Midnight Snack

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All characters are 18 and older.


I went down to the kitchen to get a midnight snack, because my stomach was growling and empty.

My brother heard noises and came downstairs to see what the noise was, and caught me standing naked in the kitchen.

His cock immediately sprang to attention, tenting out the front of his boxers.

I stood there frozen, staring at the amazing bulge throbbing under the thin material, and instantly, I knew what I needed to satisfy my hunger…

I dropped to my knees and slowly peeled off his boxers, freeing his hard young cock from its confines. I wrapped my fingers tightly around the base of his throbbing shaft, and gripping it firmly in my little hand, I placed a wet kiss on his swollen purple plum, and probed the tiny slit of his hot juice jet with the tip of my tongue.

He threw back his head, with his mouth wide open, and started to moan as l licked the underside of his swollen shaft, from his ballsack, all the way up his length, to his fat twitching knob.

Precum started leaking from the small orifice as my tongue swirled around the ridge of my brother’s magic mushroom.

With my wide flat tongue, I began to stroke the sensitive spot just under the swollen knob, as his precum started oozing izmir escort bayan from the tip, coating my tongue as it slowly teased his hard throbbing dick. His chest started heaving with his rapid deep breath as my hot mouth engulfed the twitching purple plum, and my swirling tongue bathed it with a mixture of saliva and his salty sweet nectar. His legs started to tremble as my lips wrapped tightly around his thick shaft, and slowly worked their way down its length, as my hot tongue caressed the bulging ridge underneath.

He grasped my head gently in his hands and his hips began thrusting his hard cock slowly in and out of my hot wet mouth, until his bulbous head was fucking my throat.

My brother’s big dick began pulsing in my skillfully sucking mouth, and his big cum filled balls tried to empty their precious contents deep inside my throat, as it swallowed his fat knob, but my tight grip around the base of his hard throbbing shaft prevented its release as my thumb pressed tightly against the pulsating ridge at the base of his ballsack.

I worked my horny little pink teen pussy with my free hand, as my hot girl goo coated my thrusting fingers, and ran down my soft smooth thighs. My tiny nipples were hard and aching with pleasure, and my tight pink velvet escort izmir tunnel quivered as I stroked my hard sensitive clit with my thumb.

Slowly, I withdrew his pulsing pole from my hot sucking mouth, dragging my tongue firmly along the pulsating ridge, as his swollen purple plum popped free with a loud slurping sound.

I stood up and sat my firm little round ass on the kitchen counter, as I gripped his big wet shaft tightly in my hand, and spread my long slender legs wide open, and guided his fat mushroom head to my hot drooling hole.

The heat of his thick fuck flesh felt good as his big bulb pressed firmly against my puffy pink lips, and slowly pressed forward, stretching my tight little pussy around his big knob, and digging deeper inside, stretching the walls of my quivering wet tunnel tightly around his thick throbbing man meat.

Slowly he thrust his hips forward, forcing my tight young pussy open and filling me completely with his pulsing flesh, until his big purple plum was pressed firmly against my waiting cervix…

Slowly he withdrew his big boy bat until only his swollen knob was inside my aching hole, then he began thrusting his fat cock hard and deep inside my hot little volcano, as my juices flowed like lava.

His primal izmir escort instinct took over as his fat knob battered my tender young cervix, probing the tiny opening and stretching it wider with each thrust, forcing its way inside, until my horny little cervix gripped tightly around the ridge of his big swollen head.

His hard throbbing shaft swelled even more inside my tight gripping cunt as his public bone slammed into the super sensitive button of my hard protruding clit.

My hips bucked wildly, drawing my brother’s hard pulsing dick deeper inside my thirsty young cunt, with his twitching bulb buried inside my cervix, as my stiff pink clit ground hard against the wide base of his pounding pole.

I muffled a scream as my orgasm wracked my teen body, and the huge load of thick potent creamy cum, which was built up inside my brother’s big swollen testicles, blasted deep inside my cum hungry cervix and filled my fertile young womb.

My brother kept his pulsating dick buried deep inside my hot spasming teen pussy, as my tight gripping hole milked every last drop of baby batter from his slowly softening shaft.

He pulled his limp dick from my well fucked teenage muffin as it overflowed with his hot thick man chowder, and I scooped it up with my fingers and stuffed them in my mouth, savoring the salty sweet cream…

Now that my brother has satisfied my need for a midnight snack, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about my stomach being empty…

At least for the next 9 months…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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