Mommy Doesn’t Know

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No, mommy doesn’t know it. Daddy does, and of course I too. Of course we’re gonna have to tell her, sooner or later it will be obvious anyway. So, so to speak, whether we tell her or not, I will be showing her that something’s coming.

It’s so hard not to smile, and spill the beans already – man, it feels so good, so hot, so right. But it’s mine and dad’s secret. At the same time, it’s not like we’d deny or hide it if she would confront us. Sometimes I think she might know she’s sharing dad with her own daughter. Short of making out and having sex in front of her we’re obviously very close. Add to that how much I’m literally clinging on to MY dad, yes he’s mine and I’m not talking about the biological fact… well, OK, sex is biology too, but I love him more than I love mom. I mean I love them both to death for being my parents, but it’s just that I’m even closer with dad, literally and figuratively speaking.

I’m what you’d call a daddy’s girl, and truly proud of it. To every one but my dad there’s nothing special about our relationship, sure some think I’m being a little too clingy but I’m way more clingy at home. Seriously I’d go crazy if I couldn’t hug my dad whenever I miss his touch, and he doesn’t mind me hanging on to him at my whim. In fact, I know how much he loves feeling of how my boobies give a bonus hug of their own as hug him from the side (sometimes he’s able to nuzzle his hands between my legs like that and give me a nice special pat, like some pat girls on the back, my dad does it more intimately from the front – love it). I know just how happy he is when I sit myself down upon his lap to “hide” his hard-on. Though, honestly it’s usually my fault he get’s a tent that needs hiding. When it’s just me and dad that knows we’re related, and some other boy looks at me I make it clear that I’m already taken, usually by simply kissing dad or clinging to him like a girlfriend or otherwise marking my territory. I love when I can publicly make it know he’s mine, they don’t have to know he’s my dad, though, in a perfect world… I’d proudly call him dad out loud and kiss him all the time…

I’m sitting here at the dinner table with mom and dad, and with daddy’s cum right where it belongs, inside me, where it comes naturally so to speak. Though by now much of it has oozed out and has been making a nice telling wet spot in the gusset of my cotton panties that would be seen if wasn’t such a girly daddy’s girl, and wore a long airy skirt that kept my panties hidden. Mom’s so proud of me for never wearing any “slutty” or “too revealing” clothes, and really I love dressing up like the lady I am – dad’s proper lady that is. Especially since dad loves how a good dress emphasizes my body, while still not revealing too much to others (he knows perfectly well what’s under it!). When I want to be really sexy, which is to say when me and dad have our proper quality time together, my birthday suit is the sexiest clothing to wear. Only dad get’s to see me in my birthday suit, since I only let my dad see me naked, and of course only he get’s to have sex with me.

Of course, I do wear a sexy or cute set of bra and panties under that proper dress or as the only thing I have on me. Actually, I think daddy thinks that all my underwear is sexy, the cute comfy ones seems to be his favorite. I think it makes him think of me as the good proper and well mannered girl I am, it could also be that it’s the closest to naked I can be when mom’s home. Strutting around in our undies when it’s just the three of us home isn’t a big deal, though I wouldn’t be appropriate to be clingy with dad then (it would be like breaking some unwritten rule of behavior for a daughter in front of her mother, silly I know, but it’s part of being a proper girl).

I must admit, that a small rebellious part of me would love to be sitting Indian-style in a short pantie revealing skirt or bright tights that would snugly hug my hips and crotch and darken as wet spot works it way in to view as a proud mark I’m dad’s girl. But, that’s probably just me still being a little horny and so proud of having my dad’s cum down there. Of course, short skirt and pantie-less would never be an option, I like my dad’s cum where it is. Having it run down my legs or drop down on the floor would be such a crying waste! Cum is made for pussies, at least that’s what my pussy-lips would say if they spoke… Though, I’d like the idea of a short skirt and panties pulled down or resting by my ankles for my dad to enter me, as long as they’d be pulled up in time to capture dad’s cum before it would go places it shouldn’t be. But to me, a scandalously short one doesn’t feel quite right still, I’m a proper girl – and I take pride in being that. Especially now that I’m going to be a role model of sorts.

