Mike , Melody

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Authors Note:

This is my second story on Lit. Hopefully you will find this story with better editing. With luck, each story will become better written and edited. Feedback is always helpful.


Mike Peterson worked retail, so he had a very odd schedule. Today was one of those days where he was off during the middle of the week. His wife, Melody, had already left for work. She enjoyed working as the assistant manager of a nearby women’s fashion outlet. It allowed her to build up a wardrobe of some pretty nice looking clothes at deep discounts. It also meant that she was able to buy various pieces of lingerie at deep discounts as well. While he thought she looked incredibly hot without wearing anything, a touch of lingerie here and there took it up a few more notches.

His mother, Linda Peterson, lived just across the town. Her husband of 25 years was killed in a car accident the previous year. She was still a vibrant woman who enjoyed life.

Mike was reading the sports section, reading about the latest debacle of the local professional football team when his phone started ringing. Mike picked it up and recognized the name on the caller ID. It was his mom.

“Hi, mom.”

“Good morning, Mike. How are you this morning?”

“So far, so good. Just sitting here reading about the loss yesterday, glad that the season is over. The last half was way too painful.”

“Dear, it’s just a game. You’re just like your father. He acted like the future of the world depends on the outcome of a football game.”

“Well, mom, it can you know” Mike replied with a laugh. Both he and his father were avid fans and when their team played, the rest of the world became meaningless for those 60 minutes of game time.

“Yes, well, I guess some things will never change” Linda said with resignation, knowing that he would always bleed the team colors.

Linda continued, “Say, the reason that I called is, you remember when I was telling you that I was going through the boxes in the garage?”

Mike thought back to that conversation. It was several months ago when she commented that she wanted to go through all of the boxes of stuff that was stacked on the shelves in the garage. Some of them hadn’t been opened in a long time and for whatever reason, she kept them.

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Well I’ve been working on them most of this last week and I think I’m done. Now I have a number of things that I want to take to Goodwill or Habitat, some things to recycle and the rest to the dump. Do you think you give your poor dear old mother a hand a come over with your pick-up?”

“Mom, first of all, you’re not old. You are still a very nice looking woman who is quite young for your age.”

Mike recalled that Linda lost her job recently. The recession that resulted from the vast number of bank failures and bailouts had cost a lot of people their jobs. His mom was one of them. She had a decent paying job as a commercial loan officer for a bank. Unfortunately, that bank was one of the one’s that had to be bailed out and decided to trim their staff. So between the loss of her husband and the loss of a career, Mike was very concerned about her well-being. “How are things with you? Are you doing okay?”

“I’m good. Thanks for thinking of me though. I’ve picked up a part-time job so that has been able to keep me busy. And there are still my friends that I spend time with.”

“Oh, really? What are you doing?” Mike didn’t recall her saying anything to him about finding work and was curious.

“It’s not much really. I’m working in a local law office. I do their books, manage their appointments, and a few other things here and there.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that. Congratulations” replied Mike. He was truly happy for his mother and she sounded very happy over the phone.

Mike continued “So, when do you want me to come over?”

“Would you be up for a little later this morning? Lunch at ‘Fresco’s’ will be my treat.” Linda knew that he couldn’t say no to ‘Fresco’s’, his favorite Italian restaurant.

Mike looked at his watch, seeing it was 8:45 now “How about shortly before 11? I have a couple of things that I need to do first and then I can come over.”

“Perfect,” replied his mom “I’ll have everything ready to go. I think we can do it in one trip.”

“Okay. And if it takes more then so be it.”

“See you then, Mike.”

“See you, mom.”

Mike figured he had better start getting ready. There was a load of laundry that he needed to get done and there were a couple of items he needed to pick up from the store.

It was five minutes to eleven when he backed into the driveway at his mother’s house. The garage door started opening as he was backing up. His mother was standing in the middle of the garage with her hands on her hips.

Mike thought that she was still a fine looking woman and that any man would be proud to have her on his arm. She was dressed in a pair of shorts that came to mid-thigh, exposing a pair of legs that showed that she still exercised regularly. izmir escort bayan Her top was a short sleeve t-shirt.

She pointed to the three stacks of things that she told him about over the phone. It was far less than he thought it would be. One trip is all it would take. They loaded it so that the dump would be the last to be unloaded and the Goodwill the first.

