My First Love

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I can remember exactly when it began, my love affair with my sister. It happened not long after my eighteenth birthday and took us both completely by surprise. Cheryl and I lived in a small two bedroom apartment in the city and I was the lucky one that got to sleep on the couch. My sister was a year older than me and would wake up and hour before I did so she could get the bathroom first and get ready for school. She was a senior in high school and I was a junior. Everyone thought that we were twins and I had just flunked a year in school, but we weren’t twins, we were just close. We had a single mom who worked two jobs as our only parent and we learned long ago to rely only on each other for support.

It was towards the end of my junior year in high school that things became uncomfortable between us. She had already fully developed and guys were paying way to much attention to her than I’d like. She was spending less and less time hanging out with me and more time going out on dates. The dresses turned to shorts which turned to skirts that grew shorter and shorter. Her shirts got tighter and smaller with each passing month as her breasts grew larger. I tried not to stare, but each morning I would wake up and catch a glimpse of her walking out of the bathroom after her shower and walk down the hallway towards her bedroom wearing nothing at all. She always assumed I was asleep, but every now and then I would wake up just as the shower turned off and so I waited and watched for her. I didn’t know why I was watching and even though I part of me told me I shouldn’t be watching, something else inside me was making sure I didn’t miss her.

This went on for another couple of months and then school was out. We had only the summer before Cheryl went off to college. I was still sleeping on the couch and waking up early to catch a glimpse of her, but she was sleeping in now that school was over.

One morning I woke up to the sound of the shower running and felt a smile grow across my face. I kept a lookout for her and listened for the water to turn off. It never did and her shower seemed to last forever. I quietly got off the couch and snuck over to the shower door and found it half open. Mom was still at work and she assumed I would be sleep so she didn’t even think to shut the door. The shower was running but the shower curtain was half open. From the doorway I could see my sister lying in the tub. I could see the top half of her body that wasn’t covered by the curtain. Her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. Her breasts were half submerged in the bath water, but I could clearly see her beautiful large nipples…fully erect above the water as her chest heaved up and down. Her arms were to her side moving back and forth. I couldn’t see her hands but I immediately knew what she was doing.

I didn’t even realize my left hand had slipped beneath my boxers and was holding my dick. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her as the water began to splash out of the tub as she moved her hands faster and faster. My own hand began squeezing my cock as I watched her masturbate in the tub. She looked more beautiful than I ever remembered her being and as I stood there rubbing my cock, trying to be as quiet as possible, I hoped this moment would never end.

“Fuck me,” she began to whisper which startled me at first. “I want you…give it to me.”

Her arms splashed harder in the water as she rubbed her pussy faster and faster şirinevler türbanlı escort behind the shower curtain, her lips open wide as she moaned louder and louder. I pulled my cock faster and faster while I stared at her beautiful shaped c cups covered in water just a few feet from me. She kept her eyes closed the entire time, but by now it didn’t matter. I would not have been able to stop myself even if she opened her eyes and saw me standing there with my cock in my hand jerking off to her.

“Fuck me David…hurry up…I’m ready to cum…I’m almost…” That’s when it happened…when everything changed. She called my name. That was my name. She was thinking of me. “Oh fuck! Yes…right there…”

The sound of her voice sent me over the edge. I stepped around the corner of the bathroom and leaned against the hallway wall. I could feel my legs grow week and toes began to curl as it built up inside me stronger and stronger. I shoved my cock back inside my boxers and squeezed it hard and gave it a few more quick strokes and felt my cock explode in my hands, soaking my underwear as I finished myself off while watching my sister have an orgasm.

I heard the shower turn off as she stepped out of the shower so I quickly ran back to the couch and jumped under the blanket. I was still breathing hard when she walked passed me wearing nothing at all. I opened my eyes as she passed me, catching a glimpse of her dark soft hair covering the soft flesh between her legs. I couldn’t stop imagining her hand rubbing that very same pussy just moments before and couldn’t get the sound of her voice calling out my name.

“Wake up sleepy head!” Cheryl called out a couple of minutes later. “I know you’re not asleep. Get up David.”

“I know you’re not asleep?” She had asked…did she know I was watching? Did she see me getting back on the couch?

I kept my eyes closed as she stood next to me. I was half afraid to open my eyes fearing she would be standing there naked again and I would get an erection again. She knelt down in front of me and pulled the sheet away from my face.

“Wake up David,” she whispered to me with her lips just an inch from mine. I opened my eyes and found her smiling back at me with her gorgeous green eyes. “That’s better.”

“What are you doing Cheryl?” I asked after yawning, pretending to still be half asleep. “What time is it?”

“I saw you watching me you know.” She said with a smile. “Before you say anything though, it’s ok. I don’t mind…I didn’t mind. I don’t want you to think…”

“You saw me watching? You didn’t say anything? Why didn’t you…What were you…” I didn’t know what to say or what to even think, but kept watching her the whole time and realized she still had that same grin on her face. She really didn’t mind, in fact it would seem she enjoyed it as much as I did.

She slid her hands under the blanket and slid her fingers between my knees and slowly pushed her hand higher up my legs.

“Look, I know you’ve been watching and staring. I thought it was weird at first, but then I kind of liked the attention. Didn’t you notice I stopped wrapping the towel around me after my shower in the morning? I kept waiting for you to say something, but you never did.” Cheryl explained to me trying to make it clear to me how she felt.

“You did that on purpose? You knew I was watching you every morning?” I couldn’t believe şirinevler ucuz escort what I was hearing, but found myself relaxing my body and letting her hand slide up even higher, both of us pretending this wasn’t actually happening.

