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Linda slipped into her robe and went to answer it. As Linda left, Carol got up and moved to sit on the sofa. She picked up her wine off of the coffee table, sat back, crossed her legs and started sipping her wine.

Linda followed Miller into the room where he stopped just inside the doorway. He glanced at me, mumbled a “hi.” and stared at Carol saying, “Hi, there.”

“Miller, This is Carol and Ken.” Linda said, pushing him further into the room.

Miller was a stocky blonde, about 5’8″, and looked very young and boyish.

“You’re over dressed. big boy.” Linda said letting her robe fall to the floor.

Miller looked Linda over, lingering on her breasts and pussy, then went back to staring at Carol as he undressed.

As he pushed his shorts down, his cock came into view. Displaying the cock that I have always wished that I had been blessed with.

I heard Carol inhale strongly and Linda exclaimed “My God!” as she moved to push Millers’ discarded clothing over against the wall. Linda picked up my empty beer bottle off of the table and pushed the base of it against Millers’ pelvic bone just above his penis. She pulled his erection up against the underside of the bottle as Carol and I watched.

Millers’ penis was as wide as the bottle. The head of his penis started at the same length as the shoulder of the bottle started to taper into it’s neck.

Miller was watching Carol’s reaction during all of this and he seemed to be relieved not to see an adverse reaction.

“Well, you measure up to your reputation.” Linda quipped as she replaced the bottle on the coffee table.

Miller moved over to sit on the sheet facing the coffee table directly across the table from where Carol was sitting on the sofa and started munching some of the sandwiches that were on the table. He was watching Carol all the while.

Carol looked at Linda and I and smiled as she uncrossed her legs and leaned forward to refill her wineglass. As she did her legs parted and Miller was torn between looking at her breasts or her crotch. Her crotch won. Linda and I looked at each other and grinned as Carol leaned back, slid her hips forward on the sofa, spread her legs further and sipped her wine.

Miller had a straight on view of Carol’s swollen and glistening pussy. As he stared, his mammoth antalya escort prick bobbed to full erection again.

“Are you going to drink wine or would you like a beer?” Linda asked Miller.

“A beer” Miller responded, not taking his eyes off of Carol’s pussy.

“I’ll get you one.” I said. “While I’m doing that, why don’t you move up on the sofa and you and Carol get better acquainted?”

Miller was already moving as I got up and went out to retrieve a beer.

When I returned Miller was sitting next to Carol, cupping her breast and sucking her nipple to full hardness.

As Linda and I watched, Miller slid his hand down to Carol’s pussy. Carol spread her legs wide to give him total access as she reached over and started stroking his cock. She gripped his cock and guided him off of the sofa to kneel between her legs.

Never losing her grip on his cock, Carol slid even further forward on the sofa and guided his prick to her pussy. Then she reached down and widely spread the lips of her pussy with both hands.

“Slowly!” she warned as the head of Millers prick entered her.

Linda and I moved forward to kneel on either side of Carol’s wide spread legs so that we had a close up view.

Miller pushed about an inch of that huge dick into her then withdrew till only the head was embedded. Then he pushed again, penetrating a little deeper. He repeated the process until his pelvic bone was pressed against Carol’s.

“Wait!” Carol said grasping his hips to control him. After a few seconds she relaxed and became more comfortable with his girth. “OK” she said and released his hips.

Miller withdrew about halfway, exclaimed “Shit!” and buried himself to the hilt again. I saw his balls draw up to the base of his dick, his buttocks tightened and I knew that he was cumming.

“Don’t worry about it.” I told him. “Keep on fucking. It won’t feel very good for a while. Keep fucking through the feeling. Pretty soon it will start to feel good again. You will be able to fuck all night long, but you won’t be able to cum again until you let your dick go soft then get hard again. Sometimes you may have to wash it in cold water to get it to go down.”

Miller kept fucking and soon I could tell that it was feeling good again. Aided by the extra lubrication of his cum, kepez escort he picked up speed and was slamming all the way into Carol’s stretched pussy.

The doorbell startled all of us.

