Mother Knows Best Ch. 02

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This story contains mother son / father daughter sex, if this is not for you please choose another story.

Please read part one first.

All characters are over 18.

Susan continues with her son and jean lends a hand.


Susan made sure that Josh was kept busy most of the day, they had sex in every room in the house, but what she loved the most was Josh between her thighs using his tongue and fingers.

After the last bout they were laying in bed together, Josh spooning his mum.

“Tell me about Jean mum, how did you meet her?”

Jean explained how they met and how they planed his treatment.

Josh explained he was shocked the first time he saw Jean she looked almost his age, he even admitted he loved being forced to lick her pussy.

“Well you will have a chance to serve her as well, I have promised her that she can do anything to you, her mother and father brought her up in a very loving relationship.”

“Do you mean they have sex with her?”

“Yes she left here to go and be with her father, but she said she loved your cock, I am going to ring her in a minute to try to plan something, but first my pussy is getting wet, clean me up.”

Josh did as he was told, his mouth and tongue cleaned her pussy, Susan gasped as his tongue found its was to her crinkled rosebud. Turning on all fours she presented her ass to him, instantly he pulled her cheeks open exposing the tiny hole. As his tongue bathed the area she felt the tip of his tongue enter her, a shiver ran alone her spine, her own son was doing what his father refused to do, play with her ass.

Josh loved the tart taste of his mothers ass, he deposited some saliva at the entrance and used his finger to gently probe the hole. Susan shuddered as she felt his finger gently probe her ass, Josh used his other hand to poke three fingers into her pussy using alternating stroke he worked his finger deep inside her ass, feeling the sphincter tighten as he pushed forward.

“Yes Josh work that finger in,” Susan gasped.

Josh spat again on her ass and introduced a second finger, working slowly he soon had both inside he could feel her ass relaxing a bit as she got used to the intrusion.

“Oh my god, don’t tease me any more, I want you cock in there, get the gel out of my drawer and fuck me, I want your spunk in every hole.”

Josh ran to the drawer, pulling it open he saw his mother had a vibrator and some gel, he took both to the bed. Opening the gel he put some on his finger, pushing gently he felt his finger sink in, putting some on his cock he put the tip against her ass-hole.

“Don’t mess a bout just ram it in me now.” Susan felt her body shaking as she anticipated the feeling.

Josh lent forward, feeling the tip sink in easy, Susan groaned as she felt the thickness of his cock open her ass for the first time. Josh lent in harder, he felt the whole length slowly ease it’s way in. soon his balls were touching her pussy lips, she had taken it all.

Gripping his mothers hips he eased out and sank back in again slowly.

Susan felt the hardness of his cock penetrate to it’s full length, it took her breath away.

“Faster Josh, just fuck me hard, I want to feel your cum deep inside my ass.”

Josh did as he was told, gripping tightly to her hips he thrust savagely deep into her ass . He knew it would not be long, the tightness gripping his cock was milking the spunk from his tight balls.

Susan could feel her own orgasm building as Josh pounded her ass she was pushed hard into the bed, there was no escape.

Josh reached for the vibrator, turning it on he thrust it deep into her pussy, he could feel the vibrations through the thin skin that separated the two holes.

Susan screamed as the hard cock in her ass and the violent vibrations from her pussy made her cum hard. “Oh fuck , yes son, fill me up, spurt deep inside my ass , make me cum you bastard.”

Josh spurted what seemed like a gallon of cum from his balls deep inside his mother’s ass, he had held the vibrator deep inside her pussy , she had a vaginal and an anal climax and it felt as if his cock was in a vice.

Susan collapsed on to the bed, gasping for breath. “Don’t take it out, let it stay there, it is such a fantastic feeling.”

Josh lay on top of his mother, his hands moved and cupped her breasts as they lay there, he felt the hard nipples and pinched them gently.

It took about ten minutes before Susan had the strength bakırköy escort to move, she rolled to her side and felt the softening cock slide out of her ass, she put her hand behind and felt her gaping ass hole, she felt his sperm dripping pushing her finger inside she felt it slowly closing gripping her finger.

Turning to Josh she kissed him deeply. “I love you son, never again will you ever masturbate unless I order you too, do you understand?”

“Yes mistress.” Josh replied.

“Go and get a shower then put on the clothes I bought you, when we are home alone you will always wear them.”

Josh made his way to the shower, his cock ached but he had never felt happier in his life.

Susan went into her own shower, her legs felt like rubber but she let the warm water flow over her body, drying herself she remembered she had to ring Jean.

Josh looked at the clothes his mother had bought him, there was a really small pair of briefs made of rubber, when he picked them up he noticed there was a hole in the front with a zip.

As he slide them on he realised the hole was for his cock, gently he poked his cock through the hole, being it was rubber it was a tight fit, he undid the zip and he realised his balls had to be through the hole as well, gently manoeuvring his balls through the gap he did the zip up, pulling the pants up properly he loved the tightness and the smell of the rubber.

Susan walked in to the bedroom. “I see you got them on, turn around.”

