More Roof Fun

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Early the next morning I was lying on my bed slowly stroking my stiff cock, pulling and pushing my loose skin up and down, to the plum and over, then back down. It was a pleasant sensation so I just kept my hand moving slow while I thought about the previous days activities.

Suddenly the door opened and my father came in.

“Why are you doing that when you have such a foxy girl in the nest bedroom?”

I was stunned at his remark and he could tell by the look on my face, I was shook up.

“You’re mother told me what happened yesterday. You know she can’t keep secrets from me.

“Oh”, was all I could utter as he looked at my fast deflating cock.

“I see you finally caught up to me, it’s about time. I was beginning to think you’d be a little dicked man. Now you can uphold the family honor.” as he grabbed his limp penis and waved it at me.

I laughed, since he wasn’t usually so playful and said, “I guess you’re not mad at Sis and me?”

“No, your mother explained what happened and why. She told me you promised not to penetrate her virgin puss with that fat thing.” pointing at my crotch.

“I’m comfortable because I trust you.”

“Yeah, well I got plenty of fucking at school, so I’m good for awhile.”

He chuckled, ” I understand those college girls like older men, maybe I’ll drive back with you in September and try my luck.”

“Just kidding,” he said when he saw my shocked expression. I never thought he messed around on Mom and he confirmed it when he said.

“Your mother is all the woman I need, handles my needs and I satisfy hers.”

“So it’s ok for Sis and me to play our games as long as I don’t do the F thing?”

“Right, she is old enough now to have sexual feelings and even fantasies and I’d prefer to keep in the family than some reckless lout of a boyfriend.”

He turned to go, leaving the door open.

Since I was used to being spied on I didn’t care and went back to stroking my pecker, soon bringing it back to where I was before being interrupted.

No sooner was I hard again, when sis walked in and came over to the bed, laughing as she told me Dad had suggested I needed help.

“Good for him, I love that man and his modern outlook.”

I thought she was going to masturbate me as she took my hard cock in her hand and settled between my legs. Instead, as soon as she was in place she pulled it up into her mouth. Great, I thought, she’s a natural.

Pausing a moment, she pulled her lips off and said .”Yesterday really turned me on and I loved the sweet taste of you. I want to learn how to do this right, so please help.”

Then she shoved her face down and took as much cock in as she could before starting to gag.

“Take it slow, no rush. Just let it settle by itself and your throat will adjust.”

I was facing the door and suddenly Mom and Dad were there arm in arm watching.

“Aren’t they cute together?” I heard her whisper to Dad.

He nodded and I could see his cock straighten out and stand proudly as he watched Sis suck away on my matching organ. He was right, I had caught up size wise. We were a matching set.

Mom noticed his stiff penis and put her hand on, moving slowly up and down as he grinned like a Cheshire cat.

I was extra hard as I watched their foreplay and Sis realized my cock had grown firmer, thinking it was because of her efforts. I patted her head as I felt another inch slip down her throat. She now had half my pecker in, with about four inches left. She pulled her head up to the knob and then pushed back down. Each time I could feel more of my cock slide down her throat. When there was but two inches left, she took my balls in both hands and started to gently squeeze.

“Good girl”, I heard Dad tell Mom, “She’s getting the hang of how to do it right.”

They came to the bed and Mom leaned over and whispered something in her ear. I’m not sure what it was, but Sis started squeezing my sack harder and moved faster up and down my shaft.

I came with a massive load of cum shooting out of my cock, as the folks moved back to be out of range. Sis gulped greedily as she swallowed load after load until my poor dick shrunk and plopped out of her still sucking mouth.

She looked up disappointed and said, “Why didn’t you last longer?”

Mom came over and pulled Sis between her breasts to give a loving hug and told her, “Don’t worry, he’s young and a stud, he’ll recover soon enough.”

“Now come on, the two of you. It’s time you watched your father and Me.”

Sis and I gave each other a knowing glance and she said,” Mom, we’ve been peeking for years.”

The folks laughed. “Ok, smart asses, go clean up while us old folks make out.”

Sis said, “Don’t be long, Tessie is coming over soon, don’t want to scare her.”

Mom replied, “Ok a little pussy eating and cock sucking and we’ll be out in a flash.”

We told them, have fun as we went to our bathrooms to prepare for Tessie’s arrival.