The thing that makes it harder than usual not to tell mom about me and dad’s wonderful sex life, is that tonight is even more special. Not only am I sitting here satisfied and proud with my own dad’s cum inside me, I’ve also been to the doctor today and confirmed that a new ankara escort life is growing inside me!

I’m so happy I could explode, that I also landed a photo model work just in time is the perfect cover story for my silly smile that I simply cannot hide whenever I think about how my own sibling is magically coming to life inside me – in just the same way I came to life by dad’s cum in mommy, and now I’m experiencing what she was – I think I finally truly understand her when she described how being pregnant is impossible to fully describe, it must be experienced.

The model job is actually not entirely by chance, dad knows quite a few photographers and knew that one of them had been looking for a woman to follow through pregnancy for a book on pregnancy. Not only would we get professional photographs capturing my pregnancy, but all the medical expenses would also be covered since some of the checkups would also be included (and ultra sound images, etc). Tough, we haven’t told mom any “details” about the modeling job. So as far as mom knows it’s a regular photo job for a well known book company, that’s secret until the book is done.

So, we just had my pregnancy confirmed today. It still hasn’t fully sunk in yet, but it feels good, it feels natural, it, well… quite frankly, is the way it should be if I’m not being modest about it. Dad and I have been lovers since the week after my 18th birthday, mom and dad gave me a week long cruise for present which was really fun. But since both of them went along with me and it wouldn’t be until we got back, luckily mom had a business trip and left me and dad alone when we got back. So, that’s when I made the move on dad and became a woman in the sexual sense too.

That was some three years ago by now but I’m certain I’ve already gotten more of dad’s cum in my pussy than mom has since they met. Which isn’t strange given that I’m so intend on making sure as much of dad’s cum as I can get get’s in to my pussy, where dad’s cum belongs. Dad and mom rarely have sex, they still do, but mom doesn’t really have any sex drive. Their marriage is perfect in other senses and they love each other, it’s just that when it comes to sex, well, dad’s lucky to have me – and I’m happy since it means more of his cum for my pussy. I must admit that I feel proud knowing that in a sense like I’m more of a woman than mom, not that it’s a competition but still, dad’s spend more time inside me than he’s been in mom. With some 50 % of me being from dad, a little more of pure 100 % dad in side me is a bonus, and now I’ll have a part of him growing inside me 24/7 for nine months to come.

I try to feed my hungry pussy lips at least twice a day with my dad’s cum. I feel like I deserve it for being such a good daddy’s girl, but most of all because it feels so wonderful to have sex with my dad, and to feel him literally filling me with his love – is the best thing in the world! Though, sadly we’re not able to do it every day, but we make up for it with good margin when we have the night or weekend to ourselves, which luckily is more than a few times a month since mom is frequently on short business trips. So, all in all, my pussy get’s plenty of my dad’s hot wonderful creamy incestuous cum. But we also having a wonderful time together when not having sex too. I’m loving my (love) life.

We didn’t plan for me to become pregnant, it’s a love child. I’m, I was, even on the pill so my dad could cum in me without a rubber in getting between our sexes – but obviously I stopped taking the pill immediately when I knew I was expecting my own sibling! But somehow I got pregnant anyway, it probably was due to antibiotics… I had a throat infection and was a bit feverish when I was at the doctors… the doctor probably warned about that the medication could affect the effectiveness of the pill… but anyhow, I missed my period because I missed that information… Not that I’m sorry in any way! I’m pregnant, by my own dad none the less – and best of all, we’re keeping our baby! I’m the happiest woman on earth right now! Seriously, I’m looking forward to becoming the mother of my own sibling, my dad’s child.

I was a little surprised when I missed my period though, and when I asked dad if he had any idea how that could be despite me being on the pill, he quickly suspected the antibiotics. His words were, “uhm, honey, did the doctor say that antibiotic you got was safe with your pills?” at which the ball dropped and I realized that must be why I’m late… We both kinda went, “whops” and broke into laughter.

We had talked about babies some day, so we both knew that I would keep our baby, and of course my lovely dad would let me have as many more as I want. Still, we both knew that just missing a period doesn’t mean I’m preggers for sure, so we were both a bit cautious to celebrate. Dad bought me a bunch of pregnancy tests which he wrapped as gifts, of course they turned out positive.