Josh turned , his mother noticed how his ass was held tightly in the rubber, but she loved the way his ball and cock were held ready.

Walking up to him she cupped his balls in her hand, even though he had just had sex his cock was hard, she opened a small bag and took out a leather strap.

Bending down she slipped it over his cock, feeding the leather behind his balls she did the top strap up, the gently separated his balls, so that they lay one each side of the strap, clipping it to the top strap she stood back and looked.

His balls were captive one each side of the strap she noticed each plum like ball was tight and the strap tight along his cock, , Jean had told her this helps to keep the erection longer, Susan felt her pussy tighten, damn it she was feeling horny again.

Holding the cock in her hand she looked at Josh.

This is to be your house clothes, you will wear the strap when I tell you, if I find you masturbating

you will be punished.”

“Things are going to change in this house, we are going to be more open with ourselves and special friends, I will tell you more about that when I think it is time.”

Josh had not know his mother to be so decisive, but he knew his life was being changed for him and he had no control over it.

Susan told him to wait in the kitchen, she had a phone call to make.

Susan closed the front room door and picked up the phone.

Dialling Jean’s number she heard a male voice on the other end.

“Can I speak to Jean please.”

Jean heard the man talking, “It’s for you mistress.”

“Hi Jean it’s me Susan.”

“Oh hi Jean how is it going?”

Susan told Jean all about the sex they had and how Josh looked in his house clothes.

Jean asked if she could come over and bring someone with her.

Susan told her to come over and said goodbye.

Susan knew that Jean had wanted to fuck Josh, but she had no idea who she would bring, she decided that it was time for her to put her special clothes on.

As Susan slipped into her pants she looked into the mirror and saw her pussy forming a perfect camel toe, bending over she slipped the bra into place then she rolled her breasts in her hands to get them to form in to the perfect shape, her nipples hardening as she pulled them through the holes.

Going to her bag she remembered she had a special item that would be perfect for tonight.

Calling Josh in she made him kneel in front of her.

“This collar is to show you have a mistress, you will always wear it, even going out with me.”

Susan slipped the collar around his neck and did the clasp up. It was only a thin collar, most of the younger set use things like this, but Josh would know it’s significance and that is what counted.

The front door bell went and Susan told Josh to answer it.

Josh looked shocked, his cock was exposed and he was almost naked.

Susan slapped his face. “You will bakırköy eve gelen escort always do as you are told the first time, now answer the door.”

Josh walked to the door, his head bowed, he realised it was not just sex but a new way of life.

As the door opened he saw Jean there, behind her was an older man.

“It is good to see he is obeying orders Susan” Jean said as she walked in.

“I had to slap him as he challenged me when I gave an order.”

Jean turned to the man behind her. “Take your coat off and hang it up.”

The man moved quickly and undid his coat, he put his coat on the coat hook and stood by Jean.

Susan looked surprised, the man was naked with the exception of an Arab strap around his cock and nipple clamps .

Jean turned Susan. “This is my father, he has learnt his place in the family, he is happy that he can serve my mother and myself. We also lend him out at special functions to close friends.”

Susan looked at the man, he was about 45, a good firm body, but what was most impressive was his cock and balls, it was the thickest I had ever seen.

Jean saw where Susan was looking. “Yes he does have a nice thick cock, we use a penis pump on him daily, we find the extra girth more stimulating.”

Jean walked over to Josh, cupping his balls and cock in her hand. “I am sure even though Josh has some impressive equipment he would benefit by being pumped.”

Susan sent the men to the kitchen while they talked.

As Jean removed her coat Susan gasped. Jean had the spider thong on, her pussy lips puffed up apart from that she was naked.

Jean felt her own pussy leaking as she looked at Jean, her left nipple had a bar through it, Susan walked up close and cupped the breast and looked closely at the bar.

“I love when my dad sucks the bar into his mouth and flicks it with his tongue it gets me so wet.” said Jean.

“You mean like this?”

Susan bent over and sucked the nipple into her mouth, Jean gasped and held her head keeping it in place, she felt Susan flick the bar and her pussy started to get wet.

“Oh Susan yes just like that.”

Susan put her hand over Jeans pussy, she felt the dampness, taking her hand to her mouth she tasted

the sticky fluid.

“Oh my god Jean, you don’t know how my life had changed since I met you, I have never been so happy.”

Jean pulled Susan closer, her lips covered Susan’s and they stood there kissing.

“It is going to get better tonight I promise you, lets go the bedroom.”

Jean undressed Susan and then pulled her own thong off.

Jean called the two men upstairs.

“Your task today is to please mistress Susan, you will not stop until she tells you, if you fail to please her to my satisfaction you will be punished.”

Jean lay Susan on the bed, she instructed her father to start on one foot and Josh on the other.

Both men knelt and took a foot each, they sucked the toes and then the whole foot, meanwhile Jean bent and kissed Susan on her lips, Susan felt for Jeans pussy, as her fingers felt the moisture on the lips she prised them open and sank her fingers inside, feeling the wetness Jean groaned into Susan’s mouth, she loved the way that the fingers filled her up.

