My Aunt, My Love Ch. 02

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I had just made love to my sensational Aunty Pat, but she then looked at me rather critically, almost as if I had offended her, although I was pretty sure I hadn’t.

“Now, Tony,” she said, “we have to do something about your hair.”

My hair? All right, so it may be unfashionably long, but it’s jet black and women – older women, especially – often comment on it. “What’s wrong with my hair, aunty?” I asked, “I like it long like this.”

The former lingerie and adult magazine model laughed. “Not that hair, silly, this hair.” And she stroked my cock. “Now, come with me into the en suite.”

Aunty, now naked after removing the sexy PVC playsuit she had worn for our first session of love-making, stepped into the large bathroom beside the bedroom, where she ran hot water in a hand basin. Taking a safety razor, she wetted my cock and balls with a cloth, then bent down.

Her handling of me down there had the effect of stiffening my penis, and by the time she had started shaving the hair from my shaft, I was fully aroused again. She then removed all my pubic hair from my scrotum and gave my pubic hair at the base of my cock a severe crew cut, leaving only a wisp of black there, like a small moustache.

“There,” she said, admiring her handiwork, “much nicer. Look in the mirror.”

I did so and had to admit my seven-inch erection looked superb! “It must be an optical illusion, but my cock looks longer, aunty,” I said, looking with interest at my now nearly hairless crotch.

“Exactly, that’s why I did it, darling,” she smiled, stroking my now smooth prick. “Now to your abdomen.”

Aunty then proceeded to shave off all the dark hair over my abdomen, before removing all traces of hair from around my nipples – my chest is pretty hairless, anyway.

“Next your thighs, darling,” she said, soaping my left thigh with the cloth. “I sometimes like to rub myself to orgasm on my lover’s thigh, and I prefer it if he’s shaved there as well.”

She then removed all traces of hair from that thigh, before doing the same to my right. Aunty Pat looked at my legs and frowned: “That looks stupid, I’m afraid. We’ll have to take all the hair off your calves to balance it up.” And she did just that.

The final depilation was to remove the slight traces of fuzzy hair from my shoulders, then the small of my back.

Aunty then inspected my body as I stood, naked and stiff-pricked before her.

“Much better, darling, have a look,” and with that she turned me to face the full-length mirror set on one wall of the bathroom.

The effect of the hair removal served to make the hair on my head looked even longer!

“I love it, aunty, I think I look smashing,” I said, stepping into her arms and kissing her full on the mouth.

“You look good enough to eat, Tony,” she laughed, “but now we’ve got to work on your sun tan. I’ll eat you later!”

And we went hand-in-hand downstairs and out to the large secluded swimming pool in the rear of the large property aunty owns on the outskirts of Valencia.

We arranged recliners side by side and aunty rubbed lotion all over my back, buttocks and legs. “Now lie on your tummy for half an hour, then we’ll work on the other side,” said aunty, applying lotion to her front, a task I quickly offered to perform.

Aunty Pay lay back on her recliner and I rubbed the lotion into her shoulders, arms, breasts, chest and belly, then over her thighs and calves. She was already tanned a deep, golden brown, and her gleaming body looked oh-so-fuckable.

As a final touch, I could not resist running a forefinger along her sex trench. She slapped my hand away with a chuckle: “Later, Tony, later!”

After we were both relaxed, soaking up the warm Spanish sunshine, I asked aunty how long she had been a lingerie model.

“I started at the age of 30,” she told me. “I was ‘talent spotted’ in Esher High St, of all places, by a lovely man who was a photographer for what we used to call ‘skin’ magazines.

“He told me he was sure he could sell a spread of pictures featuring me to a very well known magazine and I was 30, married to your Uncle Roger and bored out of my skull.

“Tony take my advice and never marry a stockbroker – not that you’re ever likely to. They are total bores, both at the dinner table and in the bedroom.

“Anyway, I appeared in one of those magazines under a spread titled something dreadful, I think it was ‘Grab a look at these handfuls’, or something equally disgusting.

“But from then on the work simply flowed in. I was appearing in lingerie catalogues from all over – I even flew to Germany to do a spread for a pussy magazine, which specialised in ladies in PVC and carrying whips.”

“What was Uncle Roger’s reaction,” I said, feeling my cock stirring at aunty’s story about her modelling days.

