Mounted Troopers New Recruits

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Mounted Troopers New Recruits
Mounted Troopers are highly trained and disciplined male soldiers they patrol on horseback and wear a distinctive uniform chosen by their beloved female leader called Captain Angel, the uniform consists of skintight white lycra riding tights, black knee length riding boots, white shirt and a red cropped riding jacket. Captain Angel chose the uniforms herself to show off the male body, in particular the most intimate parts of the male anatomy the penis and testicles and to enhance the troopers muscular bottoms. The seam of the tights separates the troopers testicles and runs up the erect and upright shaft of the soldiers penis.

Captain Angel insists the tights are worn like a second skin and to reinforce her message she and her lover, a young 20 year old girl called Emma, wear similar uniforms, theirs are glossy black lycra riding tights, black thigh length boots and black cropped riding jackets. The riding tights are worn next to the skin and are held in place with a leather belt the seam of the tights digging deep into the women’s vaginas and separating the pert cheeks of their bottoms.

There are many depraved and lewd tales that come from the fortress where Captain Angel rules her troopers with an iron fist using cock and ball torture to keep unruly soldiers in their place and encouraging her female servants to use the troopers as sex toys when they wish. Captain Angel and her lover Emma often choose a different mounted soldier each night to join them in their chambers for a night of debauched and often unforgiving sex, Angel herself loves ruining a troopers orgasm and is expert in the art of cum denial bringing a soldier close to orgasm before stopping and leaving the poor trooper frustrated and desperate to shoot his load! Cruel yes but it shows who’s boss.

One of the most depraved servants in the fortress was the seamstress, she was responsible for the mounted troopers uniforms she made them, repaired them and cleaned them, the seamstress was the oldest woman Captain Angel employed, she was 63 years old and loved nothing more than sexual encounters with the mounted troopers, the younger the better as far as she was concerned!

The youngest troopers were the new recruits, they came to the fortress as soon as they became consenting adults, the males in this society are few and far between the female sex being the more dominant gene, males were no longer needed for sexual reproduction merely for the sexual gratification of women. All males were recruited into the mounted troopers upon turning 16, also the age they could legally have sex. It was tradition that the boys mother would arrange for a prostitute to service her son on his birthday thus breaking his virginity and preparing him for life in the fortress.

New recruits coming to the fortress didn’t happen often and when they did Captain Angel always insisted on greeting them herself after all she was the one who would lead the youngsters training for the next two years. It was in the spring when two new recruits were brought to the fortress by their mothers, they had both turned 16 a few days earlier and had both enjoyed the attention of local prostitutes paid for by their mothers. The boys and their mothers approached the fortress and rang the bell outside the large wooden gates, they were all nervous, the mothers close to tears knowing they wouldn’t see their sons for the next two years, Captain Angel always wanted the new recruits to be separated from their mothers until training was complete.

They rang the bell and slowly the gates were opened by two troopers who had been assigned guard duty for that day, the troopers were in their traditional uniforms it was the first time the new recruits had been so close to a mounted trooper and both of them couldn’t help but look and admire the soldiers in their smart if revealing uniforms. One of the mothers commented on how the two boys would soon be wearing the same outfit while both women’s gaze were transfixed by the troopers well defined and sizeable penis and testicles, both mothers bit their lips it had been a while since they’d experienced a male and these two mounted troopers would make magnificent fuck toys!

One of the troopers led the mothers and sons through to Captain Angels private chambers where the Captain and Emma were waiting to greet them, he knocked on the door and when summoned he opened it and went in followed by the slightly anxious group. Captain Angel couldn’t help noticing the mothers staring at the troopers well defined bottom as he walked in front of them!

The Captain commented “I take it you like my trooper in his riding tights?” The two women both nodded, “Well maybe you both can stay and enjoy our hospitality I’m sure this trooper would keep you entertained and I can find you another so you have one each!”

