Mom Riding Me

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“But dad, please we need to take all this stuff now. My college is starting from Monday and I won’t have time to get this again.” I said gruffly as he frowned.

“But there is no place left.” My dad said from inside the car.

“Please dad it’s just a couple of boxes.” I literally begged.

“Oh! Come on Aaron, we will keep it in the front.” Sharon, his mother said at last.

“Thanks mum.” I brightened up and went to get the boxes. After setting the boxes the only place left was the driver’s seat and the back seat diagonal to the driver’s seat

“Oh! Guess I won’t be able to come to drop you to college son.” My mom announced looking sad. I knew my mom was planning this trip since weeks and was excited to go with me.

“No mom, well you can sit on my lap for the way.” I said knowing how much this means to her.

“Are you sure?” My dad asked. I knew it would be uncomfortable; the road from here to college is really bumpy. It’s one of those roads which gives a backache after the journey. I nodded “I am sure.” I said seeing mom’s face light up.

“Okay then.” He shrugged. I sat behind and waited for mom to sit down. My mom is petite, she is five two and around a hundred pounds. She has a handful of breast must be 36 DD, blond hair with the right body. I have been lusting for mom since I was fourteen. I would try to sneak a peek at her tits whenever I could or hug her from behind feeling her soft ass and grope her. I knew that she knew and the reason she never stopped me or punished me made me bolder in my advances. My mom wore a small yellow summer dress which came up to her mid thigh. I knew for a fact bahis firmaları that she wore no bra because of the nipples pressing to her dress. My mom sat on my lap, her legs between

“Comfortable?” my dad asked from front. Our car was full packed with brown boxes so as a result I could only see my dad’s head looking at us. I simply nodded as I felt the heat from her body flow into my crotch area. Within minutes I felt my cock stirring under my mom’s ass. The road didn’t help with the situation either. The bumps and holes in the rod made mom to wriggle in my lap now and then. I tried to think of other things, but the more I tried thinking of other things, the more I thought of my cock under her ass.

Gradually, my dick became firmer and began to rise, until it was contained by the ass pressing down on it. This pressure only succeeded in causing it to become more rigid, until it was like a bar of steel. I could feel the crack between my mother’s legs, and finally, her pussy, as the rigid shaft forced itself against the spread cheeks of her ass. I stilled knowing that my mom knew that I was hard and then she slowly moved back a little my cock between her soft cheeks. I kept my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes savouring the fell of my cock and her ass cheeks. My mom was speaking to my dad when she got up and pulled her dress up till her waist and sat back down, wriggling rubbing my cock with her panties. I groaned softly as I held her waist keeping her still.

“…Nick?” I heard my dad say something as I opened my eyes and look at him.

“What?” I asked him and groaned as mom grounded my cock.

“Are you okay kaçak iddaa son?” he asked as he heard me groan.

“Yeah fine, just this road is horrible.” I said and then closed my eyes again. The next time I felt my mom wriggle around my cock I snapped. ‘She was teasing me.’ I realised as a sly smile came on my face as an idea formed in my mind. Keeping my forehead on her shoulder, my fingers slowly crept over her thighs and her tummy and rested on her right tit and she stilled. I took a breath and crunched her dress over tits with the other hand and then raised it over her head quickly when I was sure that dad wasn’t looking my way. My mom gasped as she felt air from the window hardening her nipples. I pulled her nipples and squeezed it making her moan loud enough for dad to look at her flushing face. By now my cock was settled between her pussy lips and I could easily feel the warmth of it on my cock.

“You doing okay their?” he asked her

“Yah, just a little hot, that’s all.” She stammered out as I continued pinching her nipples feeling no resistance from her. I continued playing with her long, hard, dark nipples and massaged her tits and noticed as she started to breathe fast, I wanted more so I told her loudly. “Mom, can you get up for a moment, I need to adjust the way I am sitting.”

“Do you want me too stop?” my dad asked from front.

“No, no I can stand here honey, no need to waste any time by stopping unnecessarily.” My mom said instantly as she got up keeping in mind to keep her body down o he couldn’t see her naked. I immediately lifted my ass and popped opened by button and wriggled out off my pants kaçak bahis and then pulled her down, my cock between her lips and the only thing which was separating us were out underwear. My cockhead forced itself into my mom’s lips when the car lurched forward as she gasped out loudly as she pressed herself to my chest feeling my cock against her. I knew I had to get inside her somehow, I just did all those years of feeling her up, I am just bursting out to be inside her pussy.

I started shifting in my seat with mom on my lap after sometime of shifting I spoke up. “Mom do you mind sitting the on my lap facing me?” I asked innocently.

“Ummm…” my mom said as she looked at my dad’s response.

“Will that be easier to sit?” he asked me looking at me through the mirror.

“Yah, the road is so bad, my legs are starting to hurt mom?” I asked her again as I caressed her nipple. She just nodded and turned around slowly. She then stood in front of me hunched so that dad couldn’t see her naked, I quickly took of her panties and my boxers at the same time. I then held her waist and pulled her down, my cock in between her lips. She dropped her forehead on me other shoulder so that dad couldn’t see her face and started moving on my cock her breath speeding up, panting.

“Honey you don’t mind if I smoke?” my dad asked my mom and she stilled her movement.

“Dad, she is sleeping, go on light it up.” I encouraged him. once my dad was occupied my mom started moving, her pace faster than before, her one hand rubbing her clit and the other her tit and then she stopped moaned out low and long, low enough for dad to hear it. Her lips gripping my cock with all they got. She panted near my ears and sucked my neck softly. Then I started moving slowly, the bad road helping me and within a few minutes I spurted out all over her pussy lips and her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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