Motivation Ch. 01

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Signore Calcio for his story suggestion and editing to make this a better story.

John Kettering was disappointed and puzzled. Maybe most of all, he was frustrated. Being the head football coach at a small high school in football crazy Texas was at best not an easy job. It didn’t matter how many kids the school had enrolled – or not – the locals expected the football team to be a winner. This, in spite of the fact that the school’s team had not finished better than 5-5 in the last dozen years.

John had been the head coach at Graham High School for the last four years. Every year so far their record had improved but they had always missed out on the playoffs. Someone in their district had always been just a little bit better. Even so the school’s stadium, which seated 7,437, was sold out for every game; if the opposition didn’t sell their allotment of tickets, Graham HS always had a waiting list. They even sold standing room only tickets for places against the chain link fence that circled the track around the field. That meant that more than three-quarters of the town’s population was in the stadium for home games. High school football fans in Texas really were fanatics.

This year John had been planning, scheming, studying ways to make sure that this was their year. He had a group of seven boys returning for their senior year, every one of them an 18 year old by the time practice started in August. For a school the size of Graham, that was a pot of gold, a passel of talent to call upon.

John just had to make sure that he used that talent well. The squad would have a final number somewhere around 35 to 40 boys, although at least 12 to 18 of them would have no hope at all of getting into any games this year. They were freshman and sophomores who needed lots of development before they were game-ready. He would depend on the core of seniors to lead a promising group of juniors and a few excellent sophomores who were ready to contribute.

Now with August winding down and school having started just three days ago, he was worried. For some reason he couldn’t fathom, his seniors seemed to be sleep-walking through the plays during practice. They were doing an adequate job – just adequate, not outstanding as they should be at this point in the season. John and his assistants had talked about the situation and discussed every possible solution they could think of but nothing worked. The guys just seemed to want to get it over, not put out the effort to win. Now John was about to the point of pulling out his hair.

John had even talked about the situation with his wife, Mary Beth. He respected her opinion especially when it came to sporting activities because she had been a Physical Education teacher at Graham for nine of her 31 years, ever since she had graduated from the University of Texas as an All-America in basketball and a four year starter on the women’s nationally ranked softball team.

While Mary Beth didn’t have any panacea for the situation, she suspected that it was all a matter of motivation for the boys. After all, they were all from the farming communities of the surrounding area and she had guessed that the reality of their situation had begun to settle in.

The average boy who graduated from Graham High School went no further with his education. Instead he joined the family farming business and worked from “can” to “can’t” as the farmers said, usually from sunup to sundown almost every day. For those who would be working on a dairy farm, there were no days off – ever.

The Ketterings had been discussing the boys’ lack of interest for the last couple of weeks every chance they got. Mary Beth had a fleeting thought about something that might motivate the boys but then pushed it to the back of her mind as she headed to work that Wednesday. She always drove her car rather than riding with John because, during the football season, he always stayed late to view films and scouting reports. She had a full slate of five girls’ PE classes to handle every day, but then liked to get home in time to have dinner ready for John when he came in.

When she arrived at school, she went to the office first to check her mail slot for any notes. There was one saying the Jolene Watkins would miss the fourth period PE class for illness. There were two catalogs from sports equipment suppliers who wanted to get her to purchase their products. There was a copied flyer from the girls’ basketball coach at Brownwood inquiring about interest in a tournament in their facility in January. Then there was a “while you were out” note from the secretary telling Mary Beth that Mr. Kennedy, the principal, wanted to see her during her third period break; the note didn’t say what it was about.

The first two classes were routine and since she had another class fourth period, Mary Beth didn’t bother to change out of her bahis firmaları gym uniform when she went to the principal’s office. She had worn a white knit shirt with a deep V-shaped opening in the front. She knew it showed a lot of her 36D cup breasts, and she insured that she bought bras that would only cover the necessities. She was proud of the deep valley between them and didn’t see a need to cover it up. She also wore a pair of white denim shorts that were tight enough to require a few minutes work pulling them on or getting them off. Her muscular legs filled the leg openings on the shorts. She wore white tennis shoes that she kept sparkling clean and white bobby socks. She finished her ensemble by tying her long dish-water blonde hair in the back with a blue and white ribbon, the school colors.