The two mothers blushed but agreed they would like that very much their two sons looking slightly embarrassed by the idea of their mothers fucking a mounted trooper! “Don’t worry my young recruits you won’t see what your mothers get up to, now here’s what’s going to happen in a moment you will be taken to the seamstresses workshop there she will measure you for your uniforms and get you dressed according to my rules, as you can see from this fine trooper his uniform fits him like a second skin pay attention to his intimate area.” With that she cupped the troopers lycra clad testicles and ran her hand up his erect penis encased in the restrictive material. “You see how his testicles are separated and the seam runs up his erect, upright cock? This is very important and if I turn him around notice how the seam goes between his buttocks.” With that she turned the trooper round to show off his muscular backside, “I know your mothers have already admired this aspect of my troopers uniform, now he will take you to the seamstress so you can be mesmerised by his sexy tight bottom wriggling in front of you, I’m guessing your mothers haven’t had a male for some time boys!” With that she laughed slapped the troopers shiny tight bottom and playfully pushed him towards the increasingly horny mothers.

The mounted trooper led the way again, it was only a short walk to the seamstresses workshop but on the way the mothers and sons passed several more mounted soldiers the mothers almost drooling over the fit young troopers imagining what was to come later! One thing was for certain the trooper in front of them was definitely going to get ridden and ridden hard!

The trooper opened the door to the seamstresses workshop and ushered the mothers and sons in, there sitting at a workbench was the seamstress a mature 63 year old woman with long silvery hair, she was very attractive and as the group entered she stood up, she was quite statuesque with a shapely figure. All of the females who worked in the fortress wore the same uniform designed by Captain Angel it was very simply a skintight black lycra mini dress that just finished below the buttocks, any female servant that bent over would expose her most intimate areas as again Captain Angel insisted that nothing be worn underneath. This was another way Angel enforced her power and authority over her servants, being a full blooded, highly sexed bi-sexual Captain Angel often surprised her female workers with a quick finger fuck, she would sneak up behind the unsuspecting woman and put her hand under her mini dress and insert a finger into the surprised girls sweaty vagina. Captain Angel had the ability to make any woman cum within a few seconds often making them squirt during the process!

The seamstress addressed the mounted trooper first, “hello darling I haven’t seen you for a while I’ve missed our intimate times together!” Clearly the seamstress had fucked this particular trooper on a few occasions! She continued “we should get together again soon but I think tonight judging by the way these mothers are ogling your bottom I think you maybe busy!” She then looked at the new young recruits and then shamelessly added, “but I think I maybe busy as well!”

The mounted trooper left leaving the horny mothers and their now intrigued sons to face the seamstress, at that point Captain Angel and Emma entered the workshop they always liked to watch the seamstress work and in particular her unique way of measuring new recruits for their skintight riding tights, the seamstress said “OK boys I need you to strip naked for me!” The two boys looked round at their mothers who nodded their heads as if to say you’d better do as she says.

The two boys nervously and somewhat awkwardly undressed until they were both stark naked in front of not only three women they had only just met but also their mothers! “OK very good now I need to measure you both.” The seamstress approached the first boy who was covering his crotch with his hands, “You can’t be shy here sweetheart lift your arms above your head for me.” The boy did as he was told unwilling to disobey this formidable woman, the seamstress measured his waist, his outside leg from hip to floor and then things got intimate! She knelt in front of him his flaccid penis now level with her face then with one hand she pushed his penis and testicles to one side then she poked the end of her tape measure into the boys crotch! “Oh sorry sweetheart was that a bit of a shock?” The boy nodded but the seamstress carried on aware that the mothers had both gasped in shock at her slightly rough treatment of this young man, she measured his inside leg from deep up his crotch to the floor the poor boy genitals were held to one side for more time than the seamstress needed until she was done.

Now Captain Angel and Emma knew the seamstress didn’t need the boys to be naked to be measured but she always did it, she loved groping male genitalia and she wasn’t finished yet! She measured the recruits chest and got his boot size and then she moved on. “OK you’re next!” She walked to the other boy and administered the same treatment, again the mothers gasped, the poor boy flinched and Angel and Emma tried not to laugh.

“OK I’ve got what I need I’ll go see what I have in stock.” With that she went through to her store room and after a couple of minutes she returned with two new uniforms, two pairs of white riding tights, two red cropped riding jackets, two crisp white shirts, two leather belts and two pairs of knee length riding boots. “What I now need is to dress you both Emma will help me, first thing is to get you both erect!” The boys and their mothers looked shocked did she just say she was going to get them erect? Captain Angel explained “ You’ve seen my mounted troopers they always have erections in their tights, it’s the constant rubbing of the lycra that keeps them hard and oozing precum.”

