My Daughter, My Slave Ch. 05

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I was busy the rest of the day with calls and reviewing the marketing plan with the new sales manager. You sat at the small conference table across the room from my desk and read as you waited for me.

I glanced over occasionally to look at you. When you saw me looking, you spread your legs slightly or uncrossed and crossed them again in a teasing fashion.

By midafternoon I was finished with my most pressing problems and I was horny for you.

“Is your cunt still wet?”

“I think so, Daddy.”

“Good. I want some more of it. Lets go. I have to check on the warehouse before we go home.”

We drove to the warehouse. You sat facing me with your legs spread in the car. Occasionally when we were stopped at a red light, I would reach over and rub your pussy or spank it with my palm.

After about 30 minutes we arrived at the warehouse. The employee that was assigned there was gone. I called his supervisor and asked where he was. He didn’t know he had left but ws sure he would return soon. I decided to wait.

We went into the office and I sat at the desk. You sat on a chair near the window to the main warehouse area.

After a few minutes, I was becoming unhappy at having to wait. I called the supervisor and raised hell with him. I slammed the phone down. You squirmed in your chair and avoided looking at me.

You sensed I would take my frustration out on you.

“Come here.”

You came to me immediately and stood beside me silently waiting. I pulled the bottom of your skirt up to your waist. I could smell your cunt. I rubbed the knuckle of my fingers over your pubic mound and then slid a finger between your legs.

You shifted your stance to allow me access under your cunt. I rubbed your lips with two fingers and could feel the definition of your lips and the wetness that had seeped into your panties.

I pushed the leg of your panties over and held it back with one hand while I probed into your lips with the other. I pushed two fingers up into your slit and fingered you for a few thrusts. You rocked back against my hand until I stopped.

“Bend over the desk, whore.”

You bent over as I commanded and I scooted my chair back behind you. I leaned forward and felt between your legs from behind. I felt your ass and rubbed it, then stood behind you.

I grabbed your waist and pulled you back against my hard cock. I humped and ground against you, my cock covered by my slacks and your ass covered by your silky panties.

I rubbed my hard cock against your ass until it was stiff and throbbing continuously.

I lowered my slacks to my ankles and then sat back down.

“Sit on my lap, slut.”

You started to pull your panties down.

“No. Leave them on. I want you to just sit on my lap.”

You seemed puzzled by my instruction, but you backed up onto me as ordered. I reached my hands under your thighs and lifted you up. You grabbed the chair arms with both hands for balance and I moved you back so that my hard cock stood up between your legs and against your pantied crotch.

“Make me cum like that. Lets see if you can do that, cunt.”

You held to the chair arms and began to squirm on my cock. Your legs tightened and squeezed tight around my cock shaft and then you pushed yourself up and forward and rubbed your covered cunt all over my lurching cock.

You ground your hot cunt against me and soon I was ready to cum, so I stopped you and held you tight. My arms were around your waist as I held you and prevented you from moving. You sat still.

“Get bakırköy escort up.”

You climbed off of me and stood there. I stood too and grabbed your shoulders, then pushed you down to your knees. I moved closer toward you. Your face was even with my erect cock.

“Suck me off. Show me what a cock-sucking cum-hungry whore you are.”

You opened your mouth and your lips engulfed my cock and you sucked the head and swirled your tongue over it. Your hands cupped my balls and massaged them as you sucked only the end of my cock, knowing that is the most sensitive area.

You took the shaft in your hands and looked up at me with innocent, little-girl eyes. You licked my cock like it was an ice cream cone, then sucked it back into your mouth like an alley whore.

You teased me and taunted me as you ate my meat. I am certain that even if I had not told you to suck my cock like a whore, you would have anyway, for you have that edge that I recognize.

You have that unmistakable whore tendency and an understanding of male anatomy that is inbred and not learned.

You were a cocksucking animatron, a cum guzzling Barbarella, an auto-sucking slut. I kept my hands at my side and let you service me like the good whore you wanted and needed to be.

