My Birthday Boots

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My heart pounding, I tore through the wrapping paper and lifted the lid of the box.

“Daddy!” I shrieked. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” I stared across the living room at my daddy, in shock. “Seriously? But I thought… I thought you said they were too expensive?”

Daddy chuckled, no doubt pleased by my reaction. He loved to surprise me like this. Nearly forty-five, he still acted like a wild teenager sometimes, and his unpredictable behavior constantly kept me on my toes. “Well, Princess,” he said, his eyes twinkling, “I guess I changed my mind.” He crossed the room and sat down next to me on the love seat. “And you’ve worked so hard this year, what with cheerleading and softball and acing all of your classes… You deserve them.”

He tricked me. That’s what he did. I fingered the soft leather of the six hundred dollar pair of boots that Daddy bought me for my eighteenth birthday and shook my head. Last month when I’d asked him for the money for these and he’d said no – practically shouted that no teenage girl without a job deserved a pair of six hundred dollar shoes – I’d believe him. Even though my dad could afford the boots – he was a partner at a high powered law firm – he had his principles. And that meant that six hundred dollars was a ridiculous price to pay for something that could easily be bought at Target for twenty.

But Daddy also liked to play dirty – and as much as I loved him, admired and respected him, I never really knew if I could trust him.

Unable to wipe the giddy grin from my face, I reached over and threw my arms around his neck. “Thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!” I chanted into his chest. Taking a deep breath, I inhaled his masculine scent of Giorgio Armani cologne and cigars. It was how he always smelled – his usual spicy fragrance – and smelling it always gave me a warm feeling inside. Now, I felt that same warm feeling pool in my chest. That warm sensation of security and well-being that I only ever had around my daddy. I shivered pleasantly before reaching up and peppering his cheek with kisses. “You’re the best” smooch “daddy” smooch “in the whole” smooch “world.” I pulled away and smiled shyly. “I love you so much, daddy. You make me so happy.” I clutched my birthday present to me tightly. “I just hope I make you happy, too.”

He threw his head back and laughed. “Oh, Princess. You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that.” He reached over and patted my knee. “And you do make Daddy happy, baby girl. You do.”


Sexy. That’s what they were.

Standing in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom, I couldn’t take my eyes off of myself. I’m not usually vain – I mean, at 5’7 with a curvy figure and long blonde hair that falls straight to my waist, I’m pretty okay looking. But now, well… I was a knockout.

Except for my sexy new boots, I was naked. My tan – creamy and golden from hours spent in our backyard pool – was smooth, blemished only by three small white triangles – two over my breasts (which were now in D cups) and one teeny tiny one over my shaved-bare pussy. The soft black leather of the boots rode almost halfway up my thighs and felt deliciously sleek against my skin.

Preening in front of the mirror, I felt like a goddess. A sex kitten.

A slut.

Pouting my lips, I leaned forward and pushed my tits together with my right arm. In my left hand I held my cell phone, set to camera mode. I took a shaky breath. Just do it, I chided myself. Giving my mirror image my best come-hither stare, I snapped the photo. The light flashed briefly in the reflection, and then it was done.

My first naked picture.

I studied the image and smiled proudly. Travis, my boyfriend of three months and the one I was almost pretty much sure I was going to give my virginity to, would love this. It would, I decided, hold him over until I was completely ready to fuck him, anyway.

Just then, I noticed a flash in the mirror. A dark figure, shifting just out of my line of site. Oh, no, I prayed, turning slowly. Please, no. Please, please no.

I heard his roar before I saw him, standing just inside the door to my bedroom. “What the HELL?” Daddy’s face was red; he was furious. I’d never seen him look so angry. He took another step into the room, closer to me. “What the FUCK are you doing?”

Cringing, I looked around desperately innovia escort for something to cover up with. There I was, totally naked in front of my own father. Well, totally naked except for the six hundred dollar pair of boots he’d just bought me. “Da-daddy, I’m… I’m so-sorry!” I spluttered, yanking my bathrobe off the chair by my desk. Trembling, I tried to find the sleeves. Maybe it was because I was so scared, but try as I might I couldn’t find the arm holes. My mind whirled, frantic. God! I was still naked! Naked, naked, naked!

