Mommy’s Help Ch. 08

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Please read prior chapters first, it’s a fun series!


Dinners ready!

I heard mom call down from the kitchen, as I lay naked in bed soaking in all the pleasure she just gave me. My body feels hyper sensitive lately. I can feel the slight throb still in my empty balls. I feel a moist coolness on my butt still from her rough tongue. Most of all I feel soreness in my dick; I glance down and stare at it. It rests across my thigh swollen, totally worn out from all this action with my mother. I think of that statement and it twitches again.

I can’t help but smirk as I walk down the stairs totally naked; actually I have ankle socks on and a tight tank top. My cock is hanging nice and heavy; full of blood but not hard. I wonder if mom hears the slapping from thigh to thigh as I head towards her.

I turn the corner and head towards the dinner table where she is sitting at the far end. I watch her eyes lock to mine, and then slowly travel downward to my chest. I keep approaching my chair is opposite her and her eyes keep drifting south as I stop at my chair and get ready to sit, she finally locks on to my cock. I watch her face intently, as I start to squat to sit my thighs open and my balls and dick hang real hard and vulgar. She bites her bottom lip and meets my eyes again.

I must admit this is pretty awkward as we slowly pick at our dinner with no words said. Occasionally I glance up to peek at her and I think she kept doing the same. As I peek at her I notice her heavy breathing, her slight cleavage rising in her black tank top with each breath. She has her head down and her ponytail high and in a daze picks at her food.

The clink of her fork hitting her plate wakes me up and I look up as we meet each other’s eyes, she stands. I watch beylikdüzü otele gelen escort her in slow motion eyes never leaving each others as she drops to her knees. Her collar bones are at the same height with the table. It looks like she wanted to say something but instead she kept looking at me slightly shook her head, in what I believe is embarrassment and disappeared under the table.

I can’t explain the feeling, knowing you mom is under a table crawling your way and you can’t hear or see her. I waited and waited, it felt like hours. I noticed that my dick was totally flaccid from nerves. Panic started to set in hoping it wouldn’t fail me in a time like this! Before I could finish the though I felt it. I felt it, her tongue, fuck it was her tongue flicking at the underside of my dick. All worry disappeared as my cock engorged and she wasted no time taking it all in her mouth. This wasn’t a time to tease; this was two people full of cum and needing release.

Mom nursed my cock as I threw my head back and enjoyed the sensation. She worked my balls with both her hands softly but sucked hard. I starred at the ceiling and wondered how this can be wrong, two people that love each other so much expressing that love with each other. Then I realized why and how it’s wrong. I realized how this could destroy my family, our lives. I realized this only because at that very moment the front door swung open and my father barreled towards the dinner table in a fit of hunger.

“Hey Phil,” Dad called out from the stove as he made himself a plate. “what’s up dad are you going to sit and eat with me for once’, I tried reverse psychology because in the past whenever I or mom would beg him to eat with us he would beylikdüzü rus escort out of spite eat in the living room just to annoy us.

Waiting for his response and hoping he wouldn’t get to close and notice I was naked from the waist down, I also noticed mom has totally abandoned my dick. I lift the table cloth real fast and peak down. Mom was naked sitting back on her butt eyes closed and slowly strumming her clit with one hand and resting back on her other hand. She was totally splayed out; I’ve never seen her pussy so open and swollen.

“Ok, ok ill sit with you!” I jumped at that and dropped the table cloth. He instinctively walks to the head of the table were mom was sitting and starts shoveling food into his face. We make small talk and I wait patiently for something to happen here. “ughhmm” I cough up, out of instinct as I feel a small finger nestle under my balls and in my ass crack. Mom starts sliding back and forth along my ass slowly, rhythmically. I feel my cock throbbing in the open air, All the while trying to hold up a normal chatter with dad. Just as I feel moms finger slowly penetrate me dad starts to get up.

Mom waits holding her finger at the entrance. Dad walks past me and I feel her finger slowly circle. Dad makes his way further…further… his door slams shut.”ughhhhh fuck!!!’ I moan as she slides the whole thing up me and presses hard on my prostate.

I flip the table cloth up to see mom sitting there, between my legs one finger inside me motionless. The only thing that breaks our gaze is the big dollop of pre cum that leaked from my cock onto her thigh. As I was starring at it mom pulled out of me breaking my concentration. Mom slides up my body without a word straddling me. Moms beylikdüzü türbanlı escort sitting on top me hovering over my hard cock as she locks her arms around my neck. She looks in my eyes I go to speak, but she says it first “I love you” and she sits down.

Mom rests her head on my shoulder and starts to move her hips. It wasn’t a scene out of a porno it is actually hard to explain. Mom kept me deep inside her and she just moved her pussy back and forth rubbing her clit on my pelvic bone. I then realized this wasn’t for me, all those other sexual acts were for me but this was about her making herself cum how she wanted.

I sat; I sat still…keeping my cock as hard as possible for her waiting for her to ride this out however she wanted. She kept going, whimpering and gently nibbling on my color bone. Then I felt it she slowed and bit down on my shoulder hard. I focused on my cock I felt her pussy open, totally loosen and grip me again. Mom sat still for a minute panting gently deep into my shoulder.

She lifted her whole body till just my head was still inside her and she dropped back down, hard. She kept this slow rhythm and I felt my cum rising and rising fast. On her next stroke upwards I hit the point of no return. I grabbed her ass hard and jammed her back down holding her still. I was Cumming, inside her as I ran my middle finger over her asshole strumming it slowly felt it puckering. I was Cumming but it wasn’t in spurts it was just pouring into her straight from my balls.

Then the feeling was too much and I started bucking and spurting more and more cum inside her until I was spent. Mom just stood still the whole time allowing me to fully empty into her like I let her empty onto me.

Mom slowly rose from my cock reaching behind her to grab a napkin from the table. Right before my cock slid out of her fully, mom replaced it with the napkin. She stood up straight holding the napkin in place she ruffled my hair as she tried to walk and shuffled towards the bathroom. I made my way to my own room; I couldn’t help but smile noticing the trail of cum leading to the closed bathroom door.

The End

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