As Mary Beth walked the halls between classes dodging the crowds of students, she was aware that she drew the stares of the young men all along the hall. Occasionally there would even be a wolf whistle but she never turned to acknowledge those. Secretly she was thrilled that she could elicit such responses from the young men. She even “saw” some of them as her lover by closing her eyes when she and John were in the throes of passion, pondering what it would be like to sample the throbbing probes of the younger men. She sighed as she opened the outer door to the office.

Mr. Kennedy spotted her in the hubbub of the office and signaled her into his private sanctuary. After he closed the door, the noise lessened noteably.

“Uh … thank you for coming down, Mrs. Kettering. We have a little problem with scheduling and I’ve taken the liberty of implementing a solution. I don’t know if you’ve heard by the grapevine yet but Mr. Sanders was diagnosed with congenital heart failure yesterday. He’s going to be out for at least six to eight weeks, maybe more. Right now the only substitutes on our availability list are already working. I checked around the nearby schools but no one has anyone so we’re going to have to make do with what we have. That means I have five boys’ PE classes to cover. Mr. Pennington will give me most of his assistant principal’s duties for now and he will cover the first, second and third period boys’ PE. Mr. Abbott and Mr. Dent will split fourth period. That leaves us only with fifth period, which as you know is the senior boys football players’ class. It is a small class – only seven boys in it. If I could impose on you to take that class, I can get Miss Jenkins to handle your girls’ class.”

“I know it can be a pain for a woman to handle a boys’ class but I thought you might be up to it, since you’re also the coach’s wife. Can you help us out?”

“Well … that sounds like a challenge, Mr. Kennedy. Yes, I’m willing to do that. Do we start today?”

“Yes, please. I’ll take care of having Miss Jenkins there for the girls if you’ll meet the boys. They always meet their teacher in the locker room for assignments before the class so you can start there. Okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Kettering. I know you’ll do a good job.”

Mary Beth went to the teachers’ lounge for the remainder of her off period. She had just 24 minutes left to put her thoughts together and come up with a lesson plan. Since school was just getting started, she figured she had a free hand in scheduling activities for the boys. She

decided that it was time for her to take a hand at motivating these seven seniors and helping John out with his problem.

Fourth period she divided the girls into teams and set up a round robin volleyball tournament which would last into the following week. After the first round, she sent them to the showers in time to get ready for their next class.

John Kettering finished his fourth period American History class by giving out the next assignment just as the bell rang. He gathered everything he would need at home that evening to prepare for the next day and headed to the school’s gymnasium. Normally he would go to the football coaches’ offices, located off the training room at the far end of the

gym, and do any last minute preparation, like play diagramming, and be ready for the start of football practice as soon as sixth period began. It always took the players several minutes into the period to get dressed and out onto the practice field but the head coach had the advantage of an extra 55 minutes prep time.

Today, however, John decided on a little detour. He would drop by the PE teachers’ offices and tell Mary Beth that he was going to take her to dinner that evening after practice. She had been working hard, both at school and at home, and deserved a little break. John dropped his book bag at the entrance to the boys’ dressing room and decided to go into the restroom area and take a leak before he looked up his wife.

John was standing in front of one of the urinals “shaking the dew off his lily” when he realized he was listening to the voice of his wife drifting through one of the air ducts in the ceiling. He stopped humming kaçak iddaa whatever that mindless tune was that had been bugging him all day and

listened to Mary Beth, who obviously was talking to someone.