Daddy strode toward me and ripped the robe so hard from my hands that it tore. The sound of the fabric pulling apart was like fingernails on a chalkboard. I scurried over toward my bed but, before I could reach it, Daddy grabbed me by the waist. “Oh, no you don’t, you little slut!” he raged. “You goddamned little fucking slut!”

I was crying now. Fat tears sprang from my eyes, blurring my vision and staining my cheeks. His arms encircled me tighter, cutting into my stomach and sides. My breath hitched. “Daddy, daddy…” I gulped. “Please…”

Flinging me down on my bed, he towered over me. “Is this what you wanted those fucking boots for?” I tried to shrink away, but he grabbed my wrist and, in one fell swoop, sat down on the bed and pulled me over his lap. “To look like a slut? To take slutty pictures of yourself like some common street whore?”

“No daddy, no. It’s not like that… I… I swear!” I cried into my comforter. I could feel the rough material of his pants on my thighs – my bare, naked thighs – and tried to squirm away.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Daddy said, grabbing me roughly around the waist again and re-settling me against his lap. “Am I going to have to teach you a lesson?” he threatened, his voice harsh. “Is that what I’m going to have to do? Teach my eighteen year old daughter how to respect her father?” And with that, I felt a sharp thwack on my ass.

“Daddy!” I shrieked, shocked not only by the sudden flash of pain, but also by the fact that my daddy had spanked me. Spanked me, of all things! I hadn’t been spanked since I was in the first grade and threw a fit at one of Daddy’s dinner parties.

Again I felt the flat palm of Daddy’s hand as it landed on my ass. I sobbed freely, garbled words of apology spilling from my mouth. Again, again, again… Ten slaps – ten stinging, painful slaps – rained down hard on my ass cheeks. I screamed and hollered. It was immature, and I sounded like a little kid, but I couldn’t help it.

Daddy’s breathing changed. It became heavier, faster. “That’s it, baby. Scream for me. Scream for your daddy!” His voice was deeper and had a rough edge to it, like sandpaper.

Then, the blows grew softer. And between each one, he started to rub my ass. It was an alternating rhythm… Whack – rub. Smack – rub. Pretty soon even those strikes became softer, more like little quick taps all over my ass. And the slow rubs turned to squeezes. Tap – long squeeze. Tap – hard squeeze.

Suddenly I realized that I wasn’t crying anymore. Instead, I was still. And very, very aware.

I was aware of Daddy’s scent – his special, yummy scent. But this time, the warmth that usually pooled in my chest sprang farther down, burning hot in my lower belly. I could still feel the rough fabric of his dress pants, but now I could also feel a hard bulge trying to rip up and through it. It nudged my stomach, pressing up against my belly button.

“Daddy,” I breathed. I was scared, but it was a different type of scared than what I had felt just moments before. Heat billowed out from my lower body, reaching up, up, up – all the way to the very tips of my nipples. I shivered. I’d only ever felt this way once, the one time I let Travis touch me down there, in my most private spot. And even that feeling wasn’t nearly as intense as this one.

“Spread your legs, Princess,” Daddy commanded. Not wanting to make him any angrier, I did. “Good girl,” he murmured, trailing his fingers down my ass crack and towards my pussy. His touch was electric, and I shivered involuntarily. Daddy chuckled. “You like that, hmmm?” And then, without warning, he plunged a thick finger deep inside my pussy.

“Oh, god!” I blurted out, my lips scraping against my scratchy comforter. I’d never had anything other than a slim little tampon in my pussy istanbul escort before, and this felt… vastly different. Hotter. Bigger.