An hour passed. We were all at the breakfast table relaxing and finishing esenyurt otele gelen escort eggs and bacon when the doorbell rang. I stood up and walked down the hall to let Sis’ friend in. I knew Sis had told her we were mostly naked at home, so didn’t think she’d be too shocked when she saw a nude brother open the door. I stroked my now rejuvenated cock a couple times to make it more respectable and turned the door knob.

As the door swung wide I saw this very attractive, young blonde standing in the hall. She looked at me, wide eyed as she saw my naked body, glancing immediately to my crotch and blushing profusely as I smiled at her.

“Hi, you must be Tessie, Sis has told me all about you and how you wanted to meet me.”

“She wasn’t lying,” she said, not taking her eyes from my crotch.

“About what, wanting to meet me?”

“You know about what.”

“I do?”

“Stop teasing me. it’s that thing I’m talking about.” pointing at my still semi-hard pecker.

“Oh, this thing.” I said as I slapped it lightly.

Again she blushed, but managed to smile as I stepped back to let her enter.

“Come meet everyone, they’re just finishing breakfast.:

She followed me down the hall. I could feel her eyes watching my buns, so tensed them a couple times for her benefit and was rewarded with a giggle.

As she entered the breakfast area, everyone stood. Tessie turned red when she saw everyone’s naked body and looked pleadingly at my sister.

“Oh, Tessie, I told you about my family and their little quirks, relax.”

I watched Tessie check my father out and then my mother as she noticed her navel ring and the clit one between her legs. Both parents smiled and told her to sit and have a cup of coffee or something.

She sat down and had a glass of orange juice. Soon Sis and her were chatting away as if nothing had happened. I stood around for a few minutes, letting Tessie have little peeks at my still semi-hard cock, before I went to my room.

I heard Dad leave for work and a few minutes later, Mom came in and sat at my desk.

“What plans do you have for today?”

I smiled, Sis and I were going to show Tessie our roof and maybe get a bit of sun.”

“Oh yeah, what else?

“To be honest, Sis wants me to make a move on Tessie, Sis thinks she’s ready for some male sex. Claims she’s been talking about needing more experience.”

“I see. Would you do me a favor?”

“Anything Mom, you know that.”

“I just realized I have a kinky side to me. After watching my two kids make out this morning, I gave your father the best blow job he’s had for years, or so he said. I told him how turned on I was and really did a job on him.”

“So, what’s the favor?”

“Before you all go up to the roof, I’ll pretend I’m leaving. Then I’ll hide in that little storage shed up there and watch whatever you do.”

“That is kinky, but I like it. Gives me a kick to see you watching.”

“So it’s all set?”

“Yep, I’ll go and tell the girls we should get some sun.”

I waited a bit and then strolled out to the room where the two little foxes were still chatting away. Tessie’s eyes went immediately to my genitals as I walked up and said, “Let’s get some sun.”

They both jumped up as my mother came in and told them she was going to go out. She was still nude and as she turned to leave, said “I’ll get dressed, see you all later.”

I gave my Sister a look and winked. Tessie asked for the use of the potty and went to the adjoining room as I whispered what Mom had asked me in Sis’ ear. She gave a big shit eating grin and said, “I love this family.”

I heard the hall door open, so knew that Mom was on her way to the roof. Sis heard it too and smiled like a conspirator. “Let’s really give her a show.”

Tessie came out, wearing a skimpy little bikini top and snug looking thong. Her tits were much larger than Sis’ and overflowed her top. Prominent nipples poked thru the thin material and I watched them harden as she kept peeking at my cock. A good D cup I figured. Her butt was round and soft, the thong pulled deep in her cleft. I could see blonde curls on either side of the material as she started towards the door. It’s going to be a fun day, I thought as Sis and I followed.

They went out as I took a minute to gather three bath towels and a cooler with some iced soft drinks. They were standing by two of the lounges as I came through the roof door. Still chatting and making small talk as I spread the towels. Tessie kept watching my cock swing as I leaned over each lounge adjusting the towels.

Sis noticed her staring and laughed, “You look like you’ve never seen a boy’s cock.”

Tessie blushed again, “Well not that many, and never one like that. I didn’t believe you when you described it to me, thought it was just your imagination. It’s like your father’s. A chip off the old block.”

I sneaked a look at the shed and saw Mom grin at Tessie’s remarks. She had arranged the door so she could esenyurt rus escort look out without much chance of being discovered.

