My Bar Adventure

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Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited from reading all of the wonderful comments. They just made me so horny that I had to write about what happened when I got home from my Vegas Awakening. I’ll start with my Sunday conversation with Ken.

Ken was very concerned how I was feeling after 14 guys had their way with me; so we talked back and forth for over an hour. I told him how very sore I was and now worried that I might have caught something. He suggested going to get checked for STD’s, because some guys didn’t use condoms. Fortunately, I had a doctor’s appointment already scheduled for Tuesday for my annual checkup. I also told him that I was still embarrassed for being such a horny slut.

That when he said, “Kathryn, this is all part of your sexual growth and to embrace it. You should be very happy about the event because you had so much fun. This is just a first step into enjoying your sexuality! So accept the idea of enjoying uninhibited sexual ecstasy!”

I was a little shocked by his comments and answered, “But Ken, I’m still having second thoughts about it. What if my work or my family find out? What if all those photos get put up on the internet? I’m so worried that someone will see how naughty I’ve been.”

He quickly replied, “Now Kathryn! Stop worry about what could happen but get out there and have some more fun. If you stop now, you’ll regret it.” Laughing he said, “What you need is to get right back up in the saddle. Go to a bar, pick up some guy, and let him fuck you right there. Dress sexy, flirt and have fun making guys horny. You have the power to enjoy all the sex you want, but you have to decide on what you really want to do.”

I knew he was right. I was being my usual overly cautious self. I just had all of those nice guys fuck me and now I was becoming timid. I don’t know how many girls would have done what I did, so I decided to take his advice and stop worrying about things that may happen. I told him I would stop being fretful and take his advice.

He laughed and told me to keep him informed of all of my conquest. I answered, “Ken you will definitely be a part of my education and I am counting on you for continual guidance.”

“Ok Kathryn, I want to hear about or read every little detail. You can call me anytime,” as he chuckled and hung up.

Afterward, I realized how naïve concerning sex I really am. Going to a bar to pick up guys, has never been my forte. I’ve always been scared of meeting a bad person, so I rarely went. But now I had to conquer my fears. I thought Friday night would be a good time to start.

So Tuesday morning I had my checkup. My doctor saw that my vulva was bruised and tender, but said my pain was from having a vaginal infection. So he gave me a prescription for antibiotics and told me to abstain from sex for a few weeks. So now I had to put my new found pursuit on hold for a while. Also, when the STD test came back, it was completely negative. At least that was good news.

So I texted Ken and told him I had to wait a few weeks before I could become sexually activity again. He was concerned for me and when I got home from work, there were a dozen pink roses waiting for me. The card simply said, “To the loveliest woman I know. Stay positive and horny. Get well soon because there are a lot of fun adventures waiting for you.”

I immediately texted him and told what a nice surprise the flowers were. He replied that I was special and the flowers hoped would brighten my day. They did make me happy and having a nice guy telling me everything is going to be fun was perfect.

The next day, he sent me photos from my gang bang to remind me of how much fun I had. At first I was a shocked by the photos, but as I looked at them, I remembered how I felt making all of those guys happy. I started to touch myself remembering all of the fantastic orgasms I experienced. So my slutty side appeared again making me wonder how much self-indulgence I was going to enjoy. I guess in three weeks I would find out.

The weeks went by fast, as work was a nice distraction from my sexual desires. Ken kept in touch and I would become horny reading his naughty texts. After my check up, my little infection was cured. I was very happy and felt like celebrating. So when my friend Geri called and asked if I wanted to go out to a bar on Saturday night, I exuberantly said yes. I immediately texted Ken and he told me to let myself go and have fun. He wrote LOL when he told me not to restrain my desires. I said I wouldn’t.

So I picked her up at her apartment and we drove to a bar on Main Street in Santa Ana. When we got there around 9 pm, it was somewhat crowded. Since it was in the Hispanic part of town with a reputation of gangs, I asked if she thought we would be safe. She laughed and told me that the cute delivery guy was meeting us at this bar. So we had nothing to worry about. Well I was somewhat relieved that we had dates, but was still a little uneasy from what we were wearing.

I had on buca escort bayan my new short red dress without a bra, black stockings and thong. Not dressing like this normally, I was uncomfortable about wearing it. Geri on the other hand, was in black mini skirt and sheer pink blouse with a black bra on under it. We also both had on black stilettos. Mine wasn’t as high as Geri’s because they were a new trend at that time and I was afraid I couldn’t walk in them.