Every time I was near my climax, you slowed down and simply held my cock in your lips until the urgency passed. Then you resumed your chores, varying the movements and pace to keep my cock in a severely aroused state.

I almost grabbed your head and fucked your mouth a few quick strokes so I could get the relief my balls and cock needed, but I fought that impulse back in pursuit of the more extended pleasure of watching you suck me.

You were settled on your knees as you blew me. Both hands were constantly busy, yet I noticed that your I saw how wet your panties were. There was a very obvious stain of cum that had soaked them again as you serviced me.

“Cum for me now as I cum in your mouth. But do not touch your cunt. Cum without that. Do you understand?”

You didn’t even take my cock out of your mouth to answer, but simply looked at me and nodded slightly. I could see in your eyes that you understood and were near orgasm.

“Suck harder now, whore. Take this Daddy cum and drink from Daddy’s cock, slut. Eat this man meat and suck the cum out like Daddy’s little cock sucker. Take it now, cunt. Make me cum or I will spank your ass until you can’t sit down. Suck it out now. Suck it. Now. Yes. … Yes…. Oh Yes….Oh..

Your legs were squeezed together and you rocked on your knees as you joined me in your own climax. I could feel your lips tighten around my cock as you started to cum.

You sucked my cum out and drank it thirstily and continued sucking as if that would produce more cum for you. You worked every drop out and then stroked and milked my cock for the last drops as if they were some treasure or magic elixir.

You licked the shaft all the way from my balls to the cockhead and flicked your tongue against the pee hole. You washed my balls with your tongue and sucked them one after the other. I thought you’d never stop.

I finally pushed you away and pulled my slacks up. You stayed on your knees.

“May I finish cumming with my fingers now, Daddy?”

“Show me your wet cunt, whore.”

You stood up and pulled your panties over so I could see the wetness glistening on your lips. Your panty crotch was as wet as if you had pissed.

I stuck two fingers into you and fucked you a few hard strokes. başakşehir escort Your eyes closed as you stood there letting me do as I wanted. Your head was back as I fingered you off to a quick successions of climaxes.

You relaxed as you finished off and I moved my fingers away.

“Pull your skirt down now, slut.”

You obeyed and I turned away from you and picked the phone up. You moved away a little and when I motioned you away, you went back to the chair and sat down watching me.

We waited another 10 minutes before we left.

When I started the car, I looked at you. You hiked your skirt up and spread your legs. Your wet panties shone in the afternoon sun.

We drove home. I passed a few trucks and they all honked at you, but I wasn’t interested in playing any games, so I sped by them. Soon we arrived and I left the car in the drive, instead of pulling into the garage. We went in.

“I want you to clean the kitchen now. Then I want you to vacuum and straighten the living area, then you can fix dinner.”

“Can I change first?”


You started to say something else but stopped, realizing that you should not provoke me after what happened last night. You went to the kitchen and began working. I went to your room and checked your various emails.

I was shocked.

Each of your four names had messages from men that thanked you for the show and for the pics you sent them. One guy asked for your panties and one asked for your paypal name so he could send you the $50 you asked for.

I read through them and soon saw one message that especially interested me. He had taken a pic you sent him and had jacked off on it. Your tits and mouth and cunt were covered with his cum. So you fantasized about men cumming on you…

The man we had emailed earlier this morning had replied. He said he had called 3 of his friends and they were eager to meet us. He said one of them wanted to know if he could bring a friend.

That would mean 5 of them and me, all fucking you on Wednesday. My cock woke up at the thought of you spread out and being fucked like that by all of them.

I went into the kitchen. You looked up from the stove and could see I had something on my mind. You turned toward me and waited. You were very nervous.

“I read your emails. You are a real tease aren’t you, slut? Those men think they will meet you and fuck your little pussy or your beautiful mouth. I have good news for you. You will be able to live those fantasies that caused you to rub your cunt late at night. The guy we wrote today has 4 others that he wants to bring to meet us Wednesday.”

