My Anonymouse Friend Part 3

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My Anonymouse Friend Part 3
I slipped on my little shorts and grabbed a beer on the way to the garden having decided to catch some late summer rays, I was just dozing off when my phone went ding and a text from a number not in my address book, I opened it in anticipation.
“Thanks Frank, great lunch” and my cock twitched as I wrote back
“Enjoyed it too, awesome company” I thought I would return the wink.
“Loved the coffee and cream” came the reply, I loved her use of the wink face.
“Always got coffee and plenty of cream or a cold beer lol” this was going well I thought.
“Now you’re talking, I finish at 5 shall I pick up some strawberries to go with the cream?”
“Deal – come round the back I am in the garden” I wrote back feeling the chubby coming on, I looked at my phone and it was already 4.45 so she would be here soon.
“See you soon xx” came the reply, better put more beer in the fridge I thought and took care of the task and sat back in the garden and waited for Alison.

I didn’t have to wait long as Alison came through the back gate and skipped down the path carrying a punnet of strawberries, she looked cheerful and just as sexy in her white blouse and tight black skirt.
She sat in the chair opposite and I handed her a beer, “Cheers” she said as she sat back in the chair immediately giving me a sneaky view up her skirt, Mmm her little red panties were in clear view.
Her toes rubbed up the inside of my calf as she looked across at me and then down at my now visible boner. I had decided to take the bull by the horns and ask her outright.

“Can I ask you a question Ali?” I asked as she smiled across at me, she nodded her acceptance and I cleared my throat, this would either be a very smart move or the worst decision of my life, I was just finding the right way to put it, here goes
“When we met lunchtime at the toilets, had you kaçak iddaa ever been in those toilets before?” I asked immediately regretting it, I needn’t have worried as without a blink she answered ‘Yes’
“Oh” I was surprised at her quickness of answer, “How many times?” I asked her appreciating her honesty, she gave me a thoughtful look
“Truthfully?” she asked with a glint in her eye and I nodded with a smile, my cock was stating to show itself as the flagpole appeared, “Yes” I said, “Let’s be open about this” I continued still having the view of her panties.

“Well” she said clearing her throat and in a soft voice, “I don’t know exactly how many, I used to sneak out there from school and suck a few of the boys off and then some grown-ups, I got a bit addicted at seeing all these cocks come through the hole in the wall and loved the taste of cum” she was very matter of fact about it and showed no shame, I was a bit gobsmacked at her revelations.
“Do you want me to carry on?” she said as she saw me looking up her skirt and smiled, I nodded.

“Yesterday when you left the surgery I saw your zipper down and could see your cock, I decided to come after you to tell you but you went into the toilet so I followed you in, it was just an opportunity I could not refuse when I saw your cock come through the hole, so glad it did”
I was just sitting there totally open mouthed at her honesty, her toes were now at the inside of my thighs and had crept inside my shorts, I felt her toes gently rubbing my balls, she then continued

“I wanted more of it so by chance when I saw you in the park I ran to the toilet to be in there if you went in but both stalls were in use, the rest is history”
She stood up in front of me, “Mind if I catch the sun too Frank?” she asked as she started to unbutton her blouse and of course I nodded my approval. tipobet güvenilir mi Her shirt came off and she turned round asking me to unzip her, she slowly pulled her skirt down and then bent down to fully remove it, she was in the bending position for what seemed like ages as I looked at the bare cheeks of her young bubble butt.

I was relieved and happy that she told me, open and honest which is the best way to be, we even joked that maybe she had sucked me off before, what an amazing thought. She also told me that Sharon was her mum and Gracie was her sister and she had suspicions that they were offering ‘other things’ in the surgery, maybe this was her way of getting in on the action, I certainly wasn’t complaining.

I couldn’t resist it after looking at her young butt and had to reach out and gently fondle her fleshy cheeks, she held on to the arms of her chair as she bent with her arse facing me, I gently pulled her cheeks apart exposing her little shaded button. Mmm, she had a musky smell which turned me on and I bent my head forward and ran my tongue up the length of her crack and back down again stopping to search out her little hole.
Bingo! I pulled her string to one side and flicked around her hole with my tongue, she shuddered a bit as my tongue made entry but I could feel her pushing back on me, she tasted nice.

I wanted to find out more about her family, what about dad? But right now I had my mind and my tongue on other things, she bent right down so I was able to access the bush between her legs and I soon had her shaking as my tongue attacked her from all directions. Her moans got louder as the sun began to set and I got myself into position behind her pulling the string to one side I ran my cock around her wet arsehole, teasing with my intentions, she sighed out loud as I gently tipobet giriş pushed the swollen head into her bubble butt, easy does it as I slowly inched in, she grabbed the arms of the chair tightly, I was in and I added some saliva to the mix and slowly started to thrust up her sweet arse.

“Mmm” she cried out softly, “Fuck me Mister!” followed so I guess she likes to be fucked by older strangers, I didn’t care about her background, why would I?, right now I had her bending over a chair in my garden and I am fucking her arse.
“Oh YESS!” she cried as I built up a rhythm pumping her hard, she seemed to like it that way and reached under her legs to try and grab my balls.
I knew I was close when she squeezed my balls, my cock started to pulsate inside her tight arse and I yelled out as I emptied my hot liquid deep inside her.
I could feel her pushing back as she felt the hot cum hit home. “OH YESS” she cried softly as she turned her head and smiled back at me.

The evening was drawing in and we went inside for more beer, we sat talking for what seemed like ages, her in her panties and bra and me in my shorts, I learnt a lot about the nymph that was Alison.
She told me that she had a very close relationship with her dad in fact all the family were ‘close’ and since her dad left 2 years ago she had missed him and that I reminded her of him, I took that as a compliment.
How strange is it that a lot of girls like older men, long may it live but it makes you think that the younger guys need to get their shit together earlier in life?

As she was getting dressed she stopped in her tracks, “Oh, nearly forgot to remind you of your appointment with the hygienist tomorrow” she said with a wink, I had no idea until she reminded me that I was under gas and had my cock hanging out when the appointment was made.
“Is she by any chance related?” I asked seeing as it was a family business. Alison giggled and tutted, “Actually yes, she is my cousin Rose, you will love her” and she winked again.

“See you tomorrow, don’t be late” she said softly as she pecked me on the cheek and walked off home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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