Moonlight Tease

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We finish eating and sit down on the couch like we always do after a meal. We talk casually for a while, continuing the conversation we had been having, and the sunset turns to twilight outside. I turn on some music at some point, and play it in the background.

I’m calm and comfortable around her, and she keeps talking away, lying down with her head towards me and her eyes closed. It’s dark out by now, and our conversation is slowing down. My hand has made its way to play with her hair and touch her cheek and neck a few times.

Suddenly, Rebecca gets up and walks to the computer, bending down at the waist to reach the keyboard. She selects a few songs to play, and returns to the couch. She sits there with her hands in her lap and her eyes closed, as if pondering the music for a few moments.

“May I use the bathroom?” she says in a rather different tone than the soft conversation a few minutes ago.

“Of course, you don’t need to ask,” I reply.

She walks off, and I notice at the last minute she has picked up her purse before walking around the corner into the hall. I wonder briefly why girls keep so much stuff in their purses, as hers looks over filled, and then I forget about it.

The music is playing a soft, jazzy tune, and I stare off out the apartment window into the night street. The room itself is mostly empty except for the sofa, since I had only recently moved in.

I am jolted out of my reverie by a soft “hey, Mr. distracted.”

“Huh?” I turn my head around and practically fall off the couch.

She has changed into a flattering and revealing black mini dress, with a low cut front and a hem that barely covers past her groin, and black pumps to complete the effect.

“I… um… wow…” I sputter out, my heart racing up and my breath shortening. My eyes sweep up and down her body, lingering around her upper thighs and wondering if she has anything on underneath.

“Eyes up here,” she says half jokingly, pointing to her face. She pulls a chair out from the kitchen table and walks to the center of the sitting room. “I was standing there for like 2 minutes while you were staring out the window, what’s so interesting out there anyways?” she says as she puts down the chair in the center of the room and stands in front of me. In my sitting position she is towering over me and I feel like shrinking back into the furniture. Instead I stand up and brush my hands awkwardly on my pants, getting a glimpse down her cleavage, noticing some kind of lacy bra under her dress.

“Nothing, I was just dozing off-“

“Oh, you’re ready to go to sleep? I guess I have to get going then,” she says in a playful tone, holding back a smile.

“No!” I say rather too desperately, since she is clearly playing with me, and then more calmly: “You were just getting changed in there, you look good, I like that outfit, what are you wearing it for? I think it fits you well and -” she puts a finger on my lips, smiling in an exasperated way.

“Stop escort bostancı babbling and sit down, Johnny.” Rebecca leads me over to the chair by the hand and I sit down rather hard. I am sitting fairly straight in the chair, and fiddle with my hands a bit before putting them on my legs to stop looking like I’m fidgeting. I remember to breathe at this point, and she walks over to the computer table to change the music again. She bends over at the waist, clearly exaggerating the movement. This gives me a good, long look at her well-rounded ass, and lets me see that she is wearing tiger striped panties. I also notice that I’m getting aroused by all this excitement, and shift around to let my cock extend in my pants.

The music changes to a rhythmic beat; not too slow, but sensual. Rebecca is standing in front of me swaying and undulating her hips. She brushes her hair behind her shoulders and throws her head back while she traces her curves with her hands. She slides her hands up her stomach, pushing up her breasts, and then over and up to her neck. We maintain unblinking eye contact, and she turns so her right profile is facing me. She slides slowly down to touch her toes, then back up, using her hands to accentuate the length of her legs, tauntingly allowing her hand to catch the edge of her dress on the way up and revealing the waistband of her panties before covering up again. She uses her hands to show off the curvature and size of her bust.

She turns back towards me, then offers her left profile. She bends at the waist, allowing her hair to fall over her head and exposing her panties. This time, she traces the back of her legs as she straightens up, stopping to squeeze her ass and play with the waistline of her panties, then putting her hands in the small of her back and arching backwards, with her leg pointed out for balance. She tosses her long hair back and ends looking at me.

She returns to facing toward me, standing with her legs apart this time, and bends down as if to stretch, and lets her dress fall down slightly in the back. As she stands back up, she slides her hands along the insides of her legs, up to her crotch, and holds for a moment to bite her lip and focus on me. Then she smiles seductively and steps toward my chair, before doing an about face so she can show off her backside.

With her back facing towards me, she moves her hips in rhythm with the music, and shakes her ass side to side. She bends down to touch her toes, then holds for a moment and straightens back up. Then, she pulls up the sides of the dress, and continues shaking her booty. Holding the hem up, she turns around, continuing to gyrate. She’s looking at me, but I’m not looking at her face. She thrusts her dress back down, and I feel a twinge of disappointment, and return to her eyes, stopping at her cleavage on the way up.

She steps closer to the chair and puts her finger under my chin, sending tingles through my chest, and causing a tightening sensation ümraniye escort in my already straining groin.

“Eyes up here, big boy,” she says with a twinkle in her eye.

