Mum’s Friends Ch. 06

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They awoke at seven. May was very aroused and went on top of Paul. She ground into Paul for thirty minutes as Paul rubbed her clit and played with her tits. Then Paul came. They showered together then May made breakfast. It was now nine, eight o’clock in Champagne. Paul phoned the Chateau. Colette answered the phone. Paul said, “Good morning Colette, how are you?”

Colette replied, “I’m good. We had a great day yesterday. We spent eleven thousand three hundred euros. We got a lot of beautiful things. Jill and Debbie are having their morning swim. Would you like to speak with them?”

Paul said, “I’m happy that you are busy. I will phone them later. I called to ask you if you can source any Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel and any other top French producers of luxury items as May would like to specialise in these articles.”

Colette answered, “That’s not a problem. I know several dealers that carry big stocks of these. I am surprised that nobody has thought of stocking these before.”

Paul replied, “Super, May will fly over with me on Friday. I am sure that she will buy a lot. I don’t know what time we will arrive on Friday. Is it better for you if we come at say nine on Friday morning?”

Colette answered, “That would be great. I will pick you up from the Airport when you know the exact time. Reims and Epernay are awash with these items. I am aware that the prices are much lower here than in Paris. We buy a lot from four of the dealers that trade in these items, so it won’t be a problem to buy them at good prices.”

Paul replied, “That sounds great. I will let you know the arrival time as soon as I book the plane. I think Lena is coming on Friday night as she wants to show me some things.”

Colette answered, “Yes, she is flying in from Geneva at five on Friday afternoon. There’s a lot of work going on here at the moment. Rene and Serge are here every day. The cellars and kitchens are nearly completed. They think that the hotel could be open in six months. Jill has suggested that we have an Antique shop within the hotel. I think that would be a good idea. Monsieur Le Grand is excellent. We are getting at least six house clearances a week through him.”

Paul came off the phone and told May what was happening. He called Gibson Air and booked a flight for six thirty on Friday morning.

They woke at five on Friday morning. After a quick but intensive session, they showered and dressed. Paul drove to the Airport and parked in the Gibson Air car park. May was impressed with the speed they boarded and took off. They both had Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon for breakfast. It was very tasty. The stewardess told them that it was one of the most popular breakfast dishes. They arrived at Reims Airport, and Colette was waiting for them. Paul introduced May then they left for the first dealer that Colette had arranged for them to visit. There were three more afterwards.

Three hours later they arrived at the Chateau. May had bought two Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunks which were both in perfect condition. May had spent over one hundred thousand euros, but she had bought an awful lot of pieces. She had several Hermes crocodile Birkin handbags. She also had over three hundred Hermes silk scarves. May had bought so many different things from Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Dior. May had also bought jewellery and watches from Cartier, Bolex, Chopard, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Ebel.

May had bought very well. Colette said, “You have bought well and wisely today. I would say in the Center you can retail every one of the articles you have purchased at four times the price you have paid for them and in some cases even more. I know now what interests you, so I will keep my eyes open for you.”

They arrived at the Chateau. Debbie and Jill were sitting on the terrace. Paul hugged and kissed each of them. Jill said, “It’s wonderful to see you. We have been having a great rest, but we are still swimming for two hours every morning. Lena is coming for the weekend. Paul, after breakfast, is the best time for me. Say from nine until one. That would give us four hours every day which I believe will be enough time to go through all the papers she is bringing with her.”

Paul replied, “That’s good for me. I get two or three emails from Lena every day which keeps me abreast of all that’s happening in your empire. I think I will soon have to spend more time in Paris and Geneva with her as this would give me a better grasp of the reality of what is happening. The Center is running well, and the Auction House has its first sale in three weeks. Jean has everything organised for that. I have the Catalogue with me. It is impressive.”

Paul then went to get the Catalogue. May had seen it, but both Debbie and Jill were impressed with it. They then had a light lunch. May and Paul had a bottle of Champagne with their antalya escort meal. After lunch, Paul took May and showed her the work that was being done. It was over four weeks since Paul had been there and he was amazed at the progress that had been made. They went upstairs for a session as they were meeting in the lounge at six thirty before going to Serge’s restaurant at seven.

