Morning Lust: More!

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Lisa woke up for the second time that morning, her hands instinctively reaching for her special spot. She gave a silent gasp as the digital appendix found its mark and it was only then that she allowed herself to open her eyes.

To her right she gazed upon the satisfied smirk of her beloved husband, sound asleep yet again.

To her left, as she turned her head, there was another sleeping Adonis, her husband’s best friend, Colin.

‘What a fucking night!’ she thought to herself before her thoughts rekindled, ‘What a fucking morning!’ she corrected herself.

She rose from the bed, gingerly and glanced back at the two hunks that had given her so much pleasure.

Hunks? Well they could hardly be called that but, in her mind, they certainly were.

She allowed herself one more indulgent moment as she ogled, from left to right, at the duo of cocks, lying limp between both men’s legs that, when they were rigid, had taken her to sexual pleasure that she had never known before.

She sighed and turned to leave the bedroom, her thirst being a more immediate problem; she needed to quench that so she, reluctantly, left her two sleeping beauties in order to boil a kettle for a desperately needed cup of tea.

One last thing caught her attention before she made her way downstairs to the kitchen; she looked at the sheet that had been the recipient of their earlier passion and gasped, ‘What a fucking mess!’ as she spotted all the stains, both male and female, that had been deposited there.

She smirked at the memory of how all those stains were deposited!

A moment later she was in her kitchen and the kettle was already starting to boil, its hissing sound drowning out the noise of the radio that was playing in the background. She was, dreamingly, preparing her mug when, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a blue flash from her phone. Curiosity got the better of her and she picked it up to see that she had one new message.

Lisa opened her mobile to see who had texted her and was not too surprised when she saw that it was from Helen.

Helen is Colin’s partner, the reason why he had to stay over last night; the mere thought of that brought a tingle to her extremely abused, and satisfied, lower regions.

Helen is also Lisa’s best pal; they had known each other since school. They had been best buddies, long before Mike had come into her life, and they had never held back in telling each other about any highs or lows that they had experienced. They were true pals Lisa had even introduced her and Colin together, although the word ‘introduced’ might not be appropriate as it had happened a few years ago when she and Mike were experimenting with what you might call an adult scene. On that particular occasion there had been quite a queue to the room where Helen had been showing off her two best assets and, by the time that Colin finally got to masturbate in front of her, Helen’s bra was absolutely saturated with the deposit of five other wankers! She had deliberately kept her bra on and, as each man ejaculated, she would make sure that as much sperm as possible drenched her and left a soggy deposit in her supportive lingerie.

Colin made that number six…quite an ‘introduction’!

Still, that was a long time ago, although Helen still gets excited thinking about it, especially the short walk home afterwards when she felt all that goo squelching at the bases of her boobs, and the fact that nobody, who even glanced in her direction, could ever possibly imagined, in their wildest dreams, why she had the biggest, naughtiest, smile on her face.

But that was years ago.

‘Oh shit!’ Lisa thought to herself as she finally opened up the message.

‘Hi Lisa, is Colin with you? We had a row and I want to make sure that he is ok. Hxxx’

Lisa thought for a moment before replying. She knew that she couldn’t mention that she had enjoyed the taste of his cock as he rammed it down her throat or, for that matter, how she loved the feel of his dick as he erupted (twice) inside her sodden pussy; nor could she type in what it felt like when he ejaculated up her arse!

She knew that she would tell Helen all these things at some point, but not in a text.

Her fingers rattled her message back.

‘Hi H, Colin is here, still sleeping as he and Mike were at it hard all night! Come over and I’ll make lunch for the four of us. It’ll be fun and you and Colin can kiss and make up! Lxxx’

She smiled at the innuendo as she pressed the send button.

It was only seconds later when her phone bleeped again.

‘I’ll be there in half an hour! Hxxx’

‘Great, Lxxx’

As soon as Lisa had sent her reply the next word that came from her lips was “Shit!” and she ran upstairs to her bedroom to wake her lover up. She paused for a moment when she entered the room to admire his manhood that just lay there, between his legs, but she tore her naughty thoughts from her mind and simply approached him and gave his beautiful buttocks a resounding smack.

“What the fuck!” bahis firmaları was her reward as Colin was abruptly woken from whatever wet dream that he was enjoying.

“Get up!” Lisa hissed at him, “Helen will be here soon, you’ve got to have a shower.”

“What?” he repeated without the swearing bit.

