My First Wild Night

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All I could think about that day was having sex. Not just with one person, but with a roomful. What was wrong with me? I’m not that kind of girl! Am I? Hm.

How this all started was simple enough. I was working hard, trying to finish up a couple of articles I had due, so I was deep in research mode for some last minute facts. One topic I was writing about was for a glamour magazine about trends in bikini waxing. Now, I’ve never even *had* a bikini wax done before, and I’m sorry, but this particular assignment wasn’t paying enough for me to go have one now, so research was going to have to come in other forms.

So, I got on the net and started to surf. I plugged “bikini wax” into the search engine and ended up with a million options. The first few were pretty straightforward but, wow! The next one I opened without reading the description…this had *nothing* to do with *getting* a bikini wax! The women on this web site clearly already had their waxing done, because they were bare as they day they were born!

I’ve never done much surfing on porn sites, at least not on purpose, and this particular site was more than I bargained for! There were pictures of women together, a woman with several men, a man with several women and any combination in between! And in just the few seconds it took for my brain to see those pictures, I suddenly felt myself getting all wet and tingly between my legs.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. The picture with that woman and about five guys held my attention. Every hole she had was filled…a cock up her ass, one up her cunt, two in her mouth and the last streaming cum all over her huge tits. I surprised myself by thinking, I want to be her!

I moved to the next picture…a woman with long, brown hair, on her hands and knees…sucking a massive cock that looked to be halfway down her throat. Beneath her laid another woman, a blonde, licking one of the first woman’s tits…her hand was rubbing the brown haired woman’s pussy. A man stood behind the brown haired woman, his dick poised to ram into her asshole. My own slit became wetter, and I squirmed in my chair. I wanted to be that brown haired woman.

The next picture was different. It showed an entire roomful beşiktaş escort of people, naked and engaging in all sorts of sex acts. Some in pairs, some in threes, some with toys, some tied up…it was awesome. I was so horny now, and I needed to have sex with somebody…or somebodies, preferably!

Since I didn’t know the number for anyplace such as Dial-an-Orgy, I tried the next best thing. I called my sister-in-law. She and my brother divorced two years ago — no one really knew why, but I think it was probably because my fat ass slob of a brother couldn’t keep up with the sexual appetite of his sexy wife. And sexy she was. Long legs, big, round boobs, and long black hair. We went out together every once in a while, and there was rarely a night when she went home alone…she was hot. So, I dialed her up.

“Debbie! What’s up? Wanna go out tonight or what?” Jen said when she answered the phone.

“Well, I want to do something tonight, and I’m hoping you can help me out…” I was really nervous. How could I say these thoughts out loud to her?

“Sure! What do you need?”

“Um…well…” Ok, I had to just say it or I’d completely chicken out. “A roomful of people to have sex with!”

Jen was silent for a minute and I thought maybe I’d offended her or something, then she broke into peals of laughter.

“I knew that under that quiet exterior there lurked a sex goddess, Deb! Damn! Tell you what…you come over around nine tonight and we’ll see what can be done to help you out.”

I went and took a shower because I didn’t know what else to do. I got dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a low-cut black t-shirt that showed enough of my own ample breasts…not as big as Jen’s, but more than respectable. I decided at the last minute to leave my bra off. I took my panties off, too. They were just soaked again, anyway, thinking about how the evening might end.

I rang Jen’s doorbell at exactly nine. She ushered me in, wearing…well, very little. She had on a short black skirt and a halter-top, which barely contained her voluptuous melons. She offered me a drink, and I readily accepted, downing it all in a matter of a minute. I did feel beylikdüzü escort far more relaxed afterwards!

We sat on the couch and Jen got down to business. “So, you’re horny, huh? That’s cool. I invited some friends over…I didn’t tell them why, but that won’t matter. Things usually end up, well, pretty wild when they show up anyway!” Jen laughed and I wondered just how often she got “wild” with these friends, and if my brother had ever been involved? That was just too weird to think about!

“Ok, Deb, I have to ask this, though…” she said, sipping her own drink, “have you ever had sex with a woman before?” I blushed, and shook my head ‘no.’

“I didn’t think so.” She smiled. “You probably will tonight, though.” I blushed again, but smiled back. Just then, as if to seal her prediction, Jen moved closer to me on the couch and kissed me deeply on the mouth, her free hand reaching up to brush across my hardened nipple.

“Wow…you are ready, aren’t you?” she asked, squeezing my nipple and kissing me again. I let my inhibitions go and kissed her back, reaching over to touch her bare leg and she instantly responded by pressing against me, our chests fully touching and her tongue down my throat.

I barely heard the door open but the voice was what caught my attention. “Hey, they’ve started without us!” said a man, tall, well built and looking rock hard under his jeans. His eyes were riveted to mine instantly and I couldn’t wait to see what was under that zipper. Thankfully, I didn’t need to wait long to find out. He unzipped his pants as he walked over to the couch.

“Deb, this is Joe and his friend Rick,” that’s when I noticed the other guy, a blond, standing behind Joe, his own pants down and he was rubbing his 8″ cock into a full erection.

Joe walked over to me and without as much as a word, he thrust his dick in my face, and instinctively, I opened my mouth. He pushed it in and began fucking my face. I eagerly accepted. He tasted salty and I could feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of my throat with each thrust.

Rick had walked over and from behind me he lifted my shirt and began fondling both of my tits. I could feel beyoğlu escort my jeans getting soaked in the crotch, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was the feel of these two men on my body.

Suddenly I felt a pair of hands undoing my pants and sliding them off me. It was Jen. She was now on her knees before me, spreading my legs and running her tongue up my thigh and into my wet hole. Rick reached down and rubbed my clit as he continued with his other hand to pinch and twist my hard nipple while I sucked Joe’s cock.

Joe started thrusting faster and harder and I knew he was going to blow his load into my throat at any time. I leaned forward eagerly, and just then, I felt a heavy stream of cum go down the back of my mouth and into my throat. I managed not to gag as I sucked his bone dry.

“Awesome, Deb…” he said, as he moved me over on the couch, getting me into a doggie style position. I let him guide me as I saw that he intended to take over where Jen had been. Jen then positioned herself in front of me, her own long legs spread wide open, one up over the back of the couch. I bent down and could smell her musk as I tentatively licked at her throbbing clit. Her eyes closed and she moaned, and that was all I needed to get going. I started licking and sucking her cunt wildly.

Rick, in the mean time, was positioned over Joe and his dick was at my ass. I clenched my cheeks together involuntarily, but he massaged them and loosened me up. He bent down enough to first put his cock in my wet slit, getting it good and wet…Joe helped a bit by giving it a few licks, which just blew my mind. Then Rick went back to my ass and gently pressed his way inside. Soon, he was buried to the hilt, and I thought I’d explode from the feelings I had!

Rick started to thrust into me, slowly at first, and then a little quicker. Joe’s mouth was still licking my cunt, thrusting his tongue in and out of my hole, and he was squeezing one of my nipples and one of Jen’s at the same time. I was eating Jen out like there was no tomorrow. And suddenly, it was almost as if a group climax was happening. We all began to shudder and Rick blew his load up my ass…I came in spasms all over Joe’s face, and Jen came in my mouth. We were all spent.

After piling on the couch together, each with a drink, Jen reached over and ran her hand over my hair. “Sorry I couldn’t get a whole roomful, hon,” she winked, “but I hope this was ok…for a start.”

Was it ever! I knew right then that Jen, Joe, Rick and I would be seeing a lot more of each other.

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