My College Club : Chapter 1

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My College Club : Chapter 1
This story is loosely based off real events that happened in my life. Of course names and locations have been changed.

We’ve all seen the movies about college. According to Van Wilder it’s so much fun you go for 10 years. In PCU it’s a place where parties can unite all people, and in a****l House it’s a fucking fun time. These movies leave you with the impression that college is nothing more than a drunken, d**g induced orgy.

College for me did have its moments of binge drinking and smoking way too much weed but it was nowhere near the fun seen in any movie. Instead I found it to be the place where I learned to become the adult that I so desperately tried to avoid being. It was my first glimpse into real responsibility and the first place where I began to understand that my actions can have repercussions that will follow me until the day I die. My name is Stephen I’m 35 years old now with a wife and 3 k**s and I’m about to tell you the story of my college years and a very special club I belonged to.

————-17 years earlier———–

I stood on my front porch for what seemed like hours just staring at the letter I had plucked from our mailbox. I examined every little feature of the envelope. The NYU crest and the return address next to it, the small crinkle in the bottom right corner where the mailman had been careless. I took a deep breath and pushed the butterflies in my stomach back down. Digging my finger under the flap on the back I gently ripped it along the top and slowly removed the paper inside. Before reading it I looked around the street checking my neighbors houses and the sidewalks. No one was there, thank god. The last thing I wanted was for someone to watch as I cried if this was not an acceptance letter. With a deep breath I unfolded the page. It said, “Dear Mr. Healey, On behalf of the staff and community at NYU We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance to the …”

“HOLY SHIT!”, I screamed at the top of my lungs. I let out a large whoop and ran straight to my car dropping the rest of the mail on the front porch. I had to tell my parents right away, my mom would be so happy.

My parents owned a small taxidermy shop in town, it had been passed down to them from my grandparents. Since launching a website a few years ago that allowed for online ordering and the ability to have a****ls shipped in they had seen a huge increase boom in business and it kept them busy all hours of the day. When I arrived in front of the shop I jumped out of my car almost forgetting to put it in park and with my acceptance letter in hand I ran inside and screamed at the top of my lungs. “I got in!”

My Mom and Dad both looked up from the furs they were hunched over. With puzzled looks on their faces they stared at me trying to grasp what it was I was screaming about. Then as they noticed the letter I was waving bahis siteleri in the air you could see a sense of realization as to what was going on. Mom was the first to make a noise, she squealed in delight and ran around the counter full speed at me. She nearly knocked me to the ground as we collided in a hug and she squeezed me so tight I found it hard to breath. When she finally let up she planted a kiss on my forehead and I could see a tear in her eye as she smiled and stepped back allowing my dad to have his turn congratulating me. My Dad is not an emotional guy he’s a mans man so I wasn’t surprised when he placed a hand on my shoulder and looked in my eye and said, “God job, I’m proud of you.” and turned back around to go work on his furs.

I would be the first in our family to go to college. My mother was elated at the idea but my father was a little disappointed. His dream had always been to hand down the business to me just like his father did to him. I spent a few more minutes with them as my Mom and I examined the letter a little more closely. Then I excused myself waving a quick goodbye to my dad who was hard at work mounting a coyote skin and kissed my mom on the cheek. I ran out to tell the great news to my life long best friend and love of my life my girlfriend Julie.

The drive across town seemed to take forever Julie lived with her parents in a small farmhouse from the 1800s on the outskirts of town. When I walked in the door her parents were sitting at the dining room table dressed in their dirt covered work clothes and smoking a joint. Julie’s parents were two of the coolest people I had ever met. They were old hippies who ran a fairly successful online herbal remedy store. They grew most of the plants for their store up the road in a few greenhouses as well as enough weed to keep themselves and a few close friends happy. They are also sort of part time nudists. They didn’t spend their whole day nude or every minute they are indoors but if they were relaxing they had no problem being au naturel. Julie of course has been involved in this nudist lifestyle since she was young but for me I’m still a little uncomfortable joining in. I have gone nude a few times around their house but it’s never easy because Julie’s mom is kinda hot and I find my self popping wood when I see her nude.

“Stephen what brings you around at this time of day?” Julie’s father asked me.

“I have some great news I want to share with everyone. But Julie has to be here too, is she in her bedroom?” I said.

“No shes down in the basement doing laundry. She should be up in a few seconds. I really wish she would listen to us and just hang her clothes out in the sun. She can get a few more days out of wearing them before having to wash.” said her mom.