So, I made the doctors appointment, when she asked if I knew who the father is – I was blushing like escort ankara crazy… I don’t know how, but somehow she guessed it. In retrospect, she probably saw how I was looking at dad when we got to the clinic or how I stole a kiss from him in the parking lot (seeing how her window overlooks the parking).

“It’s your dad isn’t it?” she said smiling as she kept working the ultrasound equipment.

“Please…” I was afraid she’d be obligated to report it somehow.

“He didn’t force you did he? Relax, you can to tell me the truth.” She said still smiling but with a guarded expression on her face

“No! We’re… uhm… I love dad…” I was not sure what to say other than protesting, of course he didn’t force me, our sex is just as desired by both of us. I didn’t have to say more for her to realize that it seems.

“Well then, congratulations then – you’re pregnant!” she relaxed and smiled even bigger

“Thanks, you won’t tell any one?” I queried.

“Of course not, patient-doctor-confidentiality,” she said matter of factually, “it would only be if he forced you I’d have to report anything. You’re a lucky girl, not many daughter’s are this lucky.”

“You think? Aren’t you, uhm, shocked?” I struck me that she seemed strangely cheerful, like it was a bonus she’d just confirmed an incestuous pregnancy.

“Nope, guess what, see those family pictures on my desk?” she nodded her head at her desk.

“Uhm, yeah…” I started realizing what she was hinting at, but her kids doesn’t look much like her husband though…

“My husband is not family, but… I’ll let you in on a secret,” she leaned closer, “he’s not the real dad…” from the way she spoke and straightened her back and smiling, she was obviously very very proud about that.

“Who then?” I had already figured out it was someone in her family, but who could it be…

“My Dad and brother of course.” She sighed, “It took a little work and planning, but it was totally worth it!” she said that like a school girl that had just done her homework and knowing she’d get good grades for it, “My husband thinks they’re his, he didn’t know he’s sterile, I checked his sperm ‘count’ here at work in secret of course… It didn’t matter though, I already knew how I wanted my babies, but it definitely made it so much easier for me – no worries about him accidentally messing my plans up or having to avoid him cumming in me…” she had a seductive mischievous grin on her face, I couldn’t help admire her determination, “I made him get a vasectomy after I had ‘enough’, just to be certain he’d never find out he’s sterile already… I hope you don’t think I’m cruel?”

“Wow, no, I must admit I understand your desire… You’re kinda my hero even, do you still…” I was honestly a little shocked to hear this about my gyn doctor, who I’d never have suspected of being like this, she’s always seemed to be so kind and I dunno, “innocent”.

“…fuck with dad and bro? Sure thing, no way I’m stopping, though we have to be more careful – I can still get pregnant, and with my hubby tied up I can’t very well be on the pill. Luckily he’s stationed overseas for 10-11 months of the year, or more, so with a little planning…” she said with a proud cheerful voice making it obvious what she was talking about.

“…let me guess, you’re still getting yourself pregnant with them? But how?” I chipped in, with growing admiration for what is possible when you set your heart on it. It was kinda heart warming how my doctor opened up to me.

“Yes, I love to be pregnant, in fact I have another little sister growing here right now,” she points to her belly while beaming with joy, “It’s a win-win, my older sister unfortunately is barren, but these bonus kids of mine are perfect for her to adopt, and since she too loves family like me she’s more than happy to be a surrogate mother, she says this is the closes to becoming a real parent she can get. So, this sister of mine,” rubbing her belly, “will grow up living with our sister,” she was almost purring and clearly almost overflowing with pride and joy.

“Wow, is she married?” I asked curiously.

“Yes, but she met her husband via the internet, and he’s the kind that likes being cuckolded – so he’s living his fantasy life happily playing the father while she can keep it up with dad and bro and take care of my kids – family is the best.”

“Sounds like I’m lucky to have you as my doctor then, but if you’re pregnant too…” I started worrying about how she might be going on paternity leave

“Don’t worry, my sister’s husband works here too, so you’re in safe family friendly hands here,” she said smiling while reassuring me.

It was a great relief to know that my doctor was not only going to be a good doctor, but also to hear how she’d had so many incestuous babies. All healthy and beautiful. It made me feel less worried about mine and dad’s, though I always knew it was only a small risk increase… I guess my maternal worries had already started a little, but now I could focus more ankara escort bayan of my energy on other things that worries about the small incest-risk part.

