Mom, All I Want for Xmas is You Ch. 09

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All characters portrayed are over the age of eighteen.


After she had too much to drink, James imagined carrying his mother to bed and undressing her while having his incestuous, sexual way with her naked body.

As if he was watching an attractive stranger or a MILF of a cougar, from the end of the bar that he’d love to ask home for sex, he watched his mother take another slow sip of her champagne. She was so pretty. She was so shapely. She was so sexy. Yet, she was so sad, so very sad. Why was she so sad? Why was someone who looked like her so sad? As far as he was concerned with the world her oyster, she had nothing to be sad about.

Whenever she was sad she drank. Yet, nothing new there, she always drank when she was sad. She always drank more around the holidays. With her the saddest around the holidays, she drank the most during the holidays.

Encouraging her to drink while hoping to seduce his mother was his reason for buying her champagne as one of her Christmas gifts. Sadness, the holidays, and drinking went hand-in-hand with a broken heart. He should know, he drank buckets of booze when his ex-girlfriend left him for his father. Yet, with him having ulterior motives, sadness, the holidays, and drinking went hand-in-hand with what he planned and hoped to do with his MILF of a mother. With her not much of a drinker the rest of the year, she couldn’t hold her alcohol. Yet, he had never seen his mother falling down drunk just slightly intoxicated.

She was endearingly funny when she was a little drunk. Slightly inebriated was all that he hoped she needed to be for him to kiss her and while touching and feeling her through her clothes. Slightly inebriated was all that he hoped was enough for him to undress her, strip her naked, and have forbidden sex with her naked body. He’d deal with the repercussions of having sex with his mother the next day when they were both sober. Besides, as if having pillow talk, with her catching him masturbating and her masturbating herself, he’d love nothing more than to discuss all that they incestuous did the night before.

He imagined carrying his mother to bed and stripping her naked. He imagined staring at her naked body before lovingly touching and feeling her where a son should never touch and feel his mother. He imagined his mother waking up not remembering how she was wearing her nightgown with nothing else underneath.

“Oh, my God, James, how could you strip me naked?” He imagined his mother saying while looking at him with a face full of embarrassment mixed with sexual excitement. “What else did you do when I was drunk and naked?”

He imagined his mother slapping his shoulder and chest while feigning her anger.

“I undressed you, Mother, to put you to bed,” he imagined saying.

As if she was remembering her touching her and feeling her, she looked at him with sexual arousal as she looked at him with confusion.

“Tell me. Did you expose yourself to me? Did you force me to stroke you? Did you force me to suck you?”

He imagined his mother looking at him with shock mixed with sexual excitement.

“No,” he imagined lying to his mother. “I just undressed you in the dark, put on your nightgown and closed your bedroom door.”

Only, the first thing he did before undressing his mother was to turn on her bedroom light.

“Did you cum in my mouth? Did you force me to make love to you before fucking you?” Obviously not believing that he didn’t do anything sexual to her naked body, she continued her interrogation. “Tell me. Did you cum in my pussy?”

Even if he had incestuous sex with his mother while she was inebriated, she could still fall back on the excuse that she was drunk even though they’d both know better. She could still find assurance in explaining to her son that she didn’t know what she was doing when she sucked his cock and he fucked her. She could still blame the alcohol for allowing him to make love to her before having sex with her. She could still blame her being drunk for allowing him to take sexual advantage of her naked body.

Conversely to how he had, most days, forgotten about his ex-girlfriend, Jessica, he didn’t understand why his mother still missed her ex-husband, his Dad, Robert. Especially during the holidays, when she missed him the most, not that she was a big drinker but she drank more to ease her pain and forget her sorrow. Perhaps it was different than just being boyfriend and girlfriend when being married to someone and having a child with someone. Obviously, even though his father left his mother for another woman, a much younger woman, they’d always be connected by their son and he felt guilty because of that connection.

Obvious by her mood swings, he perceived that she was the saddest, the loneliest, the horniest, the most sexually frustrated, and emotionally vulnerable during the holidays. Obviously, these were all emotions that he could use to his sexual advantage. He wished there was something more than he could do to help her cope. He wished there was something he bakırköy üniversiteli escort could do to make her happy instead of sad. He wished he could remove her sadness, her loneliness, her horniness, and her sexual frustration by giving his mother sex.

