My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 22

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I really needed a break from school and was so happy to have some time off, but now that I was dating Kayla, I was sad that I had to leave her too. Kayla and I have only made love a few times, but it was pretty wonderful. Not at all what I am used to, but just different and she is a very special girl.

That said I was actually trying not to be with my mom over break, just to see if I could control myself. I think she somehow could tell because she was certainly not trying with me. My mom and I had the best time together though. We shopped for five days straight. Not the whole day of course, but we went shopping for a few hours each day from Saturday to Wednesday. We bought a lot of presents, but my mom also bought me clothes too and I got some great stuff. So did my mom. We had fun trying stuff on together and a couple times I thought we’d try something in the changing rooms, but other than her pinching my butt once and me smacking hers, nothing happened.

Jessica came over on Tuesday and we had a fun time together, but nothing happened sexually, though my mom did make a joke about us and I wondered if she would try to get with both of us, but again nothing happened.

I was pretty proud of myself until Christmas Eve night. It was really late and I was just chatting with friends and when I went upstairs my mom’s light was still on. I walked in and she was in bed watching TV and I just decided to snuggle up with her. We talked for a long time and I fell asleep in her bed. When she took me to my bed later she helped undress me, and that’s when I kissed her. She kissed me back so passionately. We were just squeezing each other all over and so intense. My tongue was just searching her mouth so desperately and I pulled her into my bed and when I did she started sucking my nipples. I was just staring at her and getting so horny and she peeked up at me. She smiled and started just rolling her tongue around the nipple as she looked into my eyes.

I said, “I love you,” and she stopped and had this lust-filled look and she started kissing me again and squeezing my breasts with her hand. But then her hand went down between my legs and slipping inside my panties she rubbed my clit while she kissed me.

I orgasmed so hard and she just kept rubbing me and even when I squealed and tried to wiggle away she just kept pressing on my clit. Holy shit I was in a whole new world of pleasure and just screamed and moaned and she kept trying to kiss me. Finally she slipped some fingers in and her palm was still on my clit. I kept jerking uncontrollably and making noises that were almost embarrassing, yet she wouldn’t stop. I came so hard, and still she wouldn’t stop. She held me so tightly and I felt safe, and yet almost like I was so under her power. I jabbed my finger up her ass and started talking so dirty I couldn’t even believe what I was saying. I was saying stuff like, “Fuck me,” over and over again, and I was saying, “Do you love your daughter’s pussy?”

She didn’t say anything, but after a while she jumped up and took me to the shower and told me, “Now it’s your turn to please me.”

Of course I licked her ass. I knew that was what she wanted. I tongued it for her, and fingered it too. Later in her bed (which we soaked because we didn’t even dry off after the shower), I fucked her from behind with a strap-on so hard I made her scream out. She even told me to “Take it easy,” but I just fucked her even harder. I held her breasts, I held her shoulders and I even pulled on her hair a bit before I was done. Then I fucked her ass.

I decided I wanted to try something new and I was shocked when my mom looked concerned more than excited when I told her what I wanted to do. Still she agreed to it. I went down stairs with her and we brought two double dildos. I had her sit upside down on the couch so her ass was where her head should be and she had her legs tucked down so her feet were by her head and then I straddled her and holding on to the back of the couch I lowered myself onto the two dildos that were in each of her holes.

It was an amazing thigh burner, but I bounced up and down on the dildos so fricking hard and I just fucked the hell out of both of us. I kept looking down at her huge tits that were on both sides of her face, as they are so massive that they were against her cheeks in this position. I kept telling her to lick them and she did.

I thought I’d push her off the couch several times, but we managed to stay on and she even got a hand up to rub her own clit for a while.

Suddenly it was like four in the morning and we knew we had company coming over the next day so we decided to head back upstairs. I slept with her and we must have made love for another hour in her bed. I made her cum with my tongue on her clit and she did the same for me. Then I just kissed her and sucked her breasts a while longer. We even licked one of her nipples at the same time for a while and that was hot.

Finally we crashed and it was hard to get out of bed by eleven to get ready. When I woke up to her alarm, she reached bağdat caddesi escort over me to turn it off and I sucked her breasts for a while before she dropped back down to kiss me and then said, Merry Christmas.

