Mom Ch. 2

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Long after I went limp and popped out of her pussy mom was still laying on top of me. Dad had walked out of the room but I could hear his footsteps coming back. He had undressed and walked in the room carrying a tray of drinks for us all. Mom stayed on top of me but lifted her body enough so that I could sit up. Sitting back down on my now limp dick she reached for the drinks on the tray that dad was holding. We all sat enjoying the cold drinks and talking about what just happened. Dad asked Mom if the experience was as she had dreamed it would be. Before answering him she looked at me with a smile then kissed me on the lips. She said that it was better than what she had dreamed. Dad then asked if I was ok with the experience and would I like to share their bedroom with them. I said yes and Mom put her drink down and gave me a big hug and another kiss. With this kiss she squirmed down on my dick and started it to get hard again.

When Mom broke the kiss she slid back some allowing my dick to pop up so that it was between us. She began to stroke it with both hands then looked over at my Dad. She asked him if the rest of her dream would be fulfilled. She then used one of her hands to guide his hand to my very swollen dick. Looking at me again she and Dad continued to stroke my dick. She asked if their hands felt good on my dick. Before I could reply Mom took her hand off my dick so now it was just dad stroking me. He said he hoped I did not mind. I told them both that I love them and that it felt good and that I enjoyed everything so far.

Mom spread her legs some more giving dad room for his next move. Dad leaned over and took the entire length of my dick into his mouth. I heard a moan from my Mom so loud it drowned my own sounds. Dad’s mouth felt almost as good as Mom’s had felt when she sucked me. His technique was not as good but I enjoyed seeing him enjoy himself.

I looked up at Mom who seemed to be lost in all that was going on. She had a look on her face of pure lust and excitement. She looked at me then leaned over Dad and kissed me again. This time she wrapped both arms around me and gave me a very loving, deep kiss.

Dad’s dick sucking was getting better and better. He was making all kinds of grunting, sucking and slurping sounds as he alternated between deepthroating and licking and kissing my dick all over. I knew it would not be long before I shot a load in his mouth if he kept going. bahis firmaları I looked at Mom and told I was going to cum soon. Dad must have heard me because he slowed down and now only sucked on the head of my swollen dick.

Mom got off the bed and went into her bathroom. When she came back she had a tube of lubrication in her hand. As Dad continued to suck my dick Mom put some lube on her hands then rub it all over Dad’s dick. When she was satisfied with her work she asked if I knew anything about anal sex? She told me that she and Dad enjoyed it and wanted me to also share in that with them. Dad kept sucking me as Mom handed me the lube and asked if I would mind? I said no and she turned around and bent over with her ass facing me. I had a clear shot of the wet, shaved pussy that gave me so much pleasure not hours before. I put some lube on a couple fingers then on Mom’s tight asshole. She told me to put some lube inside her too. As Dad continued to work on my dick I eased one lubricated finger into Mom’s asshole. She asked for another. I eased another into her then began to work them in and out of her ass. I still had a view of her pussy and could not see her pussy juice start to slow run from her lips and drip down into Dad’s hair. As my fingers worked in and out of Mom’s ass her body began to tremble from her orgasm. Dad let go of my dick so that he could suck Mom’s clit causing her to shake and tremble even more. When her orgasm passed she turned around and told me that Dad and her share a fantasy that they want me to help them fulfill. As Dad’s hand wrapped around my dick I said sure Mom, anything.

Mom laid on her back, next me and Dad got between her legs. He grabbed his lubricated dick and pointed it at Mom’s well-lubed asshole. He then looked at me with a sly smile and said pay attention son. He placed the head of his dick at her asshole and slowly eased it in. The head disappeared and holding it there he passed me the tube of lube. Mom’s hands came up, pulled dad all the way in her ass and spread his cheeks, clearly exposing his asshole. She told me to lube him as I had done her. Dad did not turn around but slowly began moving his hips up and down between Mom’s legs. As Mom held his cheeks open I lubed my fingers then ease them into Dad’s ass one at a time. He was working his dick inside Mom and we got into a rhythm. When he was satisfied that he was well lubed he looked back and told me he kaçak iddaa wanted my dick in place of my fingers.