“You heard me,” Lisa said in a strident voice, “now get the fuck up!”

Colin reacted immediately and Lisa couldn’t be anything but impressed at the way he moved so quickly and her eyes allowed herself one more indulgent moment as his penis swung from side to side of his thighs as he left the bed of lust and ran into the bathroom.

All the recent commotion had also brought her husband back to the land of the living; his first view being of his pals bum as it disappeared from the bedroom.

“What the fuck,” he asked, “is happening?”

Lisa explained.

“We’re having a guest over for lunch.”

“Oh shit! Helen?”

“You’ve got it in one hubby, now get ready as well; she’ll be here in half an hour and I need help in the kitchen!”

Hubby obeyed and he went into the bathroom as well and jumped into the shower as soon as Colin left it. They smiled at each other with a knowing look as if to say “Wow!”

Twenty minutes later both men were in the kitchen offering to be of any help. Lisa would normally have declined but not this time and she delegated each man to help her prepare the base for the Stroganoff that she was concocting. “I must grab a swift shower myself,” she said with a naughty wink, “just make sure that we enough mushrooms.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Colin gave a comical salute as Lisa headed upstairs.

“Oh and Mike?” she paused at the door.

“Yes darling?”

“Make sure that there is a ton of garlic in the sauce!”

The door bell rang, too soon seemingly, and Mike turned to Colin and said, “I think that you’d better answer that.”

“You do?” Colin replied with a lump in his throat.

“Do it now!” Mike added with more authority and Colin did as he was summoned.

“Hi there honey,” was his first remark as he saw his lovely Helen in front of him, “I’m so, so sorry,” was his second remark as he pulled her in to their friend’s house and gave her a huge cuddle. “Can you forgive me?”

“Of course I can honey,” was her milky response as she felt the arms of the man that she loved caress and squeeze her.

“Hello Helen!”

Both words came out of Lisa’s mouth as she came to the bottom of the stairs, smelling fresh from her shower, and she gave her friend a kiss on each cheek to welcome her. “Come on in, lunch is nearly ready.”

“Thank you,” Helen said demurely and the trio moved on into the kitchen where the waft of fresh cooking was being prepared, extra garlic included.

“Hi Mike,” Helen greeted Lisa’s husband as she entered the room first. Mike immediately dropped the spoon that he was using to stir the feast and turned round to give her a generous hug, as he always did, given the chance, if only to feel her firm breasts against him.

“Good to see you, Helen. I hope you’re peckish?” the last sentence being said in a slightly promiscuous way as he took the brief moment to give her ass a playful squeeze.

“Are you cooking?” she asked, trying to disguise the small thrill that she got from his touch; after all, he was her best friend’s husband.

“Good Lord no!” Mike confessed as he hurriedly gave her butt another quick fondle before Lisa was able to see, “I’m just the stirrer!”

Lisa had seen the small display of intimacy between the two but decided to ignore it for now.

“Ok,” she said with a theatrical cough, “I think that is time to pit the rice on.”

“Absolutely my darling,” and Mike went off to continue his culinary duties.

“And you two,” Lisa glanced at Helen and Colin, “Well, you two have something to discuss, don’t you?”

They both looked sheepishly at their host and nodded.

“Good,” Lisa “then go up to the spare bedroom and sort things out. You have,” she took a peek at her watch, “about fifteen minutes before the rice is ready.”

Colin’s first response was to lean forward and give Lisa an, apparently, innocent hug and a kiss that just brushed her earlobe. What wasn’t so innocent was what he whispered into her ear.

“Where the fuck is the spare bedroom?”

Lisa thanked him innocently as well and returned his gesture.

“Up the stairs, second on the right you fucking moron!”

The whole action had taken only seconds but it had an impact on the watching Helen who had, by the way, excellent hearing!

Colin spun around and grasped Helen’s wrist. “You heard the lady,” he said in a throaty voice, “We have fifteen minutes to talk.”

They, basically, ran upstairs to have their conversation and Mike and Lisa shared a common smile as they worked together to finish the preparation of the aforementioned lunch.

As Mike continued to stir the aromatic sauce he turned around and asked his highly aroused wife, “Do you think that they will be ok?”

For kaçak iddaa a reply Lisa simply looked up to the ceiling and urged her randy husband to close his eyes. “Do you hear that?”

“What?” he looked bemused.

