Ms. Marca Ch. 09

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Mr. Hill had been dead about 3 months and the “for sale” sign had not been put up more than a few days after his estate was settled when his house was sold. The new owner was a couple in there 50’s Mr. & Mrs. Marks and they had a teen-age son who was 15/16 but he looked to be more like 12. The father was shorts man not over 5′ 3″ and had a big beer gut and mother was not even 5″. If that! The poor son got all the bad genes from both sides of the family, short fat and his father face! Kid was ugly. But the young man did have manner and was very polite when talking with my husband or me. The father was one of those types of guys who just looked at you and undressed you as he talked. His eyes were always on my 40DD and having a body that included the big melons was 23 x 38 and that went with a 5′ 10″ 140 pound frame and at 33 I still had the looks that made me a model before I was a Neighbor. We didn’t see much of the new neighbors during the winter except at the neighborhood Xmas party and once in a while as we were going out they might be coming in and just wave and give a friendly hello and how are you things.

In the spring people began to come out of the dens where they have been hiding all winters to take in the warm sun and just get the hell of the house! With spring comes the heavy spring shower, the kind that just come up with you least expect it and you caught out in one without the proper clothes and you never have a umbrella when you need one, it’s always in the trunk of the car. Funny it has never rained in my truck I wonder why it is back there? I had to do some shopping for a trip that we were taking soon and went to the big mall to up grade my wardrobe as my husband calls it, the guy does like for me to look good at all times.

I always dress to be seen when I go out no matter where I’m going. I had put on a white cotton blouse a dark navy mini skirt, black 4″ heels and a white thong with no bra. I had spent most of the morning using his charge cards, my name is on it but he pays for it so there his. I had with a girl friend and started for home about 1:30 PM. I stop at the grocery store and when I came out the afternoon showers had hit and it tried to run to the car to get in before it came down to hard. My luck at the car the automatic open on my key ring didn’t work I knew I should have gotten a new battier for it and that made me try and hold the sacks and get the key in the door lock to open. The rain is getting heavy and I put the trunk key in ” wrong” and that want work by this time I’m soaked and I look like a drowned rat. I finally got in the car with all my groceries but not until I have to over come wet paper sacks that had split and caused cans, boxes and other goodies to go falling on the paring lot. This just added to my exposure to the rain and my failed attempt to look hot at all times.

At last headed for the house and get out of these wet clothes, “God I can feel my thong is wet!” As I got to the feeder road to get on the freeway I saw a car stopped and the hood up that poor ass hole is having a bad hair day. As I got right up on the car I saw it was my new neighbor and he turned and looked right at me just as I got beside his car I stop and cracked the window,

“You need help!”

“Can you give me a lift home? Sure get in!”

He went back got his coat closed his hood locked the car and jump in the front seat just as wet as me. I saw the look on his face as he looked at me and than look at my tits as he always does. “Oh SHIT my blouses is so wet that it is clinging to me and I don’t have on a BRA!” All I could do was turn and look straight ahead and act like nothing was wrong, what else could I do? I slowly pulled up on the freeway and traffic was at a stand still due to the heavy rains.

I tried to make small talk to make it seem like things were normal, but I could see out of the corner of my eye when I glanced up to check my rear view mirror that he was looking at me and had his radar fixed on my tits. My nipples were like small grapes on my melons and I could feel them coming though the wet cotton material. The air-condition was on and that just made them get harder, but I needed it on to keep the windows from fogging up, can’t win for losing. The damn traffic was stacking up and just bumper to bumper and here I got fat boy’s eye balls glued to my nipples and I felt like a trophy prize that was being admired for her rack, guess I was. It took us almost an hour to get home and if you didn’t know it cotton is not fast drying. My nipples never went soft anytime during that hour, in fact I began to fancies about setting here nude and him looking at me and than I wanted to tease the SOB and make him squirm just enough to give him a boner. I began to get that tingle feeling between my legs and I felt flush thinking about him looking at me naked. I felt like I wanted to strip and make him look but knew he could not touch. I was getting horny!

At last home and my door opener worked, thank god. I pulled in to get out of the heavy rain; I didn’t want to ask him in and was hoping he would just go home to his wife and bonk her illegal bahis since he was worked up from looking at me.

