Mistis’ Adventures Part 78

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 78
Robbi was a little slow to get ready, so she elected to take her own car out to the farm. She had to take care of a couple of errands before she went, and wanted to fill up with gas, too. She hadn’t eaten breakfast this morning, either. It had been one of the mornings that she just wasn’t hungry, so she decided to stop at a little bake shop and get something to munch on and a cup of coffee. There was a shop just down the street from one of the stores she had to go to, so she went to their drive-thru, and got a couple of rolls and her coffee. She sipped her coffee as she went to the second place she wanted to visit. It was a boutique, and they had a couple of blouses she wanted to try on.

She bought both of the blouses, a nice skirt, and a pair of slacks. It cost her less than $100 for all 4 items. The skirt would match either of the blouses, and, the part she liked best, it came just about half-way between her crotch and her knees. She loved showing as much as she could under the circumstances. That was one more reason she was so happy at home. She, like most of the others, enjoyed being naked as much as possible. The slacks were for when she went out to dinner with friends who weren’t so open. One girl, her name was Rose, was absolutely horrified at the idea of showing her body, even to other girls. She had, when she first came to school, waited until the wee hours of the morning to take a shower, and, even then, had worn a huge towel around her until she was inside with the curtain closed. Thank God she didn’t have that problem.

She made one more stop to pick up a couple of flash drives for her computer. She would be writing programs this semester, and wanted to try something she hadn’t done, so far. It was a ricochet program, that, if a dirty program were sent, it would go back to the sender, and infect THEIR computer, plus send the IP data, so they could be tracked. Her professor had said no one had been able to write one, YET. She wanted to be the first. It would be a gold mine. She could, easily, name her own price for its sale and distribution.

While sh was in the last store, she was talking to the clerk. A VERY cute guy. He was the same age as her, and he was working to save up money to pay for HIS school. They had ended up talking for longer than she realized, and, when she went out to leave, discovered that she was running VERY late. It had been worth it, though. She had ended up giving him her cell number, and inviting him to call her. He had been openly admiring her legs, and her boobs. Thank God she had decided NOT to wear a bra, today. She had leaned over several times, so he could see down the neck of her blouse, and she had leaned close to him a couple of times so her breasts touched him. If she had had more time, she might have done even more. If not for his boss watching them, she might have lifted her blouse to give him a good look. Guys like him, willing to work for what they wanted, were becoming a rare breed. She was attracted to manly men. All this talk about “toxic masculinity” made her sick to her stomach. Men were SUPPOSED to be men.

She went over to the main thoroughfare, and turned on the road to go on out to the farm. She hoped she hadn’t missed anything worth seeing. She, like the others, was fascinated by Misti’s Dad. He was VERY handsome, and extremely interesting. She had seen what he did to Carol this morning, and it had, to a small extent, surprised her. Carol, in most cases, was nearly insatiable, but he had worn her to a frazzle. She hadn’t seen Carol in that condition in a LONG time. Thinking about it made her giggle.

She had to slam on her brakes to keep from driving past her turn-off. She made her last turn, down the gravel road that went past Billy and Cathy’s farm. She turned in at their gate and crossed the cattle guard onto their property. All the cars were out front, so everyone was still here. She looked down the two-track, and could see the tractor at the top of the hill. She decided to drive on down. It looked like they were sitting at the second pond.

The gate was open, so she drove through and pulled next to the trailer. They were all gathered under the big pecan tree, looking at something there. She got out and walked over to see what was so interesting. Cathy was laying in the clover patch, NAKED! A strange girl, she hadn’t met, yet, was washing her face with a wet T-shirt. She was just as naked as Cathy. She looked around and saw that the two of them weren’t the only ones, either. Carol, Misti, and Sam were naked, too. The two moms had taken off their tops. Sharon casino siteleri and Mary, surprisingly, were the only ones still fully dressed. The men all had their shirts off, and Ben was naked, too. WHAT WAS GOING ON?

