Merry We Go Around

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The characters in this story are over the age of eighteen. Something not too unlike this happened to someone very close to me, once upon a time. Now that I think of it, I was with her at the time. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Dave and I had just been married a half a year and we were coming home to our apartment after having a couple of beers at a campus hangout.

“Look. A Merry-go-round.”


Dave ran over and started pushing it around and round, fighting to keep his feet under him while centrifugal force kept trying to throw his legs out. I jumped on and was enjoying the ride, moving to the center to speed up, moving to the outside to slow down.

Dave paused to let me fly by, puckering his lips as I tried to peck him with a kiss on the way by, and by and by. When the thing started slowing down, Dave jumped on and the two pumped up the speed together taking turns frolicking until I suddenly started to feel dizzy and nauseous. I quickly jumped down, followed by my hubby buddy. We staggered and wove as vertigo made us stagger like drunken sailors. We fell to the ground and lay on our backs and looked at the stars, which were twilling past like lights on the freeway.

Eventually the world’s slowed in its spinning and Dave and I fell to talking quietly. There was magic in the Spring air, with the luscious smell of the fresh mown grass and roses from the rose garden, the noise of crickets, while in the distance the Freeway sounded like the ocean. Dave’s hands soon were wiggling their way up and inside my blouse, and when he rolled up on his side to face me, I could feel his interest in an unmistakable way. When he reached under my skirt, I arched my back and helped him pull my panties down. I put them into my backpack. Then I ran over to the playground where I jumped up and skinned the cat on the pull up bar, hanging there with my skirt down over my head.

Dave wasn’t far behind me and I soon felt his tongue trying to slither its way into my pussy but it was too tightly clenched. “Spead my legs,” I ataşehir escort bayan told him. “That’s better. Ummm.” After a while, I yelled, “Watch out!” I un-skinned the cat and came down with a bump. “Your turn. Take your pants off.” Dave’s pants quickly were a pile on the ground as he pulled himself up and then pulled himself up and skinned the cat to hang by his knees. I grabbed his hips, looking his cock in its single baleful eye. I gave it a sideways slap and watched it bounce back and forth. Then I took the head of his cock in my mouth and used my hold on his hips to move it in and out of my mouth.

Marriage hadn’t deadened my lust for his beautiful cock. I love everything about it. The graceful curve into his hard stomach, the wrinkled way his veins wind their way around it like vines, the smooth shoulders of his glans penis and the shiny cock skin that stretches so tight when he gets hard. And whenever I see his two big eggs pulled tight against his cock in fucking mode, instead of swinging to and froe; whenever I see his wrinkled scrotum pulled smooth as all the skin goes to allowing his cock to grow, well that is for me the tangible symbol of male lust. I love it.

My lips were stretched comfortably around cock now while I pushed Dave by the hips to milk his fluids out. I could tell he was working up to ejaculate so I walked away. Dave groaned, but by the time he could swing down from the bar, I was already sitting on a swing pumping back and forth, waiting for Dave to come find me.

Dave approached, blind in the dark but following the squeaking of the chains on the crossbar. I leaned back and spread my legs and Dave looked in wonder. “I never knew beavers could fly.” He walked into the ‘V’ of my legs, grabbed my knees and pulled my muff up to his mouth.

“Umm; That feels wonderful.”

“Tastes great, too.”

I jumped off, almost knocking Dave to the ground with my pussy. That might be a first. “What happened young man? How did you break your nose?”

“A pussy fell on me.” Or, “I was attacked by a feral escort kadıköy pussy.”

“Sit down, Dave.” I gestured toward the swing. Dave sat. He was getting to be well trained. I took a hold of the chains and swung my legs over his and sat in his lap facing the opposite direction, lowering myself slowly but surely onto his rigid playground equipment. Then the two of us began to swing together.

You know how to pump a swing, don’t you? You lean back to pump forward; you lean forward to swing back. When I leaned back, Dave leaned forward. When I leaned forward, Dave leaned back. With each pump back, Dave’s cock chased my retreating pussy and and the way back up my pussy chased his retreating cock. So much penetration with so little effort. Did it feel good? What do you think?

We were swinging as high as you can imagine. Dave’s breath was coming in gasps again and I knew he was about to shoot his load, when suddenly we heard the voices of children yelling as they poured off the street and into the park, running across the grass toward the merry-go-round. I’m sure all the children saw was two white asses as the two of us sprinted across the grass toward our apartment where we couldn’t wait to put a finish to our play.

We didn’t get to the bedroom before Dave had my on my back, but then he took a moment to collect himself as he looked down at my gaping cunt.

“She’s still wide open,” he said. He kneeled in front of me and lowered his mouth to taste my essence again. It still felt good and I couldn’t help thrusting my puss toward his tongue, avid for more and more pressure as his soft tongue parted my slippery waves with abandon.

Before long my head was moving in accord with his tongue, back and forth, as I lost myself in the feeling of my cunt. I kicked my heels into the floor trying to increase the pressure but his tongue was too soft to give me what I now needed. “Give it to me, Dave. Come on, give it to me! Goddammit, Dave, fuck me.”

Dave grabbed my knees and pulled me closer, lifting my hips up to his cock but bostancı escort instead of pushing into me like I needed him to, the bastard decided to tease me with the tip of his cock.

“Dammit, Dave, put it in. Give me some of that cock,” I cried. Dave continued to tease me, sliding his cock’s head up my channel until it bumped over my clit, then letting it bounce a couple of times before repeating the motion. Not that I didn’t like it, but I needed all of his cock. I begged and pleaded.

“Oh, honey,” he said, “if I give you all this cock, I’ll come and I’m not ready for that yet.

“But I need it, Dave. Really. Come in. Come in.”

Still he stubbornly refused. So I did what I had to do. I pushed him back and onto his butt and started to crawl up to where I could get into the saddle, but Dave wouldn’t let me and we ended up wrestling on the floor and suddenly I found myself locked in Dave’s grasp as his head found my pussy again and he began to suck my clit into his mouth. I shuddered and then all hell broke loose as I woke up the whole block with my screaming.

I had no sooner returned to the Solar system, if not to Earth, when Dave finally condescended to give me what I’d been crying for. But now I wasn’t quite ready for it—or so I thought, but slick Dick soon made me realize that he was just what the doctor ordered and I suddenly found that Dave’s rhythm was my rhythm as he started to breath loudly in tempo with the tune his hips were strumming into my pussy. “Hmm, Humm, Hmm, Humm his breath went on and his cock went in and out and I accompanied him by beating my feet on the floor to lift my hips to meet his cock as it came down into me.

“If you could only see yourself, honey,” Dave said, breathlessly, “your face is as red as a delicious apple and the blush is spreading down your chest.” The words were coming from a million miles away but I didn’t need the words, I could feel the heat spreading up from my pussy, inflaming my whole body by the time I realized what Dave had said.

“God, your pussy is burning my cock. You never stopped coming and now your cunt is about to burst into fire.”

He was right. It did.

Not much later Dave came awake with a start. Shit! My wallet was in my jeans and I left it in the park. We hurried to get it. It was gone. Damn expensive fuck it was.

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