As were going inside this bar/dance club, there was a $10 cover fee, but girls were free. Once inside, we looked around the dimly lit bar and noticed that the girls were dressed as slutty as I was. Guys seemed to stand around watching the girls dancing, although there was still a crowd on the dance floor. There were booths around the walls and tables near the dance floor. It had a bar off to the left with the restrooms located behind it.

We noticed two bar stools available and quickly sat down. Jesus, the bartender, asked us if we were in the right place and Geri said she was meeting someone. He smiled and asked us what we wanted to drink. So we ordered 2 Margarita’s. As we sipped the drinks, Geri turned around to see if she could find her friend.

Looking around, I noticed some guys were staring at us. I smiled at them and they smiled back, although some of the girls were giving us dirty looks. There was a bigger guy in a black polo shirt that I’m guessing was the bouncer. He looked right at me with a nasty expression. I felt very uneasy by his glare.

After Geri scanned the room, she turned to me and said, “Kat I don’t see him. He said he would meet me at 9. What should we do?”

I sipped my drink, as we discussed leaving if he doesn’t show. I was becoming nervous, because the tattooed Latino guys weren’t exactly my type. So I drank my Margarita faster than Geri. After Geri finished her drink, we decided to go. Suddenly, her friend walked in with another guy. He saw Geri and went to us. When she saw him, she jumped off her stool and gave him a big hug.

He was smiling at her and said, “Wow! I didn’t really expect to see you here, but am very happy you came. Who’s your friend?”

She introduced me to Juan and his friend Javier. We made small talk as we were searching for a table. When we went toward the back, two guys in a booth yelled, “Juan, Javier, join us!”

Walking back to these 2 guys with shaved heads and a few tattoos on their arms and necks, I was guessing that they were gang members or something like that. So the 6 of us squeezed into this booth made for 4. We were introduced to the other guys as Angel and Tito. I sat tightly in between Tito and Javier. Geri was squeezed next to Juan and Angel. As we chatted getting to know one another, I caught the guys starring down at my legs. So I tried to pull my dress down. Tito grabbed my hand and stopped me.

Turning toward me, he kissed my hand and in a heavy Spanish accent said, “Now Kat, I love your legs and would love to see more of them. So don’t be so shy.”

I crossed my legs and allowed my dress to be higher up my thighs then I was comfortable with. When waitress brought over shots of tequila, Javier showed me how to drink them with limes. We each had a round and it was burning my throat on the way down. But after my second shot, it tasted great or was I becoming tipsy. I think that was about the time my slutty side started to fully emerge. I didn’t care how short my dress was and what I was showing the guys. I was becoming very silly after the fourth shot and wanted to dance.

Tito was more than happy to get me on the dance floor. I watched the other girls do the Salsa and I tried it with Tito. I was standing with my back to him with my hands in the air and swaying to the music, as I rubbed my ass against the bulge in his pants. After a many songs of me rubbing up against Tito, Javier cut in. So my wild side just exploded with him and I danced a few more songs with Javier. Afterwards, he took my hand we went back to sit down, only Geri and Juan weren’t there. I thought they were dancing, so I wasn’t worried.

Tito had another two shots of tequila waiting for me and I guzzled them down. As I sat between Tito and Javier, I felt them begin touching my legs and gently spreading them apart. I giggled as their touching was making me amorous. Tito turned to kiss me and as he did, his hand roamed up my inner thigh toward my pussy. When we broke, Javier turned me to him and I kissed him, as he pulled my legs wider apart.

Tito was now rubbing my pussy over my panty and said, “You like that Kat, don’t you? So why don’t you come back to our house and we can give you a lot more pleasure?”

Boy was I really wasted, but it felt so good. So I answered, “I can’t I have to drive Geri home.”

That’s’ when Angel bellowed a loud laugh as he told me that Geri left with Juan and thought I wouldn’t mind, since I drove.

Suddenly for some reason I had to pee real badly! escort buca So I said, “Ok let me think about it. I really have to pee and I’ll tell you when I return.”