You shuddered and looked away.

“With those e men plus him and me, you’re going to be a very busy little whore. I am not sure your cunt and mouth will be enough. I don’t want you jacking them off with your hands, so they are of no use. I wonder what we can do… What can we do?”

I mocked you and laughed.

“I know. Your cherry ass can be used too. Have you ever been fucked in your ass, baby?”

“No, Daddy.”

“Turn around and let me examine it.”

You turned and I bent you over at your waist over the oven door. I pulled your skirt up and jerked your panties off. They were soaked and made a splatting sound as they hit the floor.

I ran my finger around your asshole and then pushed on the little circular muscle to see if it was loose. It was not. I spat on your ass and then rubbed the saliva into your sphincter and pressed my finger against it again, bebek escort then spat on my finger to lube it more. I pressed harder and soon was able to force my finger into your ass.

I turned my hand and then began to stroke it slowly in and out and then turned it again left then right, loosening your ass hole up. After a few minutes, I was able to finger your ass easily.

I worked two fingers into your ass and fucked you with them. You groaned with every thrust and I saw your legs push back against my fingers, wanting them deeper.

I jammed my fingers into your ass for awhile and then looked around for something bigger to insert. The handle of a spatula was pushed up your ass and worked back and forth for awhile, then I found a bag of carrots and fucked you with the biggest one in the bag.

I looked in the refrigerator for something bigger and found a sausage. It was still cold when I dipped it in vegetable oil and then started to work it up your ass. You moaned as it filled your rectum and pushed deep into your belly.

I made you take at least 6 inches of it before I stopped. I left the sausage in your ass and told you to stand up and hold it there till I returned.

I went into the garage and found some gray duct tape and returned. I pulled a strip off and held it up for you to see. I tore off a second piece and set the roll down.

“Bend over again.”

You bent and I pushed the sausage a little deeper and turned it, so it would slide in further. You gasped as you felt it intrude into you deeper. I got a knife and cut the excess length of sausage off.

I positioned the longer piece of tape over it and taped it against your buttocks. I placed the second piece over the sausage under the first piece and taped it against your back and then the other end under your legs. The crossed tapes held the sausage in place.

“Leave it in now as you work. I want your ass used to being filled. You are a good cocksucker and I want you to be an asswhore too.”

You grimaced as you went back to your chores. I left you and went downstairs to work. After 30 minutes, I went back upstairs and quietly crept into the kitchen. You had pulled the tape back and I saw the sausage had slid back a little.

“Ok you whore. Why did you let that out? Didn’t I tell you I wanted you trained for big cocks up your ass?”

“It was uncomfortable, so I didn’t think it would matter.”

“You don’t think, whore. You do as I say. Come with me.”

I drug you to your room and I threw you to the floor.

“Take your clothes off but leave the sausage in and stay where you are.”

I went back to the garage and returned with a collar that we had used to keep our dog tied in the back yard. I tied a piece of rope to the chain loop on the collar and then fastened it around your neck.

I pulled the other end of the rope and forced you to your hands and knees. I led you out of the room through the house and then back to your room.

“This is your leash now, slut. You will have it connected when you are here. If you won’t obey me, I assume it’s because you are a dumb animal and can’t understand what I say, so I will treat you like one.”

I led you back to the kitchen and got a bowl out of the cabinet and put water in it, then set it on the floor. I got a plate out and put it down beside it.

“This is where you will eat from now on until you learn to obey me and act as I require. I will feed you scraps from my plate if you have pleased me and nothing if you haven’t. You will sleep at the foot of my bed on a mat on the floor and you will be available for me to fuck whenever I feel like it.”

You sobbed as you looked up at me with mournful eyes but with a soaked cunt. My cock leapt in my jeans as I thought about how submissive you would become. I knew I would have you ready to do anything by Wednesday.

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