Meeting Daddy Ch. 04

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Sorry for the late story, I know it’s been a while, but I hope that you enjoy the latest chapter. I think that I’m going to finish up this story so that I can move on to other stories. So I would really appreciate it if you could comment and give private feedback on things you would like to see in the final chapter. Please remember that though this story is fine to read by itself reading previous chapters might also help. As always thank you for the support and enjoy the story.


I woke up sore as hell and groaned at the sunlight streaming onto my face. I rolled and rolled before going back to sleep. When I awoke again daddy was in the bathroom and I smiled. I opened my mouth to say hi, but my throat was really dry and sore and I started to cough. He looked up at me and brought me a glass of water which I eagerly drank.

“Hey sleepyhead. How you doing?” he asked a look of concern in his eyes that made me smile.

“I’m fine daddy, Everything just feels a bit sore from yesterday.” I said with as much reassurance as I could muster. He stroked my cheek while looking at me and smiled then lightly kissed my forehead.

“Baby it’s a little after 5pm, do you think you’ll be ok with going out tonight at 11?” Daddy asked.

Grinning I replied, “Of course daddy, just let me get a few more hours sleep and I’ll be fresh as a daisy.”

He just laughed kissed my forehead again and left the room. I once again rolled onto my side and went back to sleep. I woke up around 10:15pm yawning and stretching. Immediately I got up and brushed my teeth before heading downstairs to look for daddy. I found him in the kitchen washing some dishes. Standing in the doorways I admired him with a smile, while he worked. He turned around, probably feeling my eyes on his back, and smiled. I walked to him and kissed him, “Hey baby, how’d you sleep?” he asked.

“Fine I suppose. would’ve been better if you stayed in bed with me though.” I mumbled against his shoulder.

He just kissed my forehead again and replied, “If I was in that bed with you, we wouldn’t have been sleeping.”

His frankness made me blush and I immediately went to the fridge to get some juice. As I bent over to get the OJ from the back of the fridge I heard his soft growl and felt his hand come down hard on my exposed backside. I gasped at the sudden blow and stood to find him staring at my almost naked form. I hadn’t realised that I’d thrown on one of his red shirts to come downstairs and I don’t think he did either… until he realised I had no underwear underneath.

He crossed the small space between us, having moved closer to slap my ass and then stepped back to see my reaction, in one long stride and gripped the back of neck with his big hand.

“You little slut, trying to tease me into fucking you?” he almost growled looking down at me.

It was all I could do not to swoon in his arms as I felt the heat of his hand and hard body pressed against my soft one. I couldn’t breath properly so I just shook my head feebly. He wasn’t impressed.

“Yes you were, wearing one of my shirts to show off your tight ass,” as he said ‘tight ass’ he reached around to squeeze it with his other hand, “I am not here for you to fuck…. You’re here for me to use. Is that clear?”

I nodded as my breathing quickened, not in fear, or even anxiety, but in pure lust and desire. Johnny pushed me to my knees and freed the massive cock that I loved so much. He gripped the back of my head and proceeded to slide his cock in and out of my mouth while I closed my eyes, loving the feeling. He pulled my head towards him making me swallow his thick meat. ‘oh fuck this is so good.’ was all I could think before he pulled me off his cock and up to my feet. Still gripping the back of my head with his right hand he held my chin in his left and made me look him in his eyes.

“Whose are you, slut?” Johnny murmured to me. His deep rumbling voice sending shivers down my spine. I was so entranced by his voice that I didn’t answer…. which was a big mistake.

“I said; Whose are you, slut?” he repeated quite a bit louder but not yet yelling at me.

Meekly I replied, “I’m yours daddy.”

Three words. Three worlds was all it took to change the beast that had roughly fucked my throat, not 2 minutes before, to the gentle, loving man who hugged me close and kissed me, like he was doing now. He kissed me as though I’d just said I love you for the first time, which, for some people, I kind of did. I kissed him back out of instinct and when he was finished he pressed his forehead against mine.

“Say it again baby, one more time.”

“I’m yours daddy,” I obeyed reaching up to lightly touch his cheek. He smiled and picked me up to rest me on the kitchen counter.

“I’m going to reward you for being a good girl.” And after saying that he got on his knees and proceeded to start to lick my very wet, very needy pussy. I pulled his head deeper into my pussy and moaned etimesgut escort loudly as he ate me like his life depended on it.

