Meet Gorgeous Helen

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Remember the old MSN chat rooms?

I certainly do, and I’m going to tell you a story about why I remember them fondly.

I met a beautiful woman in an MSN chat room 15 years ago, I didn’t know she was beautiful then, or that she would teach me some lessons in life, sex and love that I would never forget but I’ve always been grateful for the time we shared together.

I was 27 at the time and single, I had met a couple of girls from Internet chat rooms for hookups, and they had been good experiences so I guess I was lucky in that sense. I didn’t know just how lucky I was about to become however when I chanced upon a lady by the name of Helen. She lived in Cumbria and was married with a couple of children, happy in her marriage apart from a lack of regular sex. Her work brought her across to the north east on a regular basis and as we chatted we realised that a meeting might work for us both.

I met her first in a pub in a market town not far from where I live, I also travelled with work and was able to meet her at around 4pm on that day, it was late in the year as I remember and night fell before we left the pub an hour or so later. We walked and talked to another pub and it was here that we kissed for the first time.

Helen was shorter than me, a natural beauty, petite with a great figure and beautiful long natural blonde hair, I leaned in for a kiss when I felt the time was right and was rewarded with the most sensual, slow and downright sexy kiss I’d ever experienced. “Now I’m speechless” she whispered as our lips separated making me feel very proud of myself!

“Would you I’ve to go somewhere quiet where we can continue?” I asked hesitantly. “I’d love to” she breathed as we looked into each other’s eyes, knowing what this meant.

We drove to a secluded lane in the countryside just a few miles away, Helens car was bigger and more comfortable than the heap of nuts and bolts I was driving at the time and I wasted no time joining her in the back seat.

I remember my hands were shaking a little as we started to kiss, our hands exploring each other gently, stroking touching and squeezing as our tongues entwined. My cock grew hard in my sincan escort trousers throbbing as our passion grew, her mouth on my neck now kissing and biting gently, my hand moved to the nape of her neck stroking then grasping a handful of hair I pull her head back firmly, giving me access to her throat kissing and licking my way down as she moaned softly “mmmmm so good”

My hands moved to the buttons on her blouse and I soon have it open, my left hand squeezing her breast through her white lace bra, the thumb rubbing across the hard nipple there back and forth drawing more sighs from this beautiful woman. My other hand stroking Helens back as our kiss continues, finding the clasp of her bra I undo it in one go and we break our kiss briefly while she lies back to enjoy my hot mouth on her beautiful breasts, firm tongue circling then flickering across her aching nipples “mmmmmmmmm so much better than my husband, please don’t stop” she gasps and I realise how neglected she must be in her marriage.

Her hands are in my hair caressing and stroking as I suck and lick her breasts, I’m on a mission now to pleasure this beautiful woman, I want her more than I’ve ever wanted any of the girls I’ve been with in the past, the lust in me is so strong it scares me a little but I push this aside as I move my hands under her backside to unzip her skirt and pull it down.

I’m greeted by the sight of some beautiful lacy white knickers and a firm flat stomach which I kiss and stroke with lips and fingers her sighs of pleasure making my cock twitch in my boxers.

I keep kissing moving south until I’m kissing and nuzzling her soft mound through her knickers, I open my mouth wide and breathe through the material “oh my god yes mmmmm” moans Helen as she feels my hot breath through the material, I probe against the material with my tongue teasing her and making her wriggle and thrust her hips up towards my mouth.

I can smell her excitement now, her musky scent filling my nostrils as my hands reach up to rub and pinch her nipples between my fingers, she smells divine and I can’t wait to taste her but I enjoy teasing her too much to move on just sincan escort bayan yet.

Quickly she makes the decision for me, reaching down she pulls her knickers to one side and cries out as my hot tongue parts her pussy lips lapping and probing while she pushes may face into her pussy holding me there by the hair as I suck and lick her sex enthusiastically.

My tongue circles her clit then centres down on it flickering fast before withdrawing, Helen moans and bucks against my face as I repeat this over and over before plunging my tongue deep into her dripping hole rubbing my nose on her clit now as she cries out “oh yes! Oh oh oh mmmmmmmm” I know she is about to cum and return to licking her clit mercilessly her moans and cries silenced as she holds her breath briefly before her orgasm explodes inside her. I feel her nails digging into my scalp but care little for the pain as I know I’m pleasing this beautiful woman the way that she should be pleased.

After a moment to catch her breath she whispers “my turn” and grins as she pushes me back on the seat and quickly undoes my trousers, putting her hand into my boxers and pulling out my engorged member. I swell with pride again as she moans “mmmm beautiful” and takes me straight into her mouth sucking and licking up and down my thick shaft, I close my eyes and moan deeply enjoying the tender sucking and licking I’m receiving. She moans softly as she sucks me, and I struggle for control as my excitement builds, I gently lift her head away from my throbbing cock, precum dribbling down the shaft as I kiss her and hold her close.

She giggles “are you ok?”

“Yes I’m better than ok, I just don’t want to cum too quick!” I reply.

Another giggle “I’m glad you’re enjoying me, can I sit on it?”

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t” I laugh in reply.

With that Helen swings a slender leg over my lap, holding firmly onto my length she eases herself onto me moaning as she leans forward for mother kiss.

Her pussy is so wet and hot and I can feel her muscles clenching my cock as she rides up and down slowly and deliberately, her hot mouth on mine my hands holding escort sincan her perfect arse cheeks, stroking and squeezing them as she grinds down hard on me. Her perfume in her hair fills my senses as she increases the pace riding hard now as my tongue flickers over the skin on her neck and earlobe.

She leans back to change the angle and my hands tech for her tits squeezing and kneeing them as she pumps her glorious pussy up and down my cock moaning and gasping while I fight again to control myself!

Her body looked fantastic in the moonlight spilling into the car, her hair tousled, eyes flashing at me. I reach down and press my thumb on her clit watching her buck her hips against me in return as I press it firmly against her throbbing nub “ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss” she moans and this is almost too much for me. Knowing I’m pleasing this gorgeous woman so much is bringing me close to the edge and I have to lift her off me before I cum.

She yelps in surprise as I lift her up, spin her round onto her hands and knees and enter her firmly from behind, “mmmmmm yes your cock is so hard” moans Helen as I start to thrust firmly and deeply into her soaking snatch, the view I have of her perfect heart shaped backside tapering to her waist is sublime and further down her pussy lips stretched around my shaft, glistening with pussy juice as I withdraw and thirst over and over.

I can feel her excitement building once more and she pushes back against me with each thrust, wanting my cock faster, harder, deeper inside her. I pound into her now as hard as I can and look down to see that she has a hand between her legs rubbing hard at her clit, her orgasm building and building. That silence again just before she cums then her orgasm breaking and washing through her in shuddering clenching waves, pussy spasming around my manhood “yesssssss yesssss yessss smmmmmmmmmm” she cries which drives me on, still fucking but slowing down as I feel my own orgasm about to take me.

I pull out and Helen turns round, quickly taking my cock in hand and wanking me firm and fast into her mouth, “fuck fuck fuck ahhhhhhh yes!” Jet after jet of hot thick spunk filling her mouth as my balls empty into her.

She swallows and then kisses me deeply letting me taste myself on her tongue as we embrace kissing and stroking.

That was the first of many encounters with the gorgeous Helen and if this story is well received, I will be happy to tell you more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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