My First Experience – the Cinema

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The story, or I should say experience, that I am about to tell you about occurred many years ago, when I was 18 to be precise. I was a young, fit, good looking lad with dark wavy hair and a sporty physique from playing many hours of football and cricket. At the time I was relatively inexperienced sexually, although had had a few very exciting gropes and fumblings with girls of my own age. I had never thought of, or wanted, an experience with anyone of the same sex…

In my home town of Leeds there used to be an old cinema called The Plaza. It had previously shown the blockbusters of the day, but had become somewhat disheveled in recent years and was now known for just showing soft core erotic films for the dirty mac brigade. I’d never been in the cinema, but whenever I walked past with my mates, I used to glance surreptitiously at the posters advertising the films showing inside. The posters were very much “of the era” and showed busty nurses, policewomen etc in stockings and suspenders and had titles like “Come Play with Me” and “Confessions of a…” They excited me enormously.

On the day itself, I seem to remember that I was in the town centre shopping for a new jacket with my Dad. He had nipped out from the office for lunch and once the jacket was acquired headed back, leaving me to my own devices. After a short wander around the record shops whilst admiring the many attractive women in my town, the idea came to me – why not go to The Plaza.

I don’t remember exactly how long, but I must have stood across the road from the cinema for a good 15 minutes, my heart racing and antalya escort my cock throbbing as I built up the confidence to enter. Eventually, the urge to experience what was inside took over and with a final glance to ensure that I wasn’t being observed, I dashed across the road and skipped up the steps inside and through the doors.

Inside, the cinema was decorated in a burgundy / crimson colour, with lots of velvet effect curtains around. There was nothing to identify this as anything other than a normal cinema, with the exception of more naughty movie posters scattered around.

Fortunately as I approached the ticket booth there was no-one around except the stern, attractive older lady selling the tickets. She glanced up and down at me and gave me a slight sneering smile that said “I know what you’re going in there to do, sonny”. I loved that feeling of humiliation and still do.

As I pushed open the door to the cinema, I was greeted by groans of lust coming from the big screen as some moustachioed hunk or other banged the daylights out of a busty wench. I gawped at the screen in lust, eager to sit down and start doing what I was there for. The other thing that struck me was the smell. Not unpleasant at all, just the smell of men, aftershave, and something else. Something different. Sex.

I quickly made my way to a seat about 7 or 8 rows from the front of the cinema and finally drew breath. That had been some ordeal, but now here I was, 18, with a cock literally bursting out of my jeans and a (soft) porn film filling my view. I was in heaven!

I’d hardly kepez escort had the opportunity to take of my jacket and place it over my lap so that I could release myself, before I sensed someone moving down my aisle. I didn’t pay much attention until they started getting closer, and closer, until eventually, with a creak of the seat they sat down next to me.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this story, I had never (ever) had any sexual feelings towards a man. And this is why the next part still confuses me, as when this mature man sat down right next to me, in this dark, lust filled environment, I felt a surge of sexual need.

Almost immediately the man began to shuffle in his seat and soon his right leg was pushed up against my left leg. I didn’t move, or do anything, which I really think was a combination of fear and lust. I just sat, with my hand firmly on my cock and waited for him to make his next move.

Sensing no resistance, the man began to rub his leg more insistently against mine, this time making it very clear that this was no accidental contact. Again, I stayed still, resisting the pressure by keeping my leg firmly placed and pressed against him. Within seconds, I felt a light tickling sensation against my calf and realised that he had moved his hand down and had started to fondle my calf.

At this point my heart was almost beating out of my chest. My hand was soaked with pre-cum as my hard cock oozed with the excitement and as my companion’s strokes became more insistent and began to creep up my leg.

His firm hand was manavgat escort now massaging my thigh, but showed no sign of stopping there, as it moved higher and higher, until his fingers rested against my hand cradling my throbbing cock. Firmly, but gently, he took my hand and moved it away so that he had complete access to me. His fingers slowly closed around my length and he gently began to masturbate me, his thumb lightly flicking across the head to add to my excitement.

Within a couple of minutes of this expert caressing I was on the verge of cumming and gasped as he continued to rub the shaft. Sensing my climax, he leaned across and whispered in my ear, asking whether I would like to finish this off in the cinema toilet. I quickly agreed and waited a couple of minutes as he made his way to the back of the cinema where the toilets were located.

After leaving a sufficient break, I shamefacedly headed up the cinema aisle and entered the toilet. Inside were two men at the urinals and there was no sign of my old gentleman. In panic and disappointment, I quickly washed my hands and began to leave, when I saw a cubicle door open and my old gentleman waving me inside.

I’m afraid that this is where this story ends. I was too nervous and shamed to simply enter the cubicle in full view of the other men, and so rushed away from the cinema, unsated.

I don’t particularly remember what I did as soon as I got home, but suffice to say it would have been very fast, furious, sweaty and messy! However, I will always remember that first experience with a man.

Needless to say, I was back at the cinema within a few days and that my experiences quickly surpassed my original visit (certainly in how far I went). I have continued to use adult cinemas for many years and have many more tales to tell should you be interested.

Thank you for reading.

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