Me and My Boy Ch. 07

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On hearing the voice saying how fucking hot we were, we all looked over to the fence. A brown haired guy who looked to be about 30 was staring at the scene of our recent fucking with a big open mouthed grin. “Wish I had got home sooner, I would’ve joined in.”

“Hi Rob. Wasn’t expecting you back for a couple more hours,” said Matt. This was obviously the boyfriend Matt had recently mentioned. The cock hungry power bottom that liked to be fucked. “Phil” (Matt pointed at me) “and Billy invited me over for a drink and … well you saw the result.”

“Yeah – as I said it looked fucking hot.”

“I’m sure we will all be up for more in a little while,” I said. “Why don’t you come over?”

The three of us were now all stood up, still naked, showing our cock and balls to the world as we chatted. Billy and Matt’s big cocks were at half mast, mine was still a little soft but I could feel it start to stir.

“I’ll just have a quick shower, then be right there. Don’t start again without me,” he said and then disappeared back into their house.

“So he is a bottom only boy?” I asked Matt.

“Mostly. He does fuck sometimes. His cock is nowhere near as big as any of us though, but his ass is mind-blowingly beautiful,” Matt answered.

“If he doesn’t fuck you very often, how come you could take my cock so easily?” I asked him.

“He’s not the only guy I’ve been with. We play around – together or not. And he uses big dildo’s on me and has been trying to get his fist up my ass lately. Guess all that has loosened me up.” At the mention of ‘fist’, Billy’s mouth dropped open.

“A fist” he said. “He’s been trying to fist fuck your hole?”

“Yeah for a few weeks now. We saw it on a porno flick and he said he wanted to try it. Not managed to get in past his knuckles yet though. But he keeps trying.”

“I think I will stick to cock in my pussy. Love hard cock meat inside me too much,” Billy said. Both Matt and Bill’y cocks were now hard and pointing to the sky and mine was well on it’s way to join them.

“Cool down everyone,” I said. “Let’s wait for Rob to join kartal escort bayan us.”

About 20 minutes later later we heard Rob coming around the corner of the house. He appeared dressed in a pair of very tight cut-off shortie shorts and t-shirt. The shorts clung to his body like a second skin. They were so short his balls were actually hanging out the bottom as he walked towards us. He was about 5’7″, brown wet hair, brown eyes. I saw his nipple also had a ring piercing in it like Matt’s.

“Hi guys,” he said.

Matt went over and gave Rob a hug and deep kiss, placing a hand on Rob’s ass as he did so. “You’re overdressed babe,” he said. He then pulled off Rob’s t-shirt showing a slim, brown hairless body. No big muscles but no fat either. My cock started to rise again and I smiled at Billy, whose huge cock was rock hard. Matt was rubbing his hand over Rob’s body, tweaking on the nipple ring, as he continued kissing him. He undid Rob’s shorts and pushed them down revealing Rob’s hard cock surrounded by a trimmed set of pubes. He wasn’t as big as us three but I wouldn’t have said it was small either, probably around 5″ and cut, with very low hanging hairless balls. He was brown all over – no tell tale signs of briefs from sunbathing or using a sun bed. I found that incredibly hot.

As the two finished kissing, Billy and I walked over and greeted Rob. I shook his hand, Billy ran his hands over Rob’s ass and grabbed hold of his hard cock and gave him a kiss. Rob wrapped his hand around Billy’s hard cock and said “I can’t wait to feel your cock in my ass.”

“Shall we go inside and have some privacy. No telling who might be looking over the fence,” I said. We moved to the lounge room, and I offered Rob a drink but he shook his head, immediately straddling himself across an arm of a couch with his legs spread. “So, as I’m the newbie here, who wants to fuck me first out of you two,” he said as he looked at Billy and me. “I’m gonna have you both in my ass so you choose who goes first.”

From where I was standing I had a perfect view of Rob’s tight little twitching escort maltepe hole. Matt was right – it was a beautiful looking firm ass and tiny hole. He pushed his ass out and a dribble of something that looked like cum ran out, down his balls. “What the fuck,” I said. “You got cum in your hole already Rob?”

