Mom , Me Ch. 22

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Keeping My Appointment With Mrs. Wilson

In the morning I asked Ginny, my step mom, if I could take the car to school, and get a note so I can leave school to take my grandma to a doctor’s appointment.

“Since your grandma doesn’t even live in this state, tell me, why you want to leave school during the day?”

“I need to go to Macy’s to get something?”

“What in the hell do you need from a clothing store?”

“Ginny, please, I need to buy a small gift for a special lady who has helped me a lot. I need to get it because I’m going to see her today before lunch.”

“Who is this special lady? Billy, are you fucking one of the staff members? Tell, me what’s going on? I don’t care who you fuck as long as it doesn’t interfere with us making love together.”

“Please, I can’t tell you who it is. Trust me Ginny. I need to be careful. I don’t want her to lose her job. I just want to show her I understand her situation and that I’m supportive.”

“What are you giving her as a gift?”

“Ginny, don’t ask. I may be able to tell you later, but not now.”

“Hmm!” she replied.

“Ginny, are you going to write the note or do I have to play hooky?”

“I’ll write you the note and I will give you $40 to help pay for the gift you’re going to buy her. But, Billy, be careful. Don’t jeopardize her job? If she’s married, be very careful honey. Ok?”

“I’ll be careful and thank you for helping me with the cost of the gift.”

“Get my purse while I write your note.”

Ginny reached inside her purse and took out two twenties and handed them to me. Be careful Billy, and I expect a good fuck from you this evening.”

“Aren’t you going to the Base today and be with Col. Weaver?” “I think so, but even if I’m not home when it’s time to go to bed, you still need to be prepared to have intercourse with me when I get home, regardless of the hour. Are those terms acceptable?”

“Absolutely, Ginny. It seems like I got the best of the deal, a true ‘Win! Win!”

I kissed her hard on her lips, and she grabbed my crotch and then pulled me back to her and said, “Billy, I have firsts; none of your girlfriends come before me. Understand?”

“Sounds reasonable to me mom.”

As I was walking down the hall to leave the house she yelled, “I hope she likes your gift enough to give you a piece of her ass!”

“Me too, Ginny! Me too!”

I drove to school and when I was walking toward my locker, I had the feeling that Jennifer and Jane had been having a heated talk, but I wasn’t sure. They seemed to have gathered themselves together when they saw me approaching.

“Well, I see I have a welcoming party this morning. How are you two lovely young ladies this morning? Have you been exchanging notes with one another?”

“Both looked at me with hard looks, and after reading their body language, I said, “I retract my last sentence.”

Jennifer wanted to say something to me, but all that came out of her lips was a negative groan. She turned and walked away saying, “Jane we will finish our conversation later.”

I looked at Jane and said, “What is that all about?”

“You Billy! You!”

“She is pissed!”


“Yes! Jennifer and I have been friends forever, and now she’s upset that I’m taking you away from her. She told me you had told her that you wanted to get into my pants and that you weren’t interested in going with only one girl, because you were interested in fucking anything and everyone that wore a skirt. She didn’t think you would find me interesting and she was somewhat shocked to find out you enjoyed fucking my ma as well. She pretty angry Billy. So proceed carefully. I don’t need to have her drama clinging to me. She’s been a good friend but she doesn’t want me to have sex with you again.”

“Well, I’m not married to Jennifer. I love her, but I love you too. I’m not ready to have a one and only female friend of convenience. I love your ma too, Jane. All of you are special and all of you bring something I need in my life. As long as you want to fuck me, I will. Jennifer will have to be in agreement with us or go find a guy who only wants to fuck one girl.”

“Billy, I don’t want to lose you. I want you whenever I can have you. The other day was the best day of my life! Even my ma told me you were the best lover she ever had sex with. She considers you family and hopes you’ll come by whenever you can fuck her womanhood.”

“Thanks Jane. I certainly enjoyed my time at your house the other day. I’ve never had intercourse with two women at the same time. Your mom was awesome; so were you! I like hillbilly sex.” “She blushed and said, “Me too Billy. I’m available whenever you want me. I got to go or I’ll be late. See you later, ok?”

“I’ve been summons to Mrs. Wilson’s office for a conference so I don’t know if I will be in the lunchroom today.”

“Oh… ok …See you soon Billy.”

After third period was over I took my note to the Attendance Office and gave it to the clerk. She read it and said, “Is this for a doctor’s visit?”


“What’s it for?”

“It’s personal. I don’t want to share my reason for leaving with you. My reason is personal.”

“Don’t get snooty with me Billy. I’m just doing my job.” Then she stamped the note with the time and date and placed it in a box with other notes.

