Meeting in Moline

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I’ve travelled most of my career. The first few years it was mostly by air and, of course, I was met with flight delays, bad weather, lost luggage, all the wonderful things that air travel brings in such abundance.

The last ten years or so, however, I have been responsible for a much smaller geographical area which I mostly cover by car. Believe me, it’s a blessing, I depart when I want to and I know my luggage will arrive when and where I do. I love it.

Now, I could never claim that the life of a traveling salesman, no matter how many jokes you’ve heard, is filled with naked farmer’s daughters and wild sex in haylofts and the like. But, once in a while, things can happen. That was exactly what happened two years ago last May in Moline, Illinois. Moline, for the many millions who wouldn’t have a clue where it is, lies just over one hundred and fifty miles almost exactly due west of Chicago, right on the border with the state of Iowa. Across the Mississippi River from Moline is Davenport, Iowa.

I have a number of customers in the Moline/Davenport area so I get there about every two to three months and stay for several days.

It was a Tuesday and I was staying at the Radisson Hotel near the river and, after a day of calling on customers, was enjoying a refreshing gin and tonic in the hotel bar and looking forward to returning home on Friday to my wife of eighteen years, still as attractive as when we first met, even if, as happens to most, I suppose, our sex life had tapered off some over the years. It was good, really, just, well, not what it was in the beginning.

I was making some notes into my laptop as I sat at the bar, just finishing my second G&T, when a couple came in and sat next to me at the bar. We nodded and said hello, of course, and I went back to my notes.

Having had enough work for one day, I closed my laptop, put it in my briefcase with my papers and sat it on the floor beneath my stool and turned my attention to the television as it showed some Headline News.

There was a story on about golf and a big favorite player who was embroiled in a sex scandal and, being a golfer, I was watching the story and noticed that the man next to me was also glued to the broadcast.

He and I soon became involved in a discussion on the most recent revelations and soon had learned each others names and a bit about each other, where we were from and the like.

They were Roy and Lisa and were from Indianapolis which I was quite familiar with and we enjoyed a nice conversation for the next hour or so. We were the only people in the bar and the bartender told us he was closing early and asked if we wanted to order a few more drinks or, perhaps, a bottle of wine and take it out on the patio.

Roy suggested that we get two bottles of wine and take them up to their room which had a balcony with an even nicer view of the river. Well, I really didn’t have any plans for the evening and Roy and Lisa were nice, so we took the two bottles up to their room and they were right, the balcony had about as nice a view as Moline offered. It turned out that we were all on the same floor.

Walking out of the elevator and following Lisa down the hallway to their room, one would have to be dead not to notice that Lisa was a very nicely put-together woman. They were about the same age as I was, like mid- to upper-forties, and she had a lovely ass supported on two beautiful legs.

They unlocked room 924 and I went down to 944, my room , to drop off my briefcase, coat and tie, changed into shorts and a golf shirt, then returned to their room to share the wine.

We were soon all three out on their balcony watching the sun go down to glasses of chilled Pinot Grigio, Roy and I in shorts and Lisa in one of those big terrycloth robes the hotel provides its guests.

We chatted about this and that and there were a few times when Lisa picked up her glass or sat it down that the robe drooped open a bit, exposing a nice amount of breast for my viewing.

I looked over and Roy was smiling at me as he said, “Quite all right, Eric, Lisa’s a very pretty woman, I well understand when a man takes notice of her.” Well, he obviously saw me.

“Well, yes she is and I certainly meant no harm, please understand that,” I replied hoping I hadn’t overstepped any bounds.

“Oh, not to worry, Lisa’s no prude, I’m sure she took it as a complement, right, hon?”

“Well, after twenty-one years together, I take it as quite a complement for a good-looking man like you to take notice. I rather like the attention. In fact, I have to confess that I’ve been giving you little peeks now etimesgut escort and then.”

“I’ll bet that Eric would like a little better peek, hon. We’re all friends now, you know. How about it, Eric?”