The three stops took a little over an hour and had pulled up to ‘Fresco’s’ for the lunch that his mother promised. They had to wait for a minute for a table before the hostess led them to one near the window. Mike thought that the hostess looked at him a little odd and thought maybe he had something on his shirt. “Your waiter will be here shortly” she said, smiling at Mike before leaving.

Linda was looking out the window and didn’t see the exchange. Turning to Mike “Thanks for helping out today. It’s nice to have all that crap out of the garage. As it turns out, there was very little that I kept.”

“You’re welcome mom. I’m always happy to help you.” Mike picked up the silverware bundle and unrolled the paper napkin that was rolled around it. Looking back up to his mom “So, tell me about this new job you have. You never said anything.”

Linda got a little sheepish look on her face and said “Well it’s not much really. It’s only part time and they pay me pretty well. It’s just a little something to keep me busy during the day. Your father and I built up a pretty good savings and he had a healthy life insurance policy. So, if I’m careful, I’ll survive just fine.”

“You miss him a lot, don’t you?” Mike asked as he could see her thinking about him.

Linda looked up at the ceiling for a moment before answering, “Yeah, I do. We had a wonderful life together. We had some adventures that I don’t imagine I would have had with anyone else.”

Mike smiled, glad to know that his mom was doing okay. There were moments when she became sad like anyone would after the loss of a spouse, but she was dealing with it and not allowing it to hold her back. Linda told him that at one time they had she and Bill, his father, told each other that if something happened to one of them, that the other needed to get on with their life and seek out new adventures.

Wanting to change the subject, “So, what about this new job? A little different than what you’ve been doing.”

“It is,” she replied “but I really don’t care right now. Once I got let go from the bank, I realized what kind of rat race I was in and I’m not sure I ever want to do that again. I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing and I’m content to stay there for the time being.”

Mike was relieved that his mother had found happiness. He noticed that there was a look in her eye that he hadn’t seen for quite some time; a look of contentment.

The rest of the lunch was spent talking about old times, what Melody was up to lately, what Mike’s plans were for the future, the typical topics that come up between mother and son. Before long, they were back in Mike’s truck and heading back to her house.

Stopping in front of her house, Linda opened the door and put one foot out, looking at Mike “Thanks again dear for helping me. I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome mom. Anytime,” Mike replied, meaning it. He cared for his mom a lot.

“You and Melody still want me to come over for dinner tonight?” Linda asked.

“Absolutely. You know that you’re always welcome at our house. And we love having you there”.

“Okay, I’ll see you later then.”

Linda stepped out of the truck and closed the door, waving to Mike as he started to drive away.

Mike pulled the truck into his garage and closed the door behind him. Not that he was particularly dirty from the day’s labor; he felt the need to take another shower. It was nice and warm outside so he decided to not put on any clothes when he had finished. It wasn’t uncommon for him and Melody to go around the house naked. They have never been to a nude beach or anything like that, at least not yet. It was just something they did at home.

Their house sat on a two acre plot. The back of the yard bordered the national forest. Trees surrounded the property and their nearest neighbor was an easy quarter of a mile away. It offered a lot of privacy for the Peterson’s and they were able to extend their growing nude lifestyle into their backyard.

Melody came home from work and stepped out onto the patio. She noticed that her husband was sitting in a lounge chair reading the newspaper, his limp cock draped over one leg. She admired her husband’s form for a moment, he didn’t have the largest penis she had ever seen, but it did make her happy. Her girlfriends would talk about the need for big dicks to satisfy them. She just figured that they hadn’t found a man that knew how to use his equipment properly.

“Hi sweetheart” she called out to her husband.

Mike put down the paper, which covered his lap and his cock. “Hi hon, how was work?”

Melody stepped out onto the patio and sat in a chair opposite him. She escort izmir was still dressed in her work clothes, wearing a blouse that had the top couple of buttons opened that showed the top of her cleavage. Her nylon covered legs came out from a gray skirt that just came to her knees when standing and slid up as she sat to give Mike a view of her inner thigh. Mike admired her legs as she sat. He always had a thing for beautiful legs, especially those that were encased in nylons.