I told her, “I want to stay in this bed with you forever.”

She kissed me and hugged me and told me she wished we could too.

Christmas was fun. Just my grandparents came over. My mom and I were well behaved, but after they left we cuddled on the couch and kissed a while. Then we tried clothes on together and made love in her bed again.

I slept with her that night too and the next morning when I woke up she was staring at me. I smiled and kissed her and she asked me if I was sure I wanted to be doing this. She seemed so serious. I smiled at her again and told her that I didn’t want to ever share our girlfriends anymore, but that I loved what we shared together. She just smiled and kissed me. While making love she asked me if that meant we couldn’t share someone else that wasn’t a girlfriend. I told her I was all for that and we actually talked about different girls we could have sex with. We mentioned Anna, her ex-girlfriend, and we both got kind of excited about that, but we didn’t feel like she would want to after how my mom had broken up with her.

We also talked about Jessica and Denise, but my mom was pretty sure that they both still had feelings for me and she was pretty sure Denise was still pretty hurt by her. So we started naming off others she knew and then it just popped in my head, Sydney.

Sydney was the first girl other than my mom I had ever had sex with. It had been a one night stand that my mom had set up for me (yes I had dated her more than once, but only had sex just the once). Sydney was a definite possibility, but how to accomplish it was something else. We talked about her for several days in our fantasies, but nothing really happened with anyone and soon I was driving to Kayla’s parent’s house for New Years Eve.

I was so nervous. She had told her parents about us and I think that made me so much more nervous meeting them even though Kayla said they were handling it well. I got their early in the afternoon, and met them. Her mom was gorgeous and dressed so in style. I have to admit I am very attracted to her. It didn’t help matters that she admitted to Kayla and I that she went through a phase in college where she did some things with girls. It bothered me for two reasons, one that I suddenly had thoughts of being with her, and two that she was convinced or at least suspected that this might just be a phase for us. Kayla actually was so embarrassed that her mom brought that up that she left the room and didn’t want to hear about it.

I on the other hand wished I could have heard all the details, though I felt suddenly awkward sitting alone with her in their dining room. Well neither parent seemed thrilled by our relationship, but neither were they upset about it, so over all not a bad time meeting her parents. Plus they even put my stuff in Kayla’s room and when I asked she told me that we could sleep together that night. I was shocked, but so happy.

The party that night was a lot of fun. I really liked her friends and we played all sorts of games and danced, and although there was some alcohol there, neither Kayla nor I drank anything.

Now not all, in fact most of Kayla’s friends don’t know she is lesbian, so we pretended to be friends all night. Which meant we both had to put up with drunk guys hitting on us, but I got the worst of it being the new girl. I even had a guy ask me if my boobs were real, and when I said, “you’ll never find out,” he asked if he could touch them to find out. What a moron.

Anyway at midnight I did hug Kayla and thought about kissing her on the cheek, but was afraid she’d be mad so I didn’t.

It was all worth it, because when we got back to her house we finally got to be alone. Her parents were already in bed, and I started kissing her as soon as we shut her front door. She kept me under control though until I was in her bedroom and then I attacked her again. We couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough. It was so cute.

We kissed so long and just held our naked bodies next to each other until I started rubbing my pussy on her leg and her on mine and we both orgasmed that way. I sucked her breast a lot during as I was on top, but afterwards she just lay on top of me sucking my nipples and squeezing my ass for the longest time. It was wonderful.

We were actually up pretty early the next morning as her parents made a lot of noise in the kitchen. Her mom made us breakfast and it was delicious, and we talked with her for a couple of hours. She is really sweet.

Funny thing happened later as I was showering. Her mom was in the bathroom as I was turning off the water. Not sure why and didn’t ask, but as soon as I shut the water off she quickly announced her presence as to not scare me. I’m not sure why, because even thou I had plenty of notice I still pulled bahçelievler escort the shower curtain wide open to grab the towel. She got a good look at my naked body and she was so apologetic, but of course I had wanted her to see me for some reason. It turned me on.