“No – it’s just lube. I prepared my ass ready for cock. Come on daddy, shove your hard cock in me.”

I positioned my knob head at his hole and ran it around his hole coating it in the lube he had pushed out of his ass while Rob sniffed poppers. “I need cock daddy,” Rob said, With that he pushed his ass backwards and swallowed my cock all the way inside him. The lube in his ass felt amazing around my cock.

“I need a piss. You want it Rob?” asked Matt. Rob just nodded and opened his mouth for Matt to put his cock in and start pissing. We could hear the liquid gather in Rob’s mouth then he swallowed it. He kept drinking Matt’s piss, not missing a drop as I was fucking his cunt. This boy was a fucking horny dirty slut. Matt then lay down on the floor and lubed his hard cock that was pointing straight up. “Come on Billy boy, ride my cock again.”

Billy smiled, took a hit of poppers and straddled over Matt’s cock, then sat straight down getting Matt’s cock balls deep inside his pussy. It looked fucking hot watching my boy riding that big cock while I was slamming my cock in and out of Rob’s tight ass hole. We fucked for a few minutes then I could feel the cum churning in my balls getting ready to travel up my shaft. I didn’t want to cum yet so slowed down and just held my cock deep in Rob’s ass. “Billy, let’s swap. You gotta fuck this ass, and I really want to get Matt’s cock inside my cunt.”

Billy stood up and I saw Matt’s hard cock covered in lube and cum from Billy’s ass. I pulled out of Rob and we swapped places. As I straddled Matt, I took a few deep whiffs of poppers, then positioned his knob head at my hole, and slowly pushed my ass down on his cock, till I was sitting on his groin with his cum coated cock all the way inside me. I needed to wait a pendik escort minute or two to get used to the log that was now inside me so I watched as Billy roughly shoved his huge cock into Rob and started fucking him hard. Rob was moaning and groaning as Billy pounded his ass.

I lifted up slightly and Matt started to slowly fuck me. I pulled my ass cheeks wide to let Matt get as deep as possible then sat back down on him. Billy lay down on Rob’s back holding Rob’s arms above his head with one hand while his other was under Rob’s body pulling on the nipple ring. He was rutting like a dog pushing his cock deep into Rob’s guts. Each thrust made Rob moan more.

“You ready for a hard fucking buddy?” Matt asked me. “Sure. Let’s do it” I answered. He lifted me off his cock and pushed me over onto my back. He lifted my legs in the air and spread them wide as I pulled my ass cheeks apart. Then Matt slammed his cock deep inside me and started to pound my cunt with long fast deep thrusts.

“You’re ass is so tight I won’t last long,” he said. I wanted to be fucked for a long time but also wanted to feel his cock explode into my ass. “Pull your cock buddy and cum while I fuck you” he said. I started pulling my cock with one hand and twisting Matt’s nipple ring with the other, when I heard Rob moan and saw cum start pouring from his cock onto the floor. That was enough to push me over. My cock shot rope after rope of cum high onto my chin and chest. Matt stopped pounding me. “I’m gonna cum buddy,” he said and held his cock deep in me. I could feel his cock twitching and getting thicker then cum warming the inside of my ass as he blasted his load into me.

“Oh fuck oh fuck I’m cumming…” Billy moaned and pounded his cum load into Rob’s guts. “Oh my god, oh fucking hell” he shouted. I could tell he was giving Rob an ass full of hot cum.

None of us could move after for a few minutes till we got our breathing back to normal, then cocks went soft and slipped out of cum filled pussy’s. Billy lay by my side and wrapped his body over me, while Rob and Matt did the same. Billy fingered my well fucked hole and played with the cum inside me, as Matt’s cum started trickling out.

“I like our neighbours dad,” he said. “Me too son,” I said.

Rob and Matt grinned and both said “Us too.” I had a feeling this was just the beginning of some fun times.

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