Messed Up Family

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Since the day I started getting erections, my mom was always the subject of my fantasies. My mom, Janet, is in a single word, a bombshell. With a slim figure of 36-28-34, she is as sexy as any lingerie model. Even though she had me and my brother, Jeremy. Jeremy’s my elder brother. Mom’s proud of him. He’s a bank manager and earns a six figure salary. He moved out when he got the job. He comes often to visit us.

Dad is 54yrs old. He owns a popular travel agency. His job keeps him busy and away from home all the time.

I should have guessed something was wrong at that time. I mean, with dad away from home and all, how would mom be taken care of? She must be getting it somewhere…

So I decided to find out.

I stayed awake throughout the night listening outside mom’s bedroom window. Upto 12 a.m., nothing. Around 12:15, I hear a car coming up the driveway. That sounds like Jeremy’s. What’s he doing here in the middle of the night? I went around to the front. Jeremy fished a key out of his pocket and unlocked the front door and let himself in.

OMG, this is getting a bit fucked up. I wanted to follow him. So I got back into my room through the window. My room’s on the ground floor. The staircase is right next to my room. And mom’s room is on the 1st floor. So I should be able to hear anyone going up or down the stairs. I waited and listened. Nothing. Did he already go upstairs? Must have.

I slowly opened my bedroom door and crept up the stairs hoping it wouldn’t creak. When I reached the top, I silently waited and listened . The lights were on in her room. I could hear low whispers and then suddenly, a soft moan. A moan??? Why would a moan be coming from mom’s bedroom? That too if mom and Jeremy are talking. I was feeling disgusted. My mom and Jeremy. How could they? I went back to my room and sat down on the floor. My head was aching with confused thoughts. Thoughts of anger, disgust, fear. But most of all, I was turned on myself. My mom and Jeremy. Screwing. Upstairs. Mom’s huge breasts. The teddy she was wearing tonight. Her pussy. And her big tight ass. Wow, I wanna see more of that. I already had a huge tent. My 6 inch cock was aching to get out of my shorts.

It had been 15 minutes since I came back. I decided i wanted to see what was going on and went back upstairs silently. I also took a camera with me. A Sony Cybershot 41MP cam. I wanted to keep memories of the encounter(s). I went near mom’s door. It was slightly open.

I was shocked to see that what I thought was completely true. Even though I wanted them to couple, I was also silently praying that they wouldn’t. So I was shocked.

Jeremy was sawing in and out of mom’s pussy. They were spooning, and he had his hand on her left leg, lifting it up slightly. The look on his face was one of ecstasy. He was nibbling on mom’s ears and licking her cheek. Mom’s baby blue teddy was pulled up above her ass. And the top of the teddy was pulled down below her huge pendulous breasts. I started taking pictures of the action and also whipped beylikdüzü escort out my cock. I jerked off as they fucked before me. Jeremy then drifted downwards and sucked on her breasts. I had always wondered why mom’s breasts were so big and seemed full of milk.

Turns out my hunch was right. As Jeremy suckled on her left nipple, milk oozed out of it and filled his mouth. He let go of her leg and grabbed her right breast. He pressed it a little and a jet of milk shot up in the air and fell on her breasts.

I stared in wonder at this scene unfolding in front of me. Mom was moaning loudly now. Then I saw the most erotic sight of my life. I’m lucky I brought my camera. Jeremy let go of mom’s breast and spanked her ass once.

” Oooh Jeremy, what are you doing? “

” I love your ass, mom. God, look how it jiggles when I spank it.”

” Mmmmmm alright baby. You can spank it as much as you want but right now keep fucking meeeee. “

Jeremy then grabbed her ass tight and parted her left cheek. Her crinkled little asshole winked at me from its hiding spot. God, I almost cummed right then.

Jeremy started kissing mom all over her face. He was literally slobbering over her. Then they started smooching. Man, that was driving me crazy. They ran their tongues over each others’ and were exchanging saliva. Mom’s hair was strewn all over the pillow. All the time, Jeremy kept sawing in and out of mom’s pussy.

Mom’s pussy looked so beautiful. It was shaved bald. Her outer lips were parted and the inner ones were being pushed in and out by Jeremy’s cock.

” Baby, I love you so much. I love your cock. I wanna fuck you all the time. I’m all yours. “

” God… Mom, uhhh I love you so much. Uhhh, I wanna fuck you forever. Are you mine from now on? Promise me that your body belongs to me. I’m the owner of your body. This tight pussy, these huge breasts, this big ass, and that wonderful mouth, they belong to me. You’re mine. You’re always mine. “

“Yessss, yesss yesssssss I’m yours. God uhhhh baby uhhhhh dont stop…. keep fucking me….keep fucking me….I’m all yours from now on. Always…forever…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Jeremy increased the pace. He sawed in and out of her faster. He was gonna cum. My mom was gonna cum. Then I suddenly noticed that Jeremy was riding mom bareback. He was gonna cum inside her pussy. The hole from which he and I came out. The hole which my dad had first laid claim to and impregnated her twice. My mom had promised him that she would stay his and only his till death do them apart. How could she break that promise? How could she cheat on her loving husband who provided for all of us, who worked his ass off so that we could live lavishly. I felt disgusted with her.

