Memories of Harry Ch. 06

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“I have a new toy,” Harry announced entering the house.

I remember thinking how hot and close it was. No breeze, the summer sun was relentless and the temperature was in the low nineties. The basement was the coolest place in the house. I was going to have to get on Harry’s case about air conditioning, even if we only used it a few times in the year.

“A new toy. I like your toy just as it is,” I said, stepping up close and squeezing his package. “Although I must admit when it’s larger, I get even more pleasure from it.” Harry was wearing shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination. He’d been gone all morning and I was a little surprised that he was so casually dressed. I squeezed him again and tried inserting my hand up one leg. Not enough room to make contact with the objects of my immediate attention. I could see his pecker starting to respond, but he gently held me away.

“Now, stop, Alice, I want to show you my new camera. I’ve made the move to digital. Look.” He unboxed a shiny little device. Not being stupid or unaware, I recognized it right off as a small but very flexible digital camera.

“Cute. We can take it on our next vacation.” We hadn’t yet been on a vacation as a couple, but so what?

“Yes, but I want to take some pictures around here as well. Some….he paused and looked me in the face. That’s what he usually did when he wasn’t certain of my reaction. “Pictures of you.”

“Well, sure, that’s okay with me. Anytime, love.” What was I thinking?

In hindsight, I hadn’t been thinking much about what that meant. Anytime? Naturally we had a computer in the house. Two, actually. His and hers. Harry’s was hooked to the Internet and almost always on. We’d checked out a few adult sites, of course we had. Harry liked to remind me that one could always learn things, even if most of the content was crap.

After supper Harry and I had a serious discussion about heat and comfort and agreed we needed to get at least an air conditioner for the bedroom. I was in the shower, tepid water streaming down. I like showers. One of my favorite things when I was a kid was when ataşehir escort I could take a shower out behind the cabin my folks rented of a summer. I usually tried to shower naked, even though my mom sort of scolded me about that. Anyway I was showering, just standing there, fingers sort of wandering over my body. I’d already checked my boobs for lumps.

I thought I heard the bathroom door open and close. We have a glass walled shower with a door. No tub. Since I had my back to the door and my eyes closed, it turned out Harry managed to get three top-down snaps of me before I noticed the flash through my eyelids. I whipped around, which is what he was waiting for. Flash.

“Hey, buster, what are you doing?” Like I didn’t know.

“You did say anytime. Come closer.” Harry held the camera up to his face. I stepped closer. Flash. “Even closer.”

So I went closer and pressed my breasts against the glass. Flash. “Stay like that,” he said. I thought his voice was a little hoarse. “Can you get closer, um?”

I wasn’t sure what he wanted but I cocked my hips toward him. Now I have a prominent pubic bone, which is nice for all sorts of games, so by spreading my thighs a little, I could get my pussy on the glass too. Flash.

“Now turn around and stick your bottom against the glass,” he said. He was getting into the whole scene. So was I.

“Okay, but just remember, if these pictures show up on the Internet, I’ll have your ass. The other thing to remember, is that turn about is fair play.” I spun around and backed away so my butt cheeks were no longer touching the glass. I was getting some ideas for my own personal use of the new toy, and I don’t mind remembering that being photographed liked this was a bit of a turn on. I squeezed some suds on my back and wiggled my butt at him.

Later we were sprawled out on our playground, the new king sized bed. I had on a very thin cotton camisole and no pantries. Harry was under-dressed in a pair of black cotton bikini shorts that nicely displayed his cock and balls. We usually slept nude, but sometimes, for obvious reasons, that wasn’t kadıköy escort a good idea.

Harry had dragged the laptop to the bedroom and we were looking at some of his recent photo efforts. “I really like some of these semi-silhouette images. There’s something about the partially revealed human form that can be really erotic.”

“Turns you on?” asked Harry.

“You bet. Most women I know aren’t as stimulated by looking at pictures of porn as you guys are, but I am. The other thing is I think I’m a little bit exhibitionistic. It excites me to know guys I don’t know are checking out my body.” I put my fingers lightly on Harry’s soft cock through the fabric.

“Hmm, I have an idea. Don’t go ‘way.” Harry rolled over and left the room. I stretched out on my back and opened my legs. I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember was Harry kneeling at the end of the bed and seeing the camera flash go off. He was shooting pictures right up into my exposed crotch. It gave me an instant tingle in my erotic center.

I splayed my knees a little farther and slowly bent my knees.

“Put your hand down there,” he said.

I split my legs farther and dropped one hand to my pussy. I was getting into the whole scene. “Not so wide,” he said. “I want to frame the image with your knees and thighs.” He took my hand, the one in my crotch and moved it down a little. Then he curled my fingers so my hand looked relaxed, the tips of my fingers just resting over my clit and the inner folds of my cunt. More flashes.

“Makin’ me hot,” I whispered.

Harry pushed my knees together a little and shot more pictures of my well-trimmed pussy. “I need to figure out a way to change the lighting,” he said. These full-flash shots are one thing, but some subtle lighting would change the mood. I think I’ll enlarge some of these in black and white.”

“Are you through, sweetie?” I sat up and pulled my feet up to my butt. It caused my pussy to gap open a little as I knew very well. Harry continued to stare at the juncture of my thighs, but his look wasn’t lustful. He reached one hand forward bostancı escort bayan and touched the long ridge of tendon that showed on either side when I sat like that. I arched my back and pulled the camisole over my head. Then I laid back down. My crotch was starting to cramp so I slid my legs back together.

Harry didn’t notice. He was staring at my nipples. Flash. Then he slid up the bed and came closer. Peering through the viewfinder he pointed the camera at my left nipple. More flash. I slid one finger over my breast which was flattened a little, even though I have pretty perky tits, if I do say so. I tapped my nipple.

“Kiss it, Harry. It wants a little lovin’. Suck it, baby.” I loved having my tits sucked. Harry knew that. Most men don’t spend anywhere near enough time on women’s breasts. Some of my girl friends say they get more enjoyment from having their tits fondled and loved than they do from fucking. I ran my forefinger over my left nipple again.

“Keep it dry,” he said, “for now.” Then he leaned forward and blew a soft breath on it and kissed it gently. Zing. My nipples responded like good soldiers and stood right up. I have nice nipples, if I do say so. They are pink and round and just the right size and sensitivity for my good lover Harry.

Flash. And again. Now from the side, now from below. He set the camera on my right breast and pointed it at my left one. “Hold still,” he murmured. I held my breath. Flash. I realized I was getting wet, leaking a little moisture from my pussy.

Harry was peering at the camera display of the pictures he’d just taken. He was lying cross-wise to me with his head on my naked belly. Suddenly he stopped and sniffed. He raised up a little and sniffed again. Then he turned his head and smiled at me. He could smell me. My turned on odor. The smell of desire, of sex. He set the camera aside, saying, “Gets you a little hot, doesn’t it.”

He put two fingers to my pussy and commenced to stroke and love me there. After a very few minutes of that, my hips started to rise off the bed to meet his fingers. He slid those fingers into my vagina.

I groaned and gasped, grabbing my tits and squeezing. “Ohhh God that feels so good.”

Harry rotated his fingers and curled them slightly to press against the walls of my love canal. “Ohhh, shit, Harry. I’m commming.” And I did, hard, against his hand.

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