Me Second Time with a Guy

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So I initially started off the same as 100’s of stories on here about my first time and how I escalated from online play to actually meeting up with a guy. I didn’t get very far and decided I would do something a little bit different and write about the true story of my second time first. If you like this then I am happy to write about my other experiences.

So, my second time…

It was with the same guy that I first let fuck me. Once again we exchanged a lot of messages, building up to it finding a time that worked for both of us. This time, I had a bit more confidence so we had arranged a bit about how the session would go. When I arrived I let him know and waited. I got a message back saying give him a couple of minutes to get ready. After about 5 minutes, I got a message from him to come in. My heart racing, I got out of my car, walked to the front door and opened it as instructed. On the floor in front of me was a towel laid out, a silk tie, some electrical cable (to tie me up with but it didn’t work that well) and a chair off to the side. There was no sign of my Dom. I did not know if he was hiding somewhere watching me, or just waited a few minutes until he couldn’t hear anything. I stripped off my t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops and boxers and put them to the side. I was now completely naked. I got on my knees, put the silk over my eyes so I couldn’t see anything, put my head on the floor and exposed ass in the air and escort kartal waited.

It didn’t take long and I heard movement… emmmmmm good boi I heard. I then felt a hand on my ass and he gave it a gentle spank. Thank you Sir I said. He continued to feel my ass and probed my hole with his finger. I heard the lube being opened and then felt the cold liquid drip on my hole. He worked it in a bit and then I felt something a little bit different. It was smooth and vibrating. He added a bit more lube and slowly worked it in and out of my hole. I thought it was a dildo, but after a little while he put it a little bit further in me and I felt my ass close around it. He had put a vibrating butt plug in me. He gave it a little tap, told me I was a good boy again and then move around the front of me, he moved the chair slightly and sat on it in front of me.

I was still blindfolded and couldn’t see anything. He put his hands on the side of my head and gently guided it up. He moved my head to his cock and told me to open my mouth. He moved his hands from my head took his cock and guided it into my mouth. I started bobbin my head up and down on his cock. He was average in size, but I didn’t have much experience so could only take a few inches until I felt my gag reflex kick in. After a couple of minutes of me sucking him off, I needed a rest. I had my hands on his thighs and moved my mouth off him to take a breath. He got up maltepe escort bayan out of the chair and went behind me again and wiggled the butt plug. He picked up the electrical cord and started to loosely tie my wrists together behind my back. I could have got out of it at any time, which was a good and a bad thing, but I kept my hands in that position. He sat back on the chair and moved my head back in position to continue sucking him. This time he started to tell me what to do… Slow down, go as deep as you can… then he held my head there for a few seconds and pushed a little bit further until I gagged. I pulled off him and he asked if I was OK. I said yes and put his cock back in my mouth. He did the same again; I went a little bit further the second time but still didn’t take him all. I then just started bobbing my head up and down on his cock again going as deep as I could. After another couple of minutes he asked me if I wanted to be fucked. Yes please Sir I said.

He got up and I put my head back down on the floor. He moved behind me and I heard him unwrapping a condom and then putting it on. He wiggled the butt plug and tried to pull it out but couldn’t quite get it. He told me to push, so I did and then it popped out of me. I heard the lube bottle again; he started applying it to his cock. He positioned himself behind me and moved his cock to my hole and started to push. It wasn’t going in so I wiggled pendik escort bayan my hands a bit and they came loose. He moved the wire away and I guided his cock to my hole as he pushed in. His cock felt great inside me, no pain, I moaned and let out a sigh. He started fucking me asking me how his cock felt. I love it Sir, fuck me! I took the blindfold off so I could see as he fucked me. He pulled out and told me to lie on my side. I did, he got behind me and I guided his cock back in me. He was moaning as he was using me as his fuck toy. His pace quickened up and he groaned again as he cum inside my ass.

We laid there for a second and he pulled out. He said sorry for cumming, he just couldn’t hold it back (we had arranged that he was going to cum on my face). He said he would be ready to go again in 10 minutes if I wanted to, I said I was done but did he want to see me cum? He said yes so I laid there and started wanking with him watching. I started talking dirty about how I loved him fucking me as I wanked and started saying how I wanted him to arrange multiple guys to do me, he could be fucking me while I sucked someone else off and wanked two cocks in my hands. He gave a little bit back and called me a dirty slut and I could feel myself start to cum. I arched my back a bit, trying to make it so I came on myself as I shot everywhere! I shot so far I completely missed my body and it landed on the wooden floor.

When I finished cumming he asked me if I wanted anything and checked again to see if I wanted to go again? I declined and got dressed. I thanked him and we agreed we would do it again sometime soon.

I left his house, walking back to my car thinking oh no, I have done it again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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