Mistis’ Adventures Part 40

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 40
Cathy pulled Tod to his feet, and delivered her first REAL kiss of the evening. As she kissed him, she moved her hands to his waistband, and unbuckled his belt. When she broke the kiss, she moved her hands to his sides, and pealed his sweatshirt and T-shirt over his head. “I can’t wait any longer, Sweetheart. I want you right here and now.” Both fathers were grinning. “Never keep a lady waiting, Son.” Papa Breen told him. “You waiting on them is normal, but NOT the other way around.”

Taking the lead from Cathy, Robbi stepped over and did the same with Billy. “We’ve got some catchin’ up to do. I’ve missed you something awful, and I want to feel you inside me. You have a special way to scratch where I itch, and it needs scratchin’, NOW! Both men were almost immediately as naked as the girls.

Cathy had sunk to her knees, and had pulled Tod’s penis into her mouth, one of her hands cupping, and gently kneading his testes. He was letting out a groan, it felt so good. She gave some of the best blow-jobs he had ever felt. Robbi had pulled Billy down on the floor, on his back, and had turned around to use their favorite opening position, she started 69 with him. They always started out like this, but shortly he would take over, and turn around to eat her pussy, and wouldn’t stop until she had had enough orgasms to go faint on him. Then he would kiss and cuddle her until she was, to him, ready for him to mount her.

She had ample enough labia for him to take each of them to pull wide enough that he could see where her cherry had been. It had been when she was 15, and he was 16. They had been playing in the barn that day. They were both naked, as they usually were. Billy had been out cutting hay, but had finished an hour or so before, and she had been riding the wheel-guards, keeping him company, and talking with him. He had come up to the barn to unhook the swather, after putting into its stall, and put the tractor in its shed, but this was after they had gone for a dip in the lake, to get the dust and sweat off of them, naked, of course. They had splashed around, and wrestled playfully, and in the course of their play, he had several times, cupped his hand between her legs, and while trying to hold her wet, slippery body, had felt her breast in his mouth. It was nice and cool in the hayloft, and they had gone up there to lay back and relax. She has noticed that he seemed bigger, “down there.” They had never paid much attention as to the things going on around them. The others were just showing their love, or making babies.

Her Mom had explained the facts of life to her, but, she never put the two together. She didn’t have time in her busy life to think about it much. Billy, on the other hand, had observed, and been taught, first ataşehir escort by Betty, then that night, his Mom had answered more questions, and had shown him many more things. He had seen Carol around the house, and outside on the farm, naked as a jaybird, and he had asked her some questions. She had responded by laying down in the grass, and opening her legs to show him everything, and tell him what it was for. Then she had told him to lay down, and she gave him his first REAL blow-job, and let him cum in her mouth. She then, seeing he was still hard, laid back, and told him to stick it inside her. She was much, MUCH tighter than Betty or Mom. He kept at it, with her urging him on, until he had cum 3 times inside her.

He was unsure of how to tell Robbi that she was the cause of his hard-on. She reached over to him. “Can I touch it?” she asked. “Sure. Go ahead. But can I touch yours.” “Okay. I guess so.” she responded. She was gently squeezing and stroking him, and it grew bigger and bigger in her soft hand. He was breathing hard, and told her, “You better stop, now. You’re about to make me cum.” She kept on. “I want to see what it looks like when you cum.” She kept stroking, and Billy began jerking, and soon shot a big load of cum out, covering her hand and wrist. Some of it shot up and hit her in the face. She kept on until he asked her to stop.

“So that’s what the men keep doing inside of the girls. They must like it. They keep telling them to give them more cum, and to shoot them full.” Billy laughed. He had thought that she would know as much about it as HE did. “Yeah. they do like it.” Braver, now, he asked her, ” Will you let me show you how it feels?” She simply asked, ” what do I need to do?” He told her to lay back in the hay, and open her legs. Then he would do the rest.

She did as he had told her, laying back and opening her legs just far enough he could see her pussy. It was small, pink, and very pretty. It was the prettiest he had seen, so far. He pushed her thighs a little wider and laid down between them. The others had told him to be sure to kiss and eat a girl’s pussy before he fucked them. He kissed her mons, enjoying the way the bright red hair growing there tickled his nose. She looked down at him, her forehead wrinkled in wonder. “What are you doing, now?” she asked. “I’m going to eat your pussy. It will feel good, and make you wet inside. Then I can fuck you, and it’ll be better. You’ll enjoy it more.” Satisfied, she replied, “Okay. Go ahead.”

He licked her very small labia, and after a bit, pushed down gently to make her tiny clit pop out, and licked it, too. She was squirming like she had sat in an ant bed. He had had to hold her tight to keep her from going out of his reach. She was breathing like she had just run göztepe escort 5 miles. “Billy. I feel funny. Like when I stuck that “Pop Rock” inside me. Like little firecrackers going off in there.” “Just a minute and you’ll feel something better. This might hurt a little bit, but it has to be done for you to feel the best.”