Whether deliberately or accidentally, whether up-skirts, up-nightgowns, down-blouses, or down-nightgowns, whether flashes of her panties, her pussy, her cleavage, her bra, or her tits, she seemingly wasn’t aware of her wardrobe malfunctions. She flashed him more during the holidays when she was an emotional wreck and had been drinking. Nonetheless when she was flashing him, whether she was drunk or sober, he wondered if her flashes were accidental or deliberate. Especially when masturbating himself, he liked thinking that his mother was sexually teasing him by deliberately flashing him bits and pieces of her beautiful underwear clad or naked body.

# # #

Only this time was different. Older now, with him home from college and alone with his mother without his father there to interfere, he hoped to change her sadness to happiness and perhaps even give her a bit of sexual excitement. How hot would that be to replace his father’s cock with his own cock? How hot would that be to give his mother multiple orgasms with his fingers, his tongue, and his prick? In the way that he sexually titillated her this morning by exposing himself to her, masturbating in front of her, and cumming all over himself, he hoped to sexually titillate her again later tonight.

With her obviously needing more encouragement to have sex with him than he needed any encouragement to have sex with her, he hoped to use her inebriated state against her. Something he always imagined doing, being that he was the incestuous pervert that he was, he’d love to put her to bed after she had been drinking and undress her. A sexual fantasy come true, he’d loved to strip his mother naked when she was drunk. If she wouldn’t willingly have sex with him when she was sober, he’d love to sexually take advantage of her by undressing her when she had been drinking.

‘How hot would that be to kiss my mother when she was feeling good? How hot would that be to touch and feel my mother through her clothes while kissing her and undressing he? How hot would that be to have my wicked, incestuous, sexual way with my mother’s drunken, naked body? Maybe if she drank enough champagne tonight my incestuous wishes and sexual fantasy would all come true,’ he thought.

He’d never have non-consensual sex with her drunken body, of course, he respected his mother more than that. Yet, at the very least, he’d love nothing more than to touch and feel her though her clothes while kissing her. As if she was his sexy, older girlfriend, he’d love nothing more than to make out with his mother. He’d love nothing more than to part her lips with his tongue and French kiss his mother while feeling her breasts and nipples through her blouse and bra and feeling her ass and pussy through her short skirt and panties.

While looking at all that he could see of his mother’s sexy and shapely body as he slowly unbuttoned each button, he’d love nothing more than to slowly undress her and strip her naked. He’d love nothing more than to see his mother in her bra and panties and topless before seeing her naked. He’d love nothing more than to see her without her clothes while touching and feeling her everywhere. At the very least, he’d love to make out with his mother while she was naked and under the influence of alcohol. Who knows? Maybe she’d want him to do more than just kiss her, touch her, and feel her.

Nothing new in his incestuous lust for his mother, he stared at her while watching her sip her champagne as if he was watching an online, X-rated, webcam video and as if she was already topless and/or naked. He only wished he had hidden cameras in her bedroom and in the bathroom. While masturbating himself, he’d pay big bucks to watch her strip herself naked and masturbate herself on webcam and on his computer screen. If he couldn’t have forbidden sex with his mother, he’d at least love to see her without her clothes.

In the way that he had such a dirty mind and such an incestuous attraction to his mother, he attached sexual thoughts with everything she said and everything she did. Convoluted in thought, thinking that she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her, if only something for him to masturbate over, he sometimes thought that his incestuous thoughts were her incestuous thoughts. Whenever she flashed him her panties, her naked pussy, her long line of sexy cleavage, her low-cut bra, or her naked breasts, he imagined she was sexually teasing him by deliberately flashing him.

‘That’s right Mom, cross your legs slower to flash me your white panties longer. She me your panty clad pussy mound, your camel toe, and pussy slit. Lean over me to give me a down-blouse view of your cleavage and bra,’ he thought while watching his mother’s flashing show. ‘While wearing your bakırköy bdsm escort nightgown without panties, cross your legs higher to show me your blonde, trimmed, naked pussy. Lean over me longer to give me a down-nightgown view of your naked breasts, your round areolas, and erect nipples.’