The seamstress approached one of the boys and took his penis in her hand, Emma did the same with the other boy and they both started massaging their young cocks. The mothers looked on shocked at what they were seeing but Captain Angel asked a simple question, “surely you’ve seen your sons wanking?” Both mothers nodded and admitted they had watched their sons masturbating and indeed shooting their loads. This was not uncommon in this society where mothers watched their sons and daughters masturbating.

Soon the two young recruits were erect, “careful you don’t make them cum!” Captain Angel said, “or we’ll have to wait for them to get horny again!” Emma and the seamstress laughed and released the boys now rock hard cocks, Emma wiped her hand down her lycra covered thigh the boy she had been playing with had dribbled precum onto her palm, she didn’t mind though being a complete cum slut she loved male juices on her!

Now it was time to dress the new recruits and the riding tights were the first garment to go on, the seamstress took control of the situation. “Ok Emma help your young man into his tights and I’ll dress mine.” The two women got the boys to sit down on a wooden bench and knelt in front of them they then carefully slid the tights onto the boys feet before pulling them up to the boys knees, the recruits were then told to stand up and Emma and the seamstress pulled the riding tights up to the boys waists. “Make sure they are dressed to my rules!” Captain Angel ordered.

The seamstress and Emma took time to adjust the boys riding tights to Captain Angels exacting standards, seams separating the testicles and the erect penis pointing north with the seam going straight up the middle of the youngsters cocks, they then pulled the tights up as tight as possible almost lifting the boys off the floor, the seams of their tights digging between their firm young buttocks and rubbing against their arse holes, the tights were then held in place with a leather belt the waist band of the tights was wrapped around it to make sure the riding tights were not going to fall down or sag.

Following that the women dressed the new recruits in their shirts which were tight fitting, cropped riding jackets which left the young soldiers bottoms exposed and finally they put their new riding boots on, “You look very smart and sexy!” Captain Angel commented, “Let me inspect you more closely.” With that she walked over to her new charges and had a good look and grope of the youngsters riding tights clad genitals, both boys were oozing precum making the tights transparent around the tips of their cocks, of course Angel couldn’t help noticing. “Looks like you two enjoyed that experience?” She playfully ran her fingers up the boys erect shafts and massaged the precum around the tips of their by now aching cocks, the boys mothers looked on realising that all the stories of debauched sexual activity within the fortress were not myths.

One of the mothers commented that the boys riding tights weren’t lycra but were instead opaque white nylon and that she could see the youngsters cocks through the material! The seamstress explained, “we don’t put recruits in lycra tights until they are fully trained, all the troopers had to spend two years in opaque tights.”

Captain Angel added, “it’s my way of enforcing discipline using a touch of humiliation, these boys will have to learn that until they are fully trained they will have to endure their most intimate areas being visible to their comrades and to the women in the local villages, until I am satisfied that they are highly trained and disciplined troopers I will not let them wear lycra riding tights and yes I know these tights are slightly transparent and that with sweat and cum they will become completely see through I don’t care that’s how I do things, if they feel humiliated and exposed that’s tough they need to get over it, they also need to get used to their comrades and the village women seeing them in a uniform that leaves nothing to the imagination!”

The mothers realised that Captain Angels reputation as a hard, strict ruler was true, they had heard the tales of cock and ball torture being used as punishment and hoped their sons wouldn’t have to endure any of that!

Captain Angel turned to the two mothers, “Ok it’s time for you to leave, you may enjoy our hospitality tonight one of my troopers will take you to our recreation room there you can have something to eat and drink and if you want you can make use of the trooper who caught your attention earlier I am sure by the way you were both ogling him that he turned you on, Emma go and get the trooper who escorted these ladies earlier and find another suitable soldier so these poor cock hungry mothers have one each to play with” Emma nodded and dutifully left the room returning a few minutes later with two mounted troopers in tow.

“I trust these two will satisfy you both?” The visibly aroused mothers nodded in agreement and with that they were taken to the recreation room by the extremely fit and orgasm inducing troopers!

Captain Angel turned to Emma and the seamstress and whispered, “I don’t think it will take much stimulation for those two mothers to reach orgasm in fact I bet their cunts are already dripping!” The women collapsed in laughter the seamstress laughing so hard she slightly pissed herself much to the amusement of Angel and Emma, “Oh dear seamstress you’ve sprung a leak! Look boys this poor old woman has pissed herself!” Captain Angel pointed at the small puddle of urine on the floor. “Yeah very funny!” The seamstress replied, “but I’ll be leaking more than piss later!” She walked over to the two young soldiers and said, “You two are mine tonight!”