She takes her finger away, leaving me instantly craving the touch of her hands on my face, neck, chest…

She starts playing with my tie, moving her hands closer and closer to my neck, still swaying to the music. She slowly unties my tie, then swiftly pulls it out of my collar.

Turning her back to me, she slides the tie behind her back, sliding it back and forth. Then she takes it lower sliding it her ass and looking back at me over her shoulder.

Then she turns to the side and slips the tie between her legs, sliding it back and forth and thrusting her hips to the music.

She turns towards me and continues, causing the front of her dress to ride up slightly.

She steps back to the chair and throws the tie in my lap.

I can see that she’s sweating at this point, and I realize that my armpits, groin and neck are all damp.

She steps to the left side of the chair, and lifts her right leg up and plants her shoe firmly on the chair between my spread legs. She gazes intently into my eyes, and slides her hand around her ass, along the bottom of her thigh, and down the side of her calf. Her hand reaches her foot, dangerously close to my throbbing bulge. She lets her fingers brush the seam of my pants and I feel a wave of euphoria pass over me.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.”

All I manage to get out is a nod and mouth the word ‘yeah.’

She slides her hand up the front and top of her bent leg, arching back to give me a good view of her breasts, running her left hand up her chest and squeezing her right breast. She takes her foot off the chair and walks around behind me, tracing my neck with her finger. This sends chills down my spine, and my heart skips a few beats.

She comes around to my right side and places her left leg on the chair, but this time her heel is facing inwards and her chest is next to my head. I smell a sweet scent from her body, and feel her hair brush against my neck as she slides her left hand down her leg. This time she intentionally cups my package with her hand when she reaches the bottom, earning a ‘mmm’ of pleasure from me.

She removes her foot again and sexily walks away from me with her bottom swaying.

She reaches around both shoulders and moves the straps from the dress off to the sides, pulling her arms all the way through. She pulls up on the hem of the dress until it is all scrunched around her waist.

In one swift motion, she pushes the entire dress down to the floor, then straightens back up.

Her lingerie clad body glows in the soft light, and she continues dancing seductively.

She steps out of her shoes one at a time and walks towards me, no longer dancing.

“Satisfied?” she asks.

“Only my eyes,” I reply, grinning.

She makes a funny face at that. I’m kartal escort bayan full of anticipation as she approaches. She picks up the tie and loops it around my neck. I stand up, and we embrace. My left hand is in the small of her back, and my right hand goes behind her neck. I feel the softness of her skin, and badly want to be out of my clothes so I can feel the sensation on my whole body. Our lips come together softly at first, then passionately, and I hold her tighter. Her hands are holding onto the tie around my neck, pulling me in.

We separate, and she silently walks to my bedroom, pulling me along by the neck.

Inside, she lets go of me and lies down on my bed, waiting. I stand there and fumble with the buttons on my shirt throwing it down behind me. Then I unzip my pants and practically jump out of them.

I kneel down at her feet, and place my hands at her ankles and slide them up her body. I lean forwards, straddling her, and kiss her again. We make out for several minutes, my hands moving between her neck, her breasts, and her stomach. Her hands touch my chest muscles and reach around to my back.

I tell her to turn over. I slide my hands up the length of her body, squeezing her ass and covering the majority of her back. I undo her bra. She turns back over and removes it. My shaft keeps brushing her legs and skin. I kiss her, kiss her breasts, play with her nipples, and kiss her neck. After some time, she seems to be short of breath.

I reach my fingers down underneath her panties and feel moist slick skin. She is smooth, and I slide my two middle fingers inside her in a hooking motion. She feels warm, and I press upwards on the inside wall, and she moans. I continue to kiss her, and she embraces me more tightly. I move down and rub my left hand on her skin until I find her clit. Touching this elicits a gasp and her legs tense.

I rub with my fingers and feel the bulge in her skin press farther out, then I place my lips over it and flick my tongue rapidly over it. She begins moaning and panting in earnest now, and continues to build up.

“Fuck me, fuck me” she gasps, her head is turned to the side, and her hands are tightly balled with fists full of sheets.

I reach for her hand and she takes it, we share a connection through the grasp and she is close to the limit. I apply extra pressure with my tongue and she goes over the edge, crying out and gasping for breath. I continue to finish her off and she finally comes back down.

Her body is covered in sweat, as am I. I roll onto my back and strip off my boxers while she cools down. I roll back over to get on top of her. I press into her and feel myself filling the space within her. I begin rhythmically sliding in and out.

Before I get too far, I tell her to turn over and insert myself into her from behind. My hands are on her ass, and I rapidly build to completion. We break apart, and I kiss her on the cheek.

“Be right back.”

I go into the bathroom to clean myself off and return to her resting form. I slide into bed next to her and cup her breasts with one hand. We talk and cuddle before drifting off into blissful sleep.

When I wake up, there’s no sign of her, except for my tie with several lipstick stains on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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