May and Paul were first in the lounge. Paul got a bottle of Champagne and two glasses. Then Lena came into the lounge. She looked stunning. Paul introduced Lena to May then went to get her a glass. Jill and Debbie then came into the lounge. Paul got them their mineral water. Both Jill and Debbie were looking stunning. They didn’t yet look pregnant, but they both were glowing. May said, “I’m so looking forward to meeting the man who creates the best food I have ever tasted. The breakfast on the plane this morning was excellent.”

Jill replied, “We have so many different meals in the pipeline, it is so exciting. Lena, how many hotels do we have leased out? I think with Serge’s meals we should think about taking the operations of the hotels ourselves. Paul’s Bistro is a perfect example of what can be done. Do you know how long the leases have to run?”

Lena answered, “There’s three hundred and twelve in total. The majority are in Europe. I would go slowly with this as you have an excellent revenue from the rents. All the leaseholders must take full comprehensive Insurance from AXE which gives you profit from that as well. We operate hotels in Geneva, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Paris, Nice, Lyon, Antwerp, Brussels and London. A total of ten. We should introduce the Champagne and meals to these units first. I will contact the Director of Hotels on Monday. I know that they are all excellent businesses. I will show you the figures tomorrow. I have not yet tasted the Sous-vide meals but am looking forward to tonight.”

They arrived at Serge’s restaurant just after seven. Serge greeted them warmly then lead them to the table. Serge said, “They’re going to start installing the storage tanks in the cellars on Monday. My father is so excited. You are going to have the most modern and technically advanced Champagne House in Champagne. It will have the most automated cellars in the region.”

They ordered their meals. Halfway through dinner, Lena said, “This is the finest food I have ever tasted. I now know why you are so excited about it.”

Lena tried a mouthful of the other main courses. Lena said, “Is this the quality you are serving on Gibson Jets? If so it’s excellent.”

Jill then explained all the advantages of Sous-vide cooking. Lena was impressed. Lena asked, “What is the position with Serge? Is he employed by you or are you a customer of his?”

Paul replied, “Three months ago we offered Serge a position with us. All the meals are prepared in the kitchens here. We are building much larger kitchens at the Chateau. These will be operational in two months time. These kitchens will produce more meals but with less staff. Serge is twenty-nine, he has the talent, and with our backing, he can still run his restaurant and our kitchens at the Chateau.”

Lena said, “I’m glad that I have come here for the weekend, I’m learning so much. I must have a look at the work you are doing at the Chateau. Paul, a lot seems to be happening since you appeared on the scene. I don’t know what you are doing, but everyone is happy.”

Jill smiled and replied, “I think that you need to spend some time with Paul then you will realise why we’re all so happy.”

Paul excused himself and went to the restroom. When he came back, Lena was looking at Paul with a lot of interest. They left the restaurant and drove back to the Chateau. Debbie and Jill went to bed and May, Lena and Paul went into the lounge. Paul got a bottle of Champagne and three glasses. May and Lena were sitting on the sofa. May said, “Have you ever been married, Lena?”

Lena replied, “No I have never been married. I haven’t had a boyfriend for over six years. I immerse myself in my work too much. I travel a lot. I have a beautiful apartment in Geneva, but I am only in it for less than a hundred nights in a year. I am bisexual; I enjoy men and women. For the last few years, it’s been only women. I am forty-two now, and my biggest regret is not having any children. I am so happy for Jill. I have never seen her looking so happy. She was very reclusive until she met you, Paul, she is now living.”

May replied, “I’m the same as you. Sadly, I had a shit marriage; I only stayed in it for the sake of my daughter. You have probably have had more fun in your life than I have had in the last twenty years. I am so happy that I have my daughter, she has given me so much strength in the last twenty-nine years. I am also happy for Jill and Debbie. Their kids will bring so much meaning to their kemer escort lives. You are still young enough to have a child. You are a very attractive woman.”