Susan gasped with surprise as she felt a mouth cover her own pussy, she looked up and saw Jeans father licking and sucking her open wet lips.

“Josh get up here and pleasure Mistress Jean now.”

Josh pulled away from his mothers legs, kneeling in front of Jean he opened her pussy lips and bent his head, her pussy was different to his mothers but he loved the smell and taste, Jean held his head tightly, guiding his mouth to her clit, when he took the clit in his mouth and sucked hard she came, flooding his mouth with her juices, Josh pushed two fingers inside the hot hole, she was tight , sawing his fingers in and out and twisting them he felt her juices run down his arm.

Jean grabbed his hair and jerked him away from her pussy,. Get your cock in me now, and don’t you dare cum until I tell you.”

Josh stood up, his cock rock hard in the straps he wore, letting his cock head touch her open lips he pushed in gently, he felt her gripping him tightly as he sunk in deeper, he felt his trapped balls touch her ass, he wanted to pound her pussy hard and shoot his spunk deep inside of her but he knew he would be punished.

Jean relished the feel of bakırköy grup yapan escort Josh’s cock deep inside her, she knew she would cum soon, she felt his tight balls trying to force their way into her pussy, each stroke brought her closer, she thrust her hips forwards as he entered her again,, it was no use she had to have his spunk in her.

“Fuck me hard now, I want your sperm to fill me,”

Josh thanked the heavens above, he was so close to shooting, raising his hips again he slammed into her pussy the effect of his tight balls brushing her ass giving him sensations he had never felt before.

Jean clung to Josh as she began her orgasm, she felt his pounding cock hitting her womb and it was driving her crazy, while her dad was thicker, Josh reached parts he could not and she loved it.

Josh roared as he shot his cum into Jean, his cock going faster with each stroke, he felt his own cum squirting out with her juices with every thrust he made.

Josh was still hard as he finished shooting his sperm in to her, he slowed each stroke down but didn’t stop, he went slower and deeper, Jean opened her legs wider, wanting more of his cock,

her womb was alive , feeling every time it went in it flicked her womb, she knew she was going to cum again.

“Get on the floor I want to be on top”

Jean pushed him off and as he lay on the floor she pushed deep on to his cock.

Each time she thrust forward his cock flicked her womb, she felt it deep inside, a small gnawing in her belly seemed to expand with each thrust, soon she knew she was ready .

Dropping hard on to his cock she felt it, it was as if her belly was going to explode, then it did, her pussy gushed her juices out as her climax shook her body, her nipples ached as each tremor shook her to her core, she saw stars in her head as she slowed down, but Josh was just ready to cum. His hips rose and thrust harder, he was soaked as she had squirted her cum over him, as he shot his first blast into her Jean screamed, she felt the boiling hot sperm hit her womb and she fainted as another orgasm shot through her body, she collapsed on to Josh his cock still inside her but softening.

Susan watched as Jean collapsed her own pussy being tormented by Jeans father, his mouth had made her cum several time, she wanted him to slip his hard cock inside her but each time she tried to speak another orgasm rippled inside.

She pushed his head away and sat up, breathing hard she bent over on all fours,. “fuck me hard like you fuck your mistress.”

Susan felt her lips being separated and then she felt it, it was like a log being pushed inside her pussy.

Susan swooned as the large cock invaded her pussy, he was not so deep but she loved the way he stretched her lips apart, he was moving slowly, he knew he would be punished if he came too quick but this woman’s pussy was so wet he just slide in with each stroke.

Susan loved the feel of the Arab strap, each time he pushed forward it brushed against her clit, it was tingling almost ready to make her cum like mad.

Two more strokes was all it took, she felt the tremor deep in her pussy, Susan marvelled at his stamina as he kept a steady thrusting in to her as he body shook as she came hard.

“Get up here and let me taste your cock ,”

She watched as he pulled out of her pussy, her lips were so tight around his cock it brought the lips outwards as he withdrew.

Susan opened her mouth wide, the thick cock came closer and she licked the head tasting her own juices.

Susan guided the head of his cock to her lips, opening wide she took it in her mouth, her mouth was stretched but she loved it.

Her hand gripped the thick shaft and worked it up and down, her mouth was sucking the head wanting to taste his cum.

She loved sucking cock, she felt her mouth stretch more as he started to fuck her mouth.

“Make your self cum, I want you to squirt in my mouth and then spray my tits, do it now.”

Susan watched as he wanked himself, she watched his chest rise and fall as he gasped for breath.

“I am ready to cum mistress.”

“Do it fill my mouth then cover my tits.”

Three more strokes and Susan felt the gush of his sperm fill her mouth, she held it in there letting her tongue taste the flavour.

He moved down and sprayed her tits she felt it run over her nipples and she brought her hands up to cover the sperm over her whole breasts.

Susan swallowed the thick pungent sperm.

“Get down and finish me with your tongue,” she gasped fighting for her breath.

She felt his tongue and fingers get to work on her pussy, suddenly it hit her, her body shook as he bit gently on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking with his tongue she let the orgasm spread over her body, she was happy.

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