I let my right hand slide off the couch onto the floor next to her body and slowly ran my fingers up her thighs as she moved closer to me. Her finger tips slid beneath my boxers and stopped just short of reaching the tip of my cock.

“Oh, that’s right…you came already,” she laughed and rubbed her hand against my soaking wet boxers. “Too bad you left the bathroom though, I was hoping to watch you cum all over the place. You know I left the bathroom door open on purpose right?”

“Let me help you with that,” Cheryl whispered to me and leaned closer to kiss me. She reached her hand down and grabbed mine and pulled it up and behind her body, pushing my hand against her ass. She held my hand there as she reached up her with her other hand and took hold of my cock as she pressed her lips against mine.

I lay there unable to move, unable to breathe as we kissed for the very first time. She slowly began moving her hand up and down beneath the sheets as she slid her warm wet tongue between my lips. I squeezed her ass with my hand, not quite knowing what to do next. I closed my eyes and let my fingertips slide up under her shorts and found she wasn’t wearing any panties beneath her tiny baby blue gym shorts. I slid my fingers further back and ran my fingers up and down between her cheeks, trying to reach those soft lips I had seen earlier this morning.

“David,” she whispered to me bringing me out of love drunk stupor I seemed to be falling into. “David, open your eyes. I want you to see me…stay with me.”

She smiled at me as she pulled the sheets down over my body exposing the tent I had with my cock. She pulled my boxers down to my feet and slid them off completely. I watched her eyes light up as she stared at my cock for a few seconds before taking it in her hands again.

“It’s just like I remember it,” she laughed and began playing with it again.

“You’ve seen it before?” I asked wondering what she was talking about. “You’ve seen me before? When?”

“Oh I don’t know…pretty much every morning for the last year when I would wake up and come out here and find you rock hard while you slept. I pulled the sheets back a few times to take a peek and even managed to pull your dick out once.”

I felt embarrassed all of a sudden…and surprised…and excited all at the same time. “It was beautiful David…you were beautiful. I think I’ve been staring at you for just as long as you’ve been staring at me.”

We seem to come to a realization at the same time. That very moment I stared into her eyes and she stared back at me. Her fingertips swirling faster and faster around the head of my wet cock while I slid my fingers between her legs and found her pussy dripping wet for me. It felt right and we both knew it felt right. It wasn’t something we could explain to anyone else and we both knew this was our secret and would remain our secret forever, just as we both knew that this was only the beginning.

I pulled her head down to me and kissed her again while pressing my fingers between her wet lips and gently fucking her pussy while she gripped my cock tight in her hand and began stroking me again. She kissed me like no one şişli escort had ever done before. Her fingers wrapped around my head and pulled me tight to her as she pressed her tongue against mine. Her hips began moving in rhythm with her hand as I slid two fingers inside her pussy.

“I want to try something,” she whispered and pulled away for a moment. She stood up and slid her shorts off. “Here, get down on the floor…lay down on your back.”

She stepped back and watched as I quickly jumped to the floor and did as I had been directed. I watched her beautiful athletic body stand directly over me as she spread her legs over my face. She knelt down on top of me with her pussy on my chest. She moved forward until her pussy was directly over my lips, then looked down at me while she began grinding her soaking wet lips against my tongue.

“Oh fuck..David…that feels…amazing.” She moaned after a couple of minutes. “I can’t forget about you though.”

She turned around on top of me and lay down with her head against my cock and her beautiful ass on top of my face and began pushing her ass down harder against my face again. She wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock and began licking my cock top to bottom with her tongue over and over again.

I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her pussy down against my mouth tight as I drank in her juices and licked her clit faster and faster. I felt her wrap her lips around the head of my cock as she began jerking my cock faster and faster with her hand. I pushed my hips up to meet her face, letting her slide more of my cock inside her. She took it and wanted more, slowly letting me fuck her faster and faster as she felt her own orgasm ready to hit her.

She squeezed my cock and held on tight while shoving me in harder…faster…her hips shaking against my face…sweet taste on my lips…dripping…her ass tight against my face…the tip of my tongue licking her swollen clit faster and faster…my arms still holding her down tight as she came for me again.

“Oh fuck…David…I can’t believe…Yes!” she screamed out as I held her down while she squeezed my body with her legs. “cum inside me…quick…I want it.”

Before I knew what she meant, she jumped off of my face and slid down my body. She turned around on top of me and slid my cock deep inside her pussy with one quick motion. “I want to watch you cum David.”

I lay perfectly still and watch as she rode my cock fast and hard with her breasts hanging down over my face. She kept her eyes staring at mine as she squeezed my cock and let every inch of me slide deep inside her tight pussy until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m almost…I’m ready…I think…” I mumbled not know if I should pull my dick out or not.

“Cum inside me…its ok…I want it.” She whispered in that sweet innocent beautiful voice of hers.

Those words alone would have been enough to do me in and instantly my body relaxed and I felt that sweet release once again. I held her there on top of me as she kept pushing her hips down against my cock over and over again…squeezing my cock with her pussy…tighter…relaxing then tightening again…taking every last drop and still keeping me inside her.

She lay down on top of me with my dick still inside her pussy with her body on top of mine. She kissed my lips a few times and kept staring at me. She didn’t have to say it; I already knew what she was thinking, and she knew I felt the exact same way. I reached over and pulled the sheets down over the both of us as we held each other the rest of that morning. We fell asleep twice and each time we woke up we couldn’t help but fuck one more time.

The beautiful thing was as I have already mentioned, this was only the beginning.

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