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Aidra Fox

He lay there on his futon, having lowered the back to allow himself to watch TV in bed. Another Saturday Evening – hoping maybe his very pretty friend would come over.

She would surprise him by just “popping” in at odd hours – totally unannounced. This was “her way” and he loved her for it – a totally free spirit, totally uncontrollable, a very sweet, tiny pixie of a girl who always kept you guessing.

The week had been a bad one at work, deadlines to meet, things to order, crises to overcome – but ah!!! The weekend was HERE! Watching some old horror flick on TV he wasn’t even aware he was slowly nodding off until . . . .

He felt more than watched as this soft, little girl came snuggling into his arms, lying on top of him, her back to him. Still in a dream state he wrapped his arms around her. OHHHHHHHH, his hands were on her bare skin! Sliding his hands up and down he found her wearing a severely high tied-up button shirt and very skimpy, hip-hugging cutoffs – her legs and feet totally bare. Oh, GOD he loved looking at her dressed like this! This BEAUTIFUL, tiny pixie girl, an absolute DREAM clear down to the tips of her pretty, perfect ruby-painted toes.

He felt passion well up inside of him as he slowly began caressing her bare tummy – playing with it, caressing it, softly teasing her navel. With every stroke, she rewarded him by arching her back, pushing her tiny body deeply into his hands.

Oh, her NAVEL!!!! He had only seen glimpses, but she had the most erotic, the most sensuous navel he had ever seen. Teasing him because of his “Belly Fetish”, she would quickly shoot her shirt up to give him a little glimpse, or tease him by reaching for something on the shelf, her white tail shirt rising high and separating, showing off her unusually large, deep, oval softly inward-curving navel sitting on a very lovely, pronounced navel mound – OH, GOD how erotic!!!!

She felt his hands quivering as he slowly played with it now, brushing his fingers around her soft navel rim, playing with it, caressing it, loving it as his hands slowly pressed and memorized her soft, creamy belly. With accompanying groans, she arched her back, delighting in the deeply sensuous sensations of his hands worshipping her belly/body as he caressed her, accompanying his ministrations with kisses on her neck, her semi-long, dark hair brushing softly all over his face – the sweet smell of perfume in her hair.

His hands pressing deeply into her belly, she arched up, pushing deeply into his hands as she rose higher and higher, as they rose higher and higher – she could feel his urgency in the hard swelling of his manhood against her ass. She felt him stroking against her as he slowly slid his finger deeply into her navel, pressing harder and harder, pressing and stabbing, again and again. With each stab it felt like a hot poker was being driven deeply into her stomach as she arched up to give herself to him.

Unable to wait any longer, she turned over, his hands on her waist holding her as she scooted up, placing her navel directly on his lips, brushing her navel against his lips in a totally erotic belly dance, grinding it into his lips as he pulled her soft, warm, pretty belly deeply into his face, his tongue pressing deeply into her navel.

He almost dropped it as he quickly antalya escort swiped at the TV remote, turning off the TV, the DVD player totally ignored.

Gasping hard, she grabbed his head, pulling his face deeply into her belly.

“Oh, GOD, it’s like you’re STABBING my belly!!! Oh, GOD, HARDER, HARDER!!!!” she exclaimed.

His hands caressing hungrily all over her belly, he stroked upwards, holding her as his hands caressed her pretty breasts. Not large, rather small, never-the-less, they were perfect and perky with sweet strawberry nipples. His hands quaking and shivering, he could hardly control them as he untied the knot, freeing them from their bonds, his mouth finding them and sucking them totally into his mouth – you could not DO this with breasts too big. He LOVED it! SHE loved it!

Kissing and licking her slowly all over her heaving, convulsing belly, he held her up as she shuddered out of her white shirt, her lovely strawberry nipples inches from his face as he kissed just under her ribs. Arching hard as he held her, she pulled her belly deeply in, stretching as her ribs framed her belly like a portrait, his mouth covering her soft, white skin, finding her sweet nipples and taking them in as he pressed his finger deep and hard into her navel.

