Me and My Dominant Aunt

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Alex Clark

It was just another normal morning as I woke up at around 10 am on a Wednesday. I ended up skipping school which I enjoyed doing occasionally as it meant I had the home to myself and could jerk off in privacy.

Let me tell you about myself first, My name is Nick, I am 18 years old and I live with my aunt and cousin. My dad left when I was really young and my mom was working in a foreign country so i stayed with my auntie. I had a really good relationship with her and she gave me freedom as long as my grades were good and I behaved well. I was doing really good at school and was a starter on my school basketball team in my final year, so my aunt, Natalie, would let me skip school for no reason occasionally and I was always allowed to stay out till late. I was not a total Lady’s man, but I was cute and kinda well built, I would say a skinny buff type and some girls used to like me. The problem was that I never got past making out because I was scared of showing my secret, a tiny dick that was just over 4 inches hard at best.

Anyway, I got up and knew that I was home alone since both my aunt and cousin (around 22) worked till evening. I went to the bathroom where my aunt kept he dirty clothes. I wanted to put on a pair of her pink silky panties and jerk off for hours. I got to the bathroom, dropped my boxers and approached mutlukent escort the hamper totally naked. As I started going through all the panties I came across the pair I was looking for, a silky pink pair. I smelled the crotch, breathed in the aroma and slowly put them on, enjoying how they felt against my legs, shriveled balls and tiny dick. As soon as they were on I felt my little cock get fully hard as it pushed against the silky fabric. Then I picked another black pair, put them against my nose and started jerking off furiously with three fingers, my dick still being locked up in pink panties. As I was lost in my fantasies, thinking about my sexy aunt and how good her panties felt I heard the door crack and looked around in fear. There standing was my aunt Natalie, wearing only her robe and looking at me with angry eyes. She was hot, around my height, blond, huge breasts and nice legs.

-What the fuck are you doing?- She said. I was lost for words, trembling, scared.

-You little sissy, go to my room right now.- I followed her command instantly. As i was standing in her room, still wearing her pink panties and holding the black ones, I was scared to death of what was coming next. Around 5 minutes later she walked in, dressed in her home clothes.

– I thought I would tuzla escort have a nice day off today but guess what I found..- Said she.

-I am so so..- I started saying but she stopped me.

-There is nothing to be sorry about, but I believe you have something that belongs to me and you should give it back- She had a big smile on her face.

I knew there was no way around it and I did not want to make her mad, so I gave her the black panties and started pulling down the pink silky ones, slowly revealing my tiny now shriveled dicky. She started laughing uncontrollably, pointing at my genitals.

– Oh wow, I did not expect a sissy to be packing much in down there but this, this is pathetic. I guess you should be wearing these pink panties.

As soon as I heard her humiliating words, my tiny dick started getting hard and her laughter continued. She stepped closer and put the panties against my nose.

-Breath in and jerk that little clit you bitch.

I started jerking off with three fingers and after around a minute I was breathing heavy already. She knew I was about to cum and put her hand below my dick while whispering “cum for me, nikki” into my ear. i came into her hand instantly, shooting a load as big as I ever have. My orgasm was so intense that I could not anadolu yakası escort help but make little whimpers and moans while ropes of cum were shooting from my pathetic fuck stick.

– I love those girly moans you make like a little bitch- said aunt Natalie.- And the load looks small, I guess I should not have expected a lot from such a tiny tool.

She then lifted her hand next to my mouth and commanded me to lick in a stern voice. I obeyed instantly, and licked her hand completely clean.

She then proceeded to sit on her bed and open her legs, letting me see a pair of baby blue panties under her skirt, I looked at her mesmerized, noticing how wet the crotch of her panties was.

-You like what you see sissy? Anyway, since you are such a little girl with a little clit, I will have to get you your own panties and girly clothes. Now open my closet and then the top drawer- I of course, obeyed her and after opening the top drawer, found a huge black dildo.

She noticed how shocked I looked and said: “Yeah that’s what a real dick looks like, now bring me that dildo”. She took it away and put it next to my tiny shriveled dick. The 9” dildo looked like it could fit 9 of my shriveled soft dicks in it. She laughed hard and said: “You definitely have nothing close to a real dick, but your clitty looks cute” she said and landed a quick kiss on the head. I gasped from amazement.

She smiled and told me to put on the pink panties I liked so much and leave. On my way out she said: “The fun is not over, you will be my little dick sissy from now on.” She laughed like a devil, knowing that she owned me now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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