Now, just how does one answer that?

“Well, no man would object to that, I’m sure,” I weakly replied.

With that, she asked her husband, “Mmm, you sure, Roy?” and he nodded as she pulled open the two sides of the top revealing her lovely breasts, they were really nice, full, round, just a bit of curving downward, large pink nipples that were quite hard and erect.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Lisa, thank you, just stunning.”

Then, she loosened the belt and pulled the robe off her shoulders and opened it full as she spread her legs.

I just sat there for a minute, unable to speak. She was really quite beautiful as I realized that she was a true blond, at least I didn’t think women bleached their pubic hair, hers was a small landing patch of soft-looking curly blond hair over two plump lips that looked absolutely delicious glinting in the setting sunlight.

“I should tell you, Eric, that I’m okay with whatever Lisa wants in life and she did tell me earlier that she thought you were a rather sexy man so here we are. Whatever you two want to do, is fine with me.”

With that, Lisa stood up, leaving the robe empty in the chair, and came over to kneel in front of me, reaching out to rub on the obvious erection inside my shorts, then pulled the zipper down, reached in and tussled my cock out from its confines as her head dropped down and I began to feel the softest, most lush suck of my life.

I’m not sure how she did it but it was luscious and silken, I have rarely had a harder cock than what she sucked me to that night on the ninth floor balcony. She raised up off my cock, kneeling there, smiling up at me as she stroked me.

“Well, hon, looks like you have something on your mind for tonight,” Roy asked her.

“Mmm, yes, I’d love to suck Eric’s cock some more, then I have just the place for it. Maybe you could both make love to me the way you know I like.”

“Eric, do you think you might be able to rearrange your schedule for the next twenty-four hours or so? My wife seems to be rather horny tonight and I know her well enough that the two of us will need at least that long to make her happy.”

As her husband was asking me this, Lisa was crouched in front of me, stroking me up and down as she took licks around the tip of my cock. It’s hard to think when a beautiful, naked woman is so pleasuring your cock.

“Well, this is rather unexpected, but, I have to say, a thrilling prospect. Yes, um, I can rearrange things in the morning.”

With that, Lisa stood up and pulled me by the cock (gently, of course) back into their room and began taking off my clothes. I was soon there naked as she put her arms around me and kissed me, rubbing herself on me as her tongue probed in and out of my mouth. My hands were down on her butt which felt firm and supple as my cock pressed hard against her.

Then, she led me to the bed, got in and spread her legs wide as I crawled up and began licking her wet crease.

“Mmm, I knew you would be good, Eric, yes, lovely, just like that, it’s wonderful.”

Roy was also out of his clothes, sitting in a chair stroking his cock up and down as he watched.

She obviously loved to have her pussy eaten, she kept squirming and wriggling the whole time.

“Oh, yes, yes, mmm, god, right there, mmm, OH, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh, yes, I knew you were good, Eric, mmm, come fuck me, I want you so bad.”

I got up between her thighs and pushed inside her, sliding all the way down then began moving in and out. She swung her legs up over me, locking her ankles around my back.

“Mmm, I love your cock, Eric. I just knew you would know how to use that lovely cock of yours, this feels so wonderful, mmm, my pussy is so happy, right now.” She turned to Roy and added, “Oh, thank you, dear, you are such a wonderful husband, you make me very happy, just like Eric is making me right now.”

“I want you to be happy, hon, and, remember, I get you next.”

I was fucking her nice and long and slow as Roy began stroking himself faster and moaning more.

“Mmm, get up here, Roy, in my mouth, hurry,” and he stood up, leaned over the bed as Lisa turned to him, took his cock in her mouth and sucked him right off, getting most of his cum, only a little drizzle running happily down her cheek.

I was close to depositing my load of cum in the other end of her as she began etimesgut escort bayan moving her hips sinuously which was rubbing the tip of my cock around her pussy walls. It was all I could take. I jammed hard into her as she pulled me to her with her legs around my back and humped up and down as my cum sprayed deep, deep inside her.