“Well my wife is at work I guess I better call her and tell her to stay until this blows over. I got to get AAA to get the car, not going to be much of the day left to do anything but just set around and watch the rain. “

I went on about my business trying not to pay any attention to what he was say and picked up shopping bags and went back to open my trunk to get others. He came around the other side and began to thank me for the ride and helping him and as I bent over to reach for the shopping bag. I felt air rush up my legs and I knew than the short skirt had ridden up my wet legs and was stuck to the back of my upper leg and I didn’t have a free hand to push it down. Oh god I might as will just strip for him; hell he had the first act of the Big Tit Show! But I turned and said

“Think nothing of it give my best to your wife!”

He went home I went in the house, laughing to myself and than out loud once in and the doors were closed. I got out of my wet closed and put on a robe and got all my things I had bought put away and was ready to take a hot bath and relax. My husband was out of town on business and so I knew the evening that I was looking forward to a good sexy cheap novel.

I laid down to get a quick nap, one of those just rest your eyes thing and as always I was asleep for over 2 ½ hours. God it was almost 5:30 the rain had stopped and I had slept the afternoon away. I got up and turned on the lamp by my bed and slip my robe on to go take my shower that I was going to do 2 hours ago. I went in to the bathroom to P and put my robe up on the door. I went back to the bedroom to get a gown for later and I bent down to get it out my bottom drawer I glanced at the full length mirror and saw his reflection looking down at my ass as I had my legs spread. He was up in a second floor room that faced our bedroom. That SOB, just like poor old Mr. Hill, but this ass hole is a creep, I’ll fuck with his mind, I’ll teach the bastard to look at and undress me. Show time you mother fucker! I went into my walk in closet and left the door open so he could see everything and dressed in a black lace bra, a pair of “come and get me” stockings, a garter belt and crotch less panties. I watch him from the mirror in the dressing area. I came out and walked around the room in 5″ heels that made my ass stick out. I would bend over spread my legs and did everything I could think of to let him see my body. This went on for about 15 minutes and that was it, time is up maybe some other evening and with that I went and closed the blinds.

The next afternoon I was in the kitchen doing something and went to that side of the house in a different room and just looked out and there he was in that window looking down into my room. 3 PM this ass hole gets home early and is my new peeping tom. He might not be if I closed the blinds, but hey that would not be any fun! I began to think wicked and wanted to give him a show like I did yesterday, I’m sure he saw me sleeping nude when I had my nap. Seen me in my sexy black under things and my 5″ FMP’s (FUCK ME PUMPS).

Should I go in and give him a show, this summer I can lay out and sun for him. I didn’t do anything that day and a few weeks go by and I come home from a hard day of spending money, and he is driving in just as I’m unloading my trunk. Polite hello and how are you and the same BS.

“I see you been shopping, all for you?”

“Yes some special things just for me!”

I turned and waved and went in and my mind got to thinking my evil mind. The creep wouldn’t know what to do with me, if I stood naked in front of him with a condom in one hand and KY jelly in the other. I’ll just let the boy see some skin and get him all worked up. Hell it might make him give the old lady a poke tonight when she gets home. By the looks of things they both need something to turn them on. Marca went upstairs and looked out of the guest bedroom to see if he was at his usual place and looking down into her bedroom. Sure enough, there he is hoping to see me! Why not I think he likes me in black with those fuck me heels and garter belt, or maybe just do a strip and will do this as it just comes to me! Marca went down stairs and to her bedroom and check to see if the blinds were open and that he had a full view of her room. She would need to strut around in front of the full-length mirror and at the same time she wanted to see his reflection.

“That fucken nymph whore, she thinks she is so hot with her big tits and god those beautiful long legs and damn I would lick shit off her ass just to see where it came from, if she let me!”

Tom Marks almost yelled those words as he went into his house knowing that no one would be home until after 6PM. Working out of his house and seeing clients in the AM gave him the freedom to come and go, as he wanted. This body next door kept him peeking more and more each day down into her bedroom. It was almost like she was giving him a special show, but he had been careful to only look illegal bahis siteleri from up here where she could not see him as he stood in the darken room. Tom had seen her for over six months come and go and be the happy go lucky woman that every man dreams about and wants to make love to. That poor husband of hers he works his ass off to keep her looking like that and the way she dresses. Damn what a pussy on that cunt! She never closes her blinds, day or night except when her husband is home. The only other time they are closed is when she keeps that fucken dog of the Reed’s who live one house over. It’s like she wants me to see her walking around nude. Will come on big tits let them hang out show me what you got! Tom was looking forward to next week, it was spring break and his wife and son were going to her mothers for a few days. This would give him a chance to go out in the backyard and look over into Marca’s back windows to see if he got a better view. But hey this is good that bedroom view of hers and when she does not close that bathroom door all the way I can see her taking a shower.