I walked quickly through the güvenilir bahis doors at the back of the school where I parked my car. I got in and drove to Macy’s. The clerk in the woman’s department was a young female, maybe in her early 20s, obviously not a high school student. She might have been a college student. She was a knockout blonde. Anyway, I was hoping I would find a clerk a few years older than her, and one not so good looking as she was. I didn’t have much choice because I was in a hurry to buy the gift and get back to school for my appointment with Mrs. Wilson.

“Ah… Good morning.”

“Good morning to you. How can I assist you?”

“Ah… I’m looking to buy a present for a special lady.”

“Did you have something in mind?”

“Ah… yes, women’s panties… underwear.”

“Do you have a special brand, or type, or color in mind?’

“Yes, I want the color to be lavender.”

“Are you looking for silk, wool, cotton…?”

“I’m not sure, probably something like fine linen or silk.”

“I’ll show you some. Follow me.”

We made it through narrow passages of bras, slips, and other women’s under clothing. She stopped in front of a huge variety of panties. Fortunately, she was knowledgeable concerning women’s preference sand not wanting to embarrass me she asked the age of the woman I was purchasing for.

I said, “I don’t know the exact age maybe 15 years or 20 years older than myself.”

“Oh, was her response. Ok, come over here and look at these.”

There they were. I recognized them immediately. They had a variety of colors. I recognize the brand; they were the same panties I had seen on Mrs. Wilson’s bottom. Yes, these are the panties I want to purchase.”

“How many pairs do you want to buy and in what size?”


“Yes, they come in small, medium, large and extra large?”

“Probably medium.”

“I looked at the price tag and gulped. I’ll take three mediums; one in lavender, pink, and the green.”

“Do you want to purchase matching bras that will go with the panties? They come in different sizes also” “If you don’t mine me asking, “What size bra do you have on today? She looks as terrific as you do!”

She blushed, but composed herself quickly and said, “I wear a 36-D cup.”

“If I’m wrong on the size, she could return them to the store, couldn’t she?”

“Of course, but she will need your receipt too.”

As she stood behind the counter, preparing to ring up my purchases, I asked her, do you go to college?

“She smiled, “I wish! I’m still in high school and I am working here as a ROP student and receiving high school credit.”

“What high school do you attend?”

“The one on Emerson Street.”

“What grade are you in?”

“I’m a junior. Why? Are you a student there too?”


“Oh, that’s nice. What year are you in school?”

“I’m a senior?

“What’s your name?


“I’m Rachel.”

“Its nice meeting you Rachel. I have to get back to school.”

“I hope that woman likes her gift.”

“Me too! Thanks Rachel.”

“Let me put your gift in a nice box and I will tie a pink ribbon around it. It will look better than giving her your gift in a store bag.” She smiled. She did it quickly and handed me the package. “I’ll look for you when I’m walking down the hall Billy. Maybe we will run into one another again before the school year is over.”

“Maybe, I’ve got to go now Rachel.”

Drive carefully!”

“I’ll try.”

I left. Just my luck! I run into a student from my school and she helping me to buy beautiful underwear for a woman older than myself. Hopefully nothing will become of this accidental meeting.

I returned to the Attendance Office and told the clerk I had returned from being off campus. She said the period was almost over so I should wait in the library until the bell rings to go to fifh period.

The bell rang on the way so I went directly to the counseling office with my gift for Mrs. Wilson.

When I arrived, another woman was sitting at Miss Nickolas’ desk. I told her I had an appointment with Mrs. Wilson. She looked on the paper in front of her and said, “Are you Billy?” “Yes, I am.”

“It says here for you to walk in without knocking first.”

“Thank you… Ms…” ” McCormack. My name is Miss Sue McCormack.”

“Thank you Miss McCormack. Is Miss Nicholas sick?”

“No, she was called to the principal’s office and I was asked to sit here until she returns.”

I walked to Mrs. Wilson’s office. Tucked my shirt into my pants, took a deep breath, put my hand on the door handle and opened her office door and walked in.

“Oh, Billy, I’m so glad to see you,” and I knew she meant it. “I wasn’t sure if you were going to come, because I saw on my computer screen that the Attendance Office had checked you out of school for personal reasons.”

“Wow! I better be more careful. I didn’t know our every move is recorded for all to see!”

“No, I don’t think they have 100% surveillance yet. It’s not just surveillance of the students, but they have things programed to keep track of staff too. But you’re right; I it is bordering on the edge of our privacy rights. But they haven’t yet installed any listening devises or video cameras in our offices yet or they would have talked to me by now. So you can definitely speak türkçe bahis freely and honestly here with me.”

