Mother’s Shoe Mystery Pt. 04

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Peggy got home from her girl’s night at 2am. Her feet were aching from wearing high heels all night, and she was very tired. It had been a long, but very exciting day. She made her way up the stairs and stopped at Billy’s door. She just wanted to take a peak and make sure he was ok. She slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open gently, careful not to make any noise that could wake him up. Peggy took a few steps in and stood looking down on her son, with only the light from the hallway to illuminate him. Peggy was beside herself , realizing that Billy had fallen asleep, flat on his back, completely naked.

Her loins were on fire. Her pussy was instantly wet. “God my baby is so fucking hot from head to toe!” she thought to herself. His handsome face. His hairless chest. The beginnings of a six pack. His muscular legs, from all the hiking he does. And of course his magnificent, long, and thick cock. It was flaccid, and laying along his left leg. Even when he wasn’t hard he was impressive. For the first time, since he was a little boy, she saw her sons balls. They didn’t have a lot of hair on them, just like the rest of Billy, but they were quite large. She wasn’t surprised after she saw how voluminous his cum load was in her shoe. Peggy’s left hand went in through the top of her dress and started rubbing her right nipple. Her right hand went under her dress, and pulled her panties aside with her pinky and index finger, allowing her to use her middle and index fingers to start rubbing her already sopping pussy.

She slowly moved her fingers up and down her slit, teasing her clit ever so gently. Her eyes focused on her little boy’s flaccid cock. She pictured crawling onto the bed and nursing his dick back to life, and to it’s full glory, like she had seen just a few hours before. But she knew she couldn’t cross that line. Not yet. She would just enjoy the sight and finger herself to orgasm. Peggy looked up from Billy’s cock, to his face to see if he was stirring at all. He was still fast asleep, but something caught her eye. Billy had something next to his face. She hadn’t noticed when she first walked in, as the light from the hallway only lit up to his chest, but now that her eyes adjusted to the dark she could see he had what looked like a rag, or a bath towel next to his head, which was turned to his left. Peggy reached back to the door and opened it a slight bit more so a little more light could stream in. She stepped closer to his bed and leaned in.

Peggy began to speak to herself in her head.

“Is that…could that really be…no no…why would he…Oh God. He has the panties I wore to work next to his face! I was so sweaty today, and I used the bathroom a while after lunch at work, and I didn’t have time to shower this morning! Oh God they must be so foul! He…he likes the smell of my dirty pussy and ass too!”

Billy had her underwear tuned inside out with the crotch right up to his nostrils. Peggy new she should be disgusted, but somehow she wasn’t. She was actually turned on even more than she was before. Her son lusted for her every essence, and it made her begin to finger herself once again, a little more vigorously this time.

“He must of sneaked into my room while I showered, the little devil.”

She smiled at the thought. She began to wonder how long his fascination with her panties had been around. Had he been doing it for years, she wondered. Peggy realized she had begun to moan from all her fingering, and didn’t want to risk waking Billy up. She went back to her room and fingered herself to orgasm. She was quite the squirter, but she was too tired to change her sheets. She layed there in her juices, and quickly fell asleep.

It was Saturday, and Peggy always hit the gym on Saturdays. She got up at 8am and brewed herself some coffee to help her get going since she was on such little sleep. She thought about taking a shower since she had gone out with her girlfriends last night and had gotten really sweaty on the dance floor, but since she would have to shower when she got home after the gym anyways, she decided to skip it. Off she went to the gym that was just 15 minutes away. She would run some cardio, get on the elliptical, and get on the bikes for a while. Usually she worked out for 2 to 3 hours. She regularly got a lot of looks from both men and women at the gym, and she found it flattering. But that could be distracting, so she just had to focus. This time, focusing wasn’t so easy. She couldn’t control her obsessive thoughts about her son. innovia escort Her increasingly sexual thoughts about her son. How badly she wanted to suck his cock. Make out with it. Worship it. But even more, she started to fantasize about him fucking her with it. Peggy shook her head in anger.

“NO! He is my son! He may be 18 but he is still my little boy! Why am I feeling this way about him!”

Her thoughts of anger at herself were betrayed by the simultaneous images in her mind of her son fucking her on her bed. She wanted him. There was no doubt about it. She started to compromise in her head what she could do with him that would give them both satisfaction, but not cross the line. She finally came up with an idea she could try when she got home from the gym. She wanted to just quit now and get home as quickly as she could, but the she thought,

“Better I have a really long workout, and get as sweaty and smelly as possible for my little boy.”

She purposely didn’t wear socks with her sneakers this time so she could get her feet even sweatier than usual at the gym. She had intended this to leave her shoes out for Billy to enjoy when she went upstairs to shower, but what she had planned now was so much better. Peggy smiled wide.

Peggy got home 3 hours later and as usual on a Saturday, Billy was sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Hi Billy. What are you watching?”

Peggy asked, seeing if he would turn to look at her. Billy kept his gaze on the tv.

“Just watching some cartoons. Nothing too interesting. How was your workout?”

“It was long.” Peggy responded.