That night when I got home I masturbated thinking about Kayla’s mom. That sort of bothers me a little that I am so attracted to her, but odds are nothing will ever happen. My mom had Candice spend the night that night so I didn’t have anyone to be with anyway.

So for some odd reason when I woke up on Saturday I was so horny. I laid there thinking about my experiences with my mom, and what I had just done with Kayla, and picturing her mom naked. So I just decided to be crazy and I called Sydney with out telling my mom as she was still hanging with Candice. Sydney told me she was seeing someone, but would love to get together and get a coffee or something. I asked her if she wanted to meet and go shopping together for the afternoon and she said that would be great, because she still had some things to return.

We spent the afternoon together and I enjoyed her company. I flirted a lot with her, and soon she was starting to flirt back. When she drove me home I asked if she wanted to come inside. She told me she didn’t think it was a great idea, but I pointed out that I thought she might want to see my mom. She suddenly sounded enthusiastic.

Luckily Candice was gone. My mom and Sydney started talking right away and after my mom got out the wine the three of us chatted in the living room for a couple hours. I think Sydney and my mom had more than a bottle before my mom started seriously flirting with Sydney. Sydney was wearing this sweater that just made her boobs look so big and round and watching the two of them talk was making me so horny.

So I just decided to go for it. Sydney and my mom were turned and facing each other on the couch and just really gabbing away, but I just knelt down in front of them and leaned forward and kissed Sydney. It was a very intense sexy kiss and I actually felt a little light headed afterwards. Sydney looked drunk when she leaned back and half looked at me through slit eyes. Then she looked at my mom and my mom leaned over and kissed her. Holy shit it was so hot.

When they stopped I didn’t give Sydney the chance to even say anything before I was back kissing her again and this time I crawled on top of her straddling her on the couch. We kissed for a while and then as I leaned back to pull my shirt off, my mom moved in again to kiss her. This time though Sydney started talking. She asked us if we had ever done this with anyone before. My mom lied and said no. Sydney looked at my now bare chest and forgot everything else. Oh my, gosh she sucked me like no other. She just devoured my breasts, sucking and nibbling the nipples for so long. It felt so good. My mom mostly just watched, but she did grab my ass a few times.

Then after a while my mom took off her top and I slid over and let my mom on top of Sydney. I remember Sydney saying, “Holy fuck, you are so huge,” and Sydney just started going to town on her breasts. I reached down the back of my mom’s pants and rubbed her ass, and I even rubbed the top of my mom’s breasts as Sydney sucked them.

This was amazing. This is exactly what I wanted, just some girl that my mom and I could have sex with and not have to worry about a relationship and confused emotions. It was just raw sex and I knew I was going to have the most amazing night and it was just the beginning.

Next my mom and I undressed her together, both kissing her at different times and almost kissing one another, but we didn’t. We were saving that I could tell. I had forgotten how beautifully full Sydney’s breasts were. I started sucking on one and my mom the other as my mom still helped to take off Sydney’s jeans. Soon we were massaging her pussy together as we still were sucking her nipples. Finally my mom went down on her.

Sydney just kept swearing over and over and thanking us too, it was so cute, and when she climaxed I kissed her again. Then my mom kind of shocked me by rolling me over and she started to lick my pussy. Sydney just watched us for the longest time, and I wasn’t sure if she liked it or not, but finally she started sucking my nipples again and then kissing me. She said, “I can’t believe she’s doing that to you.” And I just pulled my mom off my soaked pussy and kissed and sucked on her lips tasting my own cum.

We were up in the bedroom soon enough and I was sitting on Sydney’s face while my mom fucked me from behind. I came so much on her and my mom and I licked her face together, and then kissed just over top of her, and I thought Sydney was going to orgasm again just watching us.

I had been dying to be fucked up both holes again, so after I got a dildo strapped to Sydney, I rode on top of her, while my mom fucked my ass. My mom was not gentle. She fucked me so hard and held my breasts just like I like. Sydney even licked bahçeşehir escort my nipples some and I climaxed again. When I began to moan my mom started just slamming my ass and it actually hurt some, but in such an amazing way that I just started yelling “Fuck me” over and over again. It was incredible and I liked being completely under their control and just being fucked beyond belief.