“That’s good because if they had that installed I’m sure I would have been sent to reform school by now and I would never see the light of the sun again.”

“Oh, Billy, that’s hilarious! You’ve no idea how glad I am to see your sweet lovable face today. Don’t worry; the BIG STATE has not install any surveillance in my office.” She giggle and I had to laugh.

I’m so happy you made it back from wherever you went so we could continue our conversation. But first I hope you will update me on your day with Jane. I believe you told me that you hoped to ‘get inside of her pants.” Her face flushed immediately after she said that, and then she looked at me with that shy beautiful smile. Then she moved back into her chair carefully and said, “Will you share with me now?

I just sat there looking at this beautiful woman. I believe she likes me as much as I like her. But Ginny warned me to be careful. She said, “Don’t do or say anything that would cause her embarrassment or the loss of her job.” I had this loving feeling for Mrs. Wilson and I was enjoying being in her company.

“Maybe you don’t want to share with me about your evening with Jane. That’s ok Billy; it really isn’t any of my business anyway.”

“No, no, Mrs. Wilson. I want to share with you, but you looked so beautiful I just wanted to take a few minutes to enjoy you!”

“Oh, Billy you say the nicest things to me. I’m glad that my existence brings you so much joy.”

“I like what you are wearing too. The sweater and skirt really accents your lovely figure.”

“No wonder the other girls don’t mine you being with others females when they hear words like that from you. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the girls in this school would jump at the chance to spend a night with you in bed! Now, tell me how it went with you and Jane?”

“When I arrived at her house she introduced me to her mom. She looked me over pretty good. Explained the house rules, and told me to come over to her and put my arms around her and give her a kiss. Jane placed her hand in the middle of my back and pushed me toward her mom and I embraced her and when our lips connected she slipped her tongue inside of my mouth and pulled me into her body. It didn’t take me long to get stiff, Mrs. Wilson. I learned what hillbilly communal sex was all about, and yes, she said I could stay the night, but since Jane brought me home, Jane would get the first fuck. She went on to say, “While you’re in the bedroom with Jane I will start making dinner.'”

I noticed the look of astonishment on Mrs. Wilson’s face before she said, “Are you serious Billy? She expected you to fuck her too?”

“Yes, she did Mrs. Wilson. Jane and I went into her bedroom and we had a good fuck. Then her mom came into her bedroom and asks Jane if she’s had given me a blowjob yet. Jane said, no so her mother says lets do it together, and they did. Mrs. Wilson, I’ve never had sex with two women at the same time. By the time they were done with me I had to rest. They left me there and went and had some dinner. When I woke up we all went to the table and her mother insisted I eat something because she said Jane and I expect to enjoy more sex with me later.”

“An opportunity came up as we sat together at the table for me to ask Jane when was the first time she had sex. She told me she just turned eighteen. She was with her cousin Buck. Buck’s mom caught them in the bedroom having sex together. The two families calmed down after they realized they had reached the age to have sex. I asked her when she first gave a guy oral stimulation and she told me she was sitting alone inside the cabin a couple of months ago, she said she was rocking in a chair and reading; everyone else was outside enjoying the holiday. Then her uncle Thomas comes into the cabin and asked her if she had ever given anyone head yet.

Jane replied, “No, but my ma was teaching me how, but I’ve never given head to a man yet?”

He said, “If you’re ready; I would like some. I’ll go ask your mom if she’s ok with it, if you’re willing.”

“I’m willing.”

Her uncle Thomas left, and soon the door opened, and her ma came into the cabin. Her mom said, “Your Uncle Thomas told me he wanted someone to give him a blow job, and he said he came to see if you would be willing to give him some. He said you were willing. So I told him I would get you ready for him since this would be your first time. You need to remove all your clothes because guys like to see and play with your tits while they’re receiving head.”

Then she told Jane to remove her panties too, but she could leave her socks on. Then she reminded Jane when he releases his cum to take it all and not to lose any of it, and to expect Uncle Thomas to give her several more shots of his cum.

When her mom was satisfied that Jane was ready, she went back outside and told Uncle Thomas that she was ready for him. Uncle Thomas came back into the room and unbuckled his pants and removed his clothes and underwear. Then Jane knelt in front of him and gave him head.

“Mrs. Wilson, I had this idea: “If you aren’t good enough for your own kinfolk than you probably aren’t good enough for anyone else. That’s about it except I had more sex after we returned to the bedroom.”

“With both of them Billy?”

“Yes, güvenilir bahis siteleri Mrs. Wilson, both of them.”