“I got really really sweaty, and in my rush this morning I forgot to put on socks. My feet sweat so much, I can feel them squishing when I walk”

This got Billy’s attention real quick, and he whipped his head around, and looked right at his mom’s feet, still with her sneakers on. Realizing his quick head move may have betrayed his interest in her sweaty feet, Billy tried to play it off and stretched while saying,

“Oh that really sucks mom.” And turning his attention back to the TV.

Peggy smiled, and began to walk over to the couch. She passed Billy and sat on the couch to his right. Surprised by this, Billy asked,

“Aren’t you gonna go up and shower since you were just at the gym?”

Peggy turned her head and looked at Billy,

“Well, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor.”

“Sure. What is it mom?”

“Well, you see, I wore my really tall stiletto heels last night, and I worked out for 3 hours today, and well…my feet are really sore. I was hoping maybe, if it’s not to awkward for you, you would massage my feet before I go shower?”

Billy’s eyes immediately opened wide, and his cock started to spring to life. He wondered if he was dreaming, because he had been fantasizing about scenario’s like this for years. And now it appeared it was really happening. Seeing his pause Peggy thought maybe this was too much for him to handle.

“It’s OK Billy, never mind.”

“No I want to!” Billy said abruptly. “I mean sure mom, I’ll do that for you.”

“OK Billy, but only if you are completely sure”

“I’m sure mommy, uh I mean mom.”

“You can call me mommy baby. I like it when you do.”

Peggy smiled at him, and he smiled back.

“Baby, mommy is so tired, would you mind taking off my shoes for me too?”

“Sure mommy. I’d love to help you take them off.”

With that, Peggy scooched her self to the end of the couch so her ankles and feet were across Billy’s lap. She leaned back and with a smile said “I’m ready.”

Billy undid his moms right laces first, then her left laces.

“Oh baby”, Peggy interrupted. “I have to warn you that my feet tend to get very smelly, and they are soaked in my sweat right now. You sure you can handle it?”

Peggy couldn’t help but tease her son without him knowing she was doing it on purpose.

“I’ll deal with it mom, don’t worry.”

Billy responded, when really it was his fantasy come true. It turned him on so much to smell her shoes to be able to enjoy the smell, but now he was going to be getting it straight from the source. Billy pulled off her left shoe and the stench immediately hit his nostrils. This was like a punch to the face. He had smelled her shoes after the gym before, and her flats the day before smelled amazing, but this was a whole new level. She hadn’t showered in nearly a day, and had gone istanbul escort out dancing with her friends, and gone to the gym. Peggy caught a whiff of her feet and it was the worst she had ever smelled. No way he could stomach this. But to Billy, his mother’s foot smell was sexier than he even thought possible. He pulled off her right shoe and got another gust of her stink. He grabbed her left foot and began to massage it.

“She wasn’t kidding”

Billy thought. Her feet really were soaked with sweat, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He moved back and forth between her feet, massaging as best he could, the whole time resisting the urge to lick her sweaty feet. He wanted to taste them so badly. To drink the salty sweat off her feet.

“You doing OK down there?”

Peggy asked. She was enjoying his foot massage. He was doing a great job. But even more so, she was enjoying seeing her son try to control his urges towards her feet. She also realized that he couldn’t fully control those urges, as she could feel his cock stiffening under her ankles. It turned her on so much to be feeling her own son’s cock rising, especially because of her. Billy hadn’t responded yet. He was in a trance, staring at her feet as he rubbed them.

“Billy, do you want to stop?”

“No mommy. I want to…”

“What Billy? What is it? You want to what?”

All of Billy’s resolve was gone. All his will power crumbled. All thoughts of consequences were out of the window. Billy had the woman of his dreams, his own mother, with the most beautiful feet he had ever seen in his life, lying on the couch letting him massage her feet, and enjoying her wonderful aroma. Even if it made her kick him off and kick him out he had to go for it. With that thought Billy grabbed her left foot by the ankle with both thumbs, and wrapped his hands around so he had full control. In one swift motion he opened his mouth and shoved her foot in his mouth so all five toes were in. This caught Peggy by surprise, and she gasped, but not out of shock and not disgust. Billy immediately got a rush as he tasted the first drops of her foot sweat in his mouth. Again and again he sucked his mouth full of her toes, as if to drain as much of her sweat from her foot, into his throat.

After a minute of this he took her foot out of his mouth, stuck his tongue out, and licked her from heel to toes, slowly, enjoying every inch of salt and sweat he could. He then pointed her toes towards him and began gently sucking each one in turn, worshiping them. Once he had gone back and forth several times, he spread each toe from the other and licked in between them. Billy was in heaven. He had never tasted anything he loved more, and wanted to worship her feet forever. He was like a hungry animal. He left no inch of her left foot not licked. He then moved on to her right foot and worshiped it just the same. He was moaning the whole time.

Peggy was also in heaven. No man had ever been willing to rub her smelly feet, much less give them a tongue bath, especially when they were at their worst smell. The feeling of her son’s tongue over every inch of her feet, sent shivers through her body. The excitement made even more so by the huge tent that had formed in Billy’s fortunately loose shorts. It still must have been painful to have that massive erection trapped under all that material. Normally at this point Billy would try to hide his erection, but he was too consumed with Peggy’s feet. Finally Billy’s spell was broken and his eyes opened wide as he looked at his mother.