“Oh fuck daddy yes. That feels sooo fucking good.” I groan as I put my legs on his shoulders and close my eyes.

My Daddy started to tongue fuck me right there in the kitchen, as he did his fingers found my clit and rubbed it, bringing me to an instant orgasm. As I came I screamed and pulled his head deeper into my cunt while he licked me over and over.

He rode out my orgasm licking every drop that came out of my young slit, moaning as I went mad. When I was finished and trying to catch my breath he came up to me and kissed me… I could taste my sweet pussy juices on his tongue and lips and moaned along with him. He kissed my forehead one more time then went upstairs telling me to get something to eat then find something to wear.

In a daze I obeyed, eating a sandwich and then tripping upstairs to find a dress for tonight, wherever we were supposed to be going. Daddy was in the shower by the time I got up there so i pulled out a short blue dress and some black heels before I decided to join him. I opened the bathroom door and then the shower door as quietly as I could and I reached around to grasp his cock and start to stroke it.

“I was wondering what was taking you so long babe,” I could hear the smile in his voice, then he turned around and I saw it. He pulled me closer and I wrapped my arms around him. Daddy kissed me again. We stood there for a while making out under the shower, getting wetter by the second, and not just from the water. He reached down to touch my pussy and my legs spread in response. I moaned as he rubbed my clit and teased my slit, then he pushed two fingers inside of me and slowly slid in and out rubbing my g-spot as he went. Fuck it felt so good. I gasped as he sucked my neck and fingered me slow and deep. I stroked his massive cock and gasped as I started to cum.

“Oh shit daddy yes. Make your slut cum for you.” I moaned while he picked up the pace and I creamed all over his hand. I shivered as I recovered from the small orgasm he gave me. Having been so focused on my own pleasure I’d stopped stroking him. But as I started stroking again he put his hand on mine. “It’s ok baby. I’m gonna need every drop for tonight.” he said winking. I smile and turn around shaking my ass as I walk out and take a towel. As I walk I hear the low growl in his throat and I smile to myself. I dry off and wrap the towel around me loving how soft the towel felt rubbing on my sensitive skin and aching nipples. I pulled out a short blue dress with some black strappy sandals as Johnny came out of the shower.

“Baby I know you want to look sexy but if you wear that I’m gonna have to fight some guys off.”

I turned to look at him, “Then you’ll know how I feel with the bitches who stare at you like you’re a piece of dark meat.” I raised an eyebrow and smirked as I started getting ready leaving him to shake his head and do the same. Within 15 mins I was ready, and hot damn I looked fine. I stood in the mirror admiring my petite shape and round ass as daddy came behind me and wrapped his arms around me squeezing my boob.

“You look good enough to eat baby,” he whispered in my ear. I smiled, “Well then eat me daddy, I’ve been told I’m delicious.” At that he growled in my ear and gripped my breast harder… which made my smile widen.

“Maybe later baby, we need to get going right now,” he said pulling away from me but holding my hand. He was wearing jeans and a button down green shirt. I kissed his cheek and smiled at him.

“You look very handsome daddy. I can’t wait to show you off.”

In my 5″ heels I stood just about 6″ shorter than him. He took my chin between his index finger and thumb and tilted my head up, “I can’t wait till I can rip these clothes off you baby. I’m going to enjoy every second of fucking you tonight,” he said in a low, rumbling voice.

After hearing this my heart picked up its pace and I replied breathlessly, “Wh-what makes tonight so special daddy?”

He just smiled, “You’ll see baby girl,” and walked down stairs. I followed behind him dutifully trying to control the urge to jump him right there. We walked out to the car and got in, while he drove to the wherever we were going I put my feet on the dashboard. He stared at my smooth legs and the piece of my ass sticking out of my impossibly short dress. I smiled to myself as I saw him checking me out.

We drove to the downtown area and pulled up outside a nightclub that was blasting hot music and I could see a long line of people waiting to get in. There were girls in revealing outfits and nicely dressed men and, of course, the sad nerds that wouldn’t get in but still tried. I turned to look at my man, beaming like a teenager, and he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me hard making me moan as I kissed him back. He kissed me gently one more time before etimesgut escort bayan he got out the car and I followed him trying to catch my breath. We walked right past the line to the bouncer getting dirty looks for multiple reasons. 1) We were passing people who had been waiting there for hours; 2) women were jealous of me walking with the sexy big black guy; 3) men were jealous of daddy walking with the hot little minx in the sexy tiny strip of cloth that could barely be called a dress… whether or not they were with girl. As I walked past, making sure to put an extra swing in my hips, I heard some slaps and muffled arguments as guys were berated for oggling me.