Gasping and reeling, she danced on top of him, giving him what he wanted, in total ecstasy as his pleasures exceeded her expectations, driving her mad with every kiss, every stroke, every press and poke, every glimpse of her lovely, nearly naked body as his hands quickly unsnapped her cutoffs, unzipping them and pushing them off her legs.

Lying down on her back, she shook her legs, trying quickly to remove them as he sprang to his feet, tenderly removing them for her as his eyes told her of how very PLEASED he was in what he was viewing.

As her cutoffs came off her tiny pixie feet, in a deeply romantic gesture, he took her little feet in her hands.

“Feet so very tiny and perfect, it’s amazing you can even walk on such tiny little ones.” He remarked to her, smiling lovingly at her.

Freshly pedicured and perfumed, he held these very pretty little appendages in his hands as, her back arching, stretching her arms above her head, her mind reeling, she felt more than watched as he brushed his lips slowly over them – kissing them, worshipping them as he tasted her soft, sweet skin, gently nibbling at her pretty little painted toes.

“Careful now,” she whispered, gasping; “No fair ruining the paint job!”

Holding her tiny, prettily shaped legs he covered them slowly with kisses as each kiss burned with deep, soul-penetrating passion as his lips burned deeply into her body, covering her pretty legs with kisses.

Opening her legs, her body reeled as he tasted slowly between her legs, kissing the insides of her thighs – teasingly, slowly, maddeningly as he waited for him to thrust deeply into her – her body starving for his. She gasped hard, her body convulsing as she held her hands on her stomach, pressing deeply into it as he kissed her pussy softly, like a mouth – brushing his lips slowly over it as he tasted the warm, sweet, wet taste of those “lips.”

Slowly, expertly he played with her heaving belly, pressing his thumb deeply into her navel, the sensation like stabbing lara escort her with a dagger as he slowly began licking deeply inside of her, first brushing his tongue on her lips, then teasing inside as she opened up, spreading her legs widely as he stroked his tongue deeply inside of her.

Oh, GOD she just wanted him to FUCK her eyeballs out, and totally ravage her belly rather than this, becoming impatient – but OHHH, GOD this was so good!!!! Expertly, he used his nose to gently caress her upper “vee” as his tongue explored deeply inside her. Holding his head, she pulled him deeply into her as she ravenously caressed and ground her pelvis into his mouth – his nose stroking and massaging her.

Her body arching, her belly deeply sunken in and heaving in and out with every gasp, he thrilled watching it move in and out as he impaled her navel with his thumb – loving every single gasp she gave as he stabbed deeply into her navel, grasping his hand and helping him, the pain mixed with the pressure bringing on a pleasure she anguished for. She had NEVER found someone who loved her this way, NEVER!!!! And, here he was – pleasing her in every single way she had never deemed possible but had always craved.

As he expertly caressed, kissed and tasted her, with a sharp cry, her body rising, she released, flooding his mouth with her nectar as she orgasmed deeply, her body writhing like a cobra – arching and lifting, belly dancing and swaying as a sweet, white-hot lightning bolt shot through her body as if she had just been impaled by a javelin – her arms above her head, arching.

Their bodies covered with the sweet sweat of sexual exertion, his tongue moved over her, tasting every inch of her, loving her navel so very deeply as she flipped over on him.

Riding his chest, she caressed her reddened navel deeply into his mouth as she felt his deep need, pressing her gasping, writhing belly hard and deep into his face. His tongue riding and stabbing deeply into her navel she gasped as his actions kept her on top of an ocean of pure ecstasy, every thrust of his tongue like a fresh jab with a dagger, deeply into her belly – her navel sore from abuse, the stinging pain heightening her pleasure.