I smiled and nodded while the thought of Julie wearing 5 day old underwear made me cringe. I heard her footsteps slowly drudging bahis şirketleri up the stairs. Then watched as she opened the door. She looked up with a huge smile that I knew was just for me and I felt my heart skip a beat. She was so fucking pretty when she smiled it made her eyes light up with happiness and the cutest little dimples would form in her cheeks.

“Hey, what are you doing here? I didn’t expect you till after work tonight.” she said while wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me.

“I was just telling your parents. I got some big news today and I wanted to share it with all of you.” I said slinking my way out from under neath her arms to address the room.

“I got accepted to NYU!” I yelled out.

Julie’s parents cheered and yelled while their daughter wrapped her arms around me and began what would become one long and passionate kiss. Remember before when I said Julie had some cool nudist parents? Well the same held true when it came to sex, they were into that free love / sex is beautiful thing and not something that people should be ashamed of or keep a secret. So they always welcomed me to spend the night at their house and had no problem with Julie and I doing it while they were home. The only stipulation was that we be smart about it and always use a condom as well as be open with them about any questions or problems we had.

The kissing continued getting more and more passionate. Julie’s hands moved down from around my neck and began grabbing huge handfuls of my ass. When Julie’s Dad saw things were getting heated he stood up from the table.

“Alright you two, before you start having sex right here on the table your mother and I are going to the greenhouses for a bit. Have a good time and we will be back to make dinner in a few hours.”

Julie still wasn’t slowing down with the kissing so I responded with a thumbs up.

As they gathered their stuff and started walking out the door Julie’s mom turned around, “Stephen you’re more than welcome to stay for dinner and congratulations once again.”

I was able to break away from the kiss for one second and reply, “Thank you.”

As soon as the door shut Julie had her clothes off and my pants around my ankles with my stiff cock buried deep in her throat giving me an amazing blow job.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling when I heard the door her parents just closed open again. I looked at it and saw her Dad sticking his head in smiling.

“Don’t forget to use a condom.” he said with a huge grin across his face staring at us.

I could hear his wife yelling from the back porch. “James they know what to do. Now leave them alone and get out here I need your cock in me now. . .” the sound of her voice tapered off as the door shut.

I looked down at Julie and realized she never missed a beat. Her head was still bobbing back and forth on my hard shaft even while her father was looking at illegal bahis us. The thought of this drove me wild. I brought my hands down to the back of her head and grabbed clumps of her hair and forced her to take my cock deeper into her throat. Her gag reflex kicked in and the spasms of her throat muscles trying to puke me back out drove me even closer to the edge. I could feel that familiar tightness in my balls and the head of my cock becoming engorged as my orgasm threatened to take hold. My cock made its way out of Julie’s throat and into her mouth where she swirled her tongue around its head pushing me over the edge. I unloaded shot after shot of my hot thick cum into her mouth. Julie moaned with pleasure as she felt the warm seed splash against her tongue. I looked down at her and saw she had a hand in her own pants and was furiously rubbing her pussy. After my orgasm subsided she let my dick fall out of her mouth and with tight lips moved up and kissed me. She pushed the cum I had just unloaded into my own mouth and we both enjoyed the salty sweet taste of my semen, this is something that is a little fetish of mine and Julie is always more than happy to indulge me with it.

We eventually made it to her bedroom where we fucked and messed around for hours until her parents came knocking to tell us that dinner was ready. It was a great day and is still one of my top 10 favorite memories.

Unfortunately the conversation that my girlfriend and I had that evening after was the exact opposite of what I felt after ripping open that acceptance letter. For some reason she got in her head that because I would be moving 4 hours away into New York City that our relationship was over. She cried and I consoled her. When she would calm down she would just look at me and start crying again. It was a viscous cycle that lasted late into the night, eventually she cried herself to sleep in my arms.

Julie and I had been a couple for close to 4 years at this point. We had been dating since we were freshman in high school and still every day with her felt like the first. I was madly in love. But the main problem was that Julie loved her families business. She loved gardening and taking care of plants so she decided long ago to take a year at home after high school and learn all she could from her parents then when she felt ready she would go to school for botany. This left me at a college without her and to be honest staying faithful to her in a coed dorm for that year was going to be tough if not impossible. I was up for the challenge but knew I would most likely fail.

When we woke in the morning she was much calmer and reasonable. She apologized for being so crazy last night and understood that I still wanted to be with her even though the distance and time a part would be greater than either of us had ever spent from each other.

We made love again that morning and enjoyed romping around in the sheets until the early afternoon when I had to get ready for work. We both knew things were going to change in our relationship but at least we had the end of the school year and the summer to enjoy what we had.

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