Mom Leaves for the Weekend

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News came along that was going to give my dad and I a chance we’ve never had before. My aunt Sue was getting her appendix removed and, as a result, was going to need help around the house during her recovery. Being the dutiful sister that my mother was, she booked the first flight available. It was pure luck that that my aunt lived on the other side of the country.

As far back as I could remember, dad and I had never had the house to ourselves for more than a couple of hours. My mom tended to stay home more than not since she suffered from mood swings and depression. While I always knew she loved me, deep in her heart, she was never really able to show it. She did alright with most of the things any mom needed to do for her family. Emotionally though, she was always distant, if not downright cold.

I saw how tough this was on my dad as the years went by, but he was far to duty bound to ever think about leaving my mom. Still, it seemed pretty obvious that he wasn’t getting any from her.

I was back home on my first summer break as a college student. Since the college I attend is only an hour away, mom knew she would always have other opportunities to visit with me. As I finished helping her load her luggage into the taxi, she paused and made me promise that my dad and I wouldn’t burn the house down while she was away. Unfortunately, her tone of voice and surly demeanor meant that she was being totally serious. Knowing there was no other way to handle her mood, I simply agreed and let her climb in. No hugs or kisses, it simply wasn’t her thing.

In the back of my mind, I thanked the appendix gods for having such perfect timing!

Dad and I then set ourselves into motion as we rushed to prepare for the big game. A quick shower each, slapping together our sandwiches and snacks and making sure the beer was sitting at the front of the refrigerator. We settled into our recliners and dad turned on the t.v..

Whenever the boys managed to have the house to ourselves, we would walk around in nothing but our boxers. This was the first time I could remember mom being gone a week or two. I felt a wild surge of excitement realizing that I was going to have my dad all to myself. I also felt a bit turned on at the notion. What can I say? I know it’s taboo and all, but I’ve always wanted to have sex with him!

While the two of us walked around the house, getting ready, our “members” would accidentally slip out. Our boxers proving themselves to be unable to hide things properly. The first time I noticed my dads wardrobe malfunction, I instantly got turned on. I was forced to look away though, because I didn’t want dad to see that I was blushing. The sight of him standing there shirtless, with a perfect tan all over his muscled chest and arms, would have been enough to impress anyone. Add in the sight of his long, thick cock, hanging down and exposed. I believe most women would simply respond by silently dropping to their knees in sexual submission.

To be honest, I wanted to do the same thing!

Even when I was a young boy discovering my sexuality, my dad was the object of my homosexual desires. It was around the age of eleven, that I finally got to see him completely naked. He had taken me to a fitness gym that had a sauna. Watching him remove his towel, then seeing his cock, I experienced lust for the first time. I can still remember how it looked and how badly I wanted to touch it.

Now a college student and legally a man, I knew exactly what I would do with it if I could. I have had many long nights masterbating to gay porn, after all. Watching an older man slip his dick into a younger man, I would imagine it was my dad doing it to me. Laying on my back, I would spread my legs open. I desperately wished I could look up at my dads face as he loved me with his cock. How much I wanted to feel his arms around me as he pushed himself into my ass. Him breathing hard, working up a sweat and, of course, talking dirty to me!

Now, our cocks kept peeking out from under our shorts. Over and over again, this happened. It made me think they might be dueling one another, as if trying to see which one could break free of his restraints first.

I couldn’t help but to laugh at this thought!

After a few more of these inadvertent, “demonstrations”, I began to realize that I wasn’t the only one taking notice. Dad had joked a couple of times, wondering if the boxers were doing us any good at all. Of course, we both tried to play it off as if it really didn’t mean anything. But then a sneaky suspicion began to take shape in my naughty thoughts. I could swear that my dad was staring at mine a little longer each time. Also, there seemed to be something else in his expression I had never noticed before. It almost looked like there was, lust.

All of this erotic thinking was beginning to make me feel nervous and excited. Now bahis firmaları I was really struggling to keep my mini-me’s reaction from giving me away. I was having homosexual thoughts about my own dad and it felt good.

