Mixed Signals

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I met Keith when I moved to LA after college. I was new to the city and wanted to make friends, so I joined Sierra club. That’s where I met Keith. He was a couple years older than me and a native to the San Fernando Valley. He had dark hair that hung down in a forelock, glasses and a slim build. He had what I considered a dream job. He was an artist for a comic book company, and had plans of authoring his own works someday.

We were strong hikers and were usually at the head of the pack waiting for the stragglers to catch up. We wanted to get out and do some really challenging hikes and not be held back by the weak sisters, so we decided after a while to part ways with Sierra Club and strike out on our own hikes. These were all-day affairs, 14, 16, 18 milers, up some of the highest peaks in the Angeles Mountains. I really felt comfortable around Keith, and we had a great time talking or just being quiet and enjoying the view.

After one really long hike, Keith invited me to his apartment. We grabbed some beers and headed for his place, a second floor apartment that opened into the interior courtyard of the apartment building. Keith gave me the nickel tour. It was a small, one-bedroom place. His drawing table was in the dining area. The walls were covered with his work, which was really impressive.

We were tired and grungy. Keith excused himself to change out of his hiking clothes. He came back from the bedroom wearing only a pair of athletic shorts made from a stretchy, gray, sweatshirt-like material. It was obvious from the way his junk swung beneath the cloth that he was not wearing underwear. I stole a quick glance. I did not consider myself gay, but I was still a virgin. I had made out a couple times with girls, but it never led anywhere. I fantasized often about gay sex, but I had never met a guy I felt I could do it with, until I met Keith. I found him very attractive and felt comfortable around him. He didn’t seem to have a girlfriend, and I secretly was happy that I did not have to share him. I sometimes let him take the lead on hikes so I could observe his muscular ass working beneath his hiking shorts. I fantasized sex with him, but until now I had only considered it fantasy. His shorts were so short I could see the crease at the bottom of his ass cheeks when he turned around, and I began to wonder if he was showing off for me.

Keith held out a pair of running shorts and a sleeveless t for me. “You probably want to change too,” he said. “Bathroom’s over there.”

I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I noticed a magazine on the toilet tank. It looked like a skin magazine, so I picked it up. This was a skin magazine, but not what I expected. The cover showed two guys. One was on his back on a bed, feet in the air, and jerking his erect cock. The other guy was at the foot of the bed, ramming the bottom’s ass. I felt a thrill go through me. I had a stash of porn at home and masturbated to them almost every night. More often than not, my go-to pictures would be the ads for gay porn, but I was too chicken to actually go and buy it. Not only was this hardcore gay porn, but its owner was on the other side of the bathroom door, wearing only a skimpy pair of shorts. I thought it was a really cool way to get the message across.

I slipped out of my sweaty hiking clothes. I stroked my naked boner as I paged through the magazine. The photos were really hot. The magazine ended up with the bottom and his lover both cumming on the bottom’s stomach. I considered jerking off right there, but decided to save it up for what might follow. The shorts Keith had given me were loose, silky running shorts. When I put them on, I had an immediate problem. I have a small cock, about 5″ long, but my rigid boner was unmistakable. Rather stupidly, I was embarrassed to leave the bathroom with a throbbing hard-on showing beneath my shorts. It didn’t occur to me until later that a man who enjoyed gay porn probably would not object so seeing his buddy pitching a tent in his shorts. I had to spend some time thinking about baseball to keep from being blatantly obscene.

I realized that Keith was sending me a signal, and it was up to me to act on it. I was so nervous I was almost shaking. I left the bathroom and came back to his living area. “I like your choice of reading material,” I told him.

He seemed a bit puzzled. “What reading material?”

Now I was flustered. “Uh, in the bathroom, the magazine. With the guys?” I began to get paranoid. Was this some kind of gay test?

Keith blushed. “Oh, that one. Uh, sorry. That’s really embarrassing. I forgot to put it away when I was done with it.” He flushed even deeper, realizing that we both knew “what he’d done with it.”

His embarrassment made me feel sympathetic for him and somehow put me at ease. “No, don’t otele gelen escort be embarrassed. I thought it was really hot.” We both laughed, but I did feel a bit disappointed though. “I thought you put it out for me as a kind of message.” As I said it, I realized that I was being conceited, and felt embarrassed. Keith didn’t have the hots for me. He might not even be gay. He just accidentally left out a whack magazine. That was all.