# # #

The champagne she drank wet her red, full lips in the way that he imagined his passionate kisses wetting her red, full lips. The champagne she drank wet her red, full lips in the way that he imagined his cum wetting her red, full lips after she blew him and after he ejaculated his incestuous lust for his mother in her mouth and all over her pretty face. She had such nice lips, kissable soft, and when he wasn’t imagining his mother kissing him, he imagined her blowing him. When he wasn’t imagining having sex with his mother, he imagined his mother having sex with him.

Leaving a red, half-moon circle around the lip of her champagne glass, he imagined his mother kissing him everywhere and leaving her lipstick mark all over his naked body. As if being tattooed by his mother’s kisses, he imagined her leaving a red, full-circle around his cock. Lipstick on the dipstick, he’d love for his mother to leave her bright, red lipstick all over the length and girth of his erect prick. If she left lipstick on his dipstick, he’d never wash his cock again.

Obviously, something she never saw before, after his mother had watched him masturbating, as if in shock, she stayed in his bedroom by his opened door to stare at his erect prick and to watch him cum. Glad that he kept his eyes closed, he pretended that he didn’t know she was standing there watching him stroking himself while she masturbated herself. Now that he saw her fingering her nipple before sticking her hand beneath her short skirt and inside her panties to finger her pussy, she was obviously sexually aroused by watching him masturbating and cumming.

If only she’d let him, he’d love to give her a sexy, striptease show. If only she asked him, he’d love to masturbate himself again for her. It the way that he ejaculated his cum before, he’d love to ejaculate his cum again while she watched. As if he was a CFNM stripper and she was a birthday girl in the audience, he’d love for her to watch him stroke himself and cum again while calling out her name.

‘Mom, I want you. I want to have sex with you. Blow me, Mom. Suck my cock. Let me finger and lick your pussy before making love to you and fucking you,’ he imagined saying to his mother.

Maybe if she pretended that he was a CFNM stripper instead of her son, she’d lick whipped cream from his cock. All in good fun, maybe she’d even take his stiff prick in her mouth to suck him while stroking him. Maybe if she was drunk enough and horny enough, she’d allow him to put a gentle hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head and hump her mouth and fuck her face. Maybe she’d even allow him to cum in her mouth and allow him to watch her swallow his cum while she stared up at him with her big, blue eyes.

He’d love nothing more than to cum in his mother’s beautiful mouth while she stared up at him with her big, beautiful, blue eyes. He’d love nothing more than to watch his mother swallow his cum before licking him clean and sucking him dry. He’d love nothing more than to hold some cum in reserve to give his mother a cum bath. If only his mother would blow him, he’d gladly eat her.

“Oh, James,” he imagined his mother say. “Oh, my God, James. If it wasn’t naughty enough that you ejaculated your cum in my mouth, you ejaculated your cum all over my face, in my hair, and across my naked breasts.”

Maybe if watching him masturbate himself sexually excited her enough, she’d allow him to touch and feel her tits and finger her nipples while fingering her pussy. Who knows, maybe she’d even want to stroke his cock, suck his cock, and/or fuck his cock? Starting out small, rather than having a full-blown incestuous sexual relationship with his mother, he’d love to masturbate with her while watching a porn movie. He’d love to watch Spanking the Monkey or the Secretary with his mother. From there, maybe they’d masturbate one another before moving on to licking, sucking, and fucking one another.

Giving her another personal, private masturbation show, he’d love her to catch him masturbating again. He’d love her to catch him cum again. He’d love to cum again just for her. As if that would ever happen but he’d love to not only cum in her mouth but also all over her beautiful face. Just as he envied his father for being sexually intimate with his MILF of a mother, he thought his father a fool for leaving such a rare gem of a fine woman for a whore of a woman half his age.

# # #

With his girlfriend an immature, little girl, in the way that his father’s whore was an 18-year-old child when meeting her and the first having sex with her, he was a child then but is no child now. Now that he was a 22-year-old man who knew what he wanted and, not a child who allowed his father to have bakırköy elit escort his wicked, sexual way with his girlfriend, what he wanted was to have sex with his mother. Yet, as much as he was an incestuous pervert for lusting over his mother, his father was a pedophile of a pervert for lusting over his 18-year-old, ex-girlfriend.