She went over to Sharon, and asked her “What’s happening?” Sharon started laughing. “Cathy almost bit off more than she could chew. She put the make on Ben, and he fucked her near to death. He might not look like it, but, that ‘old boy’ can throw a girl more meat than she can stand. She passed out while he was fucking her. The girl is their neighbor. Her name is Sue Kelly. She’s as sweet as they come, and a bundle of laughs. Not bad looking, at all, either. She said her friends call her ‘Bubbles.’ It’s easy to see why. She graduates High School this spring. She got a late start because of her birth date. She was born in November, and had to wait ’till the next year to start school. She’ll be 19 when she starts college. Billy has already split her fuzz at least once, and has been invited back for more. She’s quite taken with him. He came over and helped her mare deliver twin foals the other day. One was a breach. He didn’t even have to cut the mare. She cried when she told us about it. Her Mama is the same as ours. She does her housework in the raw, except when she’s having a period. SHE’S about the same age, too. Billy said she’s a very nice looking woman. They’re “salt of the Earth” people. I met him, her Dad, a few days, ago. If you wanted to paint a picture of a farmer, he would be the best model you could find. Betty met him the morning Billy delivered the foals. She said he was just as sweet a man as you could find. He’ll make a VERY good neighbor for Dad and Pop. He’s their kind of people.”

Mike had got down on one knee and scooped Cathy up in his arms, carrying her over to the trailer. Carol and her Mom had straightened it, and everyone gathered to go back to the house Misti had picked up Cathy’s shorts and halter, and stuck them in the waistband of her own shorts, that she had just pulled back on. They all remained topless.

Sharon decided to ride with Robbi. It would be MUCH smoother in her car. It was a little Plymouth Horizon, that she had found in a used car lot. She had paid $900 for it. She had taken it to a garage and had it checked out. They had fixed a few minor things, and put in an air conditioner. It was front wheel drive, and had a little 4-banger engine in it. She got nearly 30 miles to the gallon, and was a wonder on icy streets. She had had it for 3 years, now, and loved everything about it. Pop had k**ded her about it, but had sprang for a new paint job. She told everyone it ran like a dream, and looked, to her, like a million bucks. Pop had offered to buy her a new car, but she turned him down. They followed the others up to the house. She got out and closed the gate behind them all. Rick pulled up to the house, and this time Billy carried her inside and up to bed. Rick took the tractor and trailer back down to the barn. Both Moms and Betty were upstairs with Cathy. Billy admitted that he and Rick had given her another DP last night, on top of both of them fucking her twice apiece. Mom had said it was no wonder she had passed out.

Sue was upstairs with them. She was genuinely worried about Cathy. They had talked a few times, so far. Sue had spoke about how much she liked both of her new neighbors. She said her parents had said the same thing. Her Dad had said Betty was the same sort. He absolutely adored her. He also told everyone about how Billy had delivered his foals, and that he was a “real crackerjack doctor.” Billy’s client list had been growing daily, with new calls for his services.

Sue had arrived on a 4-wheeler. It was just a mile and a half, across country, like she came. She told them there was a decent trail that they used when the Morris’s and them visited. The only time they couldn’t use it was when the creek was up. The water was too deep, and too fast, then. She had been wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, with nothing under it, but her. When she saw the others naked, she joined them. She had watched what Ben had done to Cathy, and commented that she would let him do the same to her, any time he wanted. She admitted, after seeing what was going on, that one of these handsome men would do her like that. Mama had been hogging Dad, all to herself, the last few days. Rick heard the last part of what she said as he came up the stairs. “Would I fill the bill, for you, Doll? You look like a little angel to me. If you’re half as sweet as you look, you would be wonderful.”

She stepped casino oyna over to him, and put her arms around him. “You look like the answer to my prayers. You’ll have to decide if I’m sweet or not.”