Thing is, what would my dad think if he knew?

Oh god, I felt so embarrassed and yet…part of me WANTED him to notice. All those deep, sensual feelings I had hidden since my childhood, came rushing up to the surface.

I began to realize that I was also lingering a bit longer each time his dick presented itself. I just couldn’t help it! It felt so sexy being almost completely naked in front of my tall, muscled and sexy-as-hell dad! Practically everyone I knew growing up would comment on how good-looking of a man he was. From girls my age to the more mature women I knew. They would look at him with an hot, sexual hunger.

The crazy thing was, I completely agreed.

Finally, the big game started and I was mercifully distracted, at least for the moment.

What happened next, made my head spin. It wasn’t even a half an hour after the game stated, that I noticed we were mirroring each others movements. I didn’t even realize I was doing it right away and I’m sure dad had no idea he was doing it either. We both had stopped trying to cover up our members whenever they stuck out from under their shorts.

Curiously, he and I even began turning our hips in our chairs, providing each other with a better view. At first, I didn’t think anything of it. Dad and I had always joked around with each other and sexual jokes were always a part of things. However, this cock, “peek-a-boo” game we were playing, began to stir up something very new between father and son.

Oh god, this was driving me crazy!

My dad kept aiming a glance between my legs with a slight grin. He’d then look up into my eyes, only to turn his head back to the game. This was getting me hot and bothered! Finally, when our eyes locked for what must have been the tenth time, something in the air changed. Neither of us looked away from the others gaze. I started breathing heavy without realizing I was doing so and my dad was doing the same thing.

I felt a sensuous warmth flow over my whole body causing an odd kind of determination to take hold of me. I found myself standing up and walking right towards my dad. I stopped only an inch or two from him, my cock completely hard now. I kept my eyes locked onto his, knowing full well that his cock was doing the same. I was shaking all over but here I was, full of want, of need, for my own dad.

I carefully sat down onto the arm of his chair. I felt his body heat as I touched his leg with my knee. I began to see a sexual hunger take over his expression, but also something else. I noticed a gentle tenderness in his eyes, and that’s when it finally hit me. The honest truth about my desires for my dad and what I have always wanted.

I want more than just sex, I want…my dad to love me…and I want him to love me more than he loves my mom!

At first, a bit unsure of himself, my father raises a hand towards me. His expression suddenly became unreadable. I had no choice but to wait and see what would happen. He covers one of my hands with his, leaning his head in towards me at the same time. With such tenderness and feeling, he kisses me.

I feel like my whole body is melting! Oh god, oh god!

“This is so wrong”, says a tiny voice in the back of my mind. “Dad and sons should not be doing these things together.”

I push the thought aside because I want this, truly want this. My dad smells so good right now as I twine my fingers with his, holding his hand while he kisses me. This feels so much better than I ever imagined it would. He takes a deep breath and aggressively pulls me towards him, sitting me on his lap. I can feel his swollen cock against my ass, loving the warm sensation. I wiggle just a tiny bit and get rewarded with a slight grunting noise as I feel him push up, pressing his dick into me. I respond by using my other hand to run my fingers through his hair. Then I use my finger tips to make circles all over the back of his neck.

After what feels like an eternity, we break our kiss and look deeply into each others eyes.

“Dad” I finally say, “I love you.”

“Son”, he whispers, “I love you too and, I”…his voice tails off.

“Yes dad?” My eyes pleading for him to tell me the rest, desperate hope filling my heart.

“I want to make love to you son, I want us to be lovers.”

I lean in and kiss him fiercely. Our embrace is full of feeling and wild abandonment! I know I will never hold myself back from my daddy, my lover…my man!

I want to revel in these emotions forever! The deep, dark secret desires that I have carried inside of me for so many years are finally being realized!

My dad begins to hungrily run his kaçak iddaa hands all over my willing body. I unknowingly make a few noises which tell my father that I am loving how this feels! When he touches my knees, I obligingly spread my legs open. He moves up one of my legs, slowly, so slowly. Oh god! His hand stops its exploration just shy of where I desperately wished it would go. Backing away, he breaks our kiss once more and gazes into my eyes.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” He asks me.