“Well, I didn’t intend it that way, but I guess I did send a message. So, I didn’t know you swung that way,” Keith said.

“Well, I don’t exactly. I enjoy fantasizing about it, but I’ve never actually made it with a guy. Have you ever had sex with a man?” I asked.

Keith smiled. “Yeah, a few times.” He told me that he’d had sex a couple times with girls, but never found it satisfying. The first time he couldn’t even come. He’d experimented with men a couple times in college, and had had a steady relation for about six months, which he’d broken off a couple months before he met me.

I appreciated how upfront he was with me, and I told him of my gay fantasies. I felt comfortable enough with Keith to admit that I was still a virgin. “That’s cool,” he said. “There’s no need to rush things. You should try things, and see what your tastes are.” A light came to his eyes. “So you liked that magazine, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said. “It was really hot.”

“Hey, I’ve got something else you might like. Want to watch a movie?” He smiled and chucked my arm.

“Sure,” I said.

This was the 1980s, and movie meant a videotape. Keith went to his bedroom and came back with a cassette that he slipped into his VCR. We sat on the couch as it began. It was an all-male fuck flick. It was set at a resort. The action quickly developed into a three-way blowjob scene in the pool. The sight of men enjoying each other’s bodies was incredibly erotic. My wood returned, and I didn’t try to fight it back. “Man, this is really a hot movie,” I said.

Keith gestured to my straining shorts. “I can tell you like it,” he said. I laughed but felt a bit embarrassed. Then I noticed that his shorts were straining too. The fabric was so stretchy that I could actually make out the head of his cock, and even the piss slit through his shorts.

“Looks like you like it too,” I said.

“Yeah, this is one of my favorites. There’s some ass sex coming up next that’s my go-to scene.” He began to fondle his dick through his shorts as the licking and sucking continued on TV.

“Those shorts look like they’re about to burst,” I said.

“I don’t usually watch this movie with them on,” he said, and smiled.

“So take them off,” I replied. My tone was joking, but we both knew I was serious.

He got a bit shy. “You OK with that?” he asked.

“Yeah, more than OK. I mean, if you’re OK.”

He laughed. “What the hell, we’re friends.” He slipped his thumbs beneath the waist band, and pulled the shorts up and over his rigid dick. I was sensitive about the size of my cock, and I was pleased to see that his dick wasn’t huge, about an inch longer than mine. He lifted his butt slightly off the couch so that he could pull his shorts down. His pubes were dark and wiry. He stroked his cock idly. “Your turn,” he said to me with a smile.

I was really nervous and excited. I felt shaky and weak. I had never seen a man’s erection in person, and I’d certainly never shown mine to anyone. I stood up and squatted slightly as I pulled my shorts off. I spread my arms wide, and let my dick stand at attention. “Cat’s out of the bag now,” I said, and we laughed.

I sat back down next to Keith. There was no need for pretense anymore, and we both began jacking. We discussed the movie and made jokes about it as we masturbated. We frankly assessed each other, and compared masturbation techniques.

As the action on the screen grew hotter, so did I. My cock slit oozed a pearl of pre-cum, and my dick was rigid to root, the whole way to my asshole. I liked to finger my ass when I masturbated, but I was still feeling inhibited. Keith, fortunately, let it all hang out. He played with his nipples, fondled his meaty balls, and slid his left hand below them to massage his anus. I followed suit and we were both soon moaning in pleasure and as we jacked and diddled our asses.

It wasn’t long before I was on the verge of cumming. “I’m about to bust my nuts,” I said to Keith. I was green, and seriously worried about where to shoot. I didn’t know what proper etiquette was during mutual masturbation. Where was I supposed to cum? I just said that I was ready to cum, and hoped he’d tell me what to do.

Keith surprised me by saying, “Do you want me to finish you off?”

“Sure,” I said. Keith kneeled on the floor between my escort rus legs. He put his left hand on my thigh as he continued to massage his cock. I thought he would pause in his jerking to jack me to climax. To my surprise, he bent down and placed his mouth around my cock.

