My Cheating Wife_(0)

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My Cheating Wife

I knew that my wife was screwing around on me even before I caught her at it. She was cleaver but not cleaver enough. I would check her used panties for crust, the mileage on her car, and the GPS on her cell phone. She had at least three lovers that I was aware of. I figured out who they were easily enough too. One of them was my best friend Jack, one was her boss Ted, and the other one was Sam the husband of her best friend.

My wife Shellie was absolutely stunning. She was tall at five feet nine inches, she had a beautiful full mane of natural blonde hair that hung down to her bra strap in the back, and she had a very nice hourglass figure. When she turned thirty-six years old that year she was very proud of her 36-D cup breasts, her twenty-six inch waist, and her thirty-eight inch hips. Her body weight was perfect, she worked out regularly, and to top if off she had a fifteen-year-old son too. His name is Billy.

It took me a while to decide what it was that I wanted from her. She was already sexy as hell but I could certainly see her in shorter outfits. She never cared for anal sex so I wanted a lot more of that. Then there was the fact that our fifteen-year-old son masturbated to thoughts of his beautiful mother every night as he fell asleep.

Getting her to cooperate would not be a problem. Jack, Ted, and Sam were all happily married. All I would have to do was to threaten to tell their wives.

So one day I was waiting for her to come out of her boss’ house. She turned white as a ghost when she saw me. I told her to follow me home and started driving away. She got in her car and followed me right into our garage.

I helped her out of her car and positioned her over the hood of her car for a search like I had seen a million times on television. She was bent over holding herself up with her hands while her feet were back and spread. She started to explain why she had been there but I shut her off. I reached my hand up under her black satin dress and found that she was not wearing any panties. Her inner thighs were damp and slimy and her pussy was wet. I slipped two fingers up into her pussy easily. There was plenty of lubricant in there, after all her boss had left a full load in there for me. I wiggled those two fingers around in her and slurped up as much of his cum as I could and then I shoved those two fingers into her asshole.

Shellie stiffened and let out a scream of real pain. I just shoved them in harder and twisted them around as I stated my demands to her.

She tried güvenilir bahis to tell me that her outfits were already as short as she dared to wear them, that she hated anal sex and that she wasn’t going to give me any, and as far as letting her fifteen-year-old son fuck her that was out of the question.

I shoved a third finger up her ass.

Then when I told her that I was going to tell the wives of her boyfriends what she had been doing, her resistance changed. Shellie was then sure that she could shorten some of her outfits, give me anal sex once a month, and maybe let her son catch her coming out of the shower or something occasionally.

I replaced my finger with my cock. I shoved it all the way in just as hard as I could. I had her off balance enough so that she had to hold onto the car to keep her balance. I butt fucked my ‘trophy wife’ and cum deep in her rectum as she cried real tears.

When I didn’t pull my cock out, Shellie said that she would do as I wanted but that she would NOT let her son Billy fuck her.

I pulled her dress up off of her, making her naked except for her heels and her jewelry, I then grabbed a good handful of her thick blonde hair, and then I led her into the house. The garage had a door that went into the kitchen. In there was our son eating his favorite meal, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a tall glass of chocolate milk. When he saw his naked mother he stopped eating and just stared at her, then he smiled.

I explained to him that his mother would be completely naked every night after nine o’clock, that she would no longer close the door on her bedroom or her bathroom, and that every Wednesday night she would sleep in his bed with him. I felt my wife try to pull away from me but I jerked her back. I then told Billy that on those Wednesday nights he could do whatever he wanted to do, to his naked mother, including fuck her.

His eyes lit up and he said, “Today is Wednesday.”

I smiled and said, “Yes it is.”

I then pushed Shellie toward the door that led to the rest of the house. I told her to give herself an enema, a douche, and a bubble bath. I told her to put on a sexy neglig?and to come back down to dinner in about an hour. She glared at me but never said a word.

Once she was out of listening range Billy asked me what was up. I told him that she was cheating on me. He said, “I know. With Chuck and Rick but I thought she had stopped. At least she told me that she had when I caught her.”

I knew Chuck and Rick from the Country Club. I then asked, “When was that?”

Billy said, “Last year. türkçe bahis But when I caught her she told me that she would stop and I assumed that she had.”

I asked, “What did you see?”

