Midnight Snack

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It was just after 1am when I finished my university assignment on the computer. I shut it down and tidied up my mess of papers, and turned off all the lights. I began to climb the stairs up to my bedroom in the dark. I was just turning the corner of the landing when I collided with someone coming downstairs, and we both gave yelps of surprise.

“Who the hell is that?” I hissed, thinking it was my younger brother or sister. “It’s Joanne”, came the reply. Joanne was my sister’s best friend, eighteen years old and absolutely stunning. The thought crossed my mind that I wish I’d known it was her when we collided so I could have touched her body a little more. “Is that you, Peter?” she whispered.

“Yes” I said. “What’s wrong? Why are you going downstairs?” “I woke up thirsty, and I thought I’d go get something to drink, but I can’t find the light switch”.

I laughed softly. “Come on then”. I reached out and found her hand in the dark. Her skin was soft and her hand was warm in mine. She squeezed my hand lightly, which I found strangely intimate, and then I turned and escorted her back down the stairs to the kitchen. I closed the door behind us and turned on the light.

I was about to ask what she’d like to drink, but the words caught in my throat as I stood riveted to the spot. Joanne was about 5’8” with long brown hair and the bluest eyes. She had that perfect female figure of slim waist, curvaceous hips and buttocks, and gorgeously proportioned breasts to match….at least that had always been my impression from what I had seen of her. But now I was able to verify the truth of all my conjectures! There was the most delectable figure of young womanhood before me, dressed in nothing more than a cut-off tshirt and pink panties. Her breasts defied gravity, perfect to fit into my hand, barely hidden by the tshirt. Her belly was flat, drawing my eye down to the soft perceptible mound of her sex covered by the thin material of her panties. And her legs were superb.

I hesitated a moment too long, and it was obvious as to why. I blushed softly as I realised what I’d just done, and almost dived for the fridge door. I didn’t get very far.

“So you like what you see, Peter?” asked Joanne. Her voice had become instantly sultry, and my developing erection responded to her tone by firming into a huge pole inside my pants. There was no way to re-adjust myself in any subtle way, and Joanne’s eyes flicked from my face to my crotch. Her eyes were shining and a delicate redness flushed into her cheeks as she came and stood before me.

Somehow I got brave, and despite the suddenly dry mouth I replied “I love what I see…you’re stunning!”

Her blush deepened as she stepped forward, bringing herself against me and folding into my arms. When our lips met in that first kiss I swear I saw stars. I almost forgot to breath as our lips parted simultaneously, and our tongues met in furtive tantalising caresses. My cock was so hard that it was pressing against her mons, and she growled sexily in her throat as she pressed her hips forward, rubbing her sex mound against my erection.

The kissing became more urgent, and soon our hands were exploring each others bodies as our tongues entwined wickedly. It was my turn to groan as her hands trailed down my chest and over my abdomen. I could feel my balls tighten as her fingers stroked my abdominal wall through my shirt. And I almost fainted as her hand snaked down the last few inches and grasped my shaft through my pants. I was soooo hard, and she gently stroked up and down my cock, masturbating me into a slow frenzy before I was even naked. My own hands were not idle. I caressed up her back, drawing the fabric of her tshirt higher. When they were as high as they would go I dragged one hand forward, stroking around her left chest, my hand cupping perfectly over her soft tender breast. I could feel her heart hammering beneath her breast, and her nipple was so hard it was jutting against my palm. I squeezed slowly, gently, increasing the pressure as her moans of delight increased in volume. When I altered my grip, grasping her pebble-hard nipple between my thumb and finger she almost antalya escort collapsed. I rolled her nipple in my gripping fingers, tugging it gently, as the rest of my hand kneaded her tit. And all the while her grasp on my penis got firmer and firmer.

Our mutual groping lasted for an eternity of bliss, but finally I wanted more. My hands slid down around her waist to grasp her succulent ass, and I lifted her, hoisting her up onto the kitchen island. She gasped at the coldness of the tiles, and then again as I leaned in between her parted thighs. I tugged her tshirt up and off, exposing the lovely, ripe swelling of her breasts and the tight nubs of her nipples and dusky pink areolas. I kissed down her neck, tasting her skin, and then down further, kissing down the curve of her right breast. Her arms encircled my head, bringing my lips to her nipple. I kissed it softly before parting my lips and sucking inward, drawing the tautness of her nipple and the swelling of the surrounding areola into my mouth. Her breath caught as I suckled more and more firmly, my tongue swirling over the hard lump of her nipple. I grazed my teeth over the tight flesh, and she almost screamed.