“I assume from that statement you will be entertaining my newest troopers tonight then?” Captain Angel enquired. “Well yes Captain if that’s Ok with you, but if you want to fuck them first then of course you can have them.” The seamstress heard herself say that sentence and then thought what the fuck am I talking about? Captain Angel responded “You have them, but we are coming to watch you break these boys in and don’t be surprised if I join in at some point!”

The “we” Angel referred to was of course her and her young lover Emma, when Angel and Emma weren’t fucking each other senseless they often went to the recreation room to watch their troopers being fucked by village women and the other female servants, sordid group sex sessions were a personal favourite of Captain Angel and she often walked around the room during these orgies sliding her fingers into whatever intimate holes she could find, maybe the anus of troopers in the middle of thrusting themselves into a wet cunt, it certainly got their attention, or perhaps the vagina of one of the servants as she was giving a blow job to one of the horny mounted soldiers? Angel didn’t care what she did when it came to carnal pleasure she was a filthy slut who had no problem returning to her chambers at night covered in the cum of several troopers and village women, often she would attend the morning inspections of her soldiers with cum stains on her glossy black lycra riding tights from the night before!

Later that night Captain Angel and Emma visited the recreation room, once a week a selected group of village women were invited to the fortress to use the mounted troopers as sex toys tonight was that night. The recreation room was basically a large dimly lit hall filled with comfortable chairs and tables, at one end there was a bar serving food and drinks and everywhere you looked there was some kind of sex act taking place.

As the two women entered the room Emma commented, “God this place reeks of sex, all I can smell is sweaty cunt!” Angel replied “I know doesn’t it make you wet?” There were groans and screams of ecstasy from all over the room as various women came close to and achieved orgasm, over in one dark corner Emma spotted the two mothers who had bought their sons in earlier that day. They were certainly making use of their chosen troopers, both soldiers had there riding tights pulled down to just below their testicles, both soldiers had been laid down on low wooden benches and both soldiers were being ridden hard the two women straddling a trooper each and grinding away on top.

Captain Angel and Emma walked over to watch the fun both of them feeling very aroused by what they saw, the two mothers had lifted their skirts and lowered themselves onto the mounted troopers hard shafts, judging by the state of the troopers riding tights it was clear that both the mothers had already cum. “Look at the state of those soldiers tights Emma, I’m guessing our guests have squirted a few times already!” As soon as Captain Angel said that one of the mothers orgasmed her sexual juices flowing down the troopers rock hard penis and soaking his testicles and tights.

Emma was feeling as horny as hell and couldn’t resist joining in, she went over to the one mother who was close to orgasm her eyes were rolled back in her head, she was riding reverse cowgirl on the erection of the mounted trooper and she steadied herself by clinging on to his lycra clad thighs, without any warning Emma slid her finger up the woman’s anus, the shocked mother gasped with surprise before suddenly releasing her juice over the trooper lying underneath her, Emma continued finger fucking the mothers sweaty anus forcing the woman to cum over and over again! Captain Angel decided to look for entertainment elsewhere she knew who she was looking for and when she spotted them she went straight over.

The objects of Angels desire were the seamstress and the two young recruits, they were sitting on a sofa just across the room, the seamstress was sitting with a young tights clad boy either side of her, her hands were deliberately placed on the boys thighs and she was provocatively rubbing their legs, her hands sliding over the white opaque tights getting ever closer to the young recruits tights covered testicles!

Captain Angel stood in front of the trio observing the mature seamstress and noting how both boys were leaking precum through their riding tights. “If your not careful you’re going to make them cum in their tights and that would be a waste of lovely hot spunk, surely you want them to fill you up rather than just fill up their riding tights!”

The seamstress looked up at Captain Angel her eyes travelling up and down Angels fit body, she asked,“Judging by your deep camel toe in your riding tights I’m guessing you’re horny as fuck?” Angel nodded, she was indeed horny and her cunt was wet, the smell within the room was enough to turn her on, add to that the noises of the village women cumming, the unmistakable squelching sounds of hard throbbing penises penetrating wet hungry vaginas and the sight of her mounted troopers being seriously fucked by cock hungry sluts it was fair to say Captain Angel wanted to fuck and she had decided she was going to fuck these young boys along with the seamstress.