We actually talked Sydney into letting us do it to her. Though she wanted me up her ass, and I could see why after she saw what my mom did to me. I was pretty gentle with her, but I got going fairly quickly and she was moaning so nice that it turned me on so bad, I could barley control myself. And all Sydney kept saying to my mom was, “I love your breasts,” and other things about how big they were and beautiful, which of course they are.

Now my mom didn’t want to be left out so we fucked her too, but Sydney and I had doubles up our pussies as I lay on top of her, and my mom bent over at the edge of the bed, backing up into them, fucking both of us so hard. I just kept kissing Sydney over and over, but I was telling my mom to fuck me.

Afterwards I felt so abused. It was the weirdest feeling. I had been fucked hard before, but this was just one amazingly hard fuck after another and I was definitely sore, but in a good way. The three of us cuddled for a while, but they both fell asleep so I left the two of them alone for a while before coming back and sleeping with them for the night.

The next morning my mom asked Sydney never to tell anyone about the two of us, and Sydney said it would be our secret. I could tell she didn’t want her girlfriend to find out anyway.

That day Candice was there most of the time and I hung out with friends. Candice slept with my mom that night and I came in and kissed them both good-night. I probably kissed Candice just a little longer than I should have, but I felt like flirting with her and even gave her a sexy smile afterwards.

On Monday I hung out with Jessica and her friends. It was a great day, and for some reason I kept flirting with Hillary and I swear she was flirting back when no one else was around. At the end of the day it was just the three of us. I whispered to Jessica that I wanted Hillary and Jessica smiled at me and mouthed, “You and me both.” To which I mouthed, “Yes both,” and Jessica got this look on her face. I could tell she was really horny.

The three of us got talking about high school and boys and of course girls and then that led to sex and I was getting so wet. I started rubbing Jessica’s leg and soon we were kissing. Hillary watched us for a while but then said she was leaving. We apologized and I thought for a moment she might stay but she didn’t. Jess and I walked her to the door, but then we got back to her room as soon as we could. We kissed for the longest time and then she sucked my nipples, but then I stopped her and asked her if she wanted to go to my house and be with my mom.

She said yes so fast. I was so excited. We drove separately there and were kissing before we got inside. My mom was still with Candice, but after I let my mom know privately why we were there, my mom got Candice to leave early.

There wasn’t a lot of talking. We just went at it. We had sex in the front room and I even got fingered on the stairs by my mom as I licked Jessica’s pussy. She was on my face and crawling up the stairs above me. My mom ended up fisting me and I moaned so hard. And then she started licking my clit with her fist deep inside of me and I was so fucked up I couldn’t do anything to Jessica.

Jessica decided just to suck my nipples instead, and she kissed me a lot too. When I was climaxing, Jessica told me she loved me and there was this wave of emotions that just flooded over me. I knew I still liked her too, but I didn’t want her as a girlfriend, because I new we’d be with my mom all the time. So I just didn’t say anything and pretended not to even hear her.

Oh my, gosh I came so hard and then I sucked my cum from my mom’s hand with Jessica. Then Jess and I sucked my mom’s breasts together and even fingered her together. It was really sexy.

Jessica didn’t spend the night that night, but she stayed till about twelve. We had so much fun and my mom and I both made out with her at the door for a while before she left.

I slept with my mom that night but we mostly just cuddled and kissed. She asked me that night if I ever got jealous of Candice. I told her I didn’t and that I was happy they had one another and that I really liked Candice. My mom told me she did too, but that I was all she would ever need.

We woke up in each others arms the next morning and I felt so happy. I knew I could have this life of sex with my mother and still have Kayla down at school. I wasn’t even going to let my silly emotions screw it up this time. I knew I couldn’t stop being with my mom, but I also knew I needed a relationship that was normal. I have that with Kayla at school.

I got a phone call from Sydney that day. She wanted to know if I wanted to go out again. I asked her if she really just wanted to come over here and she admitted she did. So after her work that day she came straight to our house. My mom and I both gave it to her hard again, and spent most of the time just pleasing her. Though I did sit on her face and she devoured my pussy and I came so hard.

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