“Such a dirty little girl, already so wet.” Daddy sighed and shifted beneath me. “My little Princess likes being fingered like a slut, doesn’t she?” When I didn’t say anything, Daddy pulled his finger out and smacked me hard across the ass. “I asked you a question, baby girl. And when I ask a question, I expect to be answered.” Grabbing my arm, he flipped me around so that my sore ass pressed painfully against his erection. My tits wobbled, drawing Daddy’s attention. Staring at my big chest, he licked his lips. Absently he began to rub my clit – circling first left, then right. “Now,” he said, eyes still glued to my tits, “what do you do when I ask you something?”

I was having trouble catching my breath. Daddy’s fingers on my clit were sending sparks of electricity through my pussy, making it almost impossible to think straight. “I, I an-answer you,” I gasped.

I knew this was wrong. All of this. From the spanking to the touching to the looking – all of it. Daddies weren’t supposed to touch their little girls like this. And, if their Daddies did touch them like this, little girls certainly weren’t supposed to like it.

But me? I liked it. I started to rotate my hips against Daddy’s palm. Oh my god – I loved it.

“Daddy,” I whimpered, arching my hips up. Arch, rotate, arch, rotate.

Daddy glanced down at my pussy, flicking my clit. “What, Princess?”

I closed my eyes, ashamed. “Why… Why does this feel so good?”

Daddy laughed, a deep sinister chuckle. “Because,” he said, “my baby girl is a horny little slut.” He slapped my pussy and I jerked. Daddy growled. “And this horny little slut needs her daddy to fuck her, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, Daddy!” The answer flew from my lips before I could even think about it.

Daddy pushed himself off the bed. Peering up at him through my lashes, I watched as he undressed. I sighed as I took in Daddy’s chiseled chest and the light smattering of hair that trailed down past his belly button. Hooking his thumbs in his silk boxers, he pulled them off and tossed them with the rest of his clothing. My breath caught at the sight of his cock. Hard and long, thick and red, it bobbed blindly between his legs – almost like it was searching for my pussy. Like a metal detector searching for treasure, it throbbed only for a fresh, young cunt.

Now my daddy was naked, like me. Well, except for my boots. Reaching down, I grabbed the zipper.

“No, Princess,” Daddy said, placing a knee onto the bed. I felt the mattress dip slightly. “Daddy wants to fuck you with your boots on.” Climbing on top of me, he settled his cock between my wet pussy lips and ground his hips lightly. “After all,” he murmured, “if my baby girl wants to be a slut, she’s going to have to look like one.” Bending down, his lips hovering just above mine, Daddy smiled wickedly. “Has anyone ever fucked you before, baby?”

Mesmerized by both the closeness of my daddy’s face and the hard pressure of his cock on my pussy, I could only shake my head.

Daddy closed his eyes and exhaled. “Mmmm… Yesss,” he hissed. He nuzzled my neck, sending thrilling shocks through my body. “You’re Daddy’s good little slut, then, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered, finding my voice. I wanted to please him so bad. Make him so happy.

I wanted to be his good little slut.

“I have to apologize in advance, Princess,” he said as he reached down and tweaked a nipple. I arched my back and cried out. “This time is going to be fairly quick because you’ve got Daddy all riled up.” He brushed a butterfly kiss over my lips. “And Daddy wants to fuck you so much.” Another quick kiss. “Daddy wants to stick his big dick in your pussy and make you cum. But next time…” Another nipple pinch. “Next time we’re going to play some games, okay baby girl?” And with that he thrust his cock into my virgin hole.

The pain was unbearable. “Daddy!” I cried. I flattened my palms against his chest and tried desperately to push him off. “It hurts! Daddy, it’s too big! Too big!”

But Daddy just sank in deeper. “Relax, Princess,” he cooed, kissing away the tears that were now streaming freely down my cheeks. “Just relax and give it a minute.” He pushed kadıköy escort in a little deeper and I felt the worst pain yet. “Take it like a good girl. Take Daddy’s cock, baby.”

Whimpering, defeated, I lay pinned beneath him and cried like a little girl. Thankfully, Daddy was patient with me, and after awhile the fire burned away and the pain subsided. Daddy, who was busily suckling on my tits, moved his hips ever so slightly. Releasing my nipple with a loud “pop”, he peered up at me and raised his eyebrows. “Better now, baby girl?”