Angel pointed at one of the young recruits, “I want you, seamstress pull his riding tights down for me!” The seamstress dutifully did as she was told with the boy still sitting down she removed his belt and pulled his tights down just enough to expose his young hard penis, Captain Angel walked over and lowered herself down onto the boys lap allowing her lycra clad cunt to rub against the boys erect shaft, she then whispered in his ear. “You’re not going to cum on my glossy black riding tights are you?” The boy shook his head he wouldn’t dare do that! Captain Angel continued, “Good because I want to feel you shoot your hot load deep inside me.”

With that she stood up, removed the leather belt holding her tights up and pulled the skintight lycra down to the tops of her boots, she stood in front of the young recruit looking powerful and dominant, her muscular thighs glistening with sweat, her shaved vagina wet with excitement, she turned around showing the boy her pert bottom and then lowered herself down sitting on his erection. Slowly she allowed the boys penis to penetrate her until she had taken his entire length, reverse cowgirl was one of Angels favourite positions and she knew it wouldn’t take long for this boy to unload himself inside her. The other boy sat looking on at what this sexy woman was doing to his new friend, he was close enough to see and hear his young comrades penis sliding into Angels wet, sweaty cunt.

The seamstress noticed this and also spotted the now steady stream of precum oozing through the boys riding tights, now it was her turn to take charge, how often would a 63 year old woman get the chance to fuck a 16 year old? “Now baby I think we should make use of that lovely precum that is starting to dribble down your tights clad cock, now stand up in front of me!” She undid the leather belt and pulled the boys white opaque tights down to the top of his boots but rather than making use of his erection which was brushing against her face, she turned the boy round, bent him over and started rimming his arse hole knowing all too well that this would drive him wild!

Unbeknownst to the seamstress and to Captain Angel the two boys mothers were watching, they may have been riding their chosen troopers cocks but they had a good view of what the seamstress and Angel were doing to their sons! Watching these sordid acts turned them both on to a whole new level and suddenly they had huge squirting orgasms drenching the soldiers beneath them! Both mothers screamed as they released their cum over the cocks of their troopers.

The seamstress wanted the boys cock inside her but, unlike Captain Angel, she wanted the boy up her sweaty arse hole. She got, the by now very horny youngster, to sit back down next to Captain Angel who was busy fucking her new toy, the seamstress then lifted her lycra dress and lowered herself onto her boys penis holding it in her hand to guide it into her tight anus. “Don’t worry baby you won’t hurt me just gently push your pretty pink prick inside my arse hole.” The boy did as he was told until the seamstress had taken his whole length up her arse, she then rode the young recruits cock sliding up and down his erect shaft every time she made sure she went right down to his testicles.

Then the inevitable happened, “Oh baby you’ve cum in my arse! Did you enjoy that? Well I hope you did because now it’s my turn to cum over you!” The horny mature woman kept the boys cock inside her anus, she had his whole shaft inside her then she started masturbating her vagina and clitoris. The sensation of her arse being full of cock and cum and her fingering herself soon led to a powerful orgasm, she squirted her juice over the young boy and let out a loud scream of ecstasy as she did.

Meanwhile Captain Angel had made her young recruit cum inside her hot tight vagina, she could feel his penis softening inside her so she lifted herself off and stood in front of him, she pushed her sweaty wet cunt into his face, “lick me and make me cum!” She ordered, the young soldier of course did as he was told licking and sucking on Angels most intimate area until she too had a huge orgasm soaking him in her hot juice.

The rest of the night continued in the same way, Captain Angel, the seamstress and Emma fucked as many troopers as they could, the seamstress focusing on the younger soldiers as usual and Angel and Emma indulging themselves in some hot lesbian action in between fucking their mounted troopers, the new recruits were hijacked by a village woman who took great pleasure in performing oral on both of them, the dirty bitch knew exactly where their young hard cocks had been, Captain Angels cunt and the seamstresses arse hole but she didn’t care.

As for the boys mothers they certainly enjoyed themselves making full use of the two mounted troopers they had chosen, along with a couple more! They had also both watched their sons being used and fucked by two experienced women, a sight which certainly got their vaginas throbbing just ask the two soldiers they were riding at the time, those mounted troopers riding tights were soaked in the women’s juices and would take a long time to dry out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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