How dare he do that to his mother and to him? Their forbidden, sexual relationship started with his father when he was out shopping with his mother and his father was home alone with his girlfriend. Trusting the both of them to have self-control and sexually behave, who knew they’d be having sex? Who knew his girlfriend would suck and fuck his father’s prick? Who knew his mother’s husband would eat and fuck his girlfriend’s pussy.

His girlfriend came looking for him when he was out shopping with his mother and his father took sexual advantage of her by getting her drunk. As if having sex with his babysitter, a 42-year-old, married man having sex with an 18-year-old woman, that was so scandalous. That was so nasty. That was so wrong.

Who knows, with her having Daddy issues, maybe she was the one who took sexual advantage of his father? Then, with one thing leading to another, not long after, a surprise to both him and his mother, his Dad took off with his girlfriend. As soon as his divorce from his mother was final, his 46-year-old father married his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend, Jessica.

When she could have taken up with anyone else, his mother never got over his Dad marrying her son’s ex-girlfriend. Now, other than Valentine’s Day, a time when she was the most vulnerable sexually, Christmas Eve, the day of love, romance, passion, and sex, as much as he’d love to get his mother tipsy, he’d love to get his mother naked. Like father like son, he hoped that his mother would consume enough champagne for him to take sexual advantage of her in the way that his father took sexual advantage of his drunken, ex-girlfriend.

Not wanting her to drink too much to get sick, but he’d love for his mother to drink enough champagne that he’d have to lovingly put her to bed. How hot would that be to slowly undress his mother and strip her naked? How hot would that be for his mother to drink enough champagne to loosen her morals, lessen her modesty, and lose her sexual inhibitions. How hot would that be for his mother to willingly, voluntarily, and consensually, albeit drunkenly, have incestuous sex with her son?

If nothing more than a sexual fantasy that he enjoyed masturbating over, with her having not soundly slept since his father left, he imagined his mother intoxicated just enough to fall asleep on the couch. Checking to see if she was sleeping, he imagined feeling her breasts through her blouse and feeling her pussy through her panties before picking her up from the couch and carrying her to her bedroom and to bed. He imagined her short skirt lifting to her crotch and giving him a continual, up-skirt view of her panties when putting her down on the bed. He imagined staring at her exposed, white bikini panties as she soundly slept.

‘Oh, my God,’ he thought. ‘I’d love to get my mother drunk enough for her to fall asleep on the couch while I touch and feel her through her clothes.’

He imagined touching and feeling her inebriated body through her clothes in all the places he always imagined touching and feeling her. He imagined she was his lover instead of his mother. Careful not to awaken her from her drunken slumber and gently placing her on her bed, he imagined undressing his mother as if unwrapping an expensive Christmas gift. Just the imagined thought of undressing her sent shivers down his spine and erected his prick. Just the imagined thought of seeing her in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked, made him want to encourage his mother to drink more.

“More champagne, Mom?”

Not waiting for her to answer, he filled her glass to the brim with more bubbles.

“I shouldn’t,” she said.

He laughed while thinking of making out with his mother while touching and feeling her through her clothes. He laughed while thinking of his mother naked. He laughed while thinking of having incestuous sex with his mother’s naked body.

“It’s Christmas Eve,” he said. “We need to celebrate.”

While waiting for the bubbles to settle, she smiled while holding out her glass for more.

“Merry Christmas, James,” she said raising her glass in toast.

Wishing he could give her more than just a peck on the lips, wishing he could part his mother’s lips, stick his tongue in her mouth, and make out with her, he gave her a peck on the lips.

“Merry Christmas, Mom,” he said returning the champagne to the ice bucket and sitting across from her while waiting for her to flash him her panties and/or her cleavage and bra again.

# # #

While she peacefully slept, he imagined unbuttoning her blouse one slow button at a time. Taking his time to undress her, he imagined stopping to see what each unbuttoned button revealed before unbuttoning the next button and before flaying open her blouse to expose her bra clad, C cup breasts. Instead of just seeing her cleavage and the top of her low-cut, sexy bra whenever she leaned forward at the waist in front of him, he imagined seeing the entirety of her white lace, satin bra cups. He imagined staring down at his sleeping mother to make sure that she was still sleeping.

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