“Just listen,” she whispered

There was no mistaking it, the sound that was, of creaking floor boards as the couple above them had obviously started their ‘conversation’ in earnest.

“Lucky bastard!” hissed Mike before adding, as he looked up at the ceiling, “but if he cracks the plaster I’ll fucking have him!”

“Is that a threat or a promise?” Lisa asked suggestively.

“Just put the rice in,” he said, changing the subject completely, all the while caressing his wife’s compact ass while, at the same time, repeating himself,

“Lucky bastard!”

“Yea,” Lisa agreed with him, “I bet you would like to be where he is now, wouldn’t you my randy old sod!”

“Hey, less of the old bit” he laughed as Lisa gave his hardening penis, through his trousers, a squeeze that almost took his breath away, “Plus,” he continued, trying to put the thought of what was happening above them out of his mind, unsuccessfully, “haven’t we got lunch to prepare?”

For a response she squeezed his dick once more and in her sensual voice that she used only when she was aroused whimpered, “we could always use some extra liquid in the sauce, if you know what I mean.” She said as she continued to massage her husband.

Mike fought off the temptation with regret. “I think double cream might taste better!”

Lisa, reluctantly, let go of her husband’s cock and went back to the more mundane matter of creating a meal for the four of them. She couldn’t resist though, one last fondle of his wonderful prick that she loved so much.

“Just an idea,” she said playfully.

As they both tried to concentrate on the boring bit about putting food on the table they were constantly reminded about the serious ‘conversation’ taking place above them.

“How long are they going to be at it?” Mike finally had to say as he glanced up once more at the ceiling to make sure that no cracks had appeared.

“Don’t worry darling,” Lisa said soothingly, “I’ll call them down. After all,” she pointed out, “we don’t want to have our lunch ruined, do we?”

Mike simply nodded and continued stirring as Lisa went to the bottom of the stairs and called up to the couple in the spare bedroom, “Dinner is about to be served!”

“I’m cumming!” Helen screamed back and that caused Lisa to smile.

“Now where have I heard that before?” and she turned around and went back into the kitchen.

“Well?” Mike asked.

“She says that she is cumming,” Lisa answered in her sultry voice.

“Lucky bastard!”

“Just stir the sauce and make sure that the rice doesn’t stick!”

Within what seemed liked seconds, but obviously more, they were joined by the amorous couple; Helen looked flushed and Colin had a besotted smirk on his face.

“Ok?” asked Lisa innocently.

“Yes, thank you,” Helen answered in a quivering voice.

“Good,” said Lisa in a businesslike tone, “Colin?”

“My lady?” he bowed theatrically.

“Help Mike with the wine, I’ll make sure that he hasn’t ruined lunch!”

Moments later they were all seated around the table as Lisa laid a substantial feast before them. They, greedily, started to gulp down the sumptuous fare as, between mouthfuls, Colin and Mike made sure that the glasses in front of them were splendidly full, apart from Helen’s.

At first Helen had refused, saying that she had to drive, but when Lisa had reminded her that she had a spare bedroom, and that she and Colin were more than welcome to ‘use’ it, she took her hand away from the top of her glass that had prevented Mike of filling it up with Rioja and said, “What the fuck! Go for it,” she purred and watched Mike’s blue eyes light up as he poured the red nectar in to her goblet.

The wine flowed, the conversation flowed and the plates were swept clean.

“Oh God,” said Colin in a satisfied voice, “that was delicious, thank you.”

“Thank us,” Lisa replied as she glanced at the empty plates in front of her until, out of the corner of her eye she spotted Helen glaring at her. She asked a question without opening her lips; ‘what is it?’

Helen’s reply was a sharp thrust of her head upwards which, basically, meant that she wanted to have a chat in private.

‘Oh fuck,’ thought Lisa as she nodded her agreement.

“Don’t you boys have a match or something to watch?” she said out loud.

“Shit!” the ‘boys’ said in unison as they both glanced at their watches. “It was an early kick-off, wasn’t it?” Colin asked his pal and host, although he already knew the answer.

“Switch the telly on, you numpkins, because Helen and I want to have a little heart to heart so to speak, if that is ok with you?”

“Sure darling,” Mike said, not really paying attention as he reached for the remote control.

Lisa just grinned and rose from the table and, taking Helen’s hand, kaçak bahis she led both of them upstairs; Lisa knowing that she had to make a confession and Helen knowing that she had to ask an embarrassing question.