Billy slid up, facing her, and reached down to kiss her on the lips. Something they had done often. As they were kissing, he reached down and placed the head of his cock to where he could feel the tiny opening to her body. He kissed her much harder as he pushed inside of her. He felt the tiny tug, and she grunted. “What was that? she asked. “I just popped your cherry. You’re not a virgin any more.” After he had felt her hymen break, he had lain still. He wanted her to get used to the feeling of him inside her. A few seconds later she asked him, “Is that all there is to fucking?” He laughed. “No, sweetie. We’re just getting started. When you feel me cum inside of you, we’ll be closer to being finished. You’ll have to tell Mom you need some birth control pills, so you won’t get pregnant.” Is that what happens when you cum inside a girl?” She asked. “If it is, I don’t want you to cum inside of me. Just fuck me and shoot your cum out on the hay.” He agreed.

He had fucked her three times that day, and she had taken delight in watching his sperm shoot safely on the thick hay. She had, the second time, took her finger and touched some that was on his dick, and tasted it. Her Mom had told her that it had a special taste, that many women enjoyed. Some so much that they had their partner shoot it in their mouths so they could taste it, AND swallow it. She had asked her mother, then if there was anything wrong about swallowing it. Her mom had replied that it was almost pure protein, and was really good for you That night she had asked her mother if she would help her get some birth control pills. They went early to the doctor, he checked her over, wrote a prescription, and they went to the pharmacy and filled it. She went out to the car and took her first one. The doctor had told her and her mother that she wasn’t a virgin. That was okay with her. The only thing mom had asked was had her friend cum inside of her. She told mom he hadn’t. Nothing more was ever said.

Cathy had Tod on his back and was sucking him to a fair-thee-well. He was just a tiny bit longer than Billy, but not as long as Dave, or William. He was much thicker than either one of them. He was just about the same as Jerry. She was enjoying his humping her face as she ate him. It told her he was enjoying what she was doing. She gave his balls another gentle squeeze, and thick wads of sperm shot out into her mouth. She sucked feverishly until she felt him give his last ümraniye escort jerk. She raised up and swallowed, letting everyone there, who was looking, see what she had done. Tod and both fathers were smiling at her. She took her napkin, and her drink, and took a bit of the liquid in her mouth, swishing it around, and spitting it into a trash can. Then she wiped her face with the napkin, and dropped it in the trash, also.

She, and the others, looked over to watch Billy and Robbi. He had been holding her legs up and apart, but now she had them wrapped around his head. She was holding his shoulders, rocking her ass, and her head from side to side. “OH, BILLY!!! YOUR TONGUE FEELS SO GOOD IN MY CUNT!!! LICK ME LIKE A LOLLIPOP!!! YOU EAT MY PUSSY SOOOO DAMN GOOD!!! I JUST LOVE YOU’RE EATING MY TWAT!!! JUST PROMISE TO GIVE ME A GOOD FUCK, AND SHOOT ME FULL OF YOUR CUM!!! I LOVE WHEN YOU FUCK ME, SO MUCH!!! I DON’T WANT IT TO EVER END!!!

She rolled her head to the side, her eyes staring up, unblinking. They had seen this happen, before. They knew that she had just had a gut-busting orgasm. In a couple of minutes, she would come around, groan a little, and be ready to get down to some down-home, behind-the-barn, fucking. She would go completely out of control.

Sure as anything, she unlocked her legs from Billy’s head, took him under his arms, and pulled him up to smother him in kisses. Then she reached down, between them, and placed the head of his dick where she wanted it. He pushed slowly, and smoothly, having to withdraw twice, until he was in her all the way. He raised up on his hands, hooking her knees around his elbows, and began long-donging her. This sent her into even more spasms. Papa Breen and Daddy Campbell both were admiring the show they were seeing. Papa Breen leaned back a bit and placed his arm on the back of the sofa, putting his hand on the shoulder of his oldest, and best friend. “Ya know. We might have made a mistake. Just look at the way the hair on Robbi’s pussy looks. It almost glows, it’s so bright. That has got to be the prettiest, red pussy hair I’ve ever seen. It would be a shame to shave it, unless she lets it grow right back. I’m gonna make sure that I leave the lights on after while. I want to look at that while I’m eating her puss.” Dad Campbell nodded his head in a agreement. I’m sitting here thinking how proud I am of our broods. Every one of them is shiny. The girls are all ladies in public, and total whores in private. They cook, they clean house, and they all love babies, and want lots of them. The boys are all gentlemen, in the best ways, they aren’t afraid of work, or getting their hands dirty. All the k**s are just as crazy about family as we are. Cathy and William have gone out of their way to become on of us. What more could we ask. I think we got it all. Right in front of our noses. I think you and me have hit the Mother Lode.” Papa Breen nodded his head in agreement. Now they just needed a passel of grandk**s. And they would come in time.

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