She flipped off her shoes and put her feet on the foot of the lounge chair that Mike was sitting in. Resting her arms on the arms of the chair and tilting her head back against the chair, “It was okay. My customer from hell came in the store again today. It seems that nothing satisfies her. She returned what she bought yesterday, saying the clothes don’t fit right.”

“What’s her problem?”

“I don’t know. Me and the girls thinks she just needs to get laid” Melody commented with a laugh.

“What. Is she old or ugly?”

Looking at Mike, “Not at all. She’s about our age and she’s very pretty. She has a nice figure. You’d like her legs.” She smiled at the last comment, knowing her husband’s fetish for legs.

“Hmm. That’s too bad.”

“Yeah it is. She has the personality of a shark. So what did you do today?”

“Well, mom called and needed help getting some stuff taken out of her garage. So I ended up helping her most of the afternoon.”

“How’s she doing?”

“Really well, actually. She said that she has a part-time job at a law firm doing their accounting and stuff. She seems really happy.”

“Talk about a gorgeous woman. I’m surprised she hasn’t met someone yet. I imagine there’s got to be a lot of guys that wouldn’t mind being with her.”

“I know. I have to remember she’s my mom sometimes. She’s got a great looking figure.”

“Mike!” Melody cried out in mock admonishment, “Do you have a ‘thing’ for your mom?”

Mike could feel his face pink up, “Hmm, no. She’s my mom after all.”

“Uh huh” she smiled. She never said anything, but she thought Linda was a looking woman and admired her as well. She had already admitted to herself that she had a ‘thing’ for Linda. ‘Wouldn’t it be something to see Mike fuck his mom? Hmm, may have to give that some thought.’

“What?” Mike asked, he could see that his wife’s mind had wandered off for a moment.

“Uh? Oh nothing. Just thinking about the day. That’s all” she responded with a reassuring smile.

Standing up, Melody stretched her back a little, “I think I’m going to go in and get into something more comfortable. I need out of these clothes.”

“You could always join me. I’m dressed pretty comfortably” he replied, smiling at the thought of seeing his wife naked in the sun. He had always loved looking at her naked form. She was the same height as him. Her breasts were a C cup and she kept the hair on her crotch nicely trimmed.

Melody stopped at the patio door and looked over her shoulder, “Maybe I will and maybe I won’t.” She raised her eyebrows just enough to give a seductive look that she knew would get a ‘rise’ out of her husband.

Mike raised the newspaper to resume reading it, exposing his semi-erect cock. Melody stopped long enough to admire the sight. Then she stopped, recalling that his mother was supposed to be over for dinner. Turning back to Mike, “What time is your mother coming over?”

Mike looked at his watch, “Oh shit. She’s supposed to be here anytime.”

“Well, you’d better get something on. Unless you want to show her how her little boy has grown.”

Now Mike was really turning red. He climbed out of the chair and followed Melody into the house and into their bedroom. Pulling on his clothes, he watched as she got out of hers. He was disappointed when she left her bra and panties on and slipped into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Their timing was perfect as they both heard the doorbell ring.

Looking at her husband, “That was close.”

Melody went to the kitchen to get dinner started and Mike headed for the front door. Opening the door, he found his mother standing with her back to the door. Hearing the door open behind her “I just can’t take in enough of the surroundings here. It’s so beautiful. It’s quiet, peaceful, and not a sole around. I just don’t know how you are able to leave this every day.”

“Well,” he replied as his mother turned back towards him, “we have to pay the bills somehow. How are you, mom?”

Stepping into the house with Mike closing the door behind her, “I’m good, sweetheart. Thank you so much for helping me today. It’s really good to get that crap out of the garage.”

“You’re welcome. Anytime. You know that.”

Melody stepped out from the kitchen, “Hi, mom. Dinner is almost ready.” Melody started calling her mother-in-law ‘mom’ shortly after getting married to her son. While her mother was still alive, she lived several hundred miles away. Linda had become a fixture in her life.

“Can I help?”

“No, you and Mike go sit outside. I’ll have izmir escort it out in a minute.”

Mike led his mother to the back patio and offered her a seat at the picnic table. He couldn’t help looking at her legs as the shorts she was wearing slid up her thigh just a little as she sat. Fortunately, she was looking out over the yard and didn’t see him. But his wife did. Melody smiled to herself as she stepped away from the doorway and returned to the kitchen.