I had never experienced the warm, slippery sensation of anyone’s mouth before. He twirled his tongue around my cock head, tonguing my hot slit to extract all the pre-cum. Then he began to french me in earnest, his head bobbing up and down. He fondled my balls as his tongue and lips glided up and down my cock. I was on the verge when he started, and his warm mouth drove me to the edge. “I’m going to cum,” I said. He kept his mouth around my dick. I didn’t know if he would take my jizz in his mouth, but he couldn’t say I didn’t warn him.

My asshole began to pucker, and my hips rose off the couch rhythmically. Just as I started up with a last powerful thrust, he pulled his mouth away and began to jack. Every muscle between my anus and my dick spasmed as I squirted hot jets of cum all over his hand and my pubes and stomach.

I leaned back on the couch, gasping. Keith retook his place on the couch next to me. He smiled as he massaged my thigh gently. “Good time?” He asked.

“The best,” I said. “Man, I never came that hard before. That was great, thanks.” I put my hand on his shoulder. I owed him a kiss at the very least, but I didn’t give him one. Somehow, a kiss seemed more gay than sucking him off. Stupidly, I felt shamed and embarrassed. A good friend I liked very much had just used his body to bring me to the best orgasm of my life (up to that point!), but all I could think about was that I had just let a guy blow me, and I was sitting here naked next to him, with a wilting dick and cum all over my belly. Keith had resumed rubbing his cock, not jacking in earnest, but just kind of rubbing in a holding pattern. I thought maybe he was hoping for a blowjob in return, and I felt that I should blow him to even things up, even though I did not want to. Even though I didn’t want to, I felt that I should at least ask if he wanted a BJ.

I began massaging the back of his neck. “Would you like me to return the favor?” I asked.

He smiled. “Hey, you don’t have to. That was as much fun for me as it was for you.” I knew that had to be a lie, because I was still feeling shaky from my cum explosion.

“Hey, I’d like to,” I said. I moved my hand from his neck to his still rigid cock. “I’d like to see what one of these things tastes like.”

“Hey if you really want to. You don’t need to feel obligated though.”

“It’s not an obligation, it’s a pleasure,” I lied to him. I knelt before him and put my mouth around his cock head, just to get it over with. Much to my surprise, his dick tasted good and felt good in my mouth. A slight but very pleasant musky odor rose from his groin. It mingled with the strong odor of my own cum. I never dreamed that it would be so pleasurable to be on this end of a blow job, and I decided to show Keith that anything he could do, I could do better.

I didn’t know a damn thing about cocksucking, only what I’d read and what I thought would feel good. I teased a bit, twirling my tongue around his swollen glans. He groaned in pleasure. I tongued his piss slit, and was surprised by how salty his pre-cum tasted. I always preferred salt to sweet. I moved my mouth away from his head, and gently rubbed my lips over his warm, stiff shaft. As I chafed my lips up and down his throbbing organ, I began to massage his balls. I buried my face in his soft pubes and drank in the scent of his manhood. I ran my hand up and down his shaft, now slippery with my saliva, and began to suck on his balls. “Mmmmm,” he moaned as I took his eggs, one at a time, into my receptive mouth.

After a bit, preliminaries over, I returned my mouth to his cock. I was a bit nervous and eager to please. I decided that a tight opening with mouth and lips and lots of contact with his soft, sensitive pleasure knob should feel good. Taking care to avoid scraping him with my teeth, I began to bob my head up and down to make that cum shoot out of his dick. He stroked my head as I worked his lovely cock. “Oh yeah, that feels good,” he encouraged me. “This can’t be the first time you’ve done this,” he said.

I paused my mouth work and jacked his cock as I paused to answer, like a swimmer treading water, “Oh yes it is,” I said. “And I fucking like it!” I returned to blowing him. Keith knew how to motivate a guy. I increased the suction just a bit and began power-frenching him, up and down fast, making lots of contact between his head and my mouth, lips and tongue. My own cock, bobbed limp between my legs. With my every sense stimulated, my cock began to rise up, like a cobra looking escort sıhhiye for prey.