“When he finally found out – one of my spreads was seen by some idiot at his office, who brought it to his attention – he was absolutely livid,” said Aunty Pat.

“How bakırköy escort dare I drag his name through the mud. Crap like that. But I was earning good money. When he thought I was playing golf at Royal Berkshire, or off with my girl friends for lunches at The Savoy, I was secretly being photographed in raunchy shoots for sexy magazines.

“I was becoming famous and I think that’s what peeved him most of all. He was simply Roger the stockbroker, just another name in the City, and here I was, making good money and having men all over the place masturbating to my pictures!”

“And that led to the divorce?” I asked, feeling beneath myself to arrange my stiffy more comfortably on the towel.

“Not quite,” said Aunty Pat, rubbing her hands over her lovely 40-inch breasts, making them glow even more in the strong sun.

“The lesbian movies were the straw that broke the camel’s back,” she told me. “I never appeared in porn movies with men, but I did about 20 videos with some lovely young – oh, I guess you’d call them Page 3 girls.

“It was all very tame stuff, but they had some really crude titles. There was ‘Licking Lesbos’, and another was called ‘My Mistress’s Muff’, from memory.

“The least salacious title was ‘Pat Takes It Lying Down’, in which a Page 3 doll ties me down on the bed and has her wonderfully wicked way with me. And after all that, Roger sued for divorce, which suited me just fine.”

“How was that, aunty?” I asked, stretching languidly in the warm sun.

“Well, we went through the divorce courts and the judge was a lovely old man. He agreed that there was an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage, but I often caught him looking at me with a rather knowing smile. I think he might have seen some of my videos, or the magazines. Who knows?

“But the upshot was that he found I had contributed in a large way to Roger’s success in the City, being the dutiful wife, preparing lavish parties for him at home when he wanted to impress clients, all the crap that goes with being a stockbroker’s wife.

“So I got a very nice settlement, and half the proceeds of the sale of the family home. It was quite a lot of money, and I used it to buy this place here.

“That was four years ago, and then I retired from the industry and now I live off the interest from the remainder of my nest egg. It’s a great life, and it’s just got greater.”

And she climbed from her recliner, ordered me over and started to smear lotion all over my front, including my now shaved and very aroused cock.

I then rubbed lotion all over her back and buttocks, before lying back, face up, my cock waving in the air.

“Aunty,” I said, in a slow voice.

“Yes, darling,” she answered.

“Do you still have those videos?”

She laughed. “Of course I do, silly. And I suppose you want to see them.”

I nodded: “There’s something about watching two women get together that really excites me.”

“You and the vast majority of the male population, Tony,” laughed aunty. And we lay back and sunbathed.

After about half an hour lying on my back, I felt the effects of the warm sun and asked Aunty Pat: “I’d like to do my back again for a while, is that OK?”

“Sure, darling,” she said, “go for it.”

That was precisely my intention. I stood from my recliner, sporting a semi-hard-on and went to the foot of her chair and lent down so my face was close to her bare minge.

“This way I can get the sun on my back and, hopefully, give you a nice time, aunty,” I told her.

I thought for a moment she might tell me off for being naughty, but her instant response was to spread her thighs and lay them on the arms of the recliner, presenting me with a wonderful view of her snatch, its lips glistening, the aroma heady.

“I thought you’d never offer,” she laughed and placed a hand greasy with lotion on the back of my head and pressed me down to her pussy.

The taste was wonderful – musky, salty, sticky and thoroughly horn-inducing. I started at her cunt, but she pushed me lower.

“Start down there and work your way up, sweetie,” she said, a little breathlessly.

My tongue found the dark brownness of her anus and started to lick at the musky bud, making it moist and inviting. Then I traced my way up to her cunt, tasting once more its tangy, slippery wetness.

A sigh escaped her lips as I performed my oral adoration. “Oh yes, that’s so lovely, now a little higher. My labia, lick my labia!” she ordered.

I move up again, tasting the saltiness of her piss flaps, thick and suckable, before rising even further to flick at the hood of her clitoris, just below her tiny patch of pubic hair. I worked my tongue two or three times across the burgeoning button, then heard her give out a low moan. It was lovely music to my ears.

“Now press the flat of your tongue on it and rub it up and down, yes, yes, yes,” she panted.

Soon my oral obedience paid dividends and aunty başakşehir escort let out a little moan that grew in volume until she was repeating over and over again: “I’m coming, I’m coming, oh yes, I’m coming.”