I also felt jealous. I was jealous that she chose Jeremy over me. If I had been first born, then perhaps I would be the one fucking her on my parent’s bed, and not Jeremy. She would be promising ME her body, not him. I would be the one getting to cum inside büyükçekmece escort her pussy, not him. I would be the one sucking her breasts, not him.

And then the moment which we were all waiting for, arrived. We all started cumming at once. First mom started shreaking loudly. She began clutching and clawing at the sheets, and biting into the pillow to stifle her moans. I could see her pussy muscles contracting and relaxing rapidly. Her lips were closing and opening around Jeremy’s cock. Jeremy started cumming as soon as mom started shreaking. He grabbed hold of mom’s breast and drove his cock in, to the hilt. I could see him jerking again and again, as he drained his baby-making cum in her pussy.

Man, I was so jealous of him.

Finally, when he was done, he slowly pulled out his shrinking cock from mom’s pussy. The sight was so erotic. As he pulled out, her pussy’s inner lips were clinging to his cock, trying to milk him even more, trying to get him to keep it inside.

When his head finally popped out with a loud “POP” sound, her pussy was left gaping wide open. There was a long string of white cum connecting his cockhead to her pussy.

Cum was slowly oozing out of her pussy hole, dribbling down her lips and going down her right thigh, to the bed. I took a clear shot of that. It was going to serve as my masturbation aid for a long time.

I came too. I wiped my cum off the floor using my shorts. When they finally came to their senses, they started whispering to each other.

” Oh that was wonderful Jeremy. Thank you so much. I swear I belong to you and you only. “

” Thanks for the promise mom. I swear I’ll treat you way better than dad has ever treated you. I’ll never leave you feeling unsatisfied. “

Then they smooched again. In the brief exchange, mom saw me spying on them from the doorway. She had a shocked expression on her face. But Jeremy didn’t notice anything. He kept caressing mom and stroking her ass slowly. I decided it was time to get out of there and went back to my room.

I jerked off 2 more times watching the video I had captured and then went to bed. Not before copying the video to my computer and hiding the camera. It was 2 am when I slept. They had been fucking for almost 2 hours.

It was 9 am when I woke up. Through slitted eyes, I saw my bedroom door slowly open and mom come in. She came near my bed and called out to me softly.

” Jack, honey, wake up. We need to talk. Jack…Jack!”

She was still wearing the blue teddy but she also had on a pink robe over it. The dress didn’t do much to hide her breasts though. They couldn’t hide the shame of being seen by her son while fucking her older son. They couldn’t hide the fact that she had cheated on my dad with my elder brother. I knew she was gonna give me her story. So I sat up.

” Yeah mom… wassup? “

” Jack, we need to talk about what you saw in the morning. “

Here it comes.

” Yeah…what about it? “

” Son, cevizli escort I’m sorry about what you saw in the morning. It was something I never wanted you to see. “

” Oh yeah? Well I did. So explain yourself. “

” Jack, honey, your father has been neglecting me for the last 2 years. It’s been so frustrating for me sexually. I didn’t know what to do. At first it was only weekly thrice. Then it became once a week, then once a month and finally once a year. After one and a half years, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. One day, Jeremy came home. He saw that I was troubled. He started asking me questions and finally got me to talk. I poured out the entire story to him. Well, one thing led to another and we got to making love. Then we couldn’t stop. Sex with your brother was so good.”

” How long has this been going on mom? “

” Six months. ” Six months??? Sonuvabitch, they have been having sex for six months and i didn’t notice a thing?? Why, that lucky bastard. He has been having sex with my mom for six months. Enjoying her body thoroughly… Damn this hurts so much. Why am I left out of the loop?

” Wassup with your breasts mom? They seem heavy and they were full of milk last night. You aren’t pregnant as far as I know. Then how did you do that? “

” Oh honey, Jeremy wanted me to breastfeed him. I love him so much that I decided to do it for him. I asked my doctor and he prescribed Metoclopramide for increasing my breast milk production. I’m still young enough to have children you know. ”

” Yeah mom. So what now? “

” Honey, I am tired of my life with your father. It’s extremely boring. I always wanted to have a large family and Jeremy is willing to provide me with that. You know that Jeremy is earning a lot as a bank manager. He can provide me with the life I want. Honey, I’m divorcing your father. To make matters less complicated, I have decided to not take custody of you. Jeremy is buying me a house in Boston and I’m moving there when I file the divorce. “

” And what about me? So you’re just forgetting about me? Just because I’m the younger one? I’m kept out of the loop? And what about dad? “

” Honey I love you and I always will. I chose Jeremy over you because he can provide for me. And yes, I love him more since I have made love to him and we are gonna be making kids. I’m sorry I have to leave you behind. About your dad, I just don’t love him anymore. I’m gonna get away from this place and start a new life with your brother as his wife. Your father doesn’t know about it. So all I ask you is to not tell your father about me and your brother until the divorce is finalized. Please do this for me if you love me. Please. “

I did love her. Even though she cheated on my dad with my brother.

I didn’t tell my dad about her affair. I guess I didn’t want to hurt him. I felt like I had been abandoned by my family. I wished I had never even existed.

I had the video though. I kept it as a memento of that fateful night. After the divorce, my mom moved to Boston to live with my brother. She had four kids. And she lives in a grand fashion. My brother buys her anything she wants. He treats her like a queen.

My dad was heartbroken after the divorce. He took custody of me and put me through university. I graduated with flying colors. I too got a 6 figure job. I wonder if my mom would marry me now…

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