“By now, you’ve probably all heard that Mr. Sanders is sick and will not be able to return to school for several weeks. Mr. Kettering has asked me to take over this class until other arrangements can be made. That may be a few days or it may be several weeks. However long it takes, I intend to run this class my way and you will follow my instructions or you will be out of here. By the way, if you get tossed out of this class, you will also be off the football team for the rest of the season. Do I make myself clear?”

There was a startled chorus of assent from the seven boys and their heads jerked up from where they had been staring at the floor to look at the voluptuous woman standing before them.

Mary Beth began to pace along the bench in front of the boys. “Now, Coach Kettering has made me aware that the seven of you are not pulling your weight on the football team. You guys are the seniors on the team. You are expected to be the leaders. However, it seems that you can’t get motivated enough to do your jobs. Why is that?”

There was no answer, just a slight shaking of their heads. The boys all had solemn looks on their faces as if they were facing a firing squad with no way out.

“What would it take to motivate you to do you job better, Kevin? Jason? Tommy? Come on, Paul, tell me. What would it take, William? Leslie? Gary?”

There was silence for several seconds and then one of the voices squeaked, “Sex.”

The other guys turned to the speaker as if he had just said, “Fire!” to the guys holding the rifles. It wasn’t like the guys didn’t talk about sex every day at lunch in the cafeteria. In fact that was often the only topic of conversation. They talked about what it would be like to have sex with every girl in school, even the ones they considered to be fat and ugly, and the female teachers did not escape their attention – or imaginations – either. Certainly Mary Beth Kettering was often a topic of their fantasies. Every one of these boys had secretly undressed her and fucked her until she cried uncle … in their minds. But to admit that to someone so untouchable as the coach’s wife was unforgivably embarrassing.

“Okay, I heard that. So you like sex, huh? Do you get as much as you want?”

She looked from one to another but the boys just silently shook their heads. Mary Beth also knew that the boys were in the habit of following her movements when she went about her job and they were in the area. Although she would never tell them, she enjoyed their attention. Well, maybe she would tell them.

Swiftly she pulled her knit shirt over her head and dropped it on the bench. She had the boys’ attention now. Putting both hands behind her back, she popped open the hooks holding her bra and let it fall to the floor. She rubbed her big tits, knowing from the boys expressions that

they wanted to be all over her.

“So would these babies motivate you to do your jobs? Do you like these?”

Each one of the boys nodded like an eager little puppy. Mary Beth almost laughed – she had them eating out of her hand.

“So what would it take to get you guys to play football the way you know you can? What would it take to get you to work as hard as you’re capable? Would it be this?”

Her hands dropped to her waistband and began unfastening her shorts. She watched them almost drooling as they watched her fingers shove the tight shorts down her luscious legs until she kicked them off. Like a stripper, she toyed with her little white lacy panties. She turned around and bent over, letting the boys see her magnificent round ass and, when she spread her legs, the puffy pussy lips between them.

She moved closer, almost touching the salivating boys. “Do you want some of this, boys? What would you do for some of this? Would you be willing to play as hard as you can?”

There was another chorus of assent, stronger than before. They would do anything for what she was offering – run down opposing backs, hit the line, run through brick walls even.

“Okay, boys, here’s the deal. I’m going to take you at your word today. You are all going to get a sample. If I hear good things about you tonight, tomorrow’s class will all be more of the same. Every day that you play as hard as you can, you get me as a reward the next school

day. If I ever hear that you don’t put out as much effort as you can, you get no more of me. Is that understood?”

The boys all nodded eagerly.

“Okay, take off your shorts. We’ll have to do this in shifts. You four,” she pointed to Kevin, Jason, Tommy and Paul, “come here.”

Mary Beth lay down along an empty bench. She motioned Tommy to straddle the bench and he got the idea. His raging hard-on easily slipped into Mary Beth’s wet snatch. She had Kevin straddle the bench at her head; he knew where his cock was going. kaçak bahis The other two were deployed to each side and a hand on each boy provided their reward. Two of the

remaining spectators found room to kneel beside her and suck on her big tits.