We all stretched out on our lounges and I asked the girls if anyone needed lotion. Sis didn’t but Tessie asked for some. I went over to the shed where we keep a supply and carefully opened the door. Mon stepped back as I picked up a tube and smiled at me. She reached for my semi-hard cock and pulled it just enough to make it swollen and stick straight out. She whispered, “Let Tessie see it like that.”

I walked back to the girls holding the sun lotion and looking as innocent as possible.

“Wow, what happened to that?” Tessie said pointing to my stiff dick.

“Seeing you in that skimpy little outfit, is what happened to this poor baby.” I said as I slowly rubbed my big plum.

“I’ll take it off if it’s bothering you.” she replied.

“Sis said, “Go for it girl, he’ll appreciate it and I know you’ve been planning that all along.”

Tessie giggled, “You caught me out.”

She reached behind her and unclasped the bra. Both beauties fell forward, looking relieved with their freedom. Her nips were indeed beauties, Bright pink and rock turgid. She caressed one and it stood stiff, pointing right at me. Next, she slipped the thong down her legs and tossed it aside. She had a prominent mons, covered with soft, silky, blonde hair. A real thick bush from her crotch almost to the navel. So heavy, it hid the opening to her puss, so no clit or lips were visible..

“You like?” she said as she pirouetted around me.

“God, it’s fantastic, I’ve never seen such an awesome cunt, you must be proud as hell.”

“May I touch?”

“Just for a minute, if you promise to be good.”

“Hell, I’ll be better than good, I’ll be great.”

She walked to me and stood a foot way. I slowly raised my right hand and placed it on her tummy. Nice warm, soft skin,. I felt her tremble as I moved slowly down through the silken hair to her puss. I took my left hand and gently parted the hair where I figured her opening was. Her lips were congested as I found the spot I wanted. She moved a bit closer as I pulled her to my face and gave a big open mouthed kiss to the sweet smelling opening of her treasure. I briefly tasted her essence before she pulled back.

“I said to be good.”

“I thought that was good, in fact it was perfect.”

Sis leaned over and whispered in her ear. Tessie’s eyes widened at what she heard and she looked Sis directly in the eye and said, “Should I?”

“Damn right, he’ll love it, I know.”

Tessie reached for my cock, “Now it’s my turn.”

She pulled it to her mouth and planted a long lingering kiss on the knob, licking off several drops of pre-cum with her tongue, before letting it go.

“Hey, don’t stop now, that was great.”

“Lets share, she said.” walking to her lounge and lying on her back.

“Come here, put your head down here.” placing her hand on her snatch.

I looked at the shed, Mom was grinning and gave me a thumb’s up.

I climbed on the lounge and carefully did as requested. Her puss was giving off waves of heat as I stuck my nose deep in her bush.

“You smell wonderful.” , I mumbled as I let my tongue slip through her soft hair, looking for those fat lips. I pulled hair away with both hands as I found my goal. She twitched as she felt my tongue caress each lip, slowly licking up one side and down the other. Then I felt my cock in her hand as she guided it to her mouth. I could tell almost immediately, she had no more experience than Sis did. She sucked it in, taking my plumb and twirling her tongue around, slipping the tip down my pea hole. She couldn’t get much more down her throat, so just kept working on the head.

I peeked at Mom before lowering my face to the sweet pussy and noticed her face flush as she gave another thumb up. I pulled Tessie’s lips further apart and lapped like a wild dog all around her vagina. She bucked under me as I increased the pressure and slipped a finger in next to my tongue. I pushed the finger deeper and again felt a piece of skin. Oh boy, another virgin, didn’t know there were any left. I found her clit, not prominent like Mom’s or Sis’, but apparently very sensitive, She thrashed about as I sucked it in and started to moan and whimper.

Sis kneeled down next to her and again whispered in her ear. Immediately I felt Tessie;s hands grab my balls and hold tight. I knew Sis had taught her the trick she learned from me and grunted appreciatively. Sis managed to get one of Tessie’s breasts out from under me and started sucking and biting her hard pick nipple.

Poor Tessie was going crazy, squeezing my balls and ans sucking my know with all her might. She felt my nuts contracting and bit down lightly on my cock as she started her climax and I shot my first load of hot cum deep in her throat. She coughed for a second, but didn’t let my cock go as she swallowed load after load.

Her orgasm hit at the same time and her juices esenyurt türbanlı escort flowed out in a huge stream, soaking her soft, blonde bush and filling my throat. My mouth was dripping as I pulled up as Sis grabbed my head and gave me a big open kiss, swallowing some of Tessie’s juice as I returned the kiss with my tongue licking hers.