They went one room over, and across the hall to Rick’s room. He started to close the door, but she told him there was no need, for her sake. She enjoyed people looking at her. She DID ask him if he would open the window, though. The fresh air was something she enjoyed, too.

Rick opened the window for her, and turned to get an arm full of soft, female flesh. Her shirt was laying on the end of the bed, with her shorts on top of it. She was against him, holding him and, kissing everything she could reach. She was only able to reach his chest by tip toeing. She was the kind of girl that even her curves had curves. Her breasts looked like she never wore a shirt. They were the same color as everything else. A light tan. She oozed vitality, and had the softest body he had ever seen. It was if she was filled with gelatin. He almost expected to hear a squeak when he hugged her. Like an inflatable doll. Instead, she moaned with pleasure. She enjoyed the foreplay as much as the actual coupling. She was just a tiny bit on the thick side, like his Mom, and even, to him, softer. He leaned down and picked her up by the waist. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms went around his neck to kiss him with all her might. Her tongue was in his mouth as much, or more, than it was in hers. She was grinding into his belly with her mons a she kissed him. One hand was still around his shoulder, but the other was on the back of his head, holding him, so she could kiss him harder.

He turned and sat her on the bed. She scooted over to make room for him. He undid his pants, and let them drop to the floor, peeling his drawers down to reveal a VERY hard cock. Her eyes got bigger, and her mouth opened in a smile of anticipation. “Come here, Sweet Thing. My dream has come true!”

He lay beside her. Her hand traced the scar tissue on his leg. “Does it still hurt?” she asked. “Only when something hits it.” he answered. “Maybe this will make it feel better.” she said. She leaned over and licked over the top of it, taking her time, to cover the whole area. “How was that?” she asked. He almost couldn’t say anything. “GREAT!!!” he finally replied. ” Let me show YOU!”

He rolled her to her back, and kissed her lips, then her chin, then her cheeks, and her lips once more. Her arms were around his neck holding him to where she could linger with every kiss he gave her. His had was on her slightly rounded tummy, glorying in its softness. The hidden hardness of a girl who had worked on a farm was completely out of sight. His hand squeezed her breasts, her nipples hard as marbles, were a dark brown, the aureole around them, slightly lighter color. She would, probably, never have to worry about a sunburn. His hand wandered farther down to feel the softness of her pubic hair. It was almost the same color as the hair on her head, only a shade darker. It was a neat triangle at the juncture of her legs. As he massaged it, her legs opened for him, revealing her tiny brownish lips. They were already moist, telling him that she was already waiting for his offering. Her mound wasn’t as big as he had expected. It WAS as soft as anything else he had felt on her, though. It stuck out just enough to see that it was there, and, apparently, as sensitive as everything else on her. He licked and kissed around her breasts, sucking the smallish nipples until they were darker, even, than before.

He kissed his way down her stomach, and on to her mons venerus. She squirmed under his lips. Her legs opening to allow him access to any, and everything. Outside of moans and squeals, she hadn’t made a sound. Now she told him, “Please turn around. I want to make you feel like you’re making me feel.” She pulled on his hand to emphasize her request. He turned and she rolled over on her side and guided his penis into her wet mouth, and began sucking on it. One hand was gently massaging his balls, and the other was jacking him slowly, as she took her sweet time, making her oral ministrations as wet and exciting as any he had EVER had. Her lips touched him barely hard enough to feel, but what he felt was more than he could imagine. He had seen pro’s that weren’t half as good as SHE was. If he let down his guard for an instant, he would fill her mouth.