At the sound of her voice, John had looked for a vantage point to see what was happening. He found it in a return air duct high in the tiled wall. He found a metal and wood chair that let him get high enough to see through the slats of the air duct.

At first he had been shocked by his wife’s actions. He knew that the boys of the school coveted his wife’s curvy body and that made him proud that she was his wife. That she would actually offer her delights to these boys was not something he had contemplated.

Jealousy crept into his mind – only to be pushed aside by lust. The more he watched the boys fucking and fondling his wife, the hornier he got. His cock was nearly bursting the front of his pants to the point that it became painful and he quietly unzipped his pants. Taking his

cock in hand, he began to slowly stroke his member as he watched his wife servicing the young men.

When the first group began to break up, he knew she had swallowed a load of cum from Kevin, had received a load in her pussy from Tommy and Jason and Paul had both spurted their loads on her face and tits. He was disappointed when she got up, thinking that she was abandoning the other three. However she came back with a little dispenser of lubricant.

Mary Beth had Gary lie on the bench this time and she sat on his cock. She slathered some of the lube on William’s member and told him to push it into her ass slowly. When he was deep inside her, she took Leslie’s penis in her mouth and began sucking while the other two fucked her. By then John’s cock was as hard as it had ever been and his balls ached

with desire. He stroked himself rapidly until he splattered a very large and satisfying load against the tile wall. Checking the time, he hastily cleaned up, zipped up, put the chair away and hurried to his office.

Wednesday evening, Mary Beth was just pulling baked pork chops from the oven when John walked in and kissed her. As soon as he had put down his book bag and washed up, they sat down to eat.

“How did practice go today, hon?”

“Great! You would not believe the difference in the guys today. They finally caught the bug. They were hitting and tackling harder than they have all season. I couldn’t believe the difference. And then they got on the younger ones for not giving it everything they had. Before practice was over, everyone was really popping leather. It was awesome.”

“Wow! That’s great. Looks like your talks finally got to them.”

“I sure hope so. We’ve got to be ready for Lampasas Friday. It’s going to be a tough game.”

“I know, sugar. But I think you’ll be ready. You’ve worked hard to get here.”

Mary Beth told John about Mr. Kennedy changing her schedule so she could cover the PE class for the senior footballers. She also told him about how all the other teachers had shifted their schedules to make sure all classes were covered.

“I know it’s very unusual for a woman to be assigned to teach a boys PE class but I think I can handle it.”

“Me too, babe. In fact I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job. Just do what you think you need to with them. Right now I think they are being very cooperative. I hope it will stay that way.”

“Yeah, I do too. After all they’re pretty good kids.”

“You’re right there, sweetie. Maybe it was just a case of hormones gone wild or something.”

“Hey, babe?” Mary Beth asked quietly.


“I’m feeling really horny tonight. Any chance we could go to bed a little early?”

“You bet, sugar. Let me take a quick run through tomorrow’s lesson plan, okay?”

“Sure, honey. You do that while I clear the dishes.”

Less than an hour later, they were naked in their big bed and Mary Beth was intent on licking every square inch of John’s skin apparently. She had started with his face, worked down his neck and across his broad shoulders, down his chest and stomach, skipped his crotch to suck his toes and then lick back up both legs, where she settled on his raging erection. John had his eyes closed and was envisioning his beautiful wife with the seven young cocks, knowing that she fully intended to fuck and suck every one of them for the foreseeable future. For some reason, he really couldn’t understand it and didn’t spend too much time analyzing

his feelings. He just knew he was totally turned on by thinking about his wife being screwed by all those virile young men.

Mary Beth was having unusual feelings also. She had always thought that she and John had a good sex life. They fucked three times a week almost without fail, unless something very unusual upset their schedule, most often on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. John almost always made her cum, usually a couple of times. He was not bashful about eating

her pussy and he was a good stud when it came to fucking her. She’d never had any complaints about the way he took care of her. That’s why she didn’t mind taking care of him regularly also. He was a considerate lover.

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