“That must be Don.” Linda said, grabbing her robe. “Don’t you two dare stop till I get back!” she said as she hurried out of the door.

Linda hurried back in in just a few minutes, pulling her boyfriend behind her. She threw her robe against the wall and resumed her previous position on the sofa beside Carol. She grabbed Carol’s knee and gently pulled it toward her, spreading Carol even wider.

Carol softly moaned “Oh God!” as Miller increased the tempo of his thrusts.

Don shed his clothes as he watched as Carol reached down, and with the middle finger of her right hand started strumming her clit.

Carol’s hips were coming up off of the sofa to meet Millers’ thrusts as Don (now naked) walked behind the sofa, threw one leg over the back of it, and brushed Carol’s cheek with his hard cock.

Carol turned her head to the side and sucked Don’s dick into her mouth. Her head bobbed along the length of him as she sucked him in and out of her mouth.

It was not long before Carol’s gyrations became wilder and she started moaning continuously. Don wisely withdrew his dick before Carol bit him in the throes of her oncoming orgasm.

Carol’s back arched, bringing her hips completely off of the sofa and she uttered one long moan before collapsing back on to the sofa totally spent.

Linda gently pushed Miller back out of Carol and onto his back on the sheet. As I had promised, His dick was still hard as Linda straddled him and slowly started to impale herself on his massive pole. Slowly she lowered herself until she had engulfed his whole cock. She smiled at all of us as she proudly announced “I did it!”

Don had, meanwhile, taken Millers’ place between Carol’s legs and was plunging in and out of her well-used Pussy.

Don looked over to see Linda now rapidly bobbing up and down on Millers’ cock. “Damn, Miller.” He said. “I’m going to have to butt fuck you to get any relief after you get through fucking all the girls.”

“No you won’t.” I said. “Let me show you something. Let Don sit on the sofa ” I told Carol. She got up and stood to one side as manavgat escort Don took her place. “Scoot far forward with the back of your but on the edge.” I told Don. “Carol, turn around with your back to him, straddle him and sit down on his cock.” Carol shot me an apprehensive look.

“NO, not up your ass.” I assured her. “At least, not this time. Take him in your pussy. After Carol had settled on Don’s cock, I moved over to them, pushed Don’s legs apart and knelt between his legs.

My dick is not large, but when it gets hard, it gets so hard that a cat couldn’t scratch it. Otherwise, what I had planned would not work. I moved forward, placed my dick on top of Don’s, pushed it down and squeezed the head of my dick into Carol’s now packed pussy. I pushed all the way in on top of Don’s dick and started stroking in and out. Don got the idea and started alternating strokes with mine.

“Damn.” Linda said. I looked over and saw Linda bucking wildly on Millers’ dick as she watched us in disbelief.

In a very short while Don grunted and thrust deeply into Carol. I knew that he had cum because, as I stroked, his cum was forced out of Carols’ pussy and was running down my scrotum. Due to my previous orgasms I was able to last quite a while longer. I reached down between us and started to rub Carols’ clit, but she was too sensitive and pushed my hand away. I pumped my way to a mild, but satisfying orgasm. As I pulled out of Carol, I heard Linda moan and looked over in time to see her grind down heavily forcing Millers’ tool deep into her as she gyrated her way to her orgasm.

We had both girls sit side by side on the sofa, pull their feet up on to the seat, spread their knees, and pull their pussies open so that we could see the effects of the evening. Both pussies were red and swollen, and gaped open with cum leaking out.

With our curiosity satisfied we all headed outside for a quick dip in the pool and a drink. After a bit of small talk, Carol and I said that we had to be going. Linda asked us to spend the night, but we said that we had to get good nights’ rest before picking up the Kids tomorrow. I gave Linda a long, lingering goodnight kiss as Carol did the same with Miller and Don. Both of which took the opportunity to cup her breasts one last time. Linda walked us to the door where she and Carol kissed tenderly. “Can I call you again sometime?” she asked as she opened the door.

“Any time!” we both responded. We walked out of the door, got in the car and headed home for some much-needed rest (after our usual loving and tender post event screw.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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