Then, as the frenzy of her orgasm hit her, Aunty Pat had two words she repeated and repeated: “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

At last, of course, I had to stop and with a tender kiss on her lovely pussy lips I stood and smiled down at her.

She looked up at me, her eyes squinting from the brilliant sun and returned my smile. “Now into that pool and cool off a bit, you wicked young devil!”

I turned, cock jutting out stiffly, and plunged into the pool’s warm waters and splashed happily for three or four laps. On my last lap back to the side of the pool, I noticed that aunty had waded into the shallow end.

She had turned with her bare back to me and was leaning with her elbows on the ledge running around the pool. The water lapped gently against the lowest part of her buttocks, splashing and sploshing there. I stepped into the shallow section and walked towards her.

As I did, my penis started to rise once more to the occasion. When I was only a pace or two from her, Aunty Pat made a deliberate move, which I know she intended me to see. She placed her feet about a yard apart, which had the effect of lowering her minge to just below the surface of the comfortably warm water.

I stepped against her, my prick jutting into the crack between her cheeks and squatted slightly, so that the head of my cock went below the surface and brushed against her arse. I nudged it onto her anus but then heard her warning: “No, darling, not there – not yet. My cunt, darling, my cunt.”

My cock probed deeper and found the entrance to her vagina. I held onto her shoulders, feeling the glowing warmth from them, then I thrust into her, my pubic bone banging against her lovely lush buttocks as I did so. Her cunt was again satiny smooth and I had no difficulty in invading her completely.

After I had driven my cock deep into her, I placed my arms around her upper body, and cupped her heavy breasts in my hands, circling the nipples, then tweaking them to stiff buds as I rammed her in my fuck movements.

As I thrust back and forth my hips and her buttocks caused the water to splash around us. Soon the splashing became louder as my tempo increased, then with a groan and a whispered “Oh fuck, I’m coming” I released my spunk deep into the recesses of Aunty Pat’s cunt for the first time.

I slowed my thrusting as I came again, and yet again and then, while still grabbing hold of her large 40-inch handfuls, I kissed her hot back and shoulders.

Then I pulled away, my rapidly dwindling cock falling away from her lush bum. As she felt me disengage, aunty turned and rubbed her breasts against my chest, wet from the pool’s water and from my frenzied exercises behind her body.

“Excuse me, lover,” she whispered, “but I’m going for a swim.”

I climbed out of the pool as she free-styled her way up and down the pool and dried myself off. After about 10 minutes she emerged from the water, her body a glorious glistening sight as she stepped to her towel.

When she had dried, too, she took me inside the house and we went up to her bedroom. From a drawer by her bed, aunty threw me two garments, well one could be termed a garment, the other was simply a tiny scrap of shiny red satin.

“No more Speedos for you around the house, my darling nephew,” she smiled. “From now on it’s either this posing pouch or the thong. Try the posing pouch first.”

The pouch was a little bunch of material, connected by two strips of black elastic, one which went round my hips, the other which joined the back of the elastic at the small of my back to the bottom of the pouch itself.

The posing pouch bunched my cock and balls rather attractively, I thought, as I surveyed myself in the dressing table mirror. The pouch was so tiny it didn’t even cover my little tuft of pubic hair!

“That’s nice, I like it,” said aunty. “But remember, you have to be flaccid when you put it on, because if you’re not the hard-on will never get covered in such a small scrap of satin.”

Then she indicated to me to try on the thong. This was made of black satin and was a high-hipped creation, which also bunched my cock and balls nicely. It was, as I say, quite high cut and the strip at the rear meant my buttocks were almost totally exposed.

“That’s nice, too,” said Aunty Pat. “Room for your cock to expand without poking out of the material. That’s much more formal than the posing pouch – you can use it for evening wear, when we’re having dinner.”

“Now I’ve got something to show you, which I hope you’ll like. Hop up onto the bed,” she told me. “And get that formal evening wear off, I’m going to need you naked.”

I threw the thong to the floor, aware that my cock was making a very swift recovery from its earlier bebek escort exertions.

Aunty Pat stepped into her walk-in wardrobe and I could hear her putting some things on. Then she emerged and I gaped as I saw the outfit she was wearing.