“UUNH, UUNH, UHH, UHH, UMMM, ummm, oh, wow, oh, Lisa, you are so good, so tight, mmm, this is just the greatest.”

“Mmm, I love having your cum inside me, Eric, I’m so glad you were in the bar tonight, my lucky day.”

“Oh, really mine, Lisa, you are incredible, just incredible,” I said as she kept moving under me, keeping our feelings alive. She stretched out and pulled Roy’s cock back to her mouth and began sucking him as I continued slowly stroking in and out of her.

In a few minutes, she turned her head back, Roy’s cock falling out of her mouth, as she said, “Your turn, Roy, Eric, let’s keep you hard, let me suck you,” and we switched places as her husband began fucking her as she sucked my cock so beautifully.

“I’ve got some of those ‘little blue pills,’ Eric, over on the dresser. I took one already, I suggest you do too. We’ve got a horny woman to make happy.” I followed his advice though I’d never used them before, I soon felt the pill’s effect as I hardened to the specifications of a sixteen-year old’s cock.

Roy did get her off and he also filled her with cum and after he cummed, he pulled out of her and got down to eat his wife out, then after a bit, got up and offered me a try.

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten out a woman with another man’s cum in her but it wasn’t something that bothered me or turned me off so I dove in and in a few minutes she was humping my face with another lovely orgasm.

Roy and I were on each side of her, holding her, feeling her, kissing her as she suggested that it would be fun to have a nice shower, that she thought we would all fit inside the one in their bathroom.

It was a nice room, upgraded from the kind I usually got when I travelled, after all, it’s just for me, one person, and I’m on an expense account. As we went toward the bathroom, I spied a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. This was all feeling like a celebration to me, that’s for sure.

Even though the shower could hold all of us, there wasn’t loads of room left over. Roy and I did manage to get Lisa well-soaped and we ended-up with the cleanest cocks in town, I’m sure.

We got out and Roy and I dried Lisa, then quickly ourselves, then returned to the bedroom. Roy stopped and was opening the champagne, popping the cork toward us, then filling three glasses which we then toasted.

“Lisa it’s your evening, go ahead,” Roy deferred and his wife lifted her glass.

“To these two wonderful men with their beautiful hard cocks fucking me all I can possibly want,” and there was a clinking of glasses as Roy sat in a side chair as his wife sat her glass down and put her arms around me, kissing me and grinding her front onto my hard cock.

“Oh, god, I’m so horny, I just can’t wait,” she said and had me get on the bed as she stood up over me, crouched down as I held my cock up, then slid right down over me and began slowly fucking me up and down as she held her vaginal muscles clenched tight.

“Oh, yes, mmm, oh, I knew when I first saw you Eric, that you’d be a great fuck. Mmm, do I feel good on that wonderful cock of yours?”

“Oh, Lisa, yes, oh, you are so tight and so smooth and wet, it just feels terrific. And, we’ve got all day tomorrow, right?”

“Mmm, we sure do, I just want you and Roy to give me everything you’ve got.”

“Take all you want, Lisa, I’m sure Roy and I will try our best.”

She was fucking me so seductively, pulling up and down, tightening as she went up, just sucking the cum up like a pump. She was so good. I looked over and Roy was sitting at the desk watching us, smiling as he stroked his cock, waiting until he got his turn at fucking his hot wife.

“Oh, I don’t think I could ever get enough of this, I love a nice, long cock,” she murmured softly as she rode me up and down. “Mmm, yes, oh, so good. Do I feel good to you, Eric?”

“Fantastic. So tight, oh, the way you grip me when you go up, it’s fabulous.”

“I have a dildo at home that has a suction cup on the bottom and I put it on the corner of the coffee table and fuck it for hours, getting off time and again, over and over. So, my muscles are really good. You can tell, huh?”

“It almost feels like you’re going to pull my cock right up off my body. There’s escort etimesgut no man alive that could resist cumming when you do this.”