Marca went in the house and looked out to see the yardman Dan, he had been cutting and taking care of the place for over 2 years. A few time they would talk about working out, he went to one of the big gyms and did power lifting and look like a mass of muscles and god he had a build all over as she laughs to her self. Marca put on a pair of short shorts that had French cut to them and a light blouse top with no bra, she loved the way he looked at her, and oh yes I better wear those 5″ FMP’s. Tom was at the window for over 20 minutes and still she had not come back in after she undressed. “I bet she is outside talking to the yardman so if I go out in my backyard I might see her as she struts around in front of the Mr. Big. Tom went out in his yard and he could hear unusual sounds coming from the tool shed/storeroom in Marca’s backyard near the ally way. Tom moved closer to the shed where all the yard equipment and tools were kept. Tom went out his backyard and come back in to her yard from the alleyway so he could not be seen by anyone.

Standing in the center of the storeroom was my lovely neighbor Marca leaning back against the big black yardman! Instantly I froze, not knowing what to think or do. This is the same guy that does my yard and his name was Don, everyone called him BIG DONG behind his back, because we just figured he had one. He is 6′ 6″ 285 pounds and you could see he was a body builder and had a body like Mr. Universal. He had one hand up under my Neighbor’s top, massaging her 40DD breasts while the other one was down her partially unzipped shorts. The look on Marca’s face was incredible as she tilted her head to receive the hot kisses he was delivering to her lips, neck and shoulder. The hand down her pants was moving up and down steadily as it stroked her pussy from outside her underwear. As I continued to watch, he unzipped her shorts the rest of the way and then moved his hand down inside of her tiny black panties from the top. Within seconds he’d hit his target. Marca moaned as his hand moved up and down, this time against the real thing. From this vantage point I couldn’t tell if he was just rubbing her clit or actually penetrating her pussy. But judging from her reaction, it didn’t seem to matter. After a few more seconds of this BIG DONG carefully eased her shorts down, moving them carefully over her firm round ass. Once they cleared her beautiful buns, they fell to the floor where she absent-mindedly stepped out of them. At this point he turned her around and kissed her full on the lips. Marca passionately accepted his offerings as he massaged her luscious behind with both hands. When the moment was right he turned her around slap her across the ass 3 or 4 times hard with open palm that sounded like a gunshot going off with each swing.

She cried out “Oh no please don’t please!”

He bent her over and placed her hands on the work counter. He stood just to her rear as his hand again found its way to her ultimate pleasure point. This time he reached around the leg opening and began working a finger up inside her cunt. As Marca’s legs instinctively parted to give him better access, her hips began moving in rhythm to his strokes. With one hand holding on to the counter, she reached back and tried to caress his cock. She then took her other hand and lifted up her top so he could feast on her luscious 40DD breasts. Marca was in heaven. BIG DONG then inserted a second finger into her pussy and increased the pace. Somewhere along the line her panties disappeared as well.

“Yesss… yessss… Like that… yessss… I’m cumming… I’m cummmminnnngggg!” she moaned.

BIG DONG laughed as her body shook with orgasm. When it finally subsided, BIG DONG stepped back to remove his shorts and within seconds he released the single largest penis I’d ever seen. It must have been at least 11 inches long and very, very thick. It kind of resembled a chunk of salami as it stood out proudly from between his loins. In the meantime Marca struggled to catch her breath. canlı bahis siteleri When she had recovered enough to continue, BIG DONG parted her sweaty thighs and moved between them. But when Marca felt his body moving into position and looked back, down and saw that massive manhood aiming at her hole, she quickly came to her senses and started to move away.

“No,” she barked, suddenly alarmed, “We can’t do this! I’m a married woman!”

“You’re full of shit,” he swore as he attempted to move between her legs again, “You’ve been teasing me for 2 fucken years! You want this as bad as I do!”