Dinner consisted of a light fare and light conversation. Melody had always gotten along with her mother-in-law. She loved being with her and having her over.

Mike and Melody were sitting next to each other with Linda on the other side. The plates had been cleared, rinsed and put into the dishwasher. They were talking causally about mundane every day topics when Mike’s smartphone dinged.

Picking it up and looking at it, “Dammit. Why can’t these guys fix problems themselves?”

Forming a frown with her eyebrows, Melody looked at him “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, they’ve screwed up the POS system and it won’t ring up any sales and it’s tied into the credit card processor. So that’s down too.”

“I’m sorry” Melody sympathized. She knew what it was like to work with co-workers who either wouldn’t or couldn’t help themselves. “What now?”

Looking at his wife with a troubled face, “I have to go in. It won’t take long. I should be back in an hour or so.”

Melody turned up her face as Mike stood and leaned over to give her a kiss. Their kiss was not the chaste one as they allowed their tongues to touch each other, forgetting that his mom was sitting there.

Linda watched as the two kissed. She wasn’t embarrassed, just envious. It’s been a long time since she has been kissed by a man. Or a woman for that matter, she thought to herself.

Turning to his mother, “I hope you’re still here when I get back. We didn’t get much time to chat.”

Smiling, not every mother had a son that wanted to be with them “I’ll wait.”

Looking at Melody and then his mom, “I’ll be back as quick as I can.” He turned and walked into the house.

The two girls didn’t say anything right away. As they heard Mike’s car pull down the driveway, Linda piped up “So, is he making you happy?”

“Mike? Yes, he makes me very happy. He takes good care of me and I try to do the same for him” she replied with a smile. She truly did love her husband and couldn’t imagine life without him.

“What’s he like in bed? Is he good?”

“Mom!” rather surprised that her mother-in-law would ask such a question.

“Well, I’m just asking. You haven’t given me any grandchildren yet. So I’m just inquiring.” There was a smile on her face as she watched her daughter-in-law absorb the question.

Melody thought ‘what the hell. She asked, I’ll tell her.’ “He’s good. Very good, actually. While we are still thinking about having children someday, we’re not ready yet. But we practice a lot.” Melody broke out in a grin, thinking about their love making sessions.

“So there’s still hope I’ll have grandchildren?”

“Yes, there is. But we’re not ready yet, mom. We’re still thinking about it. There’s still some things we want to do being having our lives changed with the introduction of kids.”

“But you’re practicing.”

Laughing, “Yes, we’re practicing. A lot.”

“Mike looks a lot like his father did when he was that age. I was noticing it when he was helping me in the garage earlier today.” Linda started reminiscing about her late husband.

Melody gave her a second before saying anything, “I’m sorry that he’s gone. I only got to know him for a short time and I wish I had gotten to know him better.”

With a sly smile, “Oh, he would have wanted to know you better, believe me.”

Seeing the look on Linda’s face, Melody cocked her head a little, “What do you mean?”

Linda looked off into the woods ‘Oh Bill, why did you have to go? I miss you so much.’ Looking back at her daughter-in-law, “Well, let’s just say that Bill and I were, how shall I say,” pausing, Linda looked up at the blue sky and then back at Melody, “well, we were a little more adventurous than perhaps you know.”

Melody looked at Linda contemplatively, “Adventurous how?”

Not sure how her daughter-in-law would react and careful that she didn’t alienate her, “Well, you could say that we had a healthy sex life. And well, we didn’t always limit our adventures to the two of us.”

Melody looked at her mother-in-law, learning that she was not necessarily the conservative being that she thought she was. “You had sex with others?”

Linda looked at her directly and could detect from the look on her face that it wasn’t disgust but one of interest, “Yes.”

“Does Mike know?”

“No. At least I don’t think so. We were pretty discrete. We tried to not expose him to that.”

Leaning back in her chair, “Wow, mom. I would have never figured you two would be, well ‘that’.”

“Melody dear, it’s called swinging. Certainly you’ve heard of ‘that’ before” Linda showed a little bit of a smile.

“Well, of course I have” laughing in reply. “Mike and I have talked about it.” Melody quickly covered her mouth and looked at Linda with wide open eyes. “Shit, I didn’t mean…”

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