“Yo, Johnny! What’s up brother?” The bouncer exclaimed as we approached. Daddy got a huge smile on his face and bear hugged with the guard. They soon released each other and started talking and as I watched the exchange all I could think was ‘damn and I thought Johnny was big’. The bouncer stood a few inches over daddy and was much wider. He was pure muscle on muscle, and looked like he could easily make it as a bodybuilder or a UFC fighter. They finally turned to me and caught me staring at the bouncer, so I immediately blushed.

“Amy, this is my friend from the gym; Mike” Daddy said pulling me closer.

“Well it’s actually Michael but it doesn’t matter. Really nice to meet you sweetie, Johnny wouldn’t shut up about you when he found out you were coming out here.” Mike said as he stuck his hand out to shake mine, which I did. It felt like a giant shaking a baby’s hand. I smiled at him, though, and he smiled right back at me.

“Hey what time do you get off?” Daddy asked as he put his hand around my waist.

“In about a half hour, another guy is gonna come relieve me.” the huge black man said putting his hands in his pockets.

“Well when you do, come check us out upstairs,” Johnny said as he pulled me inside. Mike responded with a thumbs up. I walked with my daddy into the bright, multicoloured lights and blaring music. I looked at the different yet all sexy people dancing to the music and smiled. A group of guys smiled at me as they walked from the bar, which made daddy hold onto me tighter. I pulled him to the bar smiling as I walked to the beat, shaking my hips a little as I went. It was a woman working at the bar that came to us.

“What can I get you guys,” the woman shouted over the music looking at us.

“I’ll have an AMF and she’ll have a double of whiskey please.” daddy ordered the drinks while I sat on a stool. She took about a minute to get them to us handing daddy his bright blue drink and me my dark honey coloured one. I sipped my drink as she looked at him appreciatively and gave me a thumbs up before moving on to the next customer. A girl bumped into him accidentally, absolutely piss ass drunk, and started giggling.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there,” She said rubbing his arm. “I’m glad a big, strong guy like you was there to catch me.” He just laughed and pushed her hands gently away, “It was no problem, just be a bit more careful ok hun.” The alcohol was definitely disabling her ability to take a hint, because she came and stood right in front on me to keep talking to him. I stared at the back of her head in complete disbelief. So, I politely tapped her shoulder and said excuse me, and she turned and look at me with venom in her gaze and said; “What bitch, don’t you see I’m talking to someone?”

I could say nothing as she turned back to talk to my man, so what do I do next? I turned her around and said, “Listen to me you little slut, go away and leave us alone before I make sure you can’t see where you’re going.” I don’t know what it was in my face that made her believe I would claw her eyes out, but she quickly backed up, apologizing profusely. I calmly turned back to the bar and continued to drink. Daddy stared at me in shock for a second then he shook his head and chuckled while sipping his drink. About five minutes later we finished our drinks and he turned to me.

“Wanna dance baby?” he asked.

To which I immediately replied, “of course daddy.”

He took my hand and lead me out to the dance floor, and when we reached a nice spot I turned around and started grinding my young, tight, black ass on his crotch. He held onto my hips and moved his hips in time with mine. We danced like that for about five songs, with a couple kisses here and there, until Johnny looked at his watch and whispered in my ear, “Come on baby, time to go upstairs.” Of course I followed him, and he led me up to a private room that overlooked the dance floor. Curious, I walked over to look down on the mass of writhing bodies below us.

“Double sided glass, they can’t see us up here” my daddy moved behind me and kissed my neck. I leaned into him and relaxed as he caressed my small body. As I moaned from his continued touches he chuckled and started to undress me. Soon I was in the sexy escort etimesgut black bra I had put on and a thong to match. He looked at me appreciatively and started kissing me. I had just gotten the third button of his shirt undone when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in its open,” Johnny shouted. Mike strolled in, stopping for a second to lock the door behind him. Daddy sat on the couch; shirt half open, face and chest sweaty with a big ol’ grin on his face.