Of course dad was also relieved to hear about my doctor, he was waiting in the waiting room but she called him in with me still sitting in the gyn-chair with my legs well out of the way. The first few seconds he looked at the parts of me he was very familiar with, then for a few seconds was trying to pretend not looking. As soon as the door closed my doctor said that it’s OK to look, she knows he’s the father and that she called him in to give her personal congratulations at which she shook his hand and said well done. The three of us had some really good talk about my pregnancy in general and some points about the incestuous part in particular.

She had my dad sit between my legs while she stood by my head as we talked, she said that it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy and filled in that it usually was even better that way. She also added with a mischievous grin that this chair is one of the perks of her job, dad got the hint and looked at me and I just nodded with a giggle – and looked at my doctor as she asked if we wanted a few minutes to ourselves or if we wanted her to show us how sex looks like inside with an ultrasound.

How could I say no so seeing how it looks like inside me when dad’s there? To say the least, it was a bit crazy to have sex with my own dad in front of someone else, but knowing she did this with her own father, and her own brother too, made it feel a little less awkward. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t too awkward, it was kinda hot in a kinky way to watch the screen. In a way it looked like our sexes belonged together on the ultrasound, like we were one being, which is how it always feels like when dad is inside me – like I’m whole again.

When we got home we talked about that it might be best to wait with telling mom, until I was showing and mom would ask about it and then be completely honest with her. We didn’t have time to decide, because mom got home a little earlier than expected (we hadn’t counted on staying as long in the clinic as we did).

Mom shouted from the door that she’d start making dinner right away. Dad and I were upstairs, in my room, and we figured that we’d have time for a quickie before dinner – he knows how much I like to feed my pussy before we eat. I think he likes it as much as I do to have his cum inside his daughter when the three of us are sitting there as a family. With mom thinking that I’m the innocent picture perfect daughter in a proper skirt, not knowing there’s incestuous cum in her daughter’s pussy and that her husband’s cock is still coated with her daughter’s pussy juice. For some reason I always smile at that thought.

Just as mom called out that dinner’s ready, dad was ready to shoot his cum deep inside me, we usually try to time it like that just for fun of it, and we’ve gotten really good at it (with loads of fun practice). I’m usually the one to cheerfully reply that we’ll be right down while dad’s biting his tongue as he’s pumping his seed in to me, if mom only knew why I’m so cheerful! Then dad pulls up my panties, tucks his dick into his panties, gives me a kiss.

We walk hand in hand to the stairs where we part hands and he walks first, with me walking down trying not go down as smoothly as possible and not with jerky steps that would dislodge dad’s cum from where is belongs – gravity is enough of an enemy, but usually I’m able to make it to the chair before I feel his cum tickle my pussy lips at which time I usually shoot him a discrete wink or smile and he knows that it means my panties are developing a wet spot now. It’s one of those small pet joys I have.

So, back to present time, I’m sitting here as usually with dad’s cum where it belongs, mom none the wiser – and me having an urge to tell her… Geez… I’m dying to tell her now! I can’t help feeling so crazy proud of that at this very now, my very own sibling that dad and I have made by love, inside me, is growing stronger by the second.

Mom, if you only knew how desperately I’d love to tell you that you’re going to have a grandchild! How you’ve just made dinner not for three, but four! I find that one of my hands has wandered to my belly stroking it, I quickly move it away wondering if mom saw it… I know mothers have super perception powers, grand mothers in particular… I wonder if I’ll develop those instincts too… So, honestly I’m kinda already suspecting mom would have sensed something like a spider sense the second my egg was won by one of dad’s life bringing sperms… Maybe I’m just being paranoid…

I’m drifting off in to my own toughs again, but this time I’m thinking about mom and why I’m actually not very worried that she’d be mad or angry with me or dad for having sex behind her back, or for me being pregnant. Aww… Shoot… I think I’m smiling again… I seem to be doing that whenever I think of my growing baby, my sibling, my dad’s child, our baby. Maybe that’s going to be what tips mom off to my pregnancy. I’m guessing this is how she must have been while pregnant with me – dad’s first child, who now is bearing his second and my first. I love that thought so much, I love my baby so much already.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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