“Dad, I have wanted this with you since I was a little boy.” I breathlessly respond. “I have wanted…” Now it was my turn to trail off in uncertainty. Should I tell him everything? What if it wasn’t what he wanted? Would it ruin everything before it truly began?

“It’s okay my boy, tell me everything, I honestly want to know.” He says reassuringly.

Being this close to him and feeling the heat from his body on my skin had the amazing effect of quelling my fears. So, I finally make the ultimate decision of my life. I decide it’s all or nothing.

“Dad, I have always loved you. But as I got old enough to begin to understand what I was truly feeling, I realized it was more than that.” I stated slowly, carefully choosing my words.

The smile on his face grew wider and seemed to brighten his eyes.

“I think I know what you mean son, but go on” He breathed.

Feeling encouraged, I pushed forward.

“I saw you honor your commitment to mom even though she lacked the ability to return your feelings. At least, in the way I always felt she should. It made me wish, well, wish that I could give you what you needed to be happy.”

Seeing me glance down at this admittion, dad touched my chin, lifting my gaze so I would look at him.

“Do you mean, you wanted to give me the kind of love that a woman gives a man?” He asked gently.

“Yes dad, I wished I could be…your wife.” Well there it was! Out in the open at long last.

My dads response was to lean closer to me and begin to place gentle kiss after gentle kiss all over my face.

“I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such a loving son like you, but I have always longed for someone, anyone, to feel as deeply for me as you do” He finally said, his voice strong and melodic.

“Do you truly desire to be with me, my boy, to be with me in the way a man and a woman are when married?” He said with dreamy eyes.

Looking into my dads eyes with longing I said, “Yes dad, I do. I always have!”

We stared into each others eyes for what felt like an eternity. Sizing each other up, trying to determine if this was really happening. Dad finally moved the hand that was still laying on my thigh upwards until taking a firm, yet gentle grip on my hard cock. I almost cried at this, feeling my heart open like never before. Joy, happiness and romantic love welled up inside me. I was completely overcome as tears suddenly filled my eyes.

“It’s okay son, it really is.” He paused, waiting for me to catch my breath. Once I finally managed to look directly into his eyes again, he spoke.

“My sweet, loving son. I have raised you since the day of your birth. Watched you grow from a boy, into a man. I have loved you every day of your life and today, you offer me a very different kind of love. You wish to marry your daddy and you wish to become my wife. I wish this as well. Son, will you do me the incredible honor or giving yourself to me, holding nothing back, to be my wife?”

The sweet and loving words he was sharing with me now made my cock throb in his gentle grip. I was touched by the kind and formal way he was asking me to marry him. Marry him? Oh my fucking god, this was all I have ever wanted my entire life!

“Yes dad, I do.” I said shakily. Suddenly feeling like I was out of breath. I simply couldn’t believe this was actually happening! My dad not only wanted to have sex with me but here he was, marrying me!

We kissed each other now, dad still holding my dick firmly in his hand. We finished our proposal kiss and once more looked into each others eyes.

“What do we do now dad?” I asked, hoping for so much more.

“I am going to do what I have wanted to do for such a long time, my boy. I am going to make love to you.” Dad said with a husky voice.

Hearing my dad say these words almost made me cum! Oh hell dad!

Gently releasing my cock, dad slips his arm under my legs. He lifts me up bodily and carries me into his bedroom. Once there, he lays me down and helps me out of my boxers, then removing his own. I feel his eyes on me as he looks me up and down, admiring my body. I like how this feels!

“We have one more thing to do to consummate our marriage son” my husband-to-be states. When I finally cum inside you, at that moment, we will be husband and wife.” He said with eyes sparkling.

My dad climbs onto kaçak bahis the bed and positioning himself between my legs as I bend my knees. Then he lays on top of me, wrapping his huge arms around my body as we begin to kiss. His cock feels so good against me as we kiss each other. I feel like I am in heaven, feeling his tongue gently probe mine. He begins to hump me a bit, my cock against him. I push my ass up to answer his humping. I’m completely ready for this now, for him to take me.