“Why don’t you two get better acquainted.”

I looked up at Mike and bit my lip a little intimidated by his huge size. “I’ve had a fucking hardon since I saw you in that dress. I wanted to bend you over and fuck the shit out of you right there,” He said to me in a deep rumbling voice as he took off my bra and cupped my perky breast in his large hand. He groaned as the small Hershey’s kiss nipple hardened and protruded from my dark areolas. Mike ran his thumb over it and groaned as my breath hitched. He bent his head and took it into his mouth as I pull him closer. His right arm snaked around my waist and his left stayed and squeezed my breast as he mauled and enjoyed them.

“So young and sweet,” he whispered as he licked each nipple. He then took off his shirt and I admired his hard muscled body. His was really the body of a giant. With his large arms, chest and muscle packed abs, (so much he didn’t even have a specific numbered pack, it was just a mass of muscle) he looked like he could easily take on a bear. Tattoos covered his chest and his upper arms and I touched them while licking my lips. For fuck’s sake do all these men have to have such awesome bodies and tats as well, I thought almost reverently. He looked down at me as I got on my knees. And I looked up at him with my big brown eyes as I undid his belt and pulled down his pants, a very nicely sized bulge already prominent in his boxers.

I pulled down his pants and sighed looking at his dick with heavy lidded eyes. It was a solid 12 inches, but dear Lord Almighty, it was thicker than my arm and looked like it belonged on a horse rather than a man. I sighed and took his cock in my mouth, just the first couple inches, my jaw had to get accustomed to his girth. I sucked him and he moaned happily, putting his hand on the back of my head and slowly pumping his hips. I played with his big nutsack, looking up at him as he slowly used my mouth. His hands stayed on my head and he looked down at me and groaned as he felt my tongue work expertly on his engorged member.

“Holy fuck yes. That feels so good, shit you’re so sexy” he muttered, picking up speed as I sucked him. I took him in my hand and licked his cock, spitting on it and stroking it. Then I proceeded to slurp and suck him off while stroking, giving him a hot, sexy, sloppy blowjob…. And he was in heaven. He would look down at me and my motion, but when that became too much he would close his eyes and put his head back and enjoy the sensations. I stopped after a while and stood up, taking off my thong and standing in front of him naked as the day I was born. He took one look at me then put me to sit on the couch before spreading my legs.

“Damn, that is a beautiful pussy,” he whispered. His warm breath on my sensitive sex caused me to shiver and get wetter, which he definitely noticed. Holding his breath he leaned in and gently licked my swollen clit. He groaned and I moaned and daddy smiled. I looked over at him and he was slowly stroking his cock while watching his friend eat me out. I moaned louder as Mike continued to focus on my clit, giving it long hard licks.

“I- I’m close Mike,” I gasped as I pulled him deeper into my soaked cunt. There’s a knock on the door and daddy put his cock away and zipped it up half way to go open it. I heard the door unlock and some muffled conversation, because honestly I’m too far gone to care about who daddy’s talking to right now, but I know one thing for sure; it was a woman. Mike sucked my clit and bit it, gently pulling on it and that did it for me. I screamed bloody murder as an enormous orgasm ripped through my body.

“Oh yes yes, fuck yes. I’m cumming, I’m cuming baby. God yes I’m cumming” I muttered incoherently… well at least that’s what I meant to say, sounded more like gibberish when it actually came out. But one thing I know for sure is that I screamed as I came on his face. As I finally finished I realised that the girl was standing there watching me as daddy stood behind her. A pretty girl and after a couple seconds I remembered she was the bartender. She had brown hair and blue eyes, nice C cup tits and good size hips, not a lot of ass but that was ok. She was watching me with Mike between my legs, his mouth and chin dripping with my juices, and I knew she was aroused.

“Hi,” I said giving a friendly smile.

“Hi,” she replied nervously. Her hard nipples and the fact that she couldn’t look away from my body was all I needed to know she was honry as hell. Daddy knew it too and rubbed her arms soothingly. Her breath quickened so he kissed her neck and she moaned. He easily took off her shirt and bra, then sucked her nipples while squeezing her breasts. Mike fingered me as we watched and soon she was completely naked. She got on her knees to pull out his cock, but he stopped her.

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