“No please! My husband’s he may come home early and He’ll catch –“

But before Marca could finish her sentence, BIG DONG impaled her with his rod. Not the entire eleven inches, thank goodness, but probably a good five inches. Just enough to get her attention and change her attitude. He just held it in her no moving! “Oh my… ” she managed to moan as she caught her breath, “You’re huge!” BIG DONG again laughed as he just held it at that point not moving it, looking to see what she would do.

“You bitch he is out of town for the next 2 days. “

“Oh please she moaned” as she humps back slow but she move to take more and he began working that monster up inside Marca’s tight pussy.

Marca moved her hands around her tits as he continued to ease it in. Eight inches… nine… ten inches! Before long all eleven inches were sliding in and out of her vagina as she worked her hips in an incredibly sexy manner to receive him.

By now, my own cock was straining to be set free. In fact, It was so hard that it actually hurt. But since I didn’t want to chance getting caught, I couldn’t whip it out right there in the open.. BIG DONG and Marca were so wrapped up in their interaction that they didn’t even notice that I was there. The scene was incredible. There was my lovely Neighbor, naked as a jay-bird, bucking around wildly as a Black Giant Stud with an eleven inch cock was fucking her crazy. And she’d never looked sexier. From a distance of about ten feet away, I strained to watch everything, but I couldn’t seem to get it all in one shot. I loved the way her lips formed a sensuous “O” as she moaned. I loved the way her tits bounced on every stroke. I watched as her hips moved in perfect rhythm to his thrusts. I couldn’t help but watch as his big strong ass bounced up and down between her delicate thighs. And last but not least I couldn’t help centering in on that huge piece of meat, covered with her juices, sliding in and out of her pussy. Quietly I lifted the leg opening of my own shorts and rubbed my cock. The sight of them humping away however, was too much for me, because after just three gentle strokes I sprayed a gigantic load of cum across the floor. Meanwhile Marca was moaning and groaning for all she was worth.

Orgasm after orgasm flooded her body. “You like that cock?” he asked as he slowed the pace, “You like getting fucked by this big black tree trunk cock don’t you?”

“Ohhhh… “she tried to respond, “please ummm.. you feel so good!”

“You like that? You like this big black cock, “

“Ohhhh yessss… yesssss. ooooohhh I love it! Give it to me you bastard… keep fucking me put it to me. ”

Without hesitation BIG DONG again picked up the pace and complied with her wishes. By now Marca had no trouble whatsoever handling his big 11″ she was loving it! I’m not sure how long all this continued, but before I knew it BIG DONG informed her he was about to cum.

“You about ready?” he grunted, “I’m almost there!”

“Ooooohh… ooooohh… yessssss, pull it out just pull it out please,… ummm… Just pull out… ahhhh… when you cum!”

“No way,”

BIG DONG panted, “I’m going to cum inside you… I’m going to fill you pussy with hot black brother’s cum get ready you fucken teasing bitch?”

“You going to tease me anymore you going to strut your tits and pussy around me anymore?”

“Oh I’ll do whatever you want, just fuck me fuck me please! ”

BIG DONG stop as she humped back to meet his 11′ black rod. ” she gasped, “Go… ummmmm… go ahead… make me your whore ooooohhh… I’m your pimp baby now!”

“Here goes!”

“Oh yessss!” Marca practically screamed as he filled her vagina with sperm, “I’m cumming tooooo… give me that black snake… oooooooooooohh… don’t stop… yet… ummmmmm… ummmmm make me! Oh please, make me a whore! Ooooooooooooh, I love it, I need it, more!”

On that note BIG DONGS powerful penis pushed my beautiful Neighbor over the edge and she came with a loud cry. BIG DONGS ass cheeks tightened as he delivered his seed deep within her belly. After which he practically collapsed on top of her. Marca and BIG DONG remained in that position for several minutes while each of them caught their breaths. When he finally eased back and removed his garden hose, Marca moaned and reached for it and whispered leave it in please, oh please. A large glob of cum oozed out of her pussy and dripped down her legs. When Marca stood up straight and turned to look at BIG DONG with a look of satisfaction on her face and a grin from ear to ear that’s when she noticed me standing there. “Oh no!” she gasped in horror. Quickly she covered her tits and pussy as lumps of cum fell into her hand I looked down at her feet, she had on her FMP’s!

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