Tito got up to let me out and I began staggering to the area behind the bar. I guess he noticed that I wasn’t walking well. I felt his hand holding me up, as he helped me to the Ladies room, although there were some girls waiting in line. So Tito suggested we go to the men’s room instead. He looked in and said there was no one there. We walked in and before he let me go, he turned me around and kissed me again and said, “Kat, You are such a hottie and you made us all so horny.”

I kissed him back, giggled and said, “But I really have to pee.” He let me go and I went into the stall.

The stall had no door, so he watched me pull down my thong to my ankles and relieve myself. I was giggling as I looked up at him watching me. Besides my ex, I’ve never had a guy watch me pee before, but I could see a tent in his pants building. He smiled at me and told me how gorgeous my pussy looked.

When I finished and began pulling up my panty, he stopped me with his hand and said, “Oh why don’t you just take that off and spread your lovely legs apart so I can see that hot little cunt of yours!”

Laughing, I raised my legs so he could pull it off me.

He then took my knees and helped me spread my legs apart over the sides of the toilet seat and pull up my dress to my waist.

Then he looked at my pussy and commented, “Oh I see you shave, which means you like a lot of attention in your concha (cunt). So how about getting to know más joven?” I’m guessing he meant his cock!

So he unzipped his pants and moved closer to me. As his cock popped out, he told me to touch it and get him nice and hard so he can explore me. By this time my wild slutty side was in full control. So I took his cock and rubbed his shaft as I flick my tongue over his tip. It instantly stood erect. While I was doing this, he was rubbing my boobs. When I went down on his average sized cock (I’m guessing 6″), he moaned in delight.

Then he said in his broken English, “I know you are a hot little puta by the way you Salsa. I’m going to enjoy fucking you.”

He pulled me off the toilet, helped me off with my dress, and hung it over the top of the stall. Then he admired my semi-nude body for a moment. I still had on my stockings and shoes. He sat down on the toilet and had me face out. As he pulled me down on top of him, I guided his cock into my very wet wanting opening. Slowly it eased into my tight hole and it felt so good. Soon he was all the way in and I was grinding on top of him. He had his hands around my boobs yanking on my nipples as I bounced in pleasure. Tito was pumping up in me, trying to get as deep as possible. The feeling of finally having sex again after three week abstinence, was making me so hot and ready to cum. As I bounced and bounced, I began to shake with a huge orgasm. It felt so good, but I didn’t want it to stop and I know Tito didn’t either. I had my eyes closed and was loudly moaning that I didn’t hear anyone else come in.

Suddenly, I heard Javier say, “Oh this is where you two went off too. You dog Tito! I thought we were going to take her back to the house so we could all fuck her!”

Tito pumped up in me and answered, “Bros’ she wanted it now.”

I opened my eyes and saw Javier with Angel staring at me with huge lusty smiles. So I took my hands off Tito’s knees, sat straight up and put my hands in my hair as I ground against Tito’s yummy cock. I kept moaning how good it felt, while looking into those guys’ eyes. I could tell they were going to have turn with me too by the look on their faces.

As hard as Tito was pumping in me, he finally began to grunt and I felt his warm cum spewing inside. I just sat tightly down on his cock and allowed him to squirt and squirt cum into my hot box. Oh My God! I get such a thrill having a guy gush a load of his seamen in me. When he finished, he pushed me off and I began dripping his cum in a puddle in front of the toilet.

Then he said, “Sorry bros, I couldn’t help myself. She was so hot and I had to fuck her while she was agreeable. I bet her hot little concha isn’t done yet. Isn’t that right Kathryn? You’ll do my bros too?”

Tito stood up and pulled up his pants and walked out of the stall. Javier followed him to ask him how I was. He laughed and told him I had a hot tight concha. As I was now sitting on the toilet dripping the last of Tito’s huge load out of me, Angel watched me and then ordered, “So it’s now my turn fuck you and I know you’ll going to enjoy it.”

The place was now spinning with me being so drunk and it felt so good having a cock throbbing in me. I sensually answered, “If you want too!”

He began unzipping his pants and as Tito before him, I was now sucking on his cock getting it nice and hard, as he played with my nipples. When he was ready, I stood up buca escort expecting the same position, but instead he had me turn facing the wall. Putting my hands on the toilet tank, I bent forward so my ass was right in front of Angel’s throbbing cock. I reached back and guided him into my pulsating pud of wetness. When he pushed into me, he was wearing a condom. Now that felt so good, as he drove deeper into me. He wasn’t as big as Tito, but it still felt wonderful as he plowed in and out of me.