I lubed my dick then got between their legs behind Dad. I put the head of my dick on Dad’s asshole and before I could move forward he rose up wrapping his asshole around the head of my dick. Mom’s hands came up to my hips to pull me down and further into Dad’s asshole. When I was all the way inside him, she continued pulling me down until his dick was completely buried in her pussy. I eased out some and dad got into a rhythm that allowed his asshole to be well fucked as he fucked Mom’s.

He kept up the fucking rhythm until he dick exploded deep in Mom’s asshole. Then he collapsed on Mom. I resumed the rhythm he had and started working my dick all the way in and back out till only the head of my dick was in his asshole. Mom reached out to me and pulled me closer to her. As I lay on top of dad with my dick working in and out of his asshole Mom thanked me then once again kissed me deeply. I broke the kiss long enough to tell her I was gonna cum. She kissed me even harder as I unloaded a hefty load into Dad’s asshole.

Mom and I broke the kiss and the three of us untangled. Mom got off the bed and went back into the bathroom. Dad and I lay there exhausted. I heard water running then shut off and Mom came back with a wet rag. She cleaned me up then kissed my dick before going back to the bathroom. She came back and cleaned up Dad.

Mom climbed in bed between Dad and me then took both our dicks in her hands. She kissed and thanked us both before she took Dad’s dick in her mouth. Dad pushed her away and flat on her back then told her that it is time the men of the house took care of the lady of the house. We both kissed her on her mouth then used our mouths to work our way to her body. As she lay between us we kissed her neck and chest area. At the same time we took each of her nipples in her mouth and sucked on them. Our hands were working on her body and soon met at her hot pussy. We each put one finger inside her pussy and worked them in and out. Her hips were coming up forcing our fingers deeper as we sucked hard on her nipples. Mom was moaning and softly screaming as we worked her body.

Keeping our fingers in her pussy we released her nipples then kissed all over her breast before going down her body. We took turns working our tongues in her navel before we went down to her pubic area. kaçak bahis We kissed her pubic area then dragged our tongues across her body to her hips where we began to lick suck and kiss all over her hips. She raised her butt off the bed and we kissed as much of her cheeks as we could reach. Dad laid on his back and pulled Mom over until her pussy covered his face. I got behind Mom and used my lips and tongue to touch every part of her neck shoulders and back. When I got to the small of her back I pushed her slightly forward and worked my tongue up and down the crack of her beautiful ass. I kept doing this as Dad used his mouth on her clit and pussy. Wanting to give her more pleasure I worked my tongue down her crack until I made contact with her asshole. Once I did her asshole opened and allowed me to push my tongue deep inside her. As Dad and I worked on her pussy and asshole her body started to shake with another orgasm. We kept working her until her body settled.

When she did settle Dad pushed her back until her pussy was lined up with his erection. He then pushed her down on his dick until he was completely inside her. Holding her there Dad grabbed the lubrication and lubed up Mom’s asshole. Then he put some lube on my dick and told me to fuck Mom’s asshole. I got behind Mom and put the head of my dick to her asshole then pushed inside her. Slowly I eased it all the way in her tight ass feeling Dad’s dick through the thin wall between her pussy and ass. Together Dad and I fucked Mom. I started kissing her back then reached around and put both my hands on her tits. I squeezed them gently but firmly. Mom leaned forward allowing Dad to take access to her nipples. As I kissed her back and squeezed her tits, Dad licked and sucked on her nipples. This is the position we were in when Mom announced that she was ready to cum and wanted us to cum with her. Dad and I increased our rhythm fucking Mom’s pussy and asshole until our grunting got louder signaling our soon to cum orgasms. Mom’s body started to shake between us and we both shoved our dicks deep inside her body as we started to unload loads of cum. Together the three of us shared our orgasms then lay limp in a naked sweaty heap as we settled.

I rolled off of Mom then she rolled over and lay between Dad and me. She pulled us close to her and Dad and I pulled the covers up over our bodies. We all three drifted off to sleep in their king size bed.

The ringing of the phone startled me. Mom and Dad were sleeping soundly. The phone was on my side of the bed and without realizing that it was Mom and Dad’s private line I picked it up and said hello. It was my sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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