Dad reaches down, licking his index finger to get it wet and then gently slips it into my ass. He’s kissing me the whole time, but this already feels better than I could have imagined. My dad is finger fucking me and I love it! After a few minutes of this, he adds his middle finger to the task. Without skipping a beat, he reaches up into the drawer of the headboard and retrieves a bottle of lube. Removing his hand from my hungry ass, he applies some and then gets them back in where I want them to be.

“Mmmm” I moan as my dad, my lover, kisses my neck.

It feels so amazing I find that I am losing myself to the moment. I feel so sexy doing this for my daddy. Having him do this to me makes me feel, almost like a woman in a strange sort of way. It is so hard to believe that my dad is making love to me!

After another couple of minutes go by, he stops his fingering and gets up on his knees, looking down at me with a smile.

“It’s time son” he says as he grasps his enormous cock in one hand, squeezing lube onto its head.

I admire it as he does so. How much I have desired this, ever since the first time I saw it. Dad moves his cock into position, presses it against my hole and very gently begins to push it into me. It goes in just a bit and dad, my lover, stops, allowing me to relax. Finally I get accustomed to the feel, my god, he’s so fucking big! When he feels me relax my grip, he pushes in slowly and carefully. As he does, I feel him filling me up and I moan.

I don’t even realize that I’ve closed my eyes let alone that I am moaning but I don’t care. This was a beautiful thing we were doing and I was completely ready. Dad finally gets all of him into me and leans down. He wraps his arms around me again, kisses my lips and begins to gently fuck me.

“Oh dad, I love you!” I moan out between our kissing lips.

“I love you too my beautiful boy” he answers.

His thrusting becomes harder and faster now. I grunt with each thrust and know I belong to him now. I am my daddies whore and love it! I hear a slapping noise as our bodies touch each other as well as the bed moving to our love making. Dad is now fucking me like I deserve it, and I do deserve it!

“Mmm, you’re not just my little boy anymore, you’re also my little princess” dad utters, lost to the moment.

I grunt agreement and wrap my arms even tighter around him.

“I am daddy, I am whatever you want, whatever you need me be…I’m yours!” I say, my words in rhythm to him as he pounds himself into my body. Hearing my dad talk about my being his princess, well, I’m even more turned on than I was a moment ago!

We do this for at least ten minutes, maybe more, when dad beings to make noises revealing his build-up. He’s getting close now and that means that we’ll soon be husband and wife!

“Come on baby, my daddy, marry me daddy, marry your son!” I encourage.

“Yes my boy, you’re also my little girl too. I want to give it to you now, to marry you…” Dad says as his voice begins to trail off.

His body begins to tense from head to toe and I know the moment has arrived. With an enormous groan, he cums inside me with incredible force. I hear him groan so loudly, it sounds like it hurts! Burying his cock inside me as far as it will go, I hold on for dear life.

A moment or two finally pass and I feel my dad begin to relax his body as he lays himself on top of me. He is panting for breath and smiles at me.

“We did son” he says at last, “we’re now married!”

“Yes, we are daddy” I reply. “I am your wife now and all the woman I ever can be for you, because I love you!” I say with a smile.

“Yes you are my little princess and I’m going to dress you up in the most wonderful outfits. Maybe even a wig!” He says lustily.

“Oh fuck yeah, I do anything you want daddy, anything you desire!” I say, reflecting the lust he just aimed at me.

“Mmmm” dad replies as I feel his cock getting hard once more.

A thought suddenly hits me.

“What about mom now?” I ask cautiously.

“She and I have been done for years. We’ll tell her the truth and go from there. She might actually feel relieved. Honestly, she’s no longer part of the picture, it’s just you and me now.” I hear him say.

My smile enlarges at this and I begin to feel him sliding his dick in and out once more.

“Until then, I need you son, I need to love you!”

Dad picks up the pace, fucking his new wife once more. I still can’t quite believe my childhood dreams have come true. But here were are, together in a loving embrace. Making love to each other!

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