I guess my loud moaning made Javier come over to look and he blurted, “Oh I see! So we decided to fuck her here and now I get sloppy thirds.”

Angel was loudly groaning by then and answered, “I’m wearing protection, so what’s the problema.”

All I could hear was whispers in the back ground, because my loud moans of bliss. Angel sure was enjoying his plunder of my pussy, as much as I was enjoying being plundered. It felt so good being a Puta, because that was what Angel kept calling me. Anyway, Angel gave me two nice orgasms until he began to groan and grunt. Instead of cuming in his condom, he pulled it off and blasted his goo on my ass making it drip all over it.

When I went to turn around, I was immediately pushed back down and Javier pushed his bare cock into me and barked: “OK finally it’s my turn to fuck you and I’m going to make you scream.”

I was loudly moaning in elation, as he held my hips while ramming his hard throbbing tool in me. It felt so satisfying having a bigger cock ravishing me and he knew exactly how to use it. I was now in uncontrollable pleasure, enjoying the frenzy that I didn’t notice anything outside of the stall. My mind was focused on having wonderful orgasms and nothing else mattered. I had 2 more amazing orgasms and was in total ecstasy.

Anyway, he satisfied me for a very long time, until I felt him beginning to squirt in me. When he did, the first blast was so hard and felt so good, it put me in complete elation. I think he had at least a dozen squirts in me and lots of cum dripping, when he pulled out. As I turned around and to my surprise, there were more guys watching. They had their hands in their pants rubbing themselves hard.

“Oh no, not again,” was what I was thinking.

I immediately grabbed for my dress and attempted to leave, but was stopped by Tito. He nastily said, “So my bros’ aren’t good enough for you to fuck too. You came to our bar advertising your wares, getting us all horny and now only want to fuck a few of us. We are all going to have a turn dumping our seed in you.”

I didn’t know what to say? Did I really want to be gang banged again? The thoughts of Vegas entrenched my conscious. I didn’t know what to do, but I guess if I was going to be gang banged I should just enjoy it. So I giggled, “Okay, but you don’t have to be so rough.”

I saw a devious smile engulfed Tito’s and he turned to the others and said something in Spanish. I smiled at them as Tito went to take my dress.

But suddenly the big bouncer guy I saw earlier came in and announced, “What the hell! All of you get out! You’ve done enough damage to her already.”

Tito nastily answered, “Mo, she just a Puta. She’s already loved fucking us. Just look at her. Does she look unhappy? And she agreed to have the rest of my bros fuck her too.”

There I was standing naked with Javier’s cum dripping down my stockings. I had my hands covering my boobs. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or just nervous with all those guys staring at me. But no way, did I want to get gang banged if I could avoid it.

Mo turned to me and asked if I was a willing participant with them. I sheepish said I was, but not for all of them. He smiled and told me to get dressed.

Then he turned to Tito and bellowed, “I saw you giving her shots just to get her drunk enough to fuck her. It’s not the first time you’ve done this Tito, but it will be the last time you do that here. So leave and take your gang with you. You’re not welcome at my bar anymore.”

Tito barked back, “Come on Mo, you know you can just walk away. We leave a peace for you too. She’s so hot for a fuck and probably won’t remember anything as sloshed as she is. So what do you say? Let’s continue fucking the Puta!”

At that time I stopped paying attention to their conversation because a lot of it was in Spanish. The place was spinning so much and I had a hard time getting my dress back on. But they argued a little longer. Then Mo put his arm around me and walked me to a booth in the back. He asked if I could drive and I said I was too drunk. In fact, I almost passed out. So he helped me up the back stairs to a room. He told me no one would bother me up here and to sleep it off. I curled up on a couch and he put a blanket over me. Then he left and I instantly fell asleep.

The next morning, Mo was sitting next to me trying to wake me up. When I opened my eyes and saw him, I panicked and asked where I was. Mo told me it was alright. He explained that I got drunk and was with the wrong guys who wanted to have me gang banged, but he stopped it. Then he handed me a cup of coffee. As I was sipping it, I began to remember the night and having sex with a few guys. When I got my sense back, I asked him where the rest room was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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