They walked in to the main bedroom and Helen’s first reaction was a gasp as her eyes were drawn to the unmade king-size bed that took up most of the space in the room; which looked impressively large due to the mirrored wardrobe that stretched from one wall to another.

“Wow!” she said huskily, “You and Mike have been busy, haven’t you?”

Lisa followed her gaze and gasped herself as she looked at the uncovered bed and the sheet that was sprinkled with lots, and lots, of stains.

“When did you last change the bed?” Helen asked in a matronly way.

“Yesterday,” replied Lisa unthinkingly, regretting her response immediately.


Lisa interrupted her friend. “Look Helen, you know we have never kept a secret between us and…”

“…and?” Helen asked, almost as if she knew the answer already.

“Well,” Lisa continued, “when Colin stayed here last night he didn’t exactly sleep in the spare bedroom,” her voice tailing away into a whisper as she finished the sentence.

There was a momentary pause before Helen asked the obvious question, “Where did he sleep?”

For an answer Lisa raised her hand and pointed to the right hand side of the bed.

“You didn’t?” although she knew that ‘she’ did! She raised both hands to her mouth in mild shock, but also to disguise the smile that was there and asked another question, “but where did Mike sleep?”

Her answer was once more given silently as Lisa’s finger pointed to the left hand side of the bed.

“Oh fuck!” Helen said with a large intake of breath, “You had both of them?”

This time she got a verbal response, “Yes, and at the same time!”

“Oh Lisa,” Helen responded, “You’ve always told me what a slut you used to be…”

“…and you!”

“Yes but that was years ago, are you going back into the adult parties sort of thing?”

Lisa thought long and hard before giving her answer, “No! What happened last night and this morning,”

“This morning as well?”

Lisa simply nodded once more in a sort of apologetic way, “I’m afraid so,” she confessed, “but,” she added, “It was unplanned, it well sort of just happened; we and Mike had a naughty night to look forward to when Colin just turned up out of the blue. Things just got out of control, I’m sorry. But,” she went on to say, “It was fucking fantastic, sorry.”

Helen simply lowered her head and accepted her friend’s account of what had happened; then she lifted her eyes up to Lisa’s and simply said, “I wish I was fucking there!”

“Yeah, I wish that you were there too, otherwise I wouldn’t have to confess but,” Lisa continued as if trying to defend her dirty secret, “you and Colin were not exactly speaking to each other. Adding onto which,” she went on to say, “In all those parties that Mike and I used to enjoy, and you were always invited, we never were actually were in the same room at the same time, were we?”

Helen could only giggle at the memories, the randy memories, of times gone by.

Lisa, in an attempt to change the subject, came out with her next question. “What did you want to talk about, I mean with you nodding me to come upstairs?”

“Oh that?” Helen answered with a blush of crimson appearing on her face.

Lisa noticed the significant change of hue and waited for a moment. “Well?”

“I’m afraid that when Colin and I were having our little ‘chat’ earlier…”

“Do you mean the little ‘chat’ that nearly brought the roof down, literally, and also told the whole neighbourhood that you were both apologising to each other?” Lisa asked with a grin on her face.

“It was that obvious?” Helen asked still blushing before going on to say, “well I’m afraid that he seems to have ruined my panties; I’ve never known him to dump such a load, it was so fucking good but,” she paused for a moment, “I wonder now if he was thinking of you or me when he came?”

“You!” Lisa reassured her, “and these!” with that she moved her hands up to grope her pal’s breasts and squeezed them gently, something that she had never done before, something that she had never considered before; she was a definitely a lady who preferred what a man had to offer.

“So,” Lisa said as she moved her hands away without trying to look to embarrassed, “he’s ruined your panties, has he?”

Helen’s face got even redder as she nodded. “I’m sure that all through lunch that you might have seen me squirming, his cum kept on leaking out of me. I’m afraid that there might be a dollop or two on your chair, sorry.”

“Don’t be, I’ll get Mike to clean it up later.”

“But you can’t tell him.”

“I must, we never keep secrets but don’t worry,” Lisa said with a wicked smile, “I’ll make sure that he doesn’t use a cloth, just his tongue!”

Both women giggled at the thought and the mood returned to their familiar friendship.

“Now,” Lisa said in a softer tone, “I take it that you want to borrow a clean pair of panties?”

“Or knickers, whichever word you prefer.”

“Panties when you put them on, knickers when you rip them off!”

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