“Mommy…I…I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me! I just saw your feet, and they…they smelled so good…and I just couldn’t help myself. Please forgive me mommy. I’ll never do that again, I promise.”

Billy’s face turned bright red and he started to get up.

“Sit back down young man!” Peggy barked at him.

“You aren’t going anywhere!”

“But mommy, I just need to…I just…just want to go to my room. I’m so sorry for what I did.”

“You are not going anywhere until mommy helps you with your problem”

“What problem mommy?” Billy nervously asked.

“That huge problem”, Peggy said as she pointed to Billy’s crotch.

Billy finally noticed he had gotten fully hard, and his shorts where stretched to the limit. Now being aware of his penis straining against the fabric of his shorts, it started to hurt.

“Mom I’m so embarrassed! Oh my God, I, I don’t know why..”

Peggy cut kadıköy escort him off. “Shhhh. Don’t say a word baby. Just let mommy help you.”

“What do you mean help me. How can you help me?” Billy asked in a quivering voice.

“Mommy can’t have you walk upstairs with that monster sticking out like that. We have to get him back down. Pull your shorts down, and let him breathe.”

“But mom, I can’t take my penis out in front of you. You are my mom! I just can’t.”

“You will do as mommy says, and you’ll do it now young man!”

Billy was startled at his mother yelling at him. But he always listened to her. She had raised him alone, and he respected and loved her so much. Billy lowered his shorts, revealing his enormous cock. Much too big for a boy his age, Peggy marveled. “There is that perfect cock.” Peggy whispered.

“What’s that mommy?

“Nothing Billy. Just sit there and let mommy help you.”

With that Peggy raised her feet above, and on either side of her sons massive cock, turned her arched inward, and lowered them to the tip of his wide mushroom head cock. Billy nearly came in that moment. His sexy as hell mother had just put her perfect feet on the tip of his cock. There was no where in the world Billy would want to be, than right here, right now with his mommy. Slowly Peggy lowered her feet down slowly, feeling every vein along her sons shaft, from top to bottom. Up and down she went, gently stroking him with her arches. Billy’s mind was going to melt. The woman he had fantasized of for years, his own mother, was giving him a foot job. He was in pure ecstasy. He couldn’t help but moan over and over again,

“Mommy!” “Mommy!” “Mommy!”

This only turned on Peggy more, and she increased her speed. She knew if she did that it wouldn’t be long before Billy came. It only took about two minutes of the increased speed before Billy’s body started to tense up. His orgasm was building. He started shaking. Any second now. Peggy’s heart started beating so fast. Her excitement had hit the room. She was going to have front row seats to see her son cum. She decided to give him some encouragement.

“That’s it baby, do it for mommy. Please baby let me see you orgasm. I’m begging you baby, please!”

“It’s happening mommy. I’m…I’m gonna…”

“That’s it baby! Yes! Yes! Yes! Shoot your cum out. Let mommy see your beautiful, thick, creamy little boy cum!”

With those words Billy exploded like a geyser. The first thick ropes of cum shot out in arcs, landing all over Billy’s stomach. The second, third, and fourth arcs of cum, landed on Peggy’s feet, covering them in Billy’s cock cream. Peggy shuddered, and nearly orgasm-ed at the site of her little boys voluminous cum cascading over her toes and down her feet. She estimated this was even more cum than what he had shot in her flat if that was even possible.

“Good boy! Mommy is so proud of you!”

Billy had beads of sweat all over his face. He was spent. It had to be tiring draining his balls the way he did. He turned to look at his mother, who was smiling at him. Billy’s face got red, and he started shifting off the couch.

“Mom. I don’t know what just happened. Why we…”

Peggy interrupted.

“Remember, call me mommy. And all we did was help to get rid of your problem. That’s all. Nothing wrong with that is there?”

“No. Mommy I…I guess not. “

Billy pulled up his shorts and walked over to the stairs. Paused for a moment and turned one more time to look at his mother. Seeing his confused look, Peggy reassured him.

“Everything is OK. I love you baby boy.”

“I love you too mom.”

Billy ran up the stairs to his room and closed the door.

Peggy was still laying on the couch. She turned herself so her back was now against the backrest. She pulled her feet together in front of her on the couch, sole to sole. She stared down at her cum covered feet. She had no idea if she would ever be able to taste her son’s cum again, let alone this soon. She had always been flexible and quite easily brought her right foot to her mouth, and proceeded to lick her son’s cum off of it. Hungrily she devoured as much of his cream as she could. Sucking each of her own toes and in between. She did the same for her left foot. She was not going to waste a single drop of her son’s tasty semen.

Peggy licked her lips after, and said to herself out loud,

“What a promising beginning.”

She then went upstairs to take her shower. Just before entering her room, she took off her sweaty workout tights, and took off her drenched underwear.

“Billy would love these. They are incredibly ripe and have some stains.”

She would make it easier for Billy this time and dropped them outside her bedroom door.

To Be Continued…

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