Keith’s moaning ceased as the sex took him over in earnest. His breathing increased, and his hips twitched as he loaded to shoot. As I massaged his cum-laden balls, I thought of his sweet, puckered anus just inches from my mouth. I wondered how to “accidentally” contact it with my fingers, when a thought occurred to me. Keith had shamelessly massaged his own anus while he masturbated. He obviously enjoyed anal stimulation (like I did), so why be shy? I moved my fingers downward and searched for his most private of erogenous zones. My hunch was right. My boy was into butt play. “Oh yes,” he gasped, as my fingertips brushed his puckerhole. He grasped his legs behind the knee and pulled his thighs up and his cheeks apart, exposing his anus for our mutual pleasure. I really wanted to take a look at this most beautiful sight, but couldn’t take my attention away from his throbbing cock. Working by feel, I relocated his now slightly open butthole, and worked my middle finger inside. My finger wasn’t lubed, so I couldn’t thrust it in like both of us would have wanted, but I did to him what I had done to myself on lonely nights. Slightly parting his anus with the inner and outer fingers of my hand, I gently insinuated my middle finger into him, just up to the first knuckle. With a bit of lube I could have finger-fucked him good, but without it I just wiggled my finger like a little vibrator.

My middle finger hit the button labeled, “ORGASM.” “OH, I’m gonna cum,” he warned me. Keith had kept my cock in his mouth up to the very last dangerous microsecond before I had exploded in a burst of joy juice. Just a few minutes ago I had felt dirty and embarrassed that I had lost my virginity to a man. Now, I was on my knees in front of that same man. I was frenching him like a machine and my finger was wiggling in his asshole. My cock was stiff and bouncing, and I had never felt so turned on. I was in the throes of hot fucksex. Right now, anybody could do anything to me. “Here it comes,” he said. “I can’t hold back.”

And he didn’t. Being on the receiving end of an oral cumshot was no experience that movies or stories could convey. Keith’s strong anus gripped my finger as he unleashed inside my mouth. Hot, salty jets of semen shot against the back of my throat faster than I could swallow. I knew it could only be a teaspoon of cum, but it felt like a quart. The cum I could not swallow spilled from my lips. Keith’s cock, slick with saliva, now became incredibly slippery as my spit combined with his semen. Mercifully, the flood slowed, and I began to clean his cock. Pushing forward as far as I dared, I tightened my lips around the base of his cock, and moved upwards, squeezing the last drops of pearly juice from his urethra. I was rewarded as a last gush of cum issued from his pee slit into my mouth. I removed my mouth and swallowed his love offering. Regretfully, I removed my finger from his love hole. At least now I got a good look at his beautiful butthole. I lifted my finger to my nose and inhaled the rich aroma of his ass. It smelled so damn good.

Keith released the grip on his knees and lowered his feet to the floor again. His hands went up above his shoulders in a position of surrender. His eyes were shut, and he was still panting from his manly exertions. I rose from my position on the floor. My cock was rigid. I touched my taint to verify that it was hard to the very root, all the way back to my asshole. I could not believe my good fortune. I had just enjoyed crazy hot sex, better than any porn movie I had ever seen. I now felt ashamed of my earlier feelings of shame. Before me sat a man who was so willing to share his body with me in the most intimate manner. This was a gift to be treasured. I sat beside him, put my arms around him, and kissed his cheek.

Keith opened his eyes and looked into mine as he stroked my cheek. “Wow man, you are something else,” he said. He kissed me on the mouth, gently putting his tongue inside the same cavity that had pleasured his cock just moments ago. After a long, slow, loving exploration of each other’s mouth, we parted.

“You sure you want to kiss me? I asked. “You know where that mouth’s been.”

He smiled, and gave me another confirmatory kiss. “Yes, I know, and you are the greatest person in the world, and I want to give you what you deserve.” His hand moved to my stiff dick, and he looked ruefully at his own limp and drying dick. “But maybe give me a couple minutes.” We both laughed. “We have all the time in the world.” I looked down myself at the cum drying on my groin and belly, and felt Keith’s cum drying on my chin. “I think I need a shower first anyway, I said with a grin.

Keith laughed. He stood up and offered me his hand as I arose. “I need a shower myself,” he said. “Come on with me and I’ll scrub your back.” I put my arm around his shoulder and he put his arm around my waist as we walked to the bathroom, hip to hip. The night was young, and we were young. I knew that that this shower would be the best I ever had.

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