for the dick. It was difficult, as the scene was so hot, but I managed to hold my load till the end. I came when the big dick stroked and blew all over her face.

The next day I was looking at porn again, and I thought of the video I had seen yesterday. I couldn’t help but search for it again. I found it pretty easily and had to donate another load to it.

As I said earlier, I have always enjoyed variety in my porn, but this video was amazing. I had to favourite it, it became a top ten of mine for a very long time.

It was weeks, maybe months of me wearing my dick raw stroking to this video. It was like the perfect movie. I’d never became so entranced with a porn like this before, and I had watched many.

When I watched it I guess I would mainly focus on the girls mouth. Watching those cute lips working the huge shaft was amazing! One day I watched it a little closer I guess.

The male talent in the video was a guy I recognized. You probably would have too, he was a veteran of many porn videos. The girl though was less well known to me. I took an even closer look at her, and found her stage name so I could view other scenes with her.

I could find only a couple other scenes with this girl, and unfortunately they were all of similar content. I was convinced I recognized this girl, which made the videos hot, regardless of how little she did in them. I could not put my finger on where I had seen her before, but knowing my viewing habits, I guessed I had seen her in a porn, and just had forgotten.

How would I have forgotten this exquisite beauty though? I guess a girl can look entirely different depending on how she wears her make-up but still. I mulled this over forever, I became obsessed with identifying this starlet.

After watching her take hundreds of reluctant facials (the girl was way enthusiastic when sucking, but seemingly not into the facial ending. This made her look even cuter though). Finally a light bulb came on in my head. I searched for an old photo album, and found a picture of my girlfriend from the end of high school. Really? I thought. The girl in the video and my old flame had to be two different people, didn’t they?

If you removed her mascara and other gunk from her face. Obviously adding a few years as well, the girls did kind of look alike I guess. She was so innocent then though, no way would she be doing things on camera now? Right?

What had started as me jerking off to videos of this ‘unknown’ starlet, quickly devolved to me jerking off thinking about my little ex-girlfriend.

You could have baked a few dozen cakes with the amount of baby batter I fired off in her honour. This shit drove me insane for months. I’d get home from work and run straight to my computer to view her exploits.

I had downloaded every scene of hers I could find, they were all gathered in a folder on my desktop. Yes the main screen of my computer. I couldn’t waste time navigating through hidden folders to find her, I needed instant access to those videos!

I bit the bullet after several months. I needed to know. Either my fantasy was about to die, or it would become a reality.

I did not have a main line to my old girl, but she was buried somewhere on the internet. I found her old profile and sent off a message asking if we could meet.

Surprisingly enough she still used this profile and I received a message a few days later:

“Oh My God! It has been forever! I would love to have coffee with you sometime!”

We exchanged our new phone numbers and arranged a meeting. I did not reveal what got me thinking about her again, I just claimed I harmlessly wanted to ‘catch up’.

The day of the meet arrived. I just threw on some clothes, nothing special, it was just coffee after all.

I went to the shop to meet her. As far as I could tell she wasn’t there so I sat down at a table by myself. I ordered two of a drink I remember she liked. It was summer so the air conditioning was blasting in this shop, making it into a big walk in freezer The drinks I ordered were chilled coffees so even if she took very long, hers would stay fresh.

Time went by and I found myself looking at my watch wondering if she was standing me up, but still I waited.

A strange girl then waved at me, “Is it really you?” She asked, squinting maltepe escort bayan her eyes.

I should be asking this. I looked very much like I did back when we dated. She looked very different now, but similar enough for me to realize she was my old girlfriend.

Her short (and I mean short!) skirt showed off her perfect, tanned legs. As reported initially, she is a very small woman, but proportionately she had legs for days.

I made her twirl for me (I am a pervert). I claimed I needed a full view of her. Just to emphasize how short her skirt was, when she twirled I could get a full view of her pantie covered butt. She still had that cute ass I remembered, today it was covered by a pink bikini cut piece of fabric.

Her shirt was just a plain white cotton T. It did, however, hug her figure quite tightly.

Formerly she was very shy, but I guess that one had gone out the window. In the cool of the shop though, I could see her nipples stand up through the fabric. She looked great!

The shirt, like her skirt, was very short. It ended pretty soon after her breasts, revealing much of her mid drift.

“This is new.” I said pinching the little charm hanging from her belly button.

“Yea, I guess many of my piercings would be new to you.” She informed me, and blushed.

We chatted it up, about everything imaginable, while we sipped our drinks. I made sure to steer the conversation in the right direction, ever so gently though so as not to tip her off.

“So you were studying sciences last time I heard, what is it that you do for money now?”

Her answer kept the fantasy alive, “well actually now, I work serving food, but the money sucks, so I ended up doing some modelling on the side to make ends meet.”

I disguised my intense interest in the subject, “that’s neat, anything I would have seen you in?”

“Well I am not sure.” She said. “If you still have the same habits you did when we were dating, than maybe you have seen me.”

The same ‘habits’, I asked for clarification, “what ‘habits’ are you referring to?”

“Well…how about I show you some of my work you may have seen.” She suggested as she fished in her pocket for her phone.

She made a few taps on the screen, then extended the phone out to me. On it was a picture of her all done up wearing a dress, a dress I had seen a million times! This must be a still from the beginning of one of the videos!

“I think I recognize this.” I said trying to contain my excitement.

“I guess then maybe you have seen other stuff I’ve done?” She asked.

“Maybe, I believe I recognize that girl.” I said coyly.

Tap, tap, tap. She pushed her phone back up to my face.

“Yup.” I said to many pictures she scrolled through.

“I don’t recognize every example you showed me, there were a lot, you must be famous.” I told her.

“I guess I kind of did a little more work than I wanted to, I just have so many bills it seems.” She said.

“You know my parents have money, if you ever needed any you could have just asked me, I would have been happy to help.” I said.

“Thank you, it is good to know a guy as sweet as you, but truthfully I enjoy the modelling a little, and well it makes me feel good that I can be financially independent.” She explained.

“I need to share something with you if that’s OK?” I asked.

“Anything.” She said.

“…My reasons for seeing you weren’t all that pure. I thought I recognized you in a video and it drove me crazy. I had great times with you, I guess I wanted to recapture them…at least the one part.” I came clean.

“I really enjoyed when we were together too! You showed me many new things, but that was then. I don’t think us getting romantically involved again would be best.” She looked at me mirroring my disappointed face.

“It is unfortunate you feel that way, but I guess you didn’t shut me down 100%. My apartment is just around the corner, if you wanted to talk more about work?” I offered.

“Sure, that would be cool.” She said.

Back at my apartment she showed me many videos I had seen before. I didn’t want to appear desperate so I kept my folder of hers a secret.

“Wow, you are so much different than I remember.” I told her.

“I guess.” She said. “I have to give you credit, you helped me start the transformation!” She told me.

“So if it was me then…I guess you owe me royalties?” I half asked/stated.

“What did you have in mind?” She enquired.

I starred her in the eyes, we were sitting at my kitchen table across from each other. I put my hands on her head and nudged her down. She got the message and soon knelt in front of me.

I took out my cock and she gobbled it up.

“Let’s take this party to the bedroom.” I said, as I picked her up and carried her there.

We fucked for hours. It was even better than being with her originally. She had so much more practice.

“Wow!” I said as I caught my breath. “I didn’t think you could be any better than before.”

She smiled, “one of these days I want to show you my work. I think you will like it.”

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