Missing Daddy Ch. 1

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A long time ago we had decided that the term I would use to give up control to you would be ‘daddy,’ rather than the traditional ‘master.’ You taught me so much, being 15 years older than me and much more experienced. You dominate and baby me at the same time, so ‘daddy’ just seemed to fit. I didn’t want a father figure, but I needed someone like you to take care of me.

I’ve gotten accustomed to your late night calls since you’ve been away on business. I snuggle into bed laying my head on my pillow, reaching over to your side of the bed and hugging your pillow. I smell it and can barely smell your scent. You’ve been away too long. I close my eyes and whisper “I miss you.” I roll over and look at the clock, knowing that I’ll be awakened by your call in a few hours. I drift off to sleep.

It seems like no time at all when I hear the phone. “Hello?” I answer in a sleepy voice.

“Hi baby, I miss you,” you say. A huge smile comes over my face. “How’s my baby?” you ask.

“I’m wonderful now, Daddy,” I answer.

“I have a surprise baby. I’m going to be home tomorrow.”

I sit up. You can hear the excitement in my voice when I say, “Are you teasing me?”

“No princess, I’m coming home, and I can’t wait to see you, and touch you and taste you again.” You hear me sigh and shift around in the bed. “Is my baby horny?” you ask me. I giggle. “Take off your panties and touch yourself for me baby,” you order. I instantly get wet as I pull my panties off for you. My fingers find their way to my clit. “I want to hear you cum, baby girl,” you tell me.

My breathing is already a little heavier, as I say, “Yes, Daddy.” I love doing this for you and it makes me so wet to do as you request.

“Do you have your toy nearby, baby?” you ask.

“Yes, hold on for a second,” I answer as I lean over to the bedside table and get my toy out of the drawer. “Okay, I have it,” I say.

“Good girl, now I want you to rub it along your slit and think pendik escort of it as my dick rubbing you,” you tell me.

“Okay Daddy,” I answer. I take the dildo and rub it from my wet hole up to my clit and back down. I’m picturing you hovering over me teasing me like this with your cock. “I can’t wait for you to get here tomorrow and do this for real,” I say.

“Mmm baby, do you want me inside you?” you ask.

“Ooooh yes! Yes, Daddy!” I answer.

“Beg me,” you say confidently.

I do as I’m told, and I start pleading with you, “Ohhh Daddy, please, pleasssssse fuck me, pleassssse push your cock into your baby’s tight wet pussy.”

I can sense that you are pleased with me, “Push that dildo in your cunt, baby.” I slide it in. It feels so amazing. I rub my clit with one hand and slip the dildo in and out with the other. “Let me hear how wet you are baby,” you say, “Put the phone down by your pussy while you fuck yourself.” I hold the phone down between my legs. You can hear the wetness as the dildo goes in and out. It’s so slippery and wet. I feel myself about to cum. I’m breathing very heavy and moaning like crazy. I put the phone back up to my ear. You can hear my excitement in my moans. “Cum for me right now baby!” you demand. “Cum baby! Let it go! Cum for Daddy,” you exclaim. In the middle of your words I start to explode. I’m moaning so loud, nearly screaming in your ear. It feels so amazing.

I sigh deeply and feel so relaxed. You whisper sweet nothings to me as I come down. I cannot move. “Be ready for me tomorrow night baby, I’m going to make you cum even harder than that when I get home,” you say.

“Mmm, I’ll be ready. I’ve been ready since you left, Daddy,” I tell you.

Part II

The next day I’m so excited you are coming home. I clean the house spotless, making sure everything is perfect for you. I turn on some music and climb into a hot shower. Letting the hot water splash down on my skin. Taking extra maltepe escort care in my normal routine, because I want it to be special with you tonight. I shave my legs and then up to my pussy lips. I remember how much you love my pussy lips bald. I feel so happy doing this for you. When I am satisfied that I’m completely clean and perfect for you, I turn the water off and begin drying myself with a towel. I stand in front of the foggy mirror, wiping it with my fingers so I can see myself. I run my fingers through my wet hair and then get out the hairdryer. I dry my hair, brushing it so it’s so soft. Then I mist on some perfume and rub some lotion onto my skin.

I imagine that you might be packing and getting ready to come home. I want so much to please you. I know you are coming home so soon, and my heart starts beating faster. Thinking about what you have in store for me gets me excited. I pace around the house and double check that everything is perfect. Then I disappear into the bedroom.

You enter the house. I’m no where to be found. You look around a bit for me, and then enter the bedroom slowly, pausing in the doorway when you see me on the bed. I am positioned on my back, not a bit of clothing on my body, my legs are spread apart and my knees are bent. My fingers are sliding up and down my wet slit and rubbing my swollen clit. You stand in the doorway watching me for a while. I get even more excited knowing you are there. I want you to watch me explode in pleasure.

I take two fingers and begin pumping them into my wet hole. I’m moaning out. I can tell your pants are getting tight as your hard-on grows. You are watching my fingers, seeing exactly how I like to rub myself. You are watching my facial expressions as I bring myself closer and closer to climax. You are using all your will power not to rip off your pants and fuck my brains out. My pussy is open and wet for you as I get closer to climax.

I begin begging you, saying kartal escort “Daddy, I need your cock. Please fuck me.” You come closer to me. You kiss my calf and gently kiss up my leg. I’m still masturbating in front of you. You kiss up my thigh and tease me by not touching my pussy. You work your way up and take my hard nipple into your mouth. You pinch and tweak my other nipple with your fingers. I cum hard on my fingers while you pleasure my nipples. You reach your fingers down to my pussy and barely touch my lips, getting some wetness on your fingers. You bring your fingers up to my mouth and rub them across my lips, as if putting my wetness on my lips as lipstick. “I want you, Daddy,” I say desperately.

Suddenly you get very aggressive. You grab my hands and hold them down above my head. I look up at your face. Feeling I have no where to go as your power holds me down. I can feel your hardness on my leg. You being on top of me always excites me. I hold my breath and my heart starts pounding so hard. I feel the head of your cock sliding over my slit like my dildo had the night before. You smile watching my expressions, knowing you are teasing me. Without hesitation I continue begging for your cock, “Pleassssse fuck me, Daddy!”

I know you want your hardness deep inside my tight wet hole, and it doesn’t take much begging. You slide it in ever so slowly, making sure we both feel every inch as your cock disappears into my pussy. You are all the way into me now, filling my tight pussy. We lay there as one for a moment. Feeling our hearts beating and looking deep into each other’s eyes. You kiss me deeply as I squeeze my internal muscles around your hardness. This excites you and you lean up and start fucking me like crazy, grunting with every thrust. “Ohhhh Daddy!” I moan out as I cum so hard on your dick. Your hot cum shoots deep into me. We collapse after the astounding orgasms.

We cuddle with each other in the bed. “Please don’t leave me again, Daddy. I missed you so much,” I say.

“I’m not going anywhere, baby,” you answer as you kiss me gently on the lips again and hold me as we drift off to sleep. The anticipation of your arrival home was amazing and every moment with you feels like heaven.

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