He lifted her leg and renewed his attack on her nether regions. Her juices were flowing like a spring, and was running down the inside of her leg. He kissed her nether kaçak casino lips one more time, this time making her catch her breath, and release it in a low moan. He stuck his tongue inside of her, licking his way in and back out, again. Many times. She had squeezed his head with her thighs as she came over and over. She was sucking him even stronger, now. He was trying his best, but, wasn’t sure he could resist her much longer. She held him tighter with her hand as she jacked him even faster. THAT WAS IT!!! He couldn’t hold it any longer. He blew his cum into her mouth as hard as he could imagine. Over and over he pulsed. Filling her mouth full to where it was leaking on to her shoulder. She was swallowing as fast as she could, but it still escaped her momentarily. He gave his last, and she smiled and took her finger and wiped the rest and licked it off her finger. “Almost thought I lost my touch. Most guys cum much quicker than that. Hope you don’t mind knowing I have had other lovers, before. I lost my cherry when I was 12.” He laughed. “I don’t mind at all. I lost my cherry when I was 15. Someday we can compare notes, if you want. For now, I want to concentrate on the most beautiful lady I have ever known. YOU!!!” She cocked her head at him. “You know. I’m gonna have to watch out for you. It wouldn’t take much for me to fall head over heels for you, but, there’s too much I want to do with my life before I settle down with just one man. I am interested in many things, but one of them eats at me more than any of the others. Sometimes I will tell you about it. Right now, I just want you to fuck me as good as you just ate my pussy.”

He lay down and she scrambled up to take him in her mouth for the second time. It didn’t take long for him to completely recover to his original hardness. He took a pillow from under the spread, and put it under her soft hieney. She smiled up at him, and spread her legs for him to do as he wanted. He hooked her knees around his elbows and bent to lick her pussy, again. She came almost at his first touch. His tongue delved into her again, humping her as he intended to do with his dick. She moaned and thrashed about the bed, whispering endearments to him. She wasn’t loud, but she was vocal. “Oh, Sweetheart. Use that wonderful tongue on me. Lick me like an all-day sucker. I want all of that you’ll give me. You’re making me cum so much. Oh my God!!! Please show a girl some mercy. I don’t know how much more of that I can stand. Oh GOOODDD!!! Please give me the REAL thing. I want to feel your dick inside of me. Pump me full of your jizz. I ain’t worried about gettin’ knocked up. I’m on the pill. Just fill my cunt like you filled my mouth. Ooooohhhhhh, that’s soooo nice. I love what you’re doin’ to me. Just do it moooorrrre.

She was insisting he go ahead and fuck her. “Please, please, please fuck me! I want it sooo much. I can’t wait any more. Shove it in me. My pussy is ready for your dick. Please put it inside me.” Pop had often told him over the years to “Never keep a lady waiting.” Now he heeded his words. He straightened up and placed the head just enough to slightly spread her pussy lips apart. She felt it touching her and bucked up with her hips. He just barely penetrated her. The head was just barely out of sight. He pulled back, and pushed, again. Two more times and he was in her. He began thrusting slowly, but she wanted more. Her legs locked around his hips as she tried to keep him deep inside of her. He felt the strain of pulling back, and the ease if thrusting back inside. Her taking his first load, and that he had given Cathy 3 loads last night, made it possible for him to hold beyond reasonable expectations. She was thrashing about, shaking her head and her ass, like a woman gone mad. Finally they achieved what they had been seeking. He unloaded a stream of sperm into her body, causing her to throw her head back and growl like a wild a****l. Her fingers dug into his back as she tried, in vain, to pull him deeper, and closer.

Ge lay atop her, unable to break her hold to roll off to the side. She whimpered as he withdrew from her body, as a disappointed c***d. His arm remained under her head. He rolled her near to kiss again, and again. She threw her leg across him, using it to pull their groins closer. “That was FUN!!!” she declared. “Been a long time since I was fucked like that. We’ll have to do it , again, some time. Maybe next time I’ll give ya’ some ass, too.”

They took a shower and cleaned up. She didn’t bother putting her shorts on. Just pulled her T-shirt over her head, kissed him once more, and thanked him for a”great roll in the hay.”

She thanked everyone for their hospitality, invited them to come visit, any time, climbed on the 4 wheeler, and was gone.

Rick was still scratching his head. What the FUCK had just happened?

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