Lena answered, “Thanks for the compliment. I am very particular regarding men. I don’t want my child to have an idiot as a father. If someone like Paul were interested in me, then I would be very excited about that.”

Paul went for another bottle then sat on the sofa between May and Lena. May gave Paul a hug and a kiss then said, “I have had lots of your sperm today, why don’t you give Lena some tonight? Would you like Lena and I to arouse you?”

Paul smiled and said, “That sounds like a good idea.”

May took her blouse and skirt off. She popped her breasts out of the bodysuit then took Paul’s cock out and went down on Paul. Lena then did the same, but she was wearing a basque. She took her panties off then said, “That is enormous. I have never seen such a big cock in my life.”

Lena then went down and helped May with Paul’s cock. Paul was fingering both their pussies. Lena’s body was fantastic. They were all naked now. May was playing and sucking Lena’s breasts while Paul was sucking Lena’s clit as he finger fucked her with three fingers. Lena loved it. She was gripping Paul’s fingers as he was sliding his fingers in and out. After ten minutes of intense foreplay, Lena said, “I’m ready but let me go on top as it’s so long since a cock has been in me.”

Lena went down on Paul. She was soon taking all of Paul’s cock in her mouth. She was licking and sucking his very hard cock. Paul lay on the floor. Lena squatted over his cock rubbing the head of his hard cock against her clit. She then allowed half of it to slide into her pussy. She was gripping Paul’s cock as she started to ride him. Lena was now taking all of it inside her. She was giving Paul a good hard ride as Paul rubbed her clit with his right hand. Lena kept this going for the next twenty-five minutes. She had cum several times then Paul exploded inside her. Lena had a massive orgasm at the same time. Lena said, “That was unbelievable, I have never cum so much in my life. Paul, you are something else.”

Lena then kissed Paul; it was a long passionate kiss with lots of feeling. Paul knew after that kiss he would see a lot more of Lena. May topped up their glasses. They chatted for ten minutes then May kissed Paul. Five minutes later Paul had her bent over the sofa and was riding her doggy style with a very strong rhythm. Thirty minutes later they all went upstairs to the Master Bedroom. May fell asleep quickly. Paul was dozing with Lena on his left. Paul opened his eyes, and Lena was looking at him. Lena bent forward and kissed him gently but passionately.

Lena whispered, “I can’t sleep, shall we go into the lounge?”

Paul nodded, and they slipped quietly out of bed and went into the lounge. Paul asked, “Would you like some Champagne?”

Lena kissed Paul then replied, “I would love some.”

Paul went downstairs and came back with a bottle and two glasses. Lena said, “I’m wide awake. I haven’t felt like this for years. That was beautiful earlier. My pussy is still tingling. I have never felt that before. May is a lovely person. You are surrounded by a lot of beautiful women who think the world of you. That tells me a lot about you.”

Lena leant forward and kissed Paul. Lena said, “Is it possible for me to take a share like the others have with the twenty thousand euros? I would love to do this as I have always had an interest in Antiques which I would like to develop.”

Paul replied, “No problem, you should fly back with us on Monday afternoon. Then you’ll be able to see the complete setup. If I say so myself, it’s impressive. Jill has been doing all the financial and accounting activities for it. Maybe you can have a look at it. The software programmes we have in place are fantastic.”

Lena replied, “I will gladly do that. May showed me all she bought today. I was impressed. I have a lot of money lying in banks earning hardly any interest. I will find something that interests me then I will invest in this. I travel a lot and visit many cities in a month. We have a diamond merchant business in Antwerp. It passed to Jill from her uncle. I have spent a lot of time there and have learned a lot about diamonds. Perhaps I’ll invest in diamonds.”

Paul said, “How many businesses does Jill own? It seems a lot.”

Lena replied, “Tomorrow morning you will start to learn more about this, but it is a lot. They’re all connected in some way. They’re all very profitable. It is very rare if I have a problem. There is an excellent management in the Group. You are making a difference with Gibson Air. Their profit has grown since you introduced the Champagne and Serge’s meals. I haven’t any meetings arranged for next week. Is it possible I could spend konyaaltı escort the week with you?”