“Yeah… Yes, Daddy.” In fact, it was so much better. I couldn’t believe it – from pain to pleasure in a mere matter of seconds.

Daddy smiled and began to move his hips faster, pushing his cock even deeper inside of me. I pumped my hips up and down, matching his rhythm. Daddy grunted his approval. “That’s it, baby. Fuck your daddy. Fuck your daddy’s big dick…”

The friction between Daddy’s cock and the walls of my pussy was almost more than I could take. The heat – Daddy’s cock was so HOT. And the pressure – I felt so FULL. With every push, his coarse pubic hair grazed my clit, pushing me more and more over the edge. Much too soon, my insides turned to jelly. I felt a small flutter somewhere deep down inside of me and with each of Daddy’s thrusts it grew.

“Daddy, something’s happening… I feel weird… I think I’m cu… Ooh…”

Daddy grunted and thrust faster. Pushed deeper. “Yeah, baby… That’s it, Princess. Cum for Daddy. Daddy wants your cum, baby girl… Do it,” he commanded, his eyes wild and crazy. “Do it, baby girl! Cum on Daddy’s big dick!”

My insides exploded and I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. “Daddy!” I screamed, clamping the walls of my quivering pussy around his cock. Wave after wave of headiness washed over me, and with each wave my pussy contracted, sucking in Daddy’s cock deeper and squeezing it tighter and tighter.

“Oh, god baby – yes, yes! That’s it! That’s a good little slut! Such a dirty little girl – coming on her Daddy’s cock! Such a nasty little whore!” As I was spiraling down from my high, Daddy was just reaching his. He rambled almost incoherently. “So tight. Fucking love my baby girl’s tight little pussy, her big fucking titties… Such a dirty whore. Fucking my baby girl, my little Princess… Oh, god, oh god, oh god…”

I took a cue from Daddy, and urged him on. “Do it… Cum for me, Daddy. Cum in my pussy. Fill my little girl pussy up with your hot man cum!” I didn’t even know where the words came from, or how I knew they would get my Daddy off. But I kept spewing them, anyway. “Fill me up, Daddy! Cum in your baby girl! Give me your daddy juice!”

Hearing this, Daddy began humping me faster, faster. His cock was a machine, pounding my pussy with such a force that the headboard above us smacked hard against the wall – bang, bang, BANG.

Daddy ground me into the mattress, his breathing coming in short bursts. “Gonna fill you up, baby girl,” he muttered over and over. “Gonna fill you full…”

Daddy’s words pushed me over the edge again, and I cried out as I came. The sound of sucking wet flesh filled the air as Daddy hoisted my legs over his shoulders. “That’s it, that’s it, that’s it… God, so fucking wet… You want your daddy’s cum, huh, baby girl? You want your daddy to fill up your little cunt?”

And – this time without waiting for an answer – he pushed his cock in deeper than he’d ever gone. I could feel his stiff prick bottoming out against my womb as he trembled above me. His cocked jerked once, twice, six times – each twitch releasing a gooey hot stream of cum deep inside my pussy. “Aghhhhh!” he roared, biting down on the heel of my boot. “Fuuckkk!” Giving one final push, he fell on me, spent.

“Oh, baby,” he sighed. He slowly pulled his cock out and rolled onto his side, spooning me against his chest. “That,” he said, absently fondling my tits, “was fucking amazing.” He kissed my shoulder. “Who knew my baby girl was such a good fuck?”

I sighed, snuggling closer to Daddy. I’d finally lost it – my virginity – and to my daddy, of all people. I knew then that Travis was history and that Daddy would be the one that I would send my first naked picture to. “Did I make you happy, Daddy?” I asked shyly. I could feel his cock hardening again, and I shamelessly ground my butt against it.

“Oh, yes, Princess. You made Daddy very happy.” He pushed his cock against my ass – a sign that he was probably ready for round two. “Daddy’s so happy that I bought you these boots, Princess.” Lifting my leg up over his, he reached for my pussy. “What should Daddy buy his little girl next?”

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