More of Mother’s Milk

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Sean was tired but happy. As he pushed the lawnmower back toward his house, the young man counted up all the money he’d made from all the lawns he had cut that day. The sun hung low in the sky. He was just about to put the mower away in the garage when his mother leaned out the back window.

“Sean, Mrs. Dolan called. She really needs you to do her lawn today. She’s having people over tomorrow.” Sean’s mother was a trim attractive lady with a short bob haircut and friendly smile. She knew her son was more man than boy these days, but was glad he worked so much and stayed out of trouble.

With hardly a thought about it, Sean wheeled around and headed around the corner to the Dolan’s. He made short work of their lawn and swept up the clippings as the daylight faded. He knocked on the door to ask if there was anything else to be done and to get paid. The door was ajar and swung open after Sean’s knock. He could see through the screen door. There was a figure on the sofa. It was Mrs. Dolan. She was a curvy lady of 35 who always smiled at Sean as he rode past on his bike or when he did yard work for the Dolans when Mr. Dolan was away on one of his frequent business trips.

Mrs. Dolan’s eyes were closed, her head tipped back and she seemed to be in a trance. Her plain white button-down shirt was open and she cradled her eight-month-old daughter at her substantial breast. Sean stood there staring, transfixed. The baby was nursing at Mrs. Dolan’s large left breast. The baby hungrily worked her mouth on as much of the dark reddish-brown teat as she could fit in. But Sean was transfixed by the sight of the other breast. Mrs. Dolan’s right breast was almost completely exposed.

Sean had never seen a breast like it before. In fact, Sean had only glimpsed a picture here or a quick scene in an r-rated movie of some actress or model flashing her modest boobs in the shadows for a second. But here was a woman Sean knew, that he had seen many times and never thought of in a sexual way. Her face was beautiful, maybe not like a hot model, but like a real woman. Her lips were parted; she gently reacted to the suckling at her breast by swaying a bit and letting out the lowest moan Sean strained to hear.

Sean gazed at the exposed right breast. Mrs. Dolan had big tits. They seemed to be especially antalya escort full. He could see a tracery of darkish veins through the translucent flesh that almost glowed. Low on the full orb was a huge dark aureole with a huge, thick nipple, round and hard positively throbbed to the rhythm of the baby’s suckling. The milk-engorged breast seemed to undulate as Mrs. Dolan moved. Sean’s sharp eyes could just discern the droplet of milk that dangled from Mrs. Dolan’s right teat. For the first time Sean was aware of how excited he was. He could feel his cock throbbing in his tight cut-offs. Sean unconsciously opened his mouth and eased his tongue out as if he could collect that white liquid treasure. His reverie was shattered.

“Oh, Sean. My God! Uh. I’m sorry. Come in. I, uh, as you can see, little Edie was just getting a bedtime, uh. Sean, please come in.”

Sean’s heart was pounding as he opened the screen door and entered the room. He stood by the sofa.

Mrs. Dolan was flustered. She had let herself be carried away by the twin pleasures of maternal nurturing and of having the enormous pressure in her breasts relieved. Tammy Dolan had been made to feel uncomfortable about the physical pleasure and sexual excitement she felt when breastfeeding, or even just pumping milk for later. Her husband was not interested in much of anything but his business. The baby was his wife’s responsibility, in his mind. What did she want from him? Didn’t he pay the bills? But Tammy needed so much more. She had resigned to the frustration. But the baby had brought hormones and changes in the way Tammy felt. When her milk came in, her already hourglass figure became exaggerated. Tammy tried not to acknowledge the tingle in her crotch as she fed her baby. She rubbed her thighs together and squeezed. She had brought herself to orgasm that way before. She was almost there again when she noticed Sean there at the door.

Now that he was next to her she could see the effect her display had had on the young man. His considerable package was clearly visible bulging below the leg of the shorts. Tammy could not help her hunger. She wanted to feel a hard cock. She needed to be desired.

Sean knelt beside the mother and child. Mrs. Dolan smiled as she saw him regarding the nursing baby lara escort in an almost paternal way. The baby’s suckling had become sporadic; she was drifting off to sleep. Mrs. Dolan rose and took the infant into the next room and returned closing the door behind her. She adjusted the monitor so she could hear the baby sleeping and sat back down on the sofa.