“So, if you continue to have sex with Jane then you’re sort of committed to also have sex with her mom too?”

“I think that is what they would expect from me. Jane doesn’t seem to have any problem with it, so I don’t either.”

“Unbelievable Billy! Unbelievable.”

“Mrs. Wilson, I think her mom would have enjoyed having sex with me all night long, but Jane spoke up and reminded her mom that she and I had to get some sleep because we had school tomorrow, so Jane took my hand and led me into her bedroom.

Jane and her mom had already decided our sleeping arrangements, and I was told I would sleep between the two of them. Jane and I kissed and hugged and then she turned over on her side and went to sleep.

I was lying in the middle of this big bed thinking about all this when her mom came into the bedroom a couple of hours later. She came in and bent down and whispered in my ear asking me if I was awake. I told her I was and she told me she wanted to fuck. She got on top of me and after rubbing my cock to get it hard she mounted me and began to enjoy herself. Mrs. Wilson, Lilly fucked the hell out of me and Jane never woke up. The next morning Jane got me up, made some oatmeal, and we left the house before her mom woke up.”

“Well, Billy, I’ve also heard stories about Hillbilly families, and why they don’t seem to have a problem with incest. You sure got a quick course in southern hillbilly sexual behavior.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Can I ask you a question Billy?”

“Sure, Mrs. Wilson. You know I’m more than willing to share with you.”

“Who did you enjoy having sex with the most? Lilly or Jane?

“To tell you the truth Mrs. Wilson, I always prefer a grown woman more than girls my own age.”

“Why do you suppose you enjoy having sex with older women more than girls your same age?”

“Well, I’m not sure but I do enjoy being with mature women like yourself, Mrs. Wilson. Mature women enjoy talking about all kinds of things, not just getting fucked or having their pussy’s licked. Grown women enjoy going out to dinner and doing other things with their lover besides just getting into bed. For example, Jennifer is content for me to just go home with her and get in bed with me; then after she’s had her orgasm she doesn’t want to cuddle or kiss or talk, she just rather me go home. Mrs. Wilson I’ll never turn down an opportunity to fuck a willing girl, but I’m looking for a relationship, a full relationship; someone I can talk to on a number of subject like art, music, history, politics, books, movies, and other topics, or go with me for a walk, or see a movie, or go to an art gallery or museum with me. Someone, Mrs. Wilson who is intelligent enough to be able to hold a conversation and have other interest other than always sex.”

When I finished I saw this inner glow around Mrs. Wilson. She had really listened to my answer and she was smiling sweetly at me and I knew she liked my response. I just sat there staring at her and thinking how blessed I was to be able to spend part of my day sitting across from her in her office. She was so beautiful and never got mad at me when I told her about my sexual encounters or used rough language in her office. I wondered what she was thinking. Then she moved forward in her chair maintaining eye contact with me. Our eyes were focused on one another. Then she spoke in that caring sweet voice.

“Billy, thank you for sharing your evening with Lilly and Jane. I learned a lot from you concerning micro mores within a sub group known to many as hillbillies.”

“But, Billy I was so upset because our last meeting together ended so abruptly. I didn’t manage our time together very well and it was my fault that it ended the way it did. I was upset because we didn’t have enough time for you to tell me what you thought about what I shared with you: my lack of self-esteem, my loneliness, not being satisfied in my marriage to Mr. Wilson, my desire to be free like you are, etc. I saw within your eyes your willingness to stay focus as I tried to share my feelings with you. I know you must have thought I was drowning in self-pity, especially when I dissolved into tears before your very eyes. Billy I felt so understood and cared for when I realized how much you cared that I was hurting. I was overwhelmed when you stood up and came over to me and put your arms around me. I felt understood when you held me and allowed me to release years of pain and crap on your shoulders without you saying anything. I will never forget that Billy. I felt valued, appreciated, and cared for as a human being and as a woman. It was the first time I felt loved and cared for from a man for a long, long time. But before we could share that damn bell rang and we had to end our session together quickly. I wanted to hear what you thought, and I really didn’t want you to leave, but I knew Miss Nicholas would not leave the office until all the students were gone, so I reluctantly told you to go, but today I hope you’ll be open again and share your feelings with me. The fact that you were so present, open, and caring gave me an opportunity to tell you how much I valued your friendship and wanted to be within your circle of friends. Billy you are really an amazing man. Thank you again Billy for holding me like you did and allowing me to release my pain and misery onto your shoulders. It amazes me how you were so present and open and responsive to my hurts and pains. You would make a terrific counselor yourself.”

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