As I switched attention to her left breast, my hands moved to her hips. I slid my fingers under the band of her panties, and began to slide them downward. Joanne lifted her buttocks off the bench and I pulled the panties lower, until I could slide them down her shapely legs and off. I broke my mouth away from her tits and gazed down to her parted sex, the first full view of a woman I had ever had. Joanne giggled softly and then lewdly parted her thighs wider. Beneath a soft coating of pubic hair, her sex split beautifully, invitingly, and I saw the deep red swelling of her inner labia, engorged in her excitement. Her juices were flowing, trickling from her inner depths, and her stickiness was smeared over her inner thighs.

“I’ve got to taste you” I murmured lustfully, and sank down on my knees before her. Joanne lifted her legs as I brought my face closer and closer to her pussy, until she was able to rest her feet on my shoulders. She was wide open before me, and the smell of her excitement was overwhelmingly seductive. I gazed a moment longer at the split-wide peach of her sex, and the nectar flowing from between her labia, and then my lips were against her flesh, immersed in the warm folds and viscous flood of her aroused cunt. I kissed her delicately on the swollen lips of her inner labia, and was rewarded with the guttural groan of her need. My lips pressed more firmly, and I parted them, extending my tongue to caress and stroke the opening of her vagina from low to high, finishing with the softest lick against the pearl of her clitoris. She yelped in exquisite pleasure and her legs closed around me and her hands snaked around my head, holding me trapped against her quim. I began to lovingly lap at her sex, my tongue sliding over the fluid softness of her labia and then burrowing in, trying to pierce into the depths of her vagina. I wriggled my tongue more and more eagerly, until I began to force inside of her, tasting her depths and feeling the hot tightness of her inner cunt with my tongue.

Joanne was grinding her pelvis forward, her hands holding tight to the back of my head as she tried o fuck my face with her pussy. My invading tongue slipped from her vagina to swirl against her clitoris. For a while I just licked her here, swirling and flicking the tip of my tongue over this pearl, and feeling Joanne shudder around me. But as her excitement mounted, and I knew she would cum, I suckled softly my open mouth against the whole peach of her pussy, drawing her inner labia and the nub of her clitoris into my mouth. My tongue swirled over all, wriggling against her swollen lips and over her clitoris. Her juices poured into my mouth. And then she came! Her fingernails dug into the back of my scalp as she silently screamed at the ceiling. I felt her body convulse as her orgasm swept over her. And at the apex of her thrashing I felt a squirt of fluid spill into my mouth, and another, and another, small spurts of salty hot pee that escaped her kemer escort bladder in pulses with the force of her cumming. The thought that I was doing this to her, making her cum so ~~~~~fully, was the hugest turn-on, and I swallowed each mouthful of her pee wirh relish.

As soon as she relaxed Joanne unwrapped my head from her body and began to apologise, almost crying in shame for having peed into my mouth. But when I loked up and she looked down, and our eyes met, she stopped talking. I assume she saw the look of undisguised lust on my face, and realised I didn’t mind one bit!

“That was fucking amazing!” I exclaimed, and stood up before her. “You don’t need to apologise. I LOVED it!”

The blush flew across Joanne’s cheeks again, but her eyes twinkled wickedly. “I’ve got more, if you enjoyed it so much.”

I think she was joking, or testing me out, but she needn’t have worried. I smiled wickedly at her and leaned forward, kissing her softly and letting her taste her cum and her pee intermingled on my lips. And she responded hungrily, forcing my lips open with her questing tongue. We kissed fiercely for a moment or two and then I broke from her mouth and sank down again onto my knees before her.

“Pee into my mouth, Joanne! Give me every drop!”

So saying I leaned in again to her wanton pussy and pursed my lips against her vulva. I sucked softly, encouraging her, and was rewarded with the delicate bulging of her sex as she strained down. The next moment I received the flow of her piss into my mouth, and I sucked and swallowed as rapidly as I could to keep up with the flow. Joanne writhed above me as she peed, her pussy smearing more juice and a small trickle of escaped urine over my lips and cheeks. As the run of salty liquid slowed I again busied my tongue over her sex, lapping her clean of the combination of her sex fluids and her golden pee.

“I need you inside me!”Joanne said above me, her voice thick with desire. I gave her clitoris one final caress with my tongue and then stood up. I stood back a little and divested myself of clothing, and Joanne watched my every move avidly. Her eyes widened as I slid off my boxers, exposing my rigid shaft with precum oozing from the eye of my erect penis. I moved in between her still-spread thighs, and she slid a hand between us to grasp my cock and stroke its length.

“mmmmm, you want to be inside me too, I gather”, she purred. “Now come here and fuck me!” She pulled me forward by my cock, bringing my turgid cock-head to her saturated nether-lips. Our lips met again as I moved my hips, lifting my pelvis and pushing my cock slowly into the moist tunnel of her cunt. We both gasped as I entered her, the sensations overwhelming. I could feel her hot wetness surround and engulf my cock, and the gripping of her vaginal muscles around my shaft. When I was totally inside her I stopped moving, and we rocked on the spot, my cockhead caressing her cervix as her enveloping pussy pulsed and massaged my length. I could feel her juices trickling down my balls.