“That’s just why I love doing it. I’m the best pussy you’ll ever have, Eric, that’s for sure.”

“She’s right about that, my friend, she fucks that dildo thing all the time. She could lift weights with her snatch,” Roy added.

Well, she probably could. She was sure getting me close.

And then she raised up leaving just the tip end of my cock in her and fucked me up and down as fast as she could, just going up and down an inch or so; I just exploded. It almost doubled me up. As I began spurting my cum into her, she jammed back down, pushing me all the way into her then twisted and twisted around like she was grinding my cock into her.

It was the most powerful ejaculation I’d ever had, some of it, no doubt, that this was a naughty thing to be doing on a business trip with virtual strangers but, that wasn’t it entirely, the rest was her, Lisa’s pussy made you explode, simple as that.

“Ah, he looks happy, hon, another guy who’s had the best pussy on earth.”

Well, Roy wasn’t wrong, for sure.

“I try, I do try,” she said as she still rocked back and forth on me, smiling down, knowing she’d just given me the fuck of my life.

“Whew, that was fun. Ready to do me, doggie, Roy?” and she pulled up off me, I rolled out of the way and she got over on her hands and knees as he shoved into her from behind.

I just watched, didn’t even stroke my cock, it was still quite a happy lad, as I watched them fuck on and on, how Roy could resist her suction pussy was beyond me but, finally he did cum; she’d had a good orgasm just a few minutes before. When he pulled out of her she asked me back over so she could suck my cock which was responding quite well to her oral encouragement.

She rolled onto her back and put her arms around her upturned legs, putting her pussy right up high as I crouched over her and slid my cock down into her and began moving up and down, taking long, deliberate strokes all the way in and all the way out.

“Mmm, god, that feels good, Eric. I could have you fuck me like this forever. Oh, just forever.”

It did feel good. I pressed down into her upraised pussy and pushed deep, then held my cock there. She just automatically began flexing her muscles around my cock as I kept it buried in her. She was smiling at me, knowing that she was making us both feel so good.

She began moving her hips from side to side as I fucked in and out of her, it was just spectacular. She could tighten her vagina clenching it around my cock as I pushed in and pulled out, the feeling was fabulous. She was able to milk my cock of its cum once again and between Roy and me, we fucked her the rest of the night, just over and over and over.

Whenever one of us pushed into her, cum drooled out, down her butt, she was just filled full so many times. Finally, we all three collapsed about an hour before dawn and slept until about nine. I went down to my room and made several phone calls moving appointments around, then went back for more.

They had ordered breakfast for the three of us and it was delivered just after I came back to the room.

“Get naked, Eric, and have some breakfast, we’ll need our strength, right, hon? Oh, and she’s put out another of those pills for us to take.”

“I’ll say, my pussy’s lonely already,” Lisa said, spreading herself open for us.

I took my clothes off and she had me come around and stand in front of her as she sucked my cock. As she pulled back, she observed, “Eric looks ready to me, come on,” and she gripped my cock and led me back to bed, put me down and got up over me, sliding down, so wet and slippery, then moving up and down over me as my dick went right to heaven.

Lisa was made for fucking, that was certain, she trained herself for it and got deep joy and satisfaction from it. The rest of the day was spent fucking her over and over as we took turns at her. There were rest periods during the day, especially the afternoon, not for Lisa, she could have handled a brigade, but Roy and I just needed some time to recharge.

But each of us kept as busy as we could dipping our cocks into her and if we needed some time to recoup, we took turns between her legs licking and tonguing her to orgasm. I have no idea how many she had but it was a lot. She never seemed to get enough.

We fucked and ate her out the rest of the night and I did, thankfully, get some sleep. I did have business to conduct the next day and as I was leaving their room to go to mine to shower and get ready for a day of business, Lisa asked me how often I came to Moline and she said she would want to do this again if I was up to it.

Well, we did do it again, this time I planned on a free day. And I did the next time we met after that. And the seven times since. Even business has been good, too.

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