Riding downward, she pressed down onto him, his manhood swelled and ready, dripping with his deep need as she belly danced on top of him. Thrusting deeply into her, each thrust accompanied by deep groans from the both of them, she arched back, laying back on her legs as his hands caressed, shivering over her sunken, soft belly as he loved her.

Her hands finding it, she took the table knife from off the coffee table next to them, as she sat up, watching his eyes as he pumped and thrust deeply inside of her. Placing the “dagger” against her navel, she arched back as she “offered” herself to him, pulling the dagger deeply and slowly into her navel. Fortunately dull, the knife never-the-less hurt as she pulled it hard and cruelly into her navel a small cry leaving her lips as she lay back, her head back, her eyes closed as she “offered” herself to him totally – again and again, holding the table knife like a dagger as she alternately jabbed herself deeply into her navel as he watched. His body totally on fire, he pressed and stroked deeply inside of her, trying side escort to fuck her navel from inside of her as he watched her dancing and reeling for him – his body being incinerated by his deep need for her as he watched her “sacrifice” herself for him – right in her navel.

Finding a little jar of cherry juice on the coffee table, from a now-empty container of maraschino cherries, she poured some of the juice on her navel – blood!

As it slowly dribbled down her tummy, “blood” seeping from her navel she again arched back as she gave herself totally to him.

Erupting as if it was his first, his mind totally reeled in this deep, fiery sensation as he filled her – his body convulsing and gyrating as he watched his “dark” belly dancer totally giving herself to him – as she also rode her second – a deep long gasp and cry gushing from their parched throats.

Holding her waist, his hands caressing and moving down her back and her ass, her legs, as far down as he could reach, they lay in each other’s grasp, totally exhausted.

Rolling over onto her back, she sighed deeply, still riding her second orgasm as she felt his tongue exploring her deeply sore navel, licking and removing every vestige of cherry juice as his mouth again memorized her soft tummy, her legs wrapped around him, her tiny, pretty feet gently caressing his legs as she loved him with every part of her.

Oh, what a very SWEET sensation as his arms lay wrapped around his pretty little baby, his head resting on her belly, his lips slowly kissing that lovely, pronounced navel mound as he searched for and gently kissed that lovely little bauble.

Time passed unnoticed as they experienced the sweetest of dreams they had ever had as they lay curled in each others arms.

He found himself waking to her slowly dressing herself – happily watching him. He wanted to play again and, seeing her soft, pretty tummy peeking out from her button shirt, he reached for her..

“Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!” She said, backing up. “Not now, you should SEE the damage you caused!

Her mouth pouting in a fake, little-girl pout, “crying”, she separated the tails as he sat up, holding her tiny, pretty waist as he gently pulled her close.

“You MEAN, Evil Man!!!! Look what you did to my innie!”

The tails separating, it revealed a very red, raw navel – most definitely having been abused.

“I am going home to get some ointment on this!”

“Oh, PLEASE!!!” He cried.

“NO!!!! Not for a few days – it’s going to take ALL of it to get my little button healed!” Stomping her tiny little feet, she cried out: “See what you did, you MEAN MAN, you!”

“I’m sorry!” He sighed, not really sorry at all, but yet, doing a fairly good job of faking it.

“You’ll just have to wait!” Then, slowly sashaying up to him as she finished putting her cutoffs on, she said: “Then, I’ll let you play with my little tummy some more – you SWEET, Wicked Man!” She said with a wink as, still barefoot, she swayed to the door as he gazed at that sweet, white, curvy waist, giving her little tush a wiggle as she glanced backwards, winking at him and blowing him a kiss before exiting out the door in a rush.

He lay there, staring up at the ceiling, his hands behind his head, visions of her lovely body reeling through his mind like a movie on high-speed as he thought;

“Oh, GOD! Every moment will be sheer torture until . . . . . . . . my very SWEET, Dark belly dancer returns.” A wide, Cheshire-Cat grin spreading across his face, he mused: “I wonder what’s next?”

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