Soon enough we needed to move, driven by our lust. I eased back, slipping most of my length from her, and then teasing the entrance of her pussy with my cock-head. She moaned as I teased, until without warning I slammed forward, driving my shaft deep into her. She cried out in ecstacy, and then bit my lip, as I began to thrust into her again and again. I was so wired, and she was soooo wet. We fucked swiftly, both eager to cum. Our kissing became more and more disorganised as we climbed toward orgasm, and I broke away from her lips to trail kisses down her neck, and over her earlobes, and to her upper chest. Her hands slid down my body to grasp my ass, and she pushed and pulled me in time with our fucking motion, forcing me to move harder and then faster.

And then when the tension could rise no more, I exploded inside her. My cock jerked and pulsed rapidly as I shot gob after gob of semen deep into her cunt, washing her cervix with my cum. She felt the waves of my pulsing cock, and that seemed to set off her own orgasm, and I gasped as I felt her fingernails konyaaltı escort sharp and hard against my buttocks and the contractions of her sex around my throbbing cock.

Thus spent we collapsed into each others arms, my cock still buried inside her. I could feel my heart pounding from the exertion of that terrific fucking. Joanne was exhausted against me, and we rested together for some minutes. Finally the need to pee became a nagging issue for me, and I kissed her softly on the lips.

“I’ve got to go pee, sexy lover”, I said. She unwrapped her legs from my waist and I slowly withdrew. I watched as I came out, and was rewarded with the sight of my glistening cock leaving the soft petals of her labia. Her folds seemed almost to kiss the tip of my cock goodbye. My cum and her juices were sticky and shiny on her sex, and I loved the view of a trickle of my cum escaping her depths and running down between her legs to her assshole.

After disengaging from her I turned and stepped through the laundry to the bathroom. I turned to close the door, only to find Joanne standing there. She’d followed me.

“I want to watch you pee”, she murmured, and flushed deeply. I was excited by the idea, and let her in. She was covered with perspiration, and her thighs were wet with our fluids. I moved to sit on the toilet, so she could watch up close. I parted my legs so she could see everything, and Joanne squatted down on her haunches, her elbows resting on my knees.

“Ok here comes”, I said. I strained down to pee, and gazed at Joanne’s face. Her eyes were riveted to my cock as a slow stream of urine trickled out. The flow increased until I was pissing strongly, and Joanne’s pupils were wide with interest. Eventually the flow stopped, and I moved one hand to grasp my cock and give it the obligatory few shakes to dislodge any drips. But Joanne’s hand caught mine, and she looked up at me.

“Stand up!” she demanded. I did so, unsure of what she was going to do. As I stood, she stayed on her knees, and when I was standing her face was level with my crotch. I watched, disbelieving, as Joanne leaned forward and parted her lips. Her eyes lifted to mine and she gave me a wicked smile as her tongue darted out and licked a single drop of piss from the eye of me cock. And then her tongue extended again and she began to lick at the whole head, and then the shaft. I knew she was tasting our love-making and the tang of my urine. She seemed to love it. The sensation of her tongue lapping at my shaft were exquisite, and I began to harden again. And as I got harder Joanne opened her motuh and wrapped her lips around the head of my penis. Slowly she sucked, drawing more and more of my length into her mouth as I swelled between her lips. The sensation of the softness of her mouth surrounding my cock were unbelievable and soon I was rock-hard. My hands laced through her hair as she began to bob her mouth up and down my length, sucking and tonguing me.

I looked down and watched as this sex-goddess fucked her mouth with my erection. As she loved me with her mouth she brought one hand up to cup my balls, and she slowly caressed them, her touch so light that I knew it was going to send me over the brink. And as I drew close to another beautiful cumming she ran one finger back behind my balls to graze her fingertip over my asshole. That was it! I exploded again, my hands gripping in her hair as I erupted and spurted inside her mouth. Her finger at my anus pressed firmly, just piercing into my back passage and my orgasm went on and on. And every ounce of sperm was swallowed by Joanne, just as her pussy had taken my load earlier.

When my cumming had stopped my cock was suddenly very very sensitive and I gasped as I withdrew from Joanne’s lips. She smiled as she rose to stand with me, and we kissed, sharing the tastes of juices and piss and sperm. We spent some time cleaning up, and then went back to the kitchen to dress. When we were ready I turned out the light and I guided her back up the stairs to the door of my sister’s bedroom. She hesitated a moment before going in, lifting her face to mine and kissing me tenderly. Then she brought her lips to my ear and whispered “Same time tomorrow night, sexy lover! I want you again already!” With that she slipped into my sister’s room, and I went to bed. I don’t remember any dreams I might have had that night, but who needs dreams when reality is that fucking good!?!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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