Paul kissed her and said, “I would love that. I am sure we both will have a wonderful week.”

An hour later they quietly went back to the bedroom. They fell asleep in each other’s arms five minutes later.

Paul learned so much from the next three morning sessions he had with Jill and Lena. Paul quickly realised that Lena kept the Group’s activities oiled. Each division acted on it’s own management, but she was the only one who knew how they were all doing. Lena always had four assistants, all with Law and Accountancy degrees. They would work with her for three years then were moved into management positions within the group. This kept a flow of capable young managers being introduced into the Group. It also ensured that Lena knew everything that was going on.

May, Lena and Paul flew back on Monday afternoon. Debbie and Jill were going to stay at the Chateau for another two weeks. Lena and Paul were spending a lot of time together. Lena loved the Center. She made a couple of suggestions about software which helped the accounting of the stall holders. It also controlled the sales of stall holders who were not always at the Center. Whenever a sale was made it automatically sent an email to the stall owner advising them of the sale. It also allowed the stall holders to access their accounts anytime they wanted to see exactly how their accounts were performing.

May had displayed all the things that she had bought in France. They had created a lot of interest. She had sold several items and had several others which were reserved. One of the gynaecologists at Debbie’s clinic was ill, so May had to work there as they were under pressure. Paul was enjoying the time he was spending with Lena. He was learning a lot. He understood how the Group operated. It was a fantastic business. Jill was the seventh generation of her family to run the business. In reality, it was Lena that ran the business. Lena was a first class Accountant and Administrator, but she wasn’t a businesswoman.

On Thursday evening Paul and Lena had dinner in the Bistro. They had then gone to Paul’s apartment in the Center. They had made love and then Lena had told Paul that there was a big problem with the Insurance company. There was a big fraud going on with people driving into the back of other cars then there were enormous claims for whiplash and back.

Paul then phoned a Chinese man who had used Gordon Air and had loved the Champagne. He had approached Paul to see if he could buy some. Paul had organised this for him, and he was very grateful. Mr Ho was in the electronics business.

Paul asked if he produced a Dash Cam for cars. He did and asked what quantity did he need. Paul told him millions of them. Paul then explained that he had access to over seven hundred million consumers. He wanted to create a website that would sell products, but they would be shipped directly from the factory to the customer. The customer would order and pay; then the manufacturer would receive notice of this then dispatch the goods.

Mr Ho then told Paul he could give him over three hundred items. He would also source other goods for him then send details. The cost to Paul for the Dash Cam was six euros per unit. Mr Ho said he was flying Gordon Air later today and would give a package of samples to the Airport office of Gordon Air. He would also email a price list with the cost of shipping to every European country.

Paul then got Lena to get someone from the IT department to set up and to register the company in Luxembourg. A lot of information arrived from Mr Ho with a lot of suggestions. It was up and ready to go in three weeks. At the same time, the Insurance company were sending emails out to five hundred million customers informing them they would get a fifteen percent discount off their Insurance if the purchased this Dash Cam. The Dash Cam was priced at seventy-five euros ex China. The average Insurance policy was six hundred euros, so they were getting ninety euros off the average price but next year and the years after they were gaining.

No one, least of all Paul, realised what was created that day. On the first day, it went online over three million units were sold. In the first week, over twenty million units were sold. Mr Ho was on the phone he couldn’t believe the numbers he was selling. He had four factories working around the clock to keep up with demand. In the first six weeks, they had sold over two hundred million units. Then they started to sell other articles on Aladdin. Lena suggested selling Diamonds on it. The results were amazing.

Mr Ho was fantastic with things that he had found in China and Taiwan. He was sending different items that he had come across. The quality of his goods was excellent. With the Dash Cam over two hundred million had been sold and there had not been one problem with any of them. Jean, May, Lena, Debbie, Jill and Jo were all making suggestions to what should go on the site; they were getting splendid with what they were suggesting as all the goods were selling.

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