“Sean, thank you for coming over. I mean, the lawn. Mr. Dolan will be away for some time and I have some family visiting tomorrow and I want the place to look good. Well…”

“I’ve never seen that before, Mrs. Dolan. I don’t mean to stare but I can’t help it. I feel overpowered. Like I need to see it.”

“It’s ok, Sean. It’s natural for a young man your age. Would you like to see my breasts, Sean?”

“Yes, Mrs. Dolan.”

Tammy opened her shirt and exposed her breasts to Sean’s eager gaze.

“Would you like to touch them, Sean?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Tammy took Sean’s hand and placed it under her heavy, full, right breast. Sean felt the weight of the soft orb. He could not believe he was touching a woman’s tit. The scent of Tammy’s perfume and her arousal and the milk filled Sean’s nostrils. He traced the veins on top of the boob with a finger down to the huge dark nipple. There he collected the big droplet of sweet mother’s milk on the finger. Tammy grabbed his hand fed the droplet to herself, sucking Sean’s fingertip.

“I want to taste it, Mrs. Dolan.”

“Call me Mommy,” Tammy said.

“I want to taste it, Mommy.”

Sean continued to gently explore Tammy generous bustline with his young groping hands. Tammy could feel her clit swelling and her milk in her right tit was letting down. Milk positively dripped from her right teat.

“Mommy’s milk is only for her baby. Are you Mommy’s Big Baby?”

“Oh, yes, Mommy. I am your Big Baby. Feed your Big Baby, Mommy.”

Tammy was trembling as she cradled Sean’s head in her hands, kissed him deeply and then lowered his head to her right breast. Sean curled around her on the sofa. His hands each cupped an enormous tit. He began to suckle at the dark, huge, stiff nipple offered to him. It was wet with sweet, warm, thin milk. The taste ignited a primal need in Sean and he latched onto his “mommy’s” teat with side escort a vengeance. He sucked and pumped the milk from her engorged tit. His fingers tweaked the left nipple and Tammy could feel her pussy practically dripping with her love honey. Her clit was throbbing for attention.

“Suck it all, Baby. Suck all of Mommy’s milk from her big milky titties. You like Mommy’s big milk-filled titties, don’t you, Baby?”

Sean moaned his agreement into the fleshy masses. The scent, the taste, the feeling were more than the young man’s mind could process. He looked up at Mrs. Dolan and saw her rubbing his cock through the material of his cut-offs. She only had to lift the cotton and she was stroking his now freed seven-inch cock. She tugged at the shorts and she was able to cup the young man’s balls as he cupped her mams and continued nursing.

Sean could feel he would soon blow his load. But he could feel Mrs. Dolan’s passions too. He reached under her skirt and was surprised to feel her warm, hairy snatch unfettered by any panties. Sean knew to move slowly and gently, but he worked a finger into the warm, wet, slit that was, in truth, gaping and dripping. He probed her pussy and struck gold when he found her g-spot just as he bit down not so gently on her hard nipple.

“Fuck, Baby. Mommy’s cumming hard. Feel Mommy’s pussy fucking exploding? Fuck! Bite that titty! Fuck!” Tammy shuddered and convulsed. Her body shook and she shrieked. Sean knew she was cumming. He was right there too. He leaned back and watched as Mrs. Dolan tugged at her left nipple to coax out milk into her palm. Then she reached down and expertly stroked Sean’s cock and whispered into his ear as he blew his thick, heavy load all over Mrs. Dolan’s face and hair and those incredible milk farms.

They both were stunned by what had happened. Mrs. Dolan explained that Mr. Dolan was a distant man who ignored her and even told her to find her own lovers. She tried to express the special way that breastfeeding and sex seemed so right. Sean could not believe the things this woman said to him. But he knew that he had found something that gave him so much pleasure he could not stop.

“Sean, I will need you to come back tomorrow evening, after my guests leave. My mother wants to take the baby for a night so I have prepared a couple of bottles of milk. I’ll be full up by this time tomorrow. Will my Big Baby be hungry again?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Good. And Mommy’s going to need more than a finger in her pussy then, ok?”

“Yes. Mommy”

To be continued

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