Sis then kissed Tessie’s lips, licking off some of my cum from her mouth she hadn’t had time to swallow.

Sis and I looked over at Mom as Tessie lie moaning under us, her eyes closed and face flushed.

Mom’s face was all red as we watched her twisting her nipples and fingering her cunt. She was too occupied to notice so we turned our attention to Tessie.

“Does she react like this when you kiss her puss?”

“Well, I’ve never done it like that, we just nibble a little and pull each other’s lips.”

“She plays with my clitty, because it’s so much bigger than her and fingers it until I cum.”

“We like sucking each other’s nipples. We both have very sensitive ones and they get big and long when we get worked up. We kid each other about sucking little penises. We have fun with each other, she’s my best friend and I love her.”

“That’s good, it’s nice to have a special friend and you have one here.”

Tessie had opened her eyes as we were speaking and smiled as she joined in with, “I love your sister very much, especially since she’s willing to share big brother with me, and I do mean big brother.”

We all laughed and kissed each other, trading spit with each pair of lips.

My two foxes relaxed and soon I heard soft snoring as I stood admiring their bodies. Sis, slender and lithe, firm and solid from her work outs. Tessie, softer, a bit heavier body, with those great tits and special bushy pussy. It’s going to be a great summer I thought.

I went to the shed, Mom was lying on a spare lounge and looked exhausted.

She looked out at the two sleepy heads and said, “I haven’t masturbated like that in years. Never had too, Dad kept me too busy. Seeing you all having such fun was too much for me, I had to relieve myself.

“No sweat Mom, I understand. I bet Dad gets a good time tonight.”

“You bet he will, come here.”

She grabbed my cock as I came closer. “Ok if I lick some of Tessie’s juice off?”

I was surprised by her question, she’d never done anything like that in the past, only pulled on it as a teasing thing.

“Well, actually there isn’t much left. Tessie licked me clean after she sucked it.”

“Are you saying No, I can’t”

She was still holding me and smiled at my cock’s reaction to her remark.

“Hey Mom, I love you. You can do no wrong. Do you think Dad would care?”

“I don’t think so. The two of you have twin cocks, so I’m twice blessed.”

My cock was now fully hard and ready for action and she grinned at it’s response.

“Great to be young with all this recuperative energy.” she told me as she squeezed me appreciatively.

“Ok, do it, I’ll just lie back and relax.”

She knelt between my legs and with no more conversation pulled my ramrod in her mouth. I could tell she knew her way around a man’s cock as she swallowed my entire penis with one long gulping sound. Dad’s similar cock had enabled her to adjust her throat to it’s length and thickness. Only one other woman had managed to deep throat me and she was a phys ed teacher at school. Her husband was one of the football coaches and was rumored to be hung like a horse. He must have been, since she handled me with ease.

I was still a bit uncertain about what Mom was doing and became more so as I looked up at the shed door. Sis and Tessie were standing there open mouthed and eyes staring. They must have woke up while Mom and I were talking and hearing voices, approached the shed.

I just shrugged as I flashed them a big smile. Mom felt the motion and pulled off my cock, looking around to see what had distracted me. Seeing the girls, she laughed, “Hey kids, come closer so you can get a better view.”

Looking at each other, they did as asked and stood one on either side of Mom as she again gulped my still stiff cock deep in her mouth.

“Wow, your Mom is something else, look how much of Bro’s cock she swallowed.”

“Sis looked at me as she replied, “Do you think he put her up to it?”

I shook my head no. “It’s all Mom’s idea.”

“Yeah, I bet. Tessie, grab her left nipple and I’ll take the right one.”

Tessie didn’t hesitate as she reached under Mom’s chest and started pulling her stiff, long nipple. Sis, did the same on the other side and soon Mom was moaning as she sucked harder on my poor overused cock. The girl’s pulled harder on Mom’s nips, twisting them as they felt her reaction. She pulled off my cock again for a second, “Shouting harder, harder that feels so good.”

Both girl’s started sweating as they obeyed. Mom’s mouth again swallowed my prick and I felt her hands on my balls, squeezing gently at first but then getting rougher as she started her climax. The girl’s hands were a blur as they pulled and twisted those big nips and poor Mom’s eyes glazed as her orgasm grew until she exploded. I could see the juices flowing down her thighs as she pulled her mouth away from my still hard and unspent cock.

Mom climbed on the lounge, still holding me in her hand. “Sorry about that.” she said, nodding at my still stiff dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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