Billy said, “I came home early from school because a water pipe burst and they sent us all home. I saw Chuck’s fancy car in the driveway and came inside. I didn’t find them downstairs or out back so I went upstairs. As I walked down the hallway I head voices coming from your bedroom so I opened the door. The three of then were naked on the bed. Mom was on Chuck’s cock and Rick had his cock up her ass. Her tits were hanging in Chuck’s face and Rick was cumming in her ass. I just watched until Mom and Chuck climaxed together. Then they saw me and Mom shouted for me to get to hell out of her room. I went to my bedroom and Mom came in shortly with a robe wrapped around her. She them told me that she would stop seeing them if I kept my mouth shut.”

I said, “I guess she kept her promise to you not to see Chuck or Rick again. However, it didn’t stop her from fucking around with Jack, Ted, and Sam. I caught her coming out of Ted’s house with his fresh cum in her pussy.”

I thought about it a moment and asked, “So she really let Rick butt fuck her? Did she seem to like it?”

Billy said, “I’ll say. She fucked back at him as much as she could, she kept telling him to put it in harder, and then she squealed with delight when he came in her. I still jerk off to thoughts of that.”

I mumbled, “That fucking bitch always told me that anal sex hurt too much. Maybe you and I should give it to her good. Would you mind being on the bottom?”

Billy said, “I’d like more than just Wednesdays though. How about she sleeps with me on Wednesdays but that I get to fuck her every night before I go to bed? Maybe that way she won’t need to fuck anybody else.”

I ordered Chinese take-out and soon after it arrived Shellie came into the kitchen. She smiled and she was radiant. I hadn’t seen her glow like that I quite some time. Her neglig?was transparent white and it left nothing to our imaginations. I noticed that she had shaved her pussy bald for the occasion. That was usually a signal to me that she was in need of a serious tongue fucking.

She came over to me and kissed me deeply on my lips then she went over to Billy and kissed him just as deeply. She placed his hand on her breast as she kissed him. When she stood up she placed his hand on her freshly shaved pussy and let him feel her up for a full minute before she sat down.

She looked at the meal that I had ordered for her güvenilir bahis siteleri and thanked me. We ate in silence for a few minutes and then Shellie started telling us that she thought that this new arrangement would work out very nicely.

I smiled and said, “Yes, Billy and I think so too. You get to sleep with him on Wednesdays but he gets to fuck you every night before he goes to bed. Since you enjoyed that double penetration with Chuck and Rick so much, Billy and I thought that we would like to give you that same kind of pleasure.”

I saw her swallow hard and try to smile as if nothing had been said but eventually she said, “That sounds like fun. Who gets the back door and when would you like to do it?”

I looked at Billy and he was really excited to get started so I said, “I get the back door and lets start right now with you giving Billy a blowjob. The poor kid couldn’t last three seconds in your pussy without one.”

My wife closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then looked at me as she smiled and crawled under the table. I watched Billy as he realized what was happening to him. As I expected it didn’t take him very long to cum in his mother’s mouth. Shellie came back out from under the table and opened her mouth to show me the puddle of cum on her curled tongue before swallowing it.

We went up to my bed and she had Billy get on it on his back. Then she handed me a tube of K-Y Jelly and told me that she would like to enjoy it too. I smiled and applied a generous amount to my cock and then watched her adjust Billy’s cock into her bald pussy. I poked some K-Y into her asshole and then got behind her. As I inserted my cock into her ass for the second time that day, she moaned in pleasure.

Our very first threesome was with our son. Obviously she had had threesomes before, but never with me. Billy was the first to cum but he stayed right under her and played with her tits as I butt fucked her. Shellie seemed to enjoy having us both give her a workout. She cried out when her orgasm hit and I joined her right after that. She graciously kissed Billy thanking him for allowing her to ride his cock. Then she kissed me and thanked me for using lubricant.

I sent her into our bathroom to clean out both of her holes again and to take a shower before going to bed with Billy.

Billy said, “It’s not bedtime yet.”

I looked at him and said, “Whenever a beautiful naked woman is at your beck and call it is always bedtime. Take full advantage of her and do it as often as you can. We don’t want her cheating on ‘us’ again, do we?”

Billy smiled and gave me a hug. I had to smile as his erection poked into me. Ah what it would be like to be a horny teenager again.

The End
My Cheating Wife

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