Aunty’s massive 40-inch DD breasts were slung into a quarter-cup brassiere, made from a shining, purple satin. Her nipples were large and erect and I was stunned by their magnificence.

I had been impressed by the way her boobs had stood up in the PVC playsuit, but, if anything, the quarter-cup bra worked even more wonders on her superb superstructure!

On her hips was a matching pair of panties, the purple material gleaming in the bright light of her airy bedroom. And just above her mons, I could see that the panties were of the crotchless variety, allowing me a direct sight line to her fleshy sex lips.

I was seated at the head of the bed, almost absent-mindedly stroking my erection, as I drank in the voluptuous beauty displayed by my aunt.

Then she placed one bare foot on the bed beside me, grabbed hold of the wooden head of the bed, and planted her other foot on the other side of my body. This way, her pussy was directly in my line of sight, about two or three inches from my face.

“While you work, Tony,” she said, placing her feet a little wider, and thus moving her minge even closer to my mouth, “I will explain the significance of this outfit.”

I started to lick and lave at her pussy, working my tongue onto her lovely anus as my first foray.

“I know that you kinky males have a thing about quarter-cup bras and crotchless panties,” said Aunty Pat. “A friend of mine, a pervert of course, once said that the greatest invention in the world was the smelly bit in ladies’ knickers. He was wrong – it is the crotchless panty.”

I wasn’t arguing, I was working away at her moist, aromatic minge, revelling once more in the lovely way she slid and slithered her pussy across my face.

“Now to the significance of this particular outfit,” she said, from her position above my now-sweating face.

“Whenever you see me in these garments, you will know it is a signal that I want to fuck.” And with that, Aunty Pat stepped down and walked to the foot of the bed.

She then bent forward and placed her bunched fists on the mattress and spread her legs wide. A beautiful broad grin suffused her face as she inquired: “Well?”

I got off the bed and walked behind her. My cock thrust onto her anus, then, remembering what I had been told in the pool, I pressed it further down to her cunt lips. I was just about to push into her when she halted me.

“No, darling,” she said in a sort of hushed whisper, “this time you may try the chutney chute, the back door, whatever you prefer to call it.

“Only first, get it a little wet, there’s a pet. Transfer some sex juice back there with your cock, then kneel down and lick me a while, I like the feel of a young tongue on my anus.”

My cock, dripping pre-cum as it was, flickered against her cunt lips, then I pulled back and smeared its helmet against her anus. Next I knelt and ran my tongue over the dark brown rosebud, placing some globs of spittle there to mix in with the male pre-cum and the female sex juice.

“Lovely, oh that’s so lovely,” I heard her say from my kneeling position, so I stayed down there, licking and spitting to lubricate her most private part.

“Now fuck me,” Aunty Pat ordered, in a half-aroused whisper, and a half-shouted command.

My prick went to her moist arsehole and I pulled my foreskin back to the ring, knowing she must be tight there. Then I thrust into her, feeling her warmth caress my thick and lusting young cock.

I banged away at her, my body glistening with a sheen of perspiration as I continued my thrusting, my cock driving deep, then pulling back almost to the outer lips of her anus before once more sliding up her back passage.

She, in turn, was slapping her lovely big bum back against my pubic bone so that each of my upward thrusts were met with her reverse buttock slap.

The sound of our slapping, butt-fucking movements were noisy in the bedroom, but then I added to the sounds as I felt my surge for climax pumping from my ball bag to my shaft, to my cock helmet, then out into her arsehole.

I dragged my penis from her, hearing a sort of plopping sound as I swung my dripping cock head away, and I sat, sweating and panting on the bed.

Aunty Pat turned and sat down next to me, her lovely thigh brushing against my recently-shaved one.

“Well, darling,” she smiled, “I hope you enjoyed that?”

“Oh my god yes, aunty,” I replied, “it was fucking fantastic.”

“But one thing was missing, wasn’t it?” she said, the smile still on her lovely face.

“And what was that, my lovely young nephew?” Aunty Pat asked, sounding so sweetly innocent.

“You orgasm, aunty?” I responded.

“Precisely, my dear Tony,” she said as she climbed up onto the bed, lay back on the pillows and spread her thighs to display her crotchless-pantied pussy.

“Would you like to remedy that situation?” she asked.

But she had hardly got the question out, than I